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Tormund Thunderfist is likely

Jon prowled around Satin in a slow circle, sword in hand, forcing him to turn. “Get your shield up,” he said. “It’s too heavy,” the Oldtown boy complained. “It’s as heavy as it needs to be to stop a sword,” Jon said. “Now get it up.” He stepped forward, slashing. Satin jerked the shield up in time to catch the sword on its rim, and swung his own blade at Jon’s ribs. “Good,” Jon said, when he felt the impact on his own shield. “That was good. But you need to put your body into it. Get your weight behind the steel and you’ll do more damage than with arm strength alone. Come, try it again, drive at me, but keep the shield up or I’ll ring your head like a bell...” Instead Satin took a step backward and raised his visor. “Jon,” he said, in an anxious voice. When he turned, she was standing behind him, with half a dozen queen’s men around her. Small wonder the yard grew so quiet. He had glimpsed Melisandre at her nightfires, and coming and going about the castle, but never so close. She’s beautiful, he thought... but there was something more than a little unsettling about red eyes. “my lady.”

“The king would speak with you, Jon Snow.” was forswear his vows again. And this time it would not be a ruse. To claim his father’s castle, he must turn against his father’s gods. King Stannis gazed off north again, his gold cloak streaming from his shoulders. “It may be that I am mistaken in you, J

on Snow. We both know the things that are said of bastards. You may lack your father’s honor, or your brother’s skill in arms. But you are the weapon the Lord has given me. I have found you here, as you found the cache of dragonglass beneath the Fist, and I mean to make use of you. Even Azor Ahai did not win his war alone. I killed a thousand wildlings, took another thousand captive, and scattered the rest, but we both know they will return. Melisandre has seen that in her fires. Thisre-forming them even now, and planning some new assault. And , the weaker we shall all be when the real enemy falls upon us.” Jon had come to that same realization. “As you say, Your Grace.” He wondered where this king was going. “Whilst your brothers have been struggling to decide who shall lead them, I have been speaking with this Mance Rayder.” He ground his teeth. “A stubborn man, that one, and prideful. He will leave me no choice but to give him to the flames.  

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would do well to take your rabble

“Yes, Your Grace,” the child said. “A different dialect than Astapor’s, yet close enough to understand. The slavers name themselves the Wise Masters.” “Wise?” Dany sat cross-legged on a cushion, and Viserion spread his white-and-gold wings and flapped to her side. “We shall see how wise they are,” she said as she scratched the dragon’s scaly head behind the horns online rental. Ser Jorah Mormont returned an hour later, accompanied by three captains of the Stormcrows. They wore black feathers on their polished helms, and claimed to be all equal in honor and authority. Dany studied them as Irri and Jhiqui poured the wine. Prendahl na Ghezn was a thickset Ghiscari with a broad face and dark hair going grey; Sallor the Bald had a twisting scar across his pale Qartheen cheek; and Daario Naharis was flamboyant even for a Tyroshi. His beard was cut into three prongs and dyed blue, the same color as his eyes and the curly hair that fell to his collar. His pointed mustachios were painted gold. His clothes were all shades of yellow; a foam of Myrish lace the color of butter spilled from his collar and cuffs, his doublet was sewn with brass medallions in the shape of dandelions, and ornamental goldwork crawled up his high leather boots to his thighs. Gloves of soft yellow suede were tucked into a belt of gilded rings, and his fingernails were enameled blue. But it was Prendahl na Ghezn who spoke for the sellswords Kowloon Walled City. “You elsewhere,” he said. “You took Astapor by treachery, but Yunkai shall not fall so easily.” “Five hundred of your Stormcrows against ten thousand of my Unsullied,” said Dany. “I am only a young girl and do not understand the ways of war, yet these odds seem poor to me.” “The Stormcrows do not stand alone,” said Prendahl. “Stormcrows do not stand at all. They fly, at the first sign of thunder. Perhaps you should be flying now. I have heard that sellswords are notoriously unfaithful. What will it avail you to be staunch, when the Second Sons change sides?” “That will not happen,” Prendahl insisted, unmoved. “And if it did, it would not matter. The Second Sons are nothing. We fight beside the stalwart men of Yunkai.” “You fight beside bed-boys armed with spears.” When she turned her head, the twin bells in her braid rang softly. “Once battle is joined, do not think to ask for quarter, join me now, however, and you shall keep the gold the Yunkaii paid you and claim a share of the plunder besides, with greater rewards later when I come into my kingdom. Fight for the Wise Masters, and your wages will be death. Do you imagine that Yunkai will open its gates when my Unsullied are butchering you beneath the walls reenex?”   

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resent us for selling

She would lose her maidenhood tonight, he had no doubt. That noseless bastard would have her for a certainty Elevit,

and some of the others would likely take a turn. The Dornishman bound them back to back atop Brienne’s plow horse while the other Mummers were stripping Cleos Frey

to his skin to divvy up his possessions. Rorge won the bloodstained surcoat with its proud Lannister and Frey quarterings. The arrows had punched holes through lions Elevit

and towers alike. “I hope you’re pleased, wench,” Jaime whispered at Brienne. He coughed, and spat out a mouthful of blood. “If you’d armed me, we’d never have

been taken.” She made no answer. There’s a pig-stubborn bitch, he thought. But brave, yes. He could not take that from her. “When we make camp for the night, you’

ll be raped, and more than once,” he warned her. “You’d be wise not to resist. If you fight them, you’ll lose more than a few teeth.” He felt Brienne’s back

stiffen against his. “Is that what you would do, if you were a woman?” If I were a woman I’d be Cersei. “If I were a woman, I’d make them kill me. But I’m not.

