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The Latest Mercedes Car Technology

Automobiles have become normal fixtures in our lives, and they will continue to be our daily companions in the decades to come. Since its earlier days, innovations on automobile technology have been continuous. Engineers and manufacturers have sought to give the public improved performance, more comfortable features and safer cars.haw And this goal continues up to now and the process has even become more meticulous as car buyers have started to become more specific about what they want from their cars.

In this high-tech, computer-driven world car makers are striving to produce the best technologies to make their cars safer and more enjoyable to drive. Mercedes leads the pack in engineering technology as it has managed to feature in its vehicles some of the most precise, up-to-date and excellent quality car parts, accessories, safety features and entertainment systems. But not to be outdone, Mercedes still continues on its quest to give its patrons nothing but the best. superfine Below is a list of the up and coming state of the art features engineered by Mercedes.

Latest Mercedes technology that will be used in its future cars:

1) Safety systems with radar and cameras that watch out for danger as you drive. These safety equipment will be able to warn you of imminent danger by using advance mathematics to calculate the possibilities and the chances of danger occurring. orangepeeThis will be the future's way of fortune telling!

2) Keyless entry is already being used on other vehicles like the Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models, Mercedes on the other hand is on its way to using a credit card style system which will replace car keys in the near tomorrow. That will make for lighter pockets!

3) Highly improved navigation console systems that includes computer-like screens on the dash, global positioning satellite and on board DVD's which can easily flash directions, maps, vital information on businesses like hotels, hospitals etc will be installed in every Mercedes. Getting lost will be a lot harder with these in your car!

4) Wi-Fi hook-ups in almost every vehicle will provide weather,lower news, and other information. Long trips won't be the same with these kinds of entertainment on board!

5) Various parts of the vehicle will be connected to a computer program which will be able to store relevant data to aid dealers, manufacturers and your mechanic in diagnosing the problem. With a handy cellular phone or laptop, you can transfer the data to the Internet and get a long-distance troubleshoot for your Mercedes. New technologies such as these, nothing IS impossible!

6) 40 Volt Electrical Systems will be a standard feature on the Mercedes which will allow for more electrical equipments to be brought into the vehicle.

7) Voice prompts allows you to "talk" to your car and command it to operate various basic functions such as locating a radios station. answersThis technology is already used in certain BMW's, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes models and will continue to be used and adapted as standard features on all trims and models.

8) Electronically controlled pedals, already used by Mercedes, will be installed in more of its vehicles. It sends an electronic signal rather than set the brake or accelerator in motion through physical contact which allows a split-second action.  

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time had to slow down

Out of the window, clear, sunny and warm heart. blackcurrant At this moment, time had to slow down, slow to listen to the voice of the soul, once the alienation, gain and lose, a mirage, insubstantial objects of vicissitudes, is already have one mind relieved, clear and simple as water day, quiet time, like this feeling, have Yingying smile, a gentle state of mind, I know, that is the taste of happiness.
Light of the time, let the thoughts with the Mexican heartily, let the sun spreading in my heart. Good life, is originally a arrived, so arrived, need is not rich, but simple. This is simple, may be sad; can be lonely; can be happy, can let the life and enjoy the show.
The memory of flickering lights, with the transformation of Youth passes as a fleeting wave. scenery. Some time silhouette, people, cherrypit stop once gently in the heart; some love, will be ups and downs in the memories. Friends of the poems is also suffused with warm, but can not catch up with the time in a hurry, a season of flowers, by the time the footsteps of light grounding, left by melancholy.
That kind of feeling was accidentaly across, such as fireworks, resplendent in life, and go with the wind, stranded in the life of the post, in the lights dim, the distance across the years, stand in this side of the other side. That touch of sincerity, always Speechless in head of the moment, my heart; the regretless love, always in the midnight, croon. Every time looking back, his eyes will be stained with a damp smell.
Once happy, has been in the street corner yellow, review, has been a loss of memory. Light and shadow in the fleeting, the mountain is the story of water, chrysanthemum528 wind is the story, and you're not my story. Love Weiyang, flowers have tried, most remembered years, always be the landscape barrier, a ray of melancholy, with the wind garden.
Time is really very long, long can be worth The End of Life, always so far away, far but alienation and desolate. Then deep attachment, also block boundaries not time extending, a wandering mind, always can not keep up with the pace of the years, from the field of flowers, more and more far. Put a paper pigment, light a reincarnation of the sentimental, traces of the past, had been transformed into a series of notes, written into the movement of life. Time, perhaps, will eventually be forgottenpricot, even in a prosperous scene, and you meet, the end is the season most the regretless watch.
When the time of the wind, or happy or sad, from the fingertips, corner of street lights wanes, in time on the title page of the yellow, the journey of life, not what not old in years. With a ray of warmth, let my heart no alienation and desolate, the innumerable twists and turns to read, condensed into the heart, dust collection. The best down, not deliberately to forget, but let each one of enron. Then, please allow me, in this sunny morning, indifferent to keep at the time of the shore, the memory on Campanula, quiet your mind.
In this world, there is always a person, is the heart that a cinnabar, became a water - flower. When the thoughts of wings, fly over the sea, if we wouldn't have to wait? When love is spreading in the earthly fireworks, if not miss? Water and falling in the story, like water in the years, already change of color of memory, even if the happiness is just a moment to remember, so a person, in the heart of the eternal smile.Although many veterinarians sympathize Light and dark interwoven years long years, perhaps hide but different, but the original idea, still will be in the know in the warm, let the time complexity, Xu you a sunny day.  

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picked or harvested

Back in the day, food was food. It was grown and then either killed, picked or harvested. After that it was off to market where you could buy and sell,Tin Boxjigeno145geze take it home and cook it up.

Milk was milk, bread was bread and the fruit and veg looked and tasted like the real thing. There was no manufactured, vitamin enriched, omega 3 enriched 'stuff' to buy.

Stick with the basics, avoid foods for the most part in bags, tin box for candies boxes and tins, shop at farmers markets (or at least the local green grocer) and eat some real food!

Avoid eating foods with ingredients you don't have at home.

When was the last time you cooked something at home and the recipe called for xanthan gum or guar gum or calcium peroxide I will assume never because they are not ingredients that you or I need or want (see point one). Some of these additives and ingredients may cause little or no harm to humans, but the problem is that many of these ingredients haven't been around for that long and we don't know what the effects may be. Keep it simple and only eat foods (and ingredients) that you would cook with yourself.

Eat foods that will rot.

Those foods that sit nicely on the shelves in the supermarket will probably be happily sitting there in six or 12 months time.tin manufactory Check out the pictures below of a McDonalds Happy Meal celebrating its first birthday! That's the power of preservatives. They are added to foods to make them last longer and look better for longer. (See point number one again!) Most of the foods you should be eating for optimal health and fat loss will rot if you don't eat it soon enough. That other rubbish, the foods that aren't going to be good for your health or fat loss, they will sit in your pantry calling your name time and time again until you finally eat them!  

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