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bear the bag

Take care of a man to without resort to money the intelligent female don't bear the bag
If is a timid man need not much said, "harmony" family like this, 7 years after, calculate him Yang not your Yang.Underlying concepts

"The wages goes fetch!"Hence the man consumedly and squarely passes the wages card to inside in the wife's hand and accompanies to smile on the face …… the man like this has 2 kinds:Timid man and smart man.

If is a timid man need not much said, "harmony" family like this, 7 years after, calculate him Yang not your Yang.Material costs

If is a smart man, we say here.They can not necessarily depend wages on the hoof, give your wages is also to your zero spend money.A come your zero spend money can with crest(anyway so many, you buy wrapping of CK like, don't forget to come back road to up buy vegetables), two need not again worry Valentine's Day in every year, birthday, the seventh night of the seventh moon, Christmas, New Year's Day and get married anniversary ……these festival of gift, because of"have no money".Being on business doesn't also hope he takes thing back, because of"have no money".

You should whisper at this time, he seemed to got married and then changed, premarital but one see a sky, son of buy a flower for you to give presents, accompany to stroll market to rob the charming dashing romantic man of close book.

In fact the problem is easy, because the premarital day calls in love, knotting to marry you don't lead an in love with day again, what to bear the bag is you, no wonder that man.Indonesia's LNG

Advise your 1:No matter whether get married, we could request the felling for being in love, the key is that you wish would not like to.The woman takes care of to ignore live a man mainly is see the man wishing to make you take care of.It is a tube to depend to bear the bag don't live a man, can let to live thoroughly mild.So, the woman of cleverness doesn't bear the bag  

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Protect the 5 greatest

Protect the 5 greatest items that the skin article had to notice while mixing to use
Under the general circumstance, loving of beauty the clans are protecting of all a few brandses skin articles to use together.How can't use "problem" while protecting a skin article to mix to take, make to protect skin effect exertion good?Underneath five principles are once about to notice.

1, the effect close bily don't use togetherMANSFIELD Texas

The people habitual ground thinks the close by effect product can put to arrive an usage, will have double effect, this kind of viewpoint is false.The skin expert says that everyone had better not use a function to same alike protect a skin article in the meantime.Because product composition or effect of similar, after matching combination, the effect of product sometimes on the contrary will be mutually weaken, offsetted, greatly need not mix useful.

The truth is in fact easy, regardless each brand how recommend their products, having the product of close by effect composition or work principle that it contains is all very similar.And the absorption ability of the skin has certain limit, the nourishment excessive skin can not also absorb, even may appear to reject reaction.

2, the profession protect skin and commonness to protect a skin and classify

The many people becomes accustomed to the protecting of commonness skin article and be like we wash noodles milk everyday.But after using protecting of some professional lineses skin article, still the habitual is used a before common product.

The public the article protecting a skin needs a long-term nursing and has certain dependence, once stopping using the effect will also descend.But the product of profession is to aim at some one function and have thoroughly sex.So, time use classify to open, mix should also understand each other before using of function.Erykah Badu

3, to notice to be in proper order while mixing to use

In addition to sweeping, the usage sequence of skin care products basically is according to disguise water, essence liquid, gel and lotion, cream and oil product thus of order of sequence use.

The reason that does like this is to be partial to the oil frost product, the member is bigger and moisten one degree higher, the Tu Yong future reunion forms 1 F in the skin surface film.If first Tu Yong's this kind of product, the member smaller water form, the essence liquid product very difficult is again absorbed by the skin, talk more to not and up produce result.

4, the sensitive skin choose to pacify a composition

If is a sensitive skin, so as far as possible choose in the product of daily nursing different brand of but all implies a town to settle, pacify effect of protect a skin article.The product of composition such as the Lao ester tree, carotene.Once appearing is dry and take off scraps and flush etc. unwell condition in time use, lower the injury toward the skin possibly.

The sensitive skin mixs to take a principle:The horniness leads thin and the horniness is damaged is result in skin sensitive of main reason, mixing the initial principle for taking is to don't hurt horniness, decrease incitement.