” Jaime kicked their horse to a trot.” Urswyck! A word!” The cadaverous sellsword in the ragged leather cloak reined up a moment, then fell in beside him. “What YOOX HK

would you have of me, ser? And mind your tongue, or I’ll chastise you again.” “Gold,” said Jaime. “You do like gold?” Urswyck studied him through reddened

eyes. “It has its uses, I do confess.” Jaime gave Urswyck a knowing smile. “All the gold in Casterly Rock. Why let the goat enjoy it? Why not take us to King’s

Landing, and collect my ransom for yourself ? Hers as well, if you like. Tarth is called the Sapphire Isle, a maiden told me once.” The wench squirmed at that, but

said nothing. “Do you take me for a turncloak?” “Certainly. What else?” For half a heartbeat Urswyck considered the proposition. “King’s Landing is a long

way, and your father is there. Lord Tywin may Harrenhal to Lord Bolton.” He’s cleverer than he looks. Jaime had been been looking forward to

hanging the wretch while his pockets bulged with gold. “Leave me to deal with my father. I’ll get you a royal pardon for any crimes you have committed. I’ll get

you a knighthood.” “Ser Urswyck,” the man said, savoring the sound. “How proud my dear wife would be to hear it. If only I hadn’t killed her.” He sighed. “And

what of brave Lord Vargo?” “Shall I sing you a verse of ‘The Rains of Castamere’? The goat won’t be quite so brave when my father gets hold of him.” “And how

will he do that? Are your father’s arms so long that they can reach over the walls of Harrenhal and pluck us out?” “If need be.” King Harren’s monstrous folly

had fallen before, and it could fall again. “  

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might win them away from Cersei

The eunuch gave him a slimy smile and watched him sharply reenex. Trying to murder one of the king’s own blood, you mean. Tyrion wondered if Varys knew rather more than he was saying. Nothing he’d just heard was new to him; Bronn had brought back much the same reports. He needed a link to Cersei, some sign that Ser Mandon had been his sister’s catspaw. What we want is not always what we get, he reflected bitterly, which reminded him... “It is not Ser Mandon who brings me here.” “To be sure.” The eunuch crossed the room to his flagon of water. “May I serve you, my lord?” he asked as he filled a cup. “Yes. But not with water.” He folded his hands together. “I want you to bring me Shae.” Varys took a drink. “Is that wise, my lord? The dear sweet child. it would be such a shame if your father hanged her.” It did not surprise him that Varys knew. “No, it’s not wise, it’s bloody madness. I want to see her one last time, before I send her away. I cannot abide having her so close.” “I understand.” How could you?

Tyrion had seen her only yesterday, climbing the serpentine steps with a pail of water. He had watched as a young knight had offered to carry the heavy pail. The way she had touched his arm and smiled for him had tied Tyrion’s guts into knots. They passed within inches of each other, him descending and her climbing, so close that he could smell the clean fresh scent of her hair. “M’lord,” she’d said to him, with a little curtsy, and he wanted to reach out and grab her and kiss her right there, but all he could do was nod stiffly and waddle on past BU BBA.

“I have seen her several times,” he told Varys, “but I dare not speak to her. I suspect that all my movements are being watched.” “You are wise to suspect so, my good lord.” “Who?” He cocked his head. “The Kettleblacks report frequently to your sweet sister.” “When I think of how much coin I paid those wretched... do you think there’s any chance that more gold ?” “There is always a chance, but I should not care to wager on the likelihood. They are knights now, all three, and your sister has promised them further advancement.” A wicked little titter burst from the eunuch’s lips. “And the eldest, Ser Osmund of the Kingsguard, dreams of certain other... favors... as well. You can match the queen coin for coin, I have no doubt, but she has a second purse that is quite inexhaustible.” Seven hells, thought Tyrion. “Are you suggesting that Cersei’s fucking Osmund Kettleblack hospitality jobs in singapore?”  

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instead of the usualadulations

Yet, inspite of his ruthless impartiality, I should not hesitate tocall him a religious man. This very tendency which noimaginative mind, no man or woman with any strain of poeticalfeeling, can be without, invests Mill's character with aclash of humanity which entitles him to a place in ouraffections. It is in this respect that he so widely differsfrom Mr. Herbert Spencer. Courageous Mr. Spencer was, buthis courage seems to have been due almost as much to absenceof sympathy or kinship with his fellow-creatures, and to hiscontempt of their opinions, as from his dispassionate love oftruth, or his sometimes passionate defence of his own tenets.
My friend Napier told me an amusing little story about JohnMill when he was in the East India Company's administration human resources jobs.
Mr. Macvey Napier, my friend's elder brother, was the seniorclerk. On John Mill's retirement, his co-officialssubscribed to present him with a silver standish. Such wasthe general sense of Mill's modest estimate of his owndeserts, and of his aversion to all acknowledgment of them,that Mr. Napier, though it fell to his lot, begged others tojoin in the ceremony of presentation. All declined; theinkstand was left upon Mill's table when he himself was outof the room.
Years after the time of which I am writing, when Mill stoodfor Westminster, I had the good fortune to be on the platformat St. James's Hall, next but one to him, when he made hisfirst speech to the electors. He was completely unknown tothe public, and, though I worshipped the man, I had neverseen him, nor had an idea what he looked like. To satisfy mycuriosity I tried to get a portrait of him at thephotographic shop in Regent Street dr bk laser hk.
'I want a photograph of Mr. Mill.'
'Mill? Mill?' repeated the shopman, 'Oh yes, sir, I know - agreat sporting gent,' and he produced the portrait of asportsman in top boots and a hunting cap.
Very different from this was the figure I then saw. The halland the platform were crowded. Where was the principalpersonage? Presently, quite alone, up the side steps, andunobserved, came a thin but tallish man in black, with a tailcoat, and, almost unrecognised, took the vacant front seat.
He might have been, so far as dress went, a clerk in acounting-house, or an undertaker. But the face was noordinary one. The wide brow, the sharp nose of the Burketype, the compressed lips and strong chin, were suggestive ofintellect and of suppressed emotion. There was no applause,for nothing was known to the crowd, even of his opinions,beyond the fact that he was the Liberal candidate forWestminster. He spoke with perfect ease to himself, neverfaltering for the right word, which seemed to be always athis command. If interrupted by questions, as he constantlywas, his answers could not have been amended had he writtenthem. His voice was not strong, and there were frequentcalls from the far end to 'speak up, speak up; we can't hearyou.' He did not raise his pitch a note. They might as wellhave tried to bully an automaton. He was doing his best, andhe could do no more. Then, when, instead of declamatory appeals to the passions ofa large and a mixed assembly, he gave them to understand, invery plain language, that even socialists are not infallible,- that extreme and violent opinions, begotten of ignorance,do not constitute the highest political wisdom; then therewere murmurs of dissent and disapproval. But if the ignorantand the violent could have stoned him, his calm manner wouldstill have said, 'Strike, but hear me. Hong Kong shopping'  

