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Travel and take something

Travel and take " The milk, salt, ginger "

In summer vacation time, the plan of travel that a lot of people go out, when tidying up a travelling bag, might as well put several box milk, a small bag of salt, several gingers into the knapsack conveniently, these do not take small local articles, may help to have very busily during the journey.

Reach a new environment, because the vessel and vehicle is fatigued, people are a bit tired out unavoidably, the appetite is very bad too, may be not be in the mood for enjoying too, had better drink a cup of milk in the face of local table delicacies, contain the abundant protein in the milk, can be absorbed by the human body rapidly, supplements the energy of the body, let your physical power be resumed, sufficient energy make a difficult journey. Chinese Chinese medicine internal medicine chief physician of hospital of Wangjing of academy of sciences Ze Min Wang says, milk can with warm stomach, nourish the stomach, mucous membrane form antiabrasion layer in stomach, go Chongqing, Yunnan,etc. like, take spicy hot local tourism of food, before tasting the spicy hot delicacy, can " nourish the stomach " with the milk first ,So as not to let the stomach stimulated by chilli quickly, thus cause the gastrointestinal discomfort.
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Go out to travel, the local fruit must have a trial test, is not detergent, despite some qualms about unavoidably while washing the fruit, at this moment, the salt has been used, add some salt while washing the fruit, the disinfecting one can also fully dissolve pesticide in the surface of fruit while. It is hot, the majority are used to wearing the sandals all, has walked for one day, the foot is stained with many dusts bacterium naturally, use the salt bubble foot in the evening, recover from fatigue and sterilize to kill two birds with one stone. In addition, the brine is " good hand " relieving inflammation or internal heat too ,If because get angry the gingivae bleed, abscess of throat, gargle and gargle with light brine, will let the internal heat be lowered too.

A lot of people know during the journey that it is carsick to prevent with ginger, in fact, the ginger treats good medicine scalded, chief physician Ze Min Wang says, goes out in summer, if scald because of carelessness, both hot water and fire causes, whether blister is routed and broken, can topically apply catching the ginger juice on blister, can let blister be healed several times. When getting to strange land, it feels to be can in order to suck some ginger acclimatized, sick regurgitation wait for uncomfortable to can relieve quickly too.

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