5, the product composition that don't understand don't want to mix to use

When the composition of products, such as the user's noodles frost to a certain brand, disguise water, nourishment liquid and lotion...etc. doesn't understand, will never can at will mix an usage to avoid the product occurrence bad reaction of different brand, injury skin.Lauryn Hill

For the sake of user of guarantee safety and better exertion while mixing to use a product mixs the effect of using the product and suggests to consult a professional hairdresser before mixing and using, because only choose according to personal different skin condition to differently protect a skin article, do to fittingly match, then can make the product mixed to use to attain the best effect.  

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Have no you at

Have no you at, the love is different from a love

Have no you at, I can not prove loving existencePin quantity ……

Originally think to leave, I then will forget, after canning leave, but I don't have the ability to love other people again!Use such of the result back and forth reply love for five years, enough not enough?!Usually feel faintly, faintly must even oneselfs all have a little to daze to mismanage, don't know oneself why exists here, why can not find exit, can not find a quiet corner, let life end!The appearance really canned attain to can not recall you sometimes, can not recall our past, the elephant didn't leave any trace in the life.Does this mean the end of our story and mean that you have already come out my life?The Ai Mo is bigger than heart to die!English light

Know, love each other, separate.Originally the edition of love also only so-so, thus of ordinary, ordinary get the elephant living, ordinary get elephant dead!Ordinary must let the desire that once only closed to, don't stop of close to and fusion of two people, became unimportant between a night, like two persons of worlds.LED light parameter

Don't love is this appearance.Will feel frightened for numerous the mornings for waking up, fear my life would not like to compromise, would not like to forget and fear my all desire soundly asleeps gloomy old go in the mild quickly passing time!LED spectral characteristic

The love quietly passed away, obscure ……  

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Nothing better

Nothing better than of send a letter here

The January is 15 times, I before family of dug a pit under an old willow, covered up a men under go.LED flood light

The man seems to be very young, but grows a wood heart.

I counted a count annual rings, have 2,000 much.

I put new on the new soil.

I say to the daughter, Liu Zhi is you of man, the willow is you of father.

Daughter hence usually paint at Liu Zhi Qian, painting man, the man, who draw, sees around is like all Liu Zhi.

The village master then aware of self everyday morning of run to the urine in willow, Liu Zhi is next to move bowels.

I in fact don't like willow and have a liking for to go to weak quality Xian Xian in the daytime, cultured and polite, a till evening then the facial expression is ferocious and make threatening gestures.

Be like a man.

The daytime is a kind, the night is a kind, tomorrow breeze on blowing, again another kind.

I fancied to hide Yin in the west of tree just today, tomorrow once the north wind blow, his all ran to the south side to go again.LED white light

The January is 15 nights, I am seeing an A slice with village master, a suddenly naked light to little man wear head the powder be on TV soft and tender to climb out in machine.

The village master probably thinks to burn squab and come forward is an one mouthful, bite head, then two people, the handle knob chewed, the one more descends and tored leg.

Leave a heap of bone and a wood.The LED low

I covered up bone and hid wood to get up.  

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sleeping posture

The heart world that sees a person from the hair style and the sleeping posture

Lead language:More and more researches discover to attire through the outward appearance of observing a person and the daily behavior action can peep the personality and heart world of seeing a person.The mental expert points out to pass one personal hair style and then can see his heart world, even in connect to go to bed in the evening, not the consciousness ground display come out of the sleeping posture can also let understand there of personal personality.How exactly of hair style and sleeping posture have how of personality characteristics, at once see.powder and honey

Attire from a person's outward appearance and behavior action, we can see his personality and heart world.The many peoples will with meticulous care deal with their his/her own hair, a person's hair style came up and said to also embodied the heart world of a person from a certain degree.

To woman, elegance of long the hair have a liking for the gentleness is generous, person like this usually the heart is simple, personality docile, there is good popularity, will look after a person.And the wave form is long the hair seem to be to be full of magic power, this kind of person also usually the personality is clear, dream freedom, work a target very explicit.