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have fished them up

“I only do what He commands,”said Death.“I am His gardener. I take all His trees and flowers, and transplant them into the great Paradise gardens , in the unknown land. But how they will flourish there,and how it is there, I may not tell you.”
“Give me back my child,”said the mother;and she implored and wept. All at once she grasped two pretty flowers with her two hands, and called to Death,“I'll tear off all your flowers, for I am in despair.”
“Do not touch them,”said Death.“You say you are Office Furnitureso unhappy, and now you would make another mother just as unhappy!”
“Another mother?”said the poor worman; and she let the flowers go.
“There are your eyes for you,”said Death.“I out of the lake; they gleamed up quite brightly. I did not know that they were yours. Take them back----they are clearer now than before----and then look down into the deep well close by. I will tell you the names of the two flowers you wanted to pull up, and you will see their whole future,their whole human life;you will see what you were about to frustrate and destroy.”
And she looked down into the well, and it was a happiness to see how one of them became a blessing to the world, how much joy and gladness was diffused around her. And the woman looked at the life of the other, and it was made up of care and poverty, misery and woe.
“Both are the will of God,”said Death.
“Which of them is the flower of misfortune, and which the blessed one?”she asked.
“That I may not tell you,”answered Death;“but this much you shall hear, that one of these two flowers is that of your child.It was the fate of your child that you saw----the future of your own child.”
Then the mother screamed aloud for terror.
“Which of them belongs to my child? Tell me that!Release RMB exchange ratethe innocent child! Let my child free from all that misery! Rather carry it away! Carry it into God's kingdom! Forget my tears, forget my entreaties, and all that I have done!”  

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the excellent man of whose

A menacing murmur, which was a bad augury, greeted my arrival. Hadgi-Stavros, with pale and contracted brow, walked up to me, seized me by the left dr bk laserwrist, and

dragged me so violently that he dislocated my arm. He threw me into the middle of the circle with such force, that I almost fell on my victim; I instantly recoiled.

“Look!” he cried in thundering tones, “look at what you have done! rejoice in your work; gaze upon your crime! Wretch! but where would you have stopped? Who would

have said, the day I received you here, that I had opened my door to an assassin?”

I stammered some excuses; I tried to show dermes the judge that I was guilty only of imprudence. I warmly accused myself of having intoxicated my guardian in order to

escape his watchfulness, and to flee without hindrance from my prison; but I defended myself from the crime of assassinating him. Was it my fault if the rise of

waters drowned him an hour after my departure? The proof that I had wished him no evil, was that I had not stabbed him when he was dead drunk, and that I had his

weapons at hand. They could wash the body and see that he was not wounded.

“At least,” the King replied, “confess that your act was very selfish and very culpable! When your life was not threatened, when you were held here for only a

small sum, you fled through avarice; you thought only of saving a few écus, and you did not trouble yourself about this poor unfortunate whom you left to die! You

never thought of me! that you were going to deprive me of a valuable officer! And what moment did you choose to betray us? The day on which all kinds of troubles

assailed us; when I had sustained a defeat Neo skin lab; when I had lost my best soldiers; when Sophocles was wounded; when the Corfuan was dying; when the little Spiro, upon

whom I relied, was killed; when all my men were weary and discouraged; it was then you had the heart to relieve me of Vasile! Have you, then, no humane sentiments?

Would it not have been a hundred times better to have paid your ransom honestly, as became a good prisoner, than to have it said you sacrificed a life for 15,000


“Eh! Zounds! You have killed people, and for less!”

He replied with dignity: “That is my business; it is not yours. I am a brigand, and you are a doctor. I am Greek, and you are German.”

To that, I had nothing to reply. I felt convinced from the trembling of every fiber of my heart, that I had neither been born nor brought up to the profession of

killing men. The King, angry at my silence, raised his voice, and said:

“Do you know, miserable young man, who was death you are guilty? He was a descendant of those heroic brigands of Souli who fought fierce

battles for their religion, and against Ali de Tebelen, Pasha of Janina. For four generations, all of his ancestors have either been hung or decapitated; not one has

died in his bed. Only six years ago, his own brother perished in Epirus, having been condemned to death; he had killed a Mohammedan. Devotion and courage are

hereditary in that family. Never did Vasile forget his religious duties. He gave to the churches; he gave to the poor. At Easter, he always lighted a larger taper

than any one else. He would have killed himself rather than violate the law of abstinence, or eat meat on a fast-day. He economized in order to retire to a convent

on Mount Athos. Did you know it?”

