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Life of glass of water

Life of glass of water

Once, teacher when several of ours go to visit the university. The teacher asks us how well life have. A word has ticked a lot of resentment of everybody, what everybody told and lived one after another is less than satisfactory: The high pressure of the job, there is worried and much life, the commercial struggle of doing business is not suitable, the official career of acting the official is obstructed At one time, everybody seems to become God's abandoned child.

The teacher smiles but in silence, take out a lot of cups from the room, put it on the tea table. These cups are of all kinds, there is porcelainElectronic Contract Manufacturing Services , there is glass, there is a plastic one, some cups seem noble and refined, some cups seem coarse and crude and cheap The teacher says: "All my students, I do not treat you as guest. If you are thirsty, pour water to drink by oneself. "

We speak mouth do tongue to be getting dry, take cup that oneself like pour ink drink one after another already. While waiting for us to all carry a glass of water in the hand, the teacher speaks, he points to the tea table the cup left is said: "Everybody find you select cup that go to had better watch unique cup most, do not have a suitable person to hit it as these plastic cups. " We do not feel strange, everyone hopes what holds in the hand is a cup that have to be seen.

The teacher says: "This is your worried origin. What everybody needs is water, but not the cup, but we will go to select the cup made good use of consciously or unconsciously. This life like we - -If life is water, then, working, money, position these things is cups, they but we use for holding the tool of water of life. Quality of cup, can not influence quality of water, spend at cup attention, what has been tasted water is bitter and sweet where you have mood, is not this worrying oneself needlessly? "   

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