The short hair female looks spirit open, they work orderly, cent pure thing have their order of priority, don't love dalliance.The female and dignified self-discipline, personality that likes to comb Ji or dish head is more traditional, they value a family, the old love is young and seem to be lovely reasonable.product introduces

The man's hair style is also important.Some men's hair styles at will, few modifiers, they life medium also like with meet but Anne, suffer frustrate to know how to comfort oneself.The man of hair elegance fluency, works feeling more tactful, know a ways of the world experienced, leave full self-confidence.The man of simple and direct short hair, majority own strong greed, they work, living meticulous, hope to try for the best.

Hair style alternative weird man, pursue ego, there is very strong performance desire.The man who likes to stay crew cut, man's flavor is hundred percent, but the thought is more conservative and traditional, they can not get use to a weak male, personality determination, sometimes seem to be some violent in action.Stay a baldheaded man to have a liking for to have

And daily life in, some postures that the behavior action for example goes to bed also display a person's personalities.

The side lies, the body stretches to keep.This means sleeper is being placed in to doubt with alternant process, but if a personal left side felt comfortable while lying, this explains that he is full of a misgiving to the living change.Like rightwards the side lies of the person display a strong personality, sometimes even subjective or arbitrary.

Lie on the back, the double feet cross.This is the signal of mental state and body balance, people's noon of tropical region sleeps more familiar.This sleep way is advantageous to intelligence growth and keeps, and the higher effect ground recovers physique.But lie on the back to equally there are various ways.Put left foot ankle on the right foot ankle and display sleeper to the future confidence.The right foot ankle puts on the left foot ankle, then display sleeper to be placed in to doubt his/her own circumstances in, they hope earnestly to acquire more sense of securities.This is unconscious habit behavior, the purpose stirs up his/her own more self-confidence.

The side lies, a hand puts under the cheeks.Putses under the left cheeks, displays a sleeper desire to get a caress.The person's right face is the symbol of courage, a hand puts a sleeping under the right cheeks to display a sleeper desire to stir up his/her own courage.

Lie on the back, the hands put on the belly.This kind of sleep posture shows that the sleeper is accepting the challenge in the life, and the person like this is self-made the dint isn't easily very strong, do be lured attraction.Yu box packs

Lie prone, the hand and foot opens.The posture like this explains he takes ego as center and not too has regard for the other people's feeling.  

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Japan floated

"Pit particle" in Japan floated to come over
Pit leakiness in the Japanese blessing island to world of the influence still spread.The information that meets an emergency a coordination commission to release on March 31 according to pit in China nation, our country Peking, Shanghai, Tienjin, heavy celebrate, river north, mountain west, Inner Mongolia etc.25 airs that save area City in, examination the arrival release the least artificial radios of to check plain iodine from the Japanese pit leakiness-131.What is the radio material actually?Can't the meeting bring bane to our health?Need to adopt protection measure?Chinese nuclear energy profession association Deputy Secretary-general Ping2 Yi at accept a round-the-world person magazine reporter interview very affirmative ground say:Healthily don't constitute bane to the our country public, have never needed to adopt any protection measure as well.LED classification

Is it what things to float what to come?

Announce according to the economic Japan industry atomic safe public security hospital in province, blessing island a pit electricity station soil inside the district and examine in the sea water of neighborhood the radio material of 's including iodine and Se(sound together"color") and Mao(the sound is together and"not") is 3 kinds.Among them, iodine and Se is check the fuel Shuai changes of outcome, the Mao then constitutes one of the material of reaction heap the fuel good mixture.shining degree

Ping2 Yi's introduction says that liquid or solid particle of radio material can is up in the air to suspend and be like the grain and dust in the daily life.Release a great deal of steam while checking a reaction heap to cool off, these particles get into atmosphere along with the steam."As long as arrive 3000 meters above of Gao Kong, they can float to spread a world-wide locations with the atmospheric-circulation.This heel Mongolia and our country the sand dust of the etc. ground in Xinjiang float Tokyo, the truth is similar."Give out light strength

This time radio material that float to spread our country atmosphere is mainly the radioisotope iodine of iodine-131."Because iodine-131 volatilities are the strongest."Ping2 Yi tells a reporter, if the person too much inhaled to imply iodine-131 airs, or eat drive the food of its pollution, the human body cell is particularly a thyroid gland cell will turn in the cancer in short time.Iodine-131 half- lifes are 8.3 days, is also say, pass for 8.3 days, its radio gradually weakens, the survival degree is as low as an original half.This also means that its radio can soon thoroughly get rid of.

Moreover, 4 province areas in Anhui, Guangdong and Guangxi and Ningxia in our country, also examined the least artificial radio to check plain Se-137 with Se-134.The Se of surfeit gets into a human body, will injure to build blood system and nervous system, the increment suffers from a cancer several rates.Se-137 half- lifes is 30 years, Se-134 half- lifes is 2 years, the radio releases all more slow-moving."The Soviets slices the Er promise shell benefit pit electricity to stand after taking place trouble in 1986, up to now return can examine Se in the soil-137."Ping2 Yi says.

As for another radio material Mao, it after getting into the human body will incubate in the human body lung department, skeleton etc. to organize cell in the middle, break cell gene to cause cancer thus.The half- life of Mao is very long-it stabilizes most of isotope Mao-244, half- life about is 8000 ten thousand yearses;The most important isotope Mao-239, half- life about is 2.41 ten thousand yearses.Currently, the our country hasn't examined Mao.What is the LED light

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What pearl had better

See sheen
So-called"bead light treasure spirit",Tahitian pearl the sheen is the soul of pearl.Had no the pearl of light, little light and then was in need of spiritual influence.See only, should place levelly pearl on the pure soft cloth, can see the sheen that the pearl flow gushy Wen Run;But face ray to see, the good pearl can see send out seven colourful Hong lights, layer abundant change Huan, can also see like the surface of sphere of metal texture, even can shine upon a person's eye pupil, special brightness of can be included in A class, slightly time is B class.

The sheen Class quality requests
The strongest A reflects light special brightness, keenness, even, Freshwater pearlthe surface is like a mirror and reflect to be like very clear
The strong B reflects bright bright, sharp-edged, even, reflect to be like very clear
The medium C reflects bright bright, the surface can see object image
Weak D glint light weaker, the surface can shine on to see object, but image more misty

Two, see a degree
"Penny circle penny money", "beautiful", pearl more the circle is more beautiful, this matches an appreciating beauty of Chinese habit very much.The pearl of big grain, Jing circle, presents like the pleasant impression in circle month.Match with sheen, then construct artistic conception the United States of dim moonlight.With the pearl most grows the percentage ≤ that diameter and the shortest diameter differ 1% for positive circle standard, 1% ≤ diameters differ ratio ≤ 5% is round of standard, between 5% and 10% of is near circle.However mostly time, use own eyes and then can see a circle degree coming.

Shape rule
Quality request(the diameter differs percentage%)
Positive circle A1 ≤ 1
Circle A2 ≤ 5
Near circle A3 ≤ 10
Oval B>10 can have a drop of water form, pear form
The flat even C has symmetry,South Sea pearl there are a noodles or both sides becoming almost flat surface-like in shape
The abnormal shape D shape is the most irregular, usually the surface isn't flat and have no obviously symmetry, may be the likeness of the some one object appearance

Three, see minor faults
Surface pox, spot, print, pit, order more little more good, generally far and outside could not see the minor faults as the standard that can accept in 0.5 meters.The standard of A class is smooth for 100% surfaces, the naked eye is near to see minor faults.Certainly, use magnifiers all difficult see an of minor faults of that is ten thousand in pick one best in the best
Sea water farming pearl clean degree Class

The clean degree Class quality requests
Having no time the A naked eye observation surface is smooth and delicate and hardest observe surface to have minor faults
Tiny surface of Xia B contains quite a little minor faults,Golden South Sea pearl the needle order a form, the naked eye is more difficult to observe
The small Xia C has smaller minor faults, the naked eye easily observes
Minor faults D the minor faults is obvious and share surface to accumulate quarterly following
Heavy minor faults of Ci E is very obvious, severity of occupy the quarter that the surface accumulates above

Four, see size
So-called"seven is divided into bead, eight is divided into a treasure", general and less than 6 pearls aren't been included in the category of jewelry class pearl, 7-9 millimeters of is widespreadly liked by consumer, 10 millimeters of pearls have been rare, more than 11 then only pearl in Southern Asia and black pearl have.More and upwards, amount more rarely seen, but the price then usually become doubly of growth.The difficulty that this standard sees isn't big.

Becoming of 1, 1 pearls long time:
Teach seedling:Around 2.5-3 years------The bead female shell is mature
Grow up:Around 2-3 years------The pearl grows up, about 5 mms-7 mmses
Among them, the pearl quality secretes 3-5 times every day and secretes only 0.3 μ mses of the thickness of overlays each time, nacreous thickness of farming a year only the 0.3 mms is or so, growing the 1 mm is thick, need about 3 years, then can grow up the pearl of precious stone class.In other words, farming three years, have up to thousand pearl qualities.
2, in all sea water pearls of farmings, can make only having of the jewelry jewelry 10%-15%, another 30% is or so to be a craft jewelry to use, above 50% of surplus cans do to use for the cosmetics and the medicine.
3, in 1000 all beads(just adopted accept come up, the pearl that hasn't carried on any classification is called all bead), finally Be chosen as pearl necklace of:On waiting an article, about 2;Second class article, about 8;No. 3 quality article is about 15.
4, each kilogram pearl about can with string 22 pearl necklaces;Each time the clausal chain standard length is about 41 cms.
5, at 1, in 000 all beads, the diameter attains a 7 mms above, the perfect pearl of Jing circle, gorgeous sheen and soft United States and milli- without blemish, or call the AAA class pearl rare and precious things,Jewellery Manufacturers sometimes even only haven't arrive 10;And slightly lousy, namely AAB class also can't more than 30-50.

Five, see a color
The want to depend on personal favour, skin color, clothing, and situation...etc. of match, there are more than one.General white is the most popular, clean and pure grace, black mysterious noble, the powder color is clean and pure romantic, the gold color stylish Yong permits.

Six, see match
No matter is harmonious United States that 1 string becomes a pearl necklace and still keeps matching with precious stones, such as gold, silver and diamond...etc. to inset, stresses color and luster, shape, and artistic conception...etc., the good designer will pass emotion, culture, the product demonstration comes out, but experienced, the training has a picking of vegetable bead the technical personnel will nicely choose a pearl and combination, these are the detail that the amateurs can hardly notice.Is a pearl to reach a person, as long as you definitely appreciate beauty taste and cultural cultivated manners, with enjoy please the eye for standard, can see good and bad for matching.  

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exaggeration west swims

I kneel his in front to shed tears to mow wrist to beg him then with I like a year

《The exaggeration west swims 》in have a classic stage dialogue:"If God could give me an opportunity to encore, I would say three words to that girl' I love you', if must give this love plus a term, I would like to be 10,000 years ……" how also have never thought one fine day, my love will also drive plus a term, unfortunately and only only have for a year.

Because love, I am willing the third party that the person despises

《The exaggeration west swims 》in have 1 is been in love medium men and women to receive for the classic stage dialogue:"If God could give me an opportunity to encore, I would say three words to that girl' I love you', if must give this love plus a term, I would like to be 10,000 years ……" how also have never thought one fine day, my love will also drive plus a term, unfortunately and only only have for a year.

First time and Peng Jin acquaint with in the anniversary celebration of company will up, he just adjusted to°from the branch a head office soon at that time.Tell the truth, he grows not handsome, head also not high, but have a pair of eyes that shoots a public soul.That eyes' imitating a Buddha is two drive the black hole of sorcery, I hoped one eye drive book go in, doesn't come any further.

After, I involuntarily to Peng Jin a little bit much concern, know coffee that his love drinks a bitterness bitterness, the love listens to Wang Fei 's song and also know that he has a girl friend that will soon get married.Somehow or other, the heart that knows that he has already had the girl friend's a moment me is unexpectedly a bit very sour.Afterwards we 2 on account of duty take charge of of a big engineering had more contact, we usually together hungry the belly works overtime till dead hour and eats a light repast to the stall after working and ending together.Also positive because this gets in touch with, I had more understanding to him.He always complains in front of me, the girl friend is getting more narrow-minded too much and take care of him too tight ……listen to when he say these I am unexpectedly difficult to expressly some delight.After engineering ends, I also had no to together lend with him, but I still keep cannot helping but the figure that to search him in the office, and often can face to ascend his same vision.So from the exchanges beginning of look in the eyes, we had a long the telephone in dead hour to chat, secret appointment had occasionally, had the first-time embrace the first-time kiss ……

In fact, with Peng at the time that Jin associated, I was also pretty self-contradict.After all he has a girl friend, at this time get involved will make me become the third party that the person despises, but I am to can not let goThe majori.

Because love, I was tolerant of him to"shift the love to another person" on the net

Finally waited until Peng Jin and breaking up of girl friend, but price then I drive that girl at company doorway ruthlessly one box on the ear, then resigned from a work with quite good salary.Peng the girl friend finds out that day of mine before the Jin, in addition to malicious give once I record box on the ear and also threw down a words:"He ability so to me, also inevitable meeting thus to you.You aren't what Shuan do live him."

These words I didn't record in mind, but the fact puts time and time again at my at present-the Peng Jin is indeed as expected an affectionate man.After cohabiting, we had more together of time, I also discovered more of his secrets in the meantime.The Peng Jin contains 23 network means of communications, in addition to my this girl friend in the reality, he still just net up and various girl of each kind beat feeling to scold Qiao and call somebody else's"baby", "sweet heart" and even still keep shouting"wife".I can not bear with and fight to make him give out net habit, can he but say that those just play, his in the mind packs my one person, the letting my ability is much a little private space for him.Because love him, I was tolerant of he is on the net of"shift the love to another person", also comfort by one's own, virtual world of"hypocrisy" can't influence us of"true feelings" of.

But one day, but the Peng Jin neglects my to insist on objection and plays with a female net friend in Hangzhou for 4 days alone.Leave that day at him in a pet, I also packed luggage to move to leave our cabins and gave him the message that the hair went to and break up in the meantime.Thought at first he will disregard ground back to beg me to forgive, but have no, he still just 4 divas just return to Zheng Zhou.After coming back, he holds a bunch of my favorite liliaceous emergence before my family, say that he can't is without me ……his words haven't said that finish, I cried to rush toward into his bosom, because 4 days of departure makes me deeply understand:Oneself can't is without him.

Because love, I promised with him the love the term for one year

I can not get away from he is true, can he cans not gets away from me but is false.

We are getting more friendly, I also compromise him more and buy the fruit that he likes and do the meal that he likes and wear the clothes that he likes, don't be too"distrustful" even if occasionally turn over to see some messages with ambiguous speeches in his cellular phone,warn oneself to have to be a little bit"generous".

Thus the very careful maintenance also only only has for three months, suddenly and one day, the Peng Jin put forward to break up to me.He says that he is a person who freely spoiled, can't get married, can not allow for a future to me, so he the opportunity that can let go, give me more choices.That a moment, to me, the dignity, face is going to lifes all Be getting more insignificant, I flow to fix attention on tears to kneel in his in front and even mow a wound wrist, begging him don't walkThe East.

I say can not the marriage not wants honor and duties, want ~only ability with he together, which afraid just brief nestle good.Can he obviously wants to"dispassion" much than me, he says that let me down, he isn't likely to give me the whole life happiness of the one a life time.A year of happiness I say my don't care, I also want.So some kind of"haggle", and after paying the price of issue of blood, the Peng Jin was in addition just the love that he gives me a year of term.

I know that I is very silly, can I ain't to do wish to give up.If I always heart save for several cents by luck, imprecation a year, future reunion appear miracle- speak from the of Peng Jin of no longer is break up, but"marrying me" and be like Wang Fei 's 1 to sing so:"Sometimes I will believe that everything contains end and gathers together to leave all sometimes and sometimes rather chooses to reluctant to part with not to let go and waits until sceneries to all see through, probably you will accompany me to see thin water long to flow ……"  

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