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Understand how taxes accrue

Every work opportunity may have challenges, and this is true even if you work in a freelance format. The steps to a successful freelance experience may be easier than you imagine, cucumbbabtand preparing taxes may be the ideal way to help others and earn money on your own terms.

1. Understand how taxes accrue

Paying taxes is different if you work for yourself as opposed to being an employee and receiving a W-2 form from a company. You may receive a 1099-MISC form as a record of your earnings, and this is what you will need to submit when you file your own taxes. Otherwise you need to track your income.

2. Keep a record of your expenses and income shiemei

You should think of your freelance work as a business, and this means that you should keep an accurate record of your income and operating expenses. You should keep receipts, invoices, and other pertinent information organized at all times. Keep these documents in a safe file in your office for when you start to prepare your taxes.

3. Make regular, estimated tax payments mulberry

Employees can have taxes withheld from their paychecks, but you will have to take the lead in setting aside tax payments if you work freelance. Falling behind can lead to problematic financial circumstances, and you may be faced with penalties if your tax payments fall behind as well. The good news is that you can make online payments, and this can eliminate the burden of having to come up with a large sum of cash when your return is due.

4. Understand your deductions Lets assume

Business expenses come in many forms, but legitimate deductible expenses are characterized as being necessary and ordinary for the type of business in question. Business expenses may include insurance, rent, advertising, utilities, and personal vehicle usage.

5. Post an earning profit danna520

Posting a loss each year may be cause for the IRS to view your business endeavors as a hobby as opposed to a way to earn income and make a profit. This may lead to costly audits, so you should exercise care as you conduct your freelance work. As long as you produce a good amount of revenue and have separate finances, you should be safe. Check with your tax professional.  

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CFL bulbs use one quarter

Flush mount lights are some of the most popular fixtures in homes. They are versatile and available in a variety of styles. They create comfortable and well lit rooms, Your last task will be to physically especially with LED lighting. Flush mount fixtures are directly attached to the ceiling without a chain or stem. They are inconspicuous that are designed to not be noticed.

Flush mount light fixtures are typically used in areas that offer limited space. Low ceiling areas, such as hallways, closets, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, benefit from flush mount lighting. For ceilings that are lower than eight feet, flush mounts are the best option.

Before deciding on the perfect bulb for flush mount fixtures,Never Stop Learning people need to understand watts. The amount of light given off by a bulb is measured in lumens. One lumen is the equivalent of light given off by one candle. A watt is the amount of electricity a light bulb uses to produce light.

Thirteen watt compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, will produce as many lumens as a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb. However, ensure your chickens CFL bulbs use one quarter of the electrical energy.

Incandescent bulbs are the traditional form of lighting. It was invented by Thomas Edison and the bulbs have barely changed since their creation. Inside a glass bulb, electricity heats up a wire filament, causing it glow and give off light.

More than ninety percent of the energy produced by incandescent light is heat. This makes incandescent bulbs inefficient light sources. hyacinthy The heat produced can drive up the electric bill in hot weather.

CFL lights have phosphor coated glass tubes filled with inert gas and mercury. CFLs produce a wide assortment of colour light that matches the warm glow of incandescents. CFL lights need a controlling ballast to operate. The ballast alters the electric current flowing through the tub, activating gas inside and causing a glow.

CFL lights are an improvement on old fluorescent bulbs. The tube is made smaller and folded over so they fit into incandescent bulb spaces. CFL bulbs create the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb, but use one quarter of the energy. keep his cool and relaxThey also last 10 to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs.  

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The Latest Mercedes Car Technology

Automobiles have become normal fixtures in our lives, and they will continue to be our daily companions in the decades to come. Since its earlier days, innovations on automobile technology have been continuous. Engineers and manufacturers have sought to give the public improved performance, more comfortable features and safer cars.haw And this goal continues up to now and the process has even become more meticulous as car buyers have started to become more specific about what they want from their cars.

In this high-tech, computer-driven world car makers are striving to produce the best technologies to make their cars safer and more enjoyable to drive. Mercedes leads the pack in engineering technology as it has managed to feature in its vehicles some of the most precise, up-to-date and excellent quality car parts, accessories, safety features and entertainment systems. But not to be outdone, Mercedes still continues on its quest to give its patrons nothing but the best. superfine Below is a list of the up and coming state of the art features engineered by Mercedes.

Latest Mercedes technology that will be used in its future cars:

1) Safety systems with radar and cameras that watch out for danger as you drive. These safety equipment will be able to warn you of imminent danger by using advance mathematics to calculate the possibilities and the chances of danger occurring. orangepeeThis will be the future's way of fortune telling!

2) Keyless entry is already being used on other vehicles like the Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models, Mercedes on the other hand is on its way to using a credit card style system which will replace car keys in the near tomorrow. That will make for lighter pockets!

3) Highly improved navigation console systems that includes computer-like screens on the dash, global positioning satellite and on board DVD's which can easily flash directions, maps, vital information on businesses like hotels, hospitals etc will be installed in every Mercedes. Getting lost will be a lot harder with these in your car!

4) Wi-Fi hook-ups in almost every vehicle will provide weather,lower news, and other information. Long trips won't be the same with these kinds of entertainment on board!

