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Shanghai to promote

In response to some rude tourists, the Shanghai Municipal Civilization Office and the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration will hold an activity to promote polite behavior among tourists visiting the Shanghai World Expo, according to a report by the Oriental Morning Post.

The activity will be conducted in over 1,000 travel agencies in Shanghai. The program, which starts in mid-June and last until the closure of the Expo, is aimed at discouraging seven uncivilized behaviors.

The seven behaviors to be curbed include: Cutting in line; littering; smoking in non-smoking areas; making noise inside pavilions or when watching indoor performances; opening the wrapping or damaging souvenirs when purchasing goods; touching items on display and taking photos in no-photography areas; washing with drinking water and lying down on the rest seats.

The Shanghai World Expo has received over 3.5 million tourists from tourist parties since its opening, a daily average reception volume of 106,000 and a maximum volume of 180,000. The occupancy rates in Shanghai hotels and restaurants have risen substantially, reaching around 90 percent per day.

With the increasing number of tourists, uncivilized behavior has been gradually appearing since the Expo opened, an official from the Shanghai Municipal Civilization Office said.

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