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Tender feeling under night

Tender feeling under night
House play, go home to night in friend that day, a always timid one I has to phone, ask him come over, answer. Telephone continue broken just, I complain, receive let it be, have the audacity, register for I phone. Again but the groups of the other side have already shut downed, very quiet all around, but seem to hear that there is one kind of sounds that is like breaking to pieces, I believe it is my heart.
Have no way, family want, go back always, who ask me to be alone outside crazy to so late. Followed a figure unexpectedly behind while toughening one's scalp to go to the own courtyard, absolutely horrified unwittingly, the blood in the body was solidified at that time, the more afraid of spirit's really running into the spirit is it possible that? Though a so always wise and farsighted one I lay god come, facing toward own window call " Husband, husband " ,Not so bright in the window less than a silk too as reply, but that shadow disappears during boundless and indistinct night when I shout, this of mine is long Xu one breath.
Open the door cherishing an angry heart, but only see the sitting room is very dark. "Meet I just,etc. either wait for sleep oneself first? " Push the bedroom door open and suck a air conditioning unwittingly, where are you? Turn round to head direct for son's bedroom. Only see the son sleep on the bed exactly fragrantly alone, his mobile phone lies on the desk charging silently. I can't help another time terrified at this moment, where he has gone, where it is so late he go? Where can he go? What time went out? All a stream of brains of grievance disappear completely at this moment, only doubt and worrying left.
From balcony to the sitting room, and then from sitting room to the restaurant, I wonder if several times have gone, it is only the figure of seeing him come back outside the window, but it is very dark and silent outside. Suddenly, girl friend call, say he go she house answer I should be at Luis now just. "From which road did you come back? " The husband who came back home was breathing heavily the atmosphere was asked. There was not electricity in the mobile phone to shut down automatically while putting through my telephone originally, he know I to need him go, connect, leave son he run to house, Women Friend of I, at home alone, this is still really a mystery where we have branched off. Needn't have the speech, I depend on the shoulder of the man that is still blamed without a break behind their back by me before this and a half hours tightly, it is so thick and warm to feel the husband's shoulder is at this moment.
Some things are always so quiet, may let you never experience its existence, and once let you experience, it is deep love and kind thought. This is the most plain care between the couple.

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