5) Various parts of the vehicle will be connected to a computer program which will be able to store relevant data to aid dealers, manufacturers and your mechanic in diagnosing the problem. With a handy cellular phone or laptop, you can transfer the data to the Internet and get a long-distance troubleshoot for your Mercedes. New technologies such as these, nothing IS impossible!

6) 40 Volt Electrical Systems will be a standard feature on the Mercedes which will allow for more electrical equipments to be brought into the vehicle.

7) Voice prompts allows you to "talk" to your car and command it to operate various basic functions such as locating a radios station. answersThis technology is already used in certain BMW's, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes models and will continue to be used and adapted as standard features on all trims and models.

8) Electronically controlled pedals, already used by Mercedes, will be installed in more of its vehicles. It sends an electronic signal rather than set the brake or accelerator in motion through physical contact which allows a split-second action.  

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time had to slow down

Out of the window, clear, sunny and warm heart. blackcurrant At this moment, time had to slow down, slow to listen to the voice of the soul, once the alienation, gain and lose, a mirage, insubstantial objects of vicissitudes, is already have one mind relieved, clear and simple as water day, quiet time, like this feeling, have Yingying smile, a gentle state of mind, I know, that is the taste of happiness.
Light of the time, let the thoughts with the Mexican heartily, let the sun spreading in my heart. Good life, is originally a arrived, so arrived, need is not rich, but simple. This is simple, may be sad; can be lonely; can be happy, can let the life and enjoy the show.
The memory of flickering lights, with the transformation of Youth passes as a fleeting wave. scenery. Some time silhouette, people, cherrypit stop once gently in the heart; some love, will be ups and downs in the memories. Friends of the poems is also suffused with warm, but can not catch up with the time in a hurry, a season of flowers, by the time the footsteps of light grounding, left by melancholy.
That kind of feeling was accidentaly across, such as fireworks, resplendent in life, and go with the wind, stranded in the life of the post, in the lights dim, the distance across the years, stand in this side of the other side. That touch of sincerity, always Speechless in head of the moment, my heart; the regretless love, always in the midnight, croon. Every time looking back, his eyes will be stained with a damp smell.
Once happy, has been in the street corner yellow, review, has been a loss of memory. Light and shadow in the fleeting, the mountain is the story of water, chrysanthemum528 wind is the story, and you're not my story. Love Weiyang, flowers have tried, most remembered years, always be the landscape barrier, a ray of melancholy, with the wind garden.
Time is really very long, long can be worth The End of Life, always so far away, far but alienation and desolate. Then deep attachment, also block boundaries not time extending, a wandering mind, always can not keep up with the pace of the years, from the field of flowers, more and more far. Put a paper pigment, light a reincarnation of the sentimental, traces of the past, had been transformed into a series of notes, written into the movement of life. Time, perhaps, will eventually be forgottenpricot, even in a prosperous scene, and you meet, the end is the season most the regretless watch.
When the time of the wind, or happy or sad, from the fingertips, corner of street lights wanes, in time on the title page of the yellow, the journey of life, not what not old in years. With a ray of warmth, let my heart no alienation and desolate, the innumerable twists and turns to read, condensed into the heart, dust collection. The best down, not deliberately to forget, but let each one of enron. Then, please allow me, in this sunny morning, indifferent to keep at the time of the shore, the memory on Campanula, quiet your mind.
In this world, there is always a person, is the heart that a cinnabar, became a water - flower. When the thoughts of wings, fly over the sea, if we wouldn't have to wait? When love is spreading in the earthly fireworks, if not miss? Water and falling in the story, like water in the years, already change of color of memory, even if the happiness is just a moment to remember, so a person, in the heart of the eternal smile.Although many veterinarians sympathize Light and dark interwoven years long years, perhaps hide but different, but the original idea, still will be in the know in the warm, let the time complexity, Xu you a sunny day.  

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The fall in Jiahe

For the northerners, the memory in the autumn, the vegetation withered yellow leaves falling scene. But the Jiangnan Town -- Jiahe's autumn, is another story, a little attention, will let you do not feel the slightest autumn shadow. The trees still verdant, green leaves still spirit, eyeful green. Let you dare not believe my own eyes, I have been in the Mid Autumn Festival, but the autumn shadow in where?
If in the home, this time in the Loess Plateau is like the old man have experienced years of wind and frost, teeter fragile. More and more trees trembled in the cold wind, is the midsummer sun dry moisture leaves, appear emaciation with sallow complexion, weak groans. Inadvertently, has been down to the ground, as autumn swirls around trees around. No wonder that the old saying "autumn leaves", visible Northland autumn desolate and bleak.
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lainglaing 的個人主頁

