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Family cancer should

Family cancer should tell him the truth
When the " cancer " of two words to appear on the record, the most confused the most contradictory or family members of patients, reishi they should be considered a problem, that is whether to tell the patient. If you tell the patient can bear it, will accelerate the deterioration? If you do not tell me the words that will not allow the patient to doubt, whether the violation of a patient 's right to know, how can hide? After all, " cancer " should not have said it ... ...
Cancer as a multiple, " should tell cancer patients the truth " contradictions troubled more and more families, in a variety of micro-blog, forum, this kind of help information is also everywhere is visible, and caused heated controversy. To say and not say, the reasons are as follows:
" Don't say: " sent to the patient to stay some hope.
Cancer is different from other diseases, cancer is terminally ill, and open-minded patients will also taboo and fear, to tell him the truth is really too cruel.
In fact, in real life there are many patients do not know they had cancer or not before diagnosis, often live well, live very long. But when told that he had cancer, mental collapse of the moment, very fear, anxiety, pessimism and despair of life, to the prospect of treatment do not have any hope, cause the body's immune function declines rapidly, thereby accelerating the deterioration rate. And even the choice of Dutch act.
If the patient know the condition, also know a few days, I feel like being sentenced to death as a mental breakdown, as family members, how to let him bear the physical and mental torture? White lie or violations of informed right, well, we just in order to minimize the damage to the patient, let him have a little hope, don't panic in the rest of the time.
"It should be said that " pie: patients have the right to know
The patient has the right to know his condition and survival, so that their better to arrange their last days of life, than the muddleheaded dies leaving regret intensity. As a family, it could not bear to look at him like a fool to live in a drum. Again, don't think in a patient before a set, behind a set he will feel, the patient in this ominous atmosphere middle into suspicion easier evolution into mourning, negative psychological disorder.
In the brutal truth, tell the patient, and give them psychological support, patient morale would probably be aroused, tenacious struggle with cancer, or even create anticancer "miracle ". The case is not uncommon, clinical.
Many cancer patients need operation, if the operation how to conceal the truth? So the preoperative patients know their condition,reishi sealand understand the necessity for such therapy, the patient 's permission, and respect for human rights and humanitarian spirit manifestation embodied. The patient know the truth, can be in accordance with the physician asked to cooperate with the treatment after the treatment and the rehabilitation work.
Instead of one family in the contradiction and pain in patients with deceit, is not optimistic in the face, can really give a patient to fight force.  

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without hurting the body

How do air-conditioned summer without hurting the body

Long-term stay in air conditioning room will weaken the human body's immunity, and the concept of traditional Chinese medicine health chronological also have deviationsummer job dab4d60ck more against the summer health, so how do we improve, then can attain air-conditioned also don't hurt a body?

Air conditioning open too strong or long time to stay in air conditioning room, can make the body temperature central regulating disorders, common cause body easy to sweat, especially from outside of the environment of high temperature of cold air into the environment, is the wind chill of the evil attacks, will make temperature central regulating disorders, easy to have "the Yin" phenomenon. Also can make the body's blood circulation is bad, cause joint pain and other symptoms.

TCM doctor says, because of the loss of water in the air, so the throat, nose is easier to dry, upper respiratory tract and cause the resistance is reduced,chinese herbal product cause bronchial inflammation, catch a cold, have related disorders, the problem, more should pay special attention to guard against. In air conditioning room, it is suggested to proper clothing, avoid by air conditioning direct blow body, lead to catch cold catch cold. In addition, should drink more water, supplement.

Chinese medicine diagnosis and regulate part, aimed at "the Yin" problems will form so-called qi and Yin and holding constitution, easy to dry mouth, tongue is parched, headache, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms. This is because blood is weak, the body's temperature control central bad, the head is enough oxygen is caused by; Want to use fill gas, nourish "Yin" medicine, such as ShengMaiYin, can match the pool, massage shoulder well, the points.

Bad blood circulation, and cause blood stasis, mingled with moisture of the situation, the blood can be used, and to change the wet, qi prescription, can use yellow over sixty years of age chienchung soup, massage ofbuttocks acupoint desirable and valley, the three Yin, QuChi, Yin ling in spring, foot three mile acupuncture point.

In addition, if cause respiratory tract of dry, it is because the wind alternating with dry and evil, flooding wind, can be runfei prescription, enhance the resistance of the upper respiratory tract, such as MaiMenDong soup, and point massage desirable and valley, meet sweet, foot three mile, QuChi points, enhance the ability to resist the respiratory tract.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts remind, if you have a sore joints, try not to let the outlet air conditioning of the body, the head and the joint blow. Tea party of health care, the expert suggests, can choose wind 2 money, cassia twig and money,office furniture neize225dw qiang work and money. With 600 CC water boil, put the temperature, serve. Suitable for long time to stay in air conditioning room to dispel the wind, cold evil and ShiXie evil, to prevent symptoms.

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