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Di strange

The wave is black to fill a clan troops the commander-in-chief Mu pull Di strange:From hunt a hand to find
Common one soldier that give a period from iron arrives Yugoslavia military district commander;The troops, who fill a clan from the black wave, command, to encounter an international war offense accusation in pertaining to crime law court;It is listed as wanted from more than 10 year agos, catch in the Serbia village till the 26th.Pull a section especially ·the Mu pull Di strange from hunt to change into a find, face judgment.Heel former dissimilarity

The Mu pulls Di strange was born in March, 1942 in Persia the card Reno Wei gram of the Ni second region village.The father is killed by the "gram Luo's ground second independent country" troops whom Nazi Germany supports an establishment in 1945.

The Mu pulls Di strange once hoped to become a teacher, but got into a military at the age of 19 of school, at the age of 23 with whole class three ex- of result graduation, became at that time an army's second lieutenant of the federative republic of Yugoslavia socialism.

With borrow in the row, camp and travel an excellent performance for all levels to draw up undergo military service, the Mu pulls Di strange continuously promote, become Yugoslavia army in 1991 the ninth large unit commander take part in objection gram the military operation of Luo's ground second independence and rise at least will.

In 1992, the wave is black to unite to establish Yugoslavia alliance republic from the Yugoslavia independence, Serbia and black mountain.Original Yugoslavia that stationed in the wave black region at that time the second military district parts of troopses didn't withdraw and turned but constituted a black Serbia clan troops.Allow second military district commander and have already advanced to the Mu of lieutenant general to pull Di strange escape from Yugoslavia troops, become one black fill a soldier commander in chief.

In the wave black war, the Mu pulls Di strange the Sa once leading a soldier to occupy a black region of above 70%, besieging a capital city pulled hot nest for 43 months.beautiful story

In March, 1994, the Mu pulls Di's strange daughter Anna to die with the father's revolver suicide at the alliance capital city Belgrade of Yugoslavia allied troops.Some pull Di with Mu strange close person say, the daughter commits suicide to be getting colder this iron blood general.

Next year July, the Mu pulls the Di strange troops to capture to is located on a black east and is protected by United Nations the non- military area Si thunder cloth thunder Ni Cha, Be suspected of driving out 40,000 Mu clansmens and kill more than 7000 Mu clans man.

In April, 1995, term the wave is black the card filling a clan to leader to pull many 10000 ·s pull a quarter the strange relief Mu pull Di strange commander in chief's job.

International pertaining to crime law court(ex- south Xing court) of ex- Yugoslavia problem in United Nations accuses Mu of pulling at the end of 1995 the Di strange implementation genocide, make war offense, release to arrest to make later on.

However, according to the parlance of western medium, at term Yugoslavia allied troops alliance president the Si Luo Bo Dan ·Milosevic shelter under, the Mu pulls Di strange publicly appear in Yugoslavia allied troops' alliance, visit president's mansion, consume in the upscale restaurant, watch football game ……nations arrest to make form together nominal.final outcome

After being arrested because of being subjected to an international pertaining to crime court accusation in 2001, the Milosevic's Mu pulls a Di strange beginning to hide.

The EU ex- Yugoslavia problem adviser wears Wei ·text in Europe say, the many Serbia clans soldier still pulls the Di to the Mu strange see and make hero, some supporters hide body Serbia and provide a help for him.

In July, 2008, the Mu pulls the Di strange"war ally" card to pull a quarter strange is arrested at Belgrade.Some analysis personages predict, the Mu pulls Di strange of flee from home a life into to pour to account.

The Mu pulls Di the strange family request Belgrade City class the court to justify Mu to pull Di in 2010 strange in the law meaning last death, the reason is family have already lost to contact with him as long as 7 years and the Mu pull the Di strange healthy condition poor.departure mutually sends

Serbia president Si in the Bao ·the tower Di Be strange to say on the 26th and fill a square to last to investigate for 3 years and finally pulls the firm thunder fertile village and discovers that the Mu pulls Di at the southwest of Belgrade about 80 kilometers strange, and arrest in that very day it.

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breezes once blew

Those breezes once blew of summer
Those breezes once blew of summer:The flavor of mint floats to spread in the air,

Those breezes once blew:If does the things of the past float flower downfall, really can mutually be forgotten to river's lake?Jacket material

Those breezes once blew, the dust floated in the sky, the eye Cape is tiny aching,

Those breeze, lightly of come, lightly go ……

Wandering about is similar once went to a lot of places,

Shallow shallowly leave trace, put together the version of memory of piece.

Most like of is the small garden pond of Jia interest,

That breeze once blows of garden pond, start to be suffused with repeatedly Yi Lian ……

That light wears the little boy of arm to get a group of boy scouts,

The Ku wears water pail and carries on the shoulder bamboo pole, barefoot, the crest catches fire a hot sun,

Those shrimp sons lie prone on water bottle gourd to rest a little,

The fingerling is shallow to swim on the slab of stone of full with moss,

There is still the girl to adopt caltrop sitting lightly rowing in the wood basin in the pond ……

In those days with breeze,

Wander about like dandelion.

Fantastic season,

Grow crazy engrave poisonous oneself.

The car soon arrives 120 codes and shakes to open a window and explore successful in career, the breeze,such as knife, pares off similar,

Feel oneself's heart palpitates speeding!

The afternoon in that summer,

The sun falls in at that night, the twilight spreads full at that high-speed road that haven't been open to traffic up,

Open Jeep, rapid speed,

A person jumps a claim 3 driveways, contented feeling can not