what happens with our pets

If a deal seems like it is heading south

sultana's diary
Of course, Jiangnan autumn also is some, only with respect to the Northland autumn desolate and bleak, Jiangnan autumn came without a trace, somewhat shy, like a lover like gentle. Plants wither slowly, so much so that you neglect to change its color; frequent rain and less wind, the air can smell the taste of wet, do not have the kind of autumn dryness feeling; because less wind's sake, temperature change is not obvious, so do not feel the cold cold wind a array.
I work in Jiahe for several years, the fall is not a Qiu Yi Long Underwear, not to mention like at home like that sooner or later to wear clothes with a coat. The autumn of Jiahe, just feel a little more than a little cool summer, autumn color, mood and style of the taste of autumn, autumn, no home like that just, like that, that kind of sad quite strong. Like the taste of wine, always in a semi drunk the dim consciousness, is a bit ambiguous feeling.
Have a look nine old peak green, you will have one hundred percent doubt their own eyes, and you will again ask, again and again to find, autumn shadow in where?
Ah! The fall in the shadow of the tall trees, autumn shadow in the lush grass, autumn shadow in all over the mountains and plains in the air, this is the autumn Jiahe, without a trace, but to show you the charm of autumn in Jiangnan town.
Walking in the old nine peak mountain trail, a lot of Haloxylon ammodendron grass in the Qing Shiban gap between soaring, ignoring the autumn caress, covering a piece of Qing Shiban, connecting into thick natural carpet, the autumn wrapped. Look around, don't say that towering pagoda like pine, don't say that Heng Zhi Ji dragon cypresses, not to mention the plump of the Chinese tallow tree, alone the fluffy bamboo, straight channeling day of bamboo, a tender, soft tip, and the new risk with the bud tip, the climb up the autumn shadow dyed green green, jumping on the inter cluster. Look up at the mountains overhead that a pale blue sky, reflecting the colors of autumn, from time to time to hover over the clouds, carrying the taste of autumn, let your heart fly eclosion immortal thoughts, dress fluttering flying in the blue sky and white clouds, overlooking the mountains fall attitude. In this hot summer hot wash, bathed in a cool autumn elegant, land of idyllic beauty like nine old peak, "green pines and verdant cypresses Jielu cover, not demit long do Jiahe people" thoughts have ah.  

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Created the flower girl

"Brother, buy a flower for my sister now; brother, buy a flower for the beautiful sister."
See this scene drama when I was little, my brother always the poor flower girl, the little girl's hand bought all the flowers. Those flowers are all withered, sister laughed at him, but also because of his kindness and love him more. At that time I will think this scene is very beautiful, half withered flowers, lovely girl and that is love. The small and medium-sized girl romantic feelings連褲襪.
In the big one time, the new year's day with friends to go to the beach to watch the fireworks. I and my close friend, close friend's boyfriend and his friend, a line of four. That night, the sky lanterns in full, almost the whole night with people put kongmin light constantly, so many good wishes fly to the sky for a long time not scattered. We went to buy kongmin light when a little girl did not know from where suddenly appeared in front of us, holding some roses and a few small doll, his close friend boyfriend friend said to buy flowers for my sister now, buy a flower for my sister now, pleading and poor tone. The three of us walked in front of don't stop laughing, feel special fun. He caught up with us, holding some roses and a few dolls, face with a smile. Then the flowers to me, go to the light, I saw that are half withered flowers, very strange feeling.
Today and a close friend to go to Zhongshan Park to play, along with close friend's cousin and the cousin of a friend. A pedestrian slowly strolling in the park, the ground covered with pale yellow flowers, not sweet scented osmanthus in the air has the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus, soothing scent. After a while, a roadside stand on the little girl came to us, took out to just behind the flowers go to close friend's cousin, her brother to buy a flower, buy a flower. The little girl voice was very strange, cousin is a little ruffian person, may not want to buy the withered flower into a corner, the little girl ran after him. Other cousin came holding two roses withered flowers, we are surprised to see him, a look of helpless cousin and close friend gave me a flower, also did not say what. Stroll to the Zhongshan amusement park entrance, they went to the restroom and close friend, I was at the intersection waiting. There will always be as we age men and women came to the amusement park road, two little girl holding flowers standing by the roadside, one is we just met, her hands to spend more than just some more. Such scenes will appear before us again, flower girl took a boy's clothes to him flowers, boys are not willing to buy when they gave the boy clinging to forbid them to go away, struggle until the boys and their girlfriend is really is Mofan bought their flowers until. The two flower girl tone as very strange, but let people say not strange there, in their cooperation, almost all around the girls hands have flowers, and one to the guys who bought a wound. I and close friend a look, no wonder cousin will be defeated, the flower than the flowers. Close friend said they tone is very strange, they is it right? Being controlled, they will not be poisoned, if they hold me for a long time will not be infected. I laughed and said you are the more martial arts novels. They come back we went to the amusement park, I was not expected, flower girl coming toward them, a man wrapped around a, as previously done in general. Cousin said just bought, forgot to say, my close friend and troublesome to put the flowers bag, so at the moment we have no flowers. Two little girl still hold their won't let them go, stalker. Close friend felt very angry, say this is a hard sell, cousin and friends are entangled with embarrassment: you ask the sisters want. The little girl ran to the front of close friend, close friend never, little girl will spend thrown into the close friend umbrella, close friend very angry put flowers on the floor, said don't don't, just have been bought, how do you like this. The final result is, they are still a man bought a flower, ten yuan a half withered flowers. This close friend had good while gas.
We are back to the bedroom, took out four flower withered flowers from the bag of trash. Close friend said the forty dollars is enough for us two to eat meal, now can not see can not eat. Speaking of this matter and roommate, roommate said when she used to go with her boyfriend also encountered the flower girl. My roommate said: my boyfriend is quite fierce, the little girl pestered him when I was very angry go, my boyfriend. The little girl said my girlfriend are you gone, then the girl away. The little girl is in fact the people, their first day let them buy ten flower, if they sell fifteen flower, then she shall is fifteen, after a plus, did not complete the task will not give them food to eat, so that the little girl to try various devices to sell the flowers. The most dislike such people.
Originally the girl out of the flower is very sympathetic to people thing, when they were some of those who control, forcing people to buy flowers became a boring thing 塑身內衣.
Some people say that this is how the community, but I can not help but ask, who now is how.  

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Play in the romantic moment

Long time no see Xiaomin, last night she came back, she lives in our unit dormitory upstairs. Her work is a town in our city. I went to where she sat there for a while after work, talk about our respective this months of life system lock.
At noon I called a few dishes and small quick lunch. Eat lunch or together with some of the children. The woman and the woman not to finish the family of small things together always on. Later we about good night to go swimming緊身衣.
After dinner, we were together the five men drove to the well-being of the reservoir. So, today the first reservoir. Feel really is not the same ah! Has been really afraid of the water, just go to the swimming pool to take life circle, with life circle just flopped about in the swimming pool. I envy those who swim a good swim. They swim beautiful posture, speed can be good. I will also learn how not to. This reservoir is no exception, in their own body a life-saving ring into the water. Slowly I'm Fu doped Xiaomin lower side of test their careful with the depth of the water. Don't walk two meters will not stand, the reservoir water is really deep. I and Xiao's husband Xiao Hu can't swim. All two of us in a life circle. The other three are, perhaps is the depth of water, three of them swimming also did not dare to travel. We are in the two or three meters between the small swimming. Ha ha! I don't know why today I am particularly relaxed. Good mood! At the moment, the sky slowly dark down, swim people less and less. Then I head upturned, second-hand two feet in gently with water at. Look slightly to the blue sky, in the little seven eight zero chaos under the stars dotted, day also appears very dim. Now I feel especially comfortable, as if all the troubles in the mind be flung to the four winds are thrown out. Ha-ha. ..! I had told them threw back his swim! So cool. They all laughed, not for a while, naive black. The day is really telling us to go home吊襪腰帶.
I was happy and said her husband came home, today you are not to go swimming is really missed the Yang swim romantic moment! Husband looked at me so happy, he also laughed!  

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Feelings of this road

Feelings of this road, always a thing a thing down. Many sisters Emotion Shigeyoshi always around otaku boyfriend never betray.Such otaku: online games, anyone, beautifully, and the left side of the right wrist at a super yellow cocoon.

Family environment is more favorable, they grew up living a carefree life, Cheap baby clothes replaces the brandedthey - "Never do tutoring, never visiting the entity shop, never pull down the face that a nauseating words" three no's.

MM began to earn money and otaku are still eating the old, the crisis appeared! Kazuhiko Yu in such a period of time and the smooth "Masterpieces Jour, as long as someone else mentioned her boyfriend small white, she will sigh shook his head: "ah! I do not know about the pain, and also know their own money?"

No one would have thought that otaku development from the surface calm, baby clothes online a new popular but essentially it is surging undercurrent. Yan Yu schools and white schools have a near distance, The Kazuhiko Yu once said to want to go to white schools in the 26th play. After a while, Yan Yu had forgotten this.

White suddenly to Kazuhiko Yu call, you can not be on the 26th over? Kazuhiko Yu is very strange why must be on the 26th? White had no choice but to say, you better on the 26th, I organized an event can take you out to play. Otaku? Organizing an event? China Tax Accounting ServicesKazuhiko Yu Meng, Is white house silly? Nothing good spiritual emptiness?  

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少しずつ在庫整理をして、World record在庫が後、二篇のみ。



で、私は、まったくの逆。たとえば、私は、比較的几帳面であるが、私以外の人のズボラだの、ダラシナサとか、まったく気にならないのである。非常にいい性格である。むしろ、周りが、多少ダラシナイぐらいでないと、私の「出番」がなくなってしまうので、Zhou Runfa逆に、喜んでいる節もある。要は、自分と同じような人ばかりでは、私自身が困るのである。  

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picked or harvested

Back in the day, food was food. It was grown and then either killed, picked or harvested. After that it was off to market where you could buy and sell,Tin Boxjigeno145geze take it home and cook it up.

Milk was milk, bread was bread and the fruit and veg looked and tasted like the real thing. There was no manufactured, vitamin enriched, omega 3 enriched 'stuff' to buy.

Stick with the basics, avoid foods for the most part in bags, tin box for candies boxes and tins, shop at farmers markets (or at least the local green grocer) and eat some real food!

Avoid eating foods with ingredients you don't have at home.

When was the last time you cooked something at home and the recipe called for xanthan gum or guar gum or calcium peroxide I will assume never because they are not ingredients that you or I need or want (see point one). Some of these additives and ingredients may cause little or no harm to humans, but the problem is that many of these ingredients haven't been around for that long and we don't know what the effects may be. Keep it simple and only eat foods (and ingredients) that you would cook with yourself.

Eat foods that will rot.

Those foods that sit nicely on the shelves in the supermarket will probably be happily sitting there in six or 12 months time.tin manufactory Check out the pictures below of a McDonalds Happy Meal celebrating its first birthday! That's the power of preservatives. They are added to foods to make them last longer and look better for longer. (See point number one again!) Most of the foods you should be eating for optimal health and fat loss will rot if you don't eat it soon enough. That other rubbish, the foods that aren't going to be good for your health or fat loss, they will sit in your pantry calling your name time and time again until you finally eat them!  

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Practical electronic products

Now the domestic market competition is intense, sell good models in the " aesthetic fatigue ", the Yangtze River each wave pushing at the one ahead, the new Bora 2008 listing, see later Lavida, Sagitar, golf fierce pursuit, FAW-Volkswagen is obviously not willing to let the new Bora market loss, due to the new Bora metaphase change models to get offline formally, dvd to ipaddab8d28ck and in December of this year officially listed, the overall price should be below new Shanghai bright leisurely, the new main change is the appearance of interior undertook a major upgrade, and the power part will not do much to adjust.

Change of the medium-term Polaris new appearance does not have too big change, new valuable has used the most popular new family design, a portion of the front face, at the upper grille style clearly draws on new step style, but without the use of MAGOTAN so much chrome trim for decoration. The tail is not very big, but a new bumper and taillights group or brought it to take on an altogether new aspect.

Part of interior, new Bora pay more attention to the business of the temperament of the play, the overall layout and the new step is very close to, but not the MAGOTAN so strong chrome metal decoration. New Bora interior use a bright metal into the upper and lower two parts separately, and the application of the shallow depth of color. Of course, the new Bora will also have a full black interior options. But from inside the car can see a new steering wheel using multifunctional keys, barrel type instrument panel, reversing radar, copy movie to ipod adjustable headlamps, four wheel disc brakes are also in the configuration. Here are several classic Bora use automotive electronic products.

Heng Xiang vehicle navigation integrated machine masses new treasure does special

Global communication system through autonomic control of cut off the oil to achieve infinite distance illegal open ignition implementation of security, mobile phone control vehicle start, opening or closing of air conditioning, mobile phone location ( map ), Wireless keyboard and the original car remote control compatibility. Mobile phone, GPS navigation, audio and video playback ( video, audio playback), film and television VOD platform, digital TV, digital radio, game, video reversing.  

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Full digital control

When the security market to launch digital control, front-end equipment has been fully entered the full HD mode, but did not open the whole digital model. The back-end region free dvd storage equipment, what should we do? Hard disk video recorder family of three brothers launched a fierce dialectical, how to use, which is used in the field as the brother several hot debate. We have not said, or have a look they say.

Video three brothers elder brother is digital hard disk recorders, it gave himself an English name is DVR, it sounds very modern, this product in the security industry is " the old ". Since the beginning of contact security products, DVR attention was gradually increasing trend. It is a collection of video, image segmentation, PTZ control, alarm, transmission and other functions in one.

In the product application, eldest brother seems to have an unusual presentation. Don't look at it have a name in the " D ", in fact, and it matches the front camera is the simulation equipment. For analog camera, whether products or internal technology has been very mature; in the design, the various manufacturers of DVR similar, if you really want to segment words, then to see whether it supports audio transmission and HDMI high-definition interface.

The DVR also features the largest is and what it with analog camera, a camera connected to a video input port, XX DVR represents its support for the maximum number of front-end equipment; big brother said, don't know to monitor people can take it as a home DVD, only behind the interface into BNC, the remaining functional everything. When with the front-end equipment is switched on, using the VGA interface access display that can see in the image.

Regardless of the choice of three brothers who, most concerned about is the image resolution. DVR is not related to network bandwidth, so it can support the multiple video images, but for multi-channel playback can sense is not the same. Big brother is not old spirit, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck can support 1 D1@25fps image playback, the remaining channel maximum support real time CIF. I can responsibly tell you, general D1 effects should be fully able to meet most of the demand for monitoring.

With the boss character, listen to the words of the little brother. In a front-end equipment to open the whole network era, VCR 's second child was born, red wine in the name of making a small change in -NVR. Network product mix is a network monitoring cameras, but also with simulation is different, is not it BNC replaced by LAN network; compared to DVR, NVR in building monitoring system is a necessary equipment - switch.  

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Family cancer should

Family cancer should tell him the truth
When the " cancer " of two words to appear on the record, the most confused the most contradictory or family members of patients, reishi they should be considered a problem, that is whether to tell the patient. If you tell the patient can bear it, will accelerate the deterioration? If you do not tell me the words that will not allow the patient to doubt, whether the violation of a patient 's right to know, how can hide? After all, " cancer " should not have said it ... ...
Cancer as a multiple, " should tell cancer patients the truth " contradictions troubled more and more families, in a variety of micro-blog, forum, this kind of help information is also everywhere is visible, and caused heated controversy. To say and not say, the reasons are as follows:
" Don't say: " sent to the patient to stay some hope.
Cancer is different from other diseases, cancer is terminally ill, and open-minded patients will also taboo and fear, to tell him the truth is really too cruel.
In fact, in real life there are many patients do not know they had cancer or not before diagnosis, often live well, live very long. But when told that he had cancer, mental collapse of the moment, very fear, anxiety, pessimism and despair of life, to the prospect of treatment do not have any hope, cause the body's immune function declines rapidly, thereby accelerating the deterioration rate. And even the choice of Dutch act.
If the patient know the condition, also know a few days, I feel like being sentenced to death as a mental breakdown, as family members, how to let him bear the physical and mental torture? White lie or violations of informed right, well, we just in order to minimize the damage to the patient, let him have a little hope, don't panic in the rest of the time.
"It should be said that " pie: patients have the right to know
The patient has the right to know his condition and survival, so that their better to arrange their last days of life, than the muddleheaded dies leaving regret intensity. As a family, it could not bear to look at him like a fool to live in a drum. Again, don't think in a patient before a set, behind a set he will feel, the patient in this ominous atmosphere middle into suspicion easier evolution into mourning, negative psychological disorder.
In the brutal truth, tell the patient, and give them psychological support, patient morale would probably be aroused, tenacious struggle with cancer, or even create anticancer "miracle ". The case is not uncommon, clinical.
Many cancer patients need operation, if the operation how to conceal the truth? So the preoperative patients know their condition,reishi sealand understand the necessity for such therapy, the patient 's permission, and respect for human rights and humanitarian spirit manifestation embodied. The patient know the truth, can be in accordance with the physician asked to cooperate with the treatment after the treatment and the rehabilitation work.
Instead of one family in the contradiction and pain in patients with deceit, is not optimistic in the face, can really give a patient to fight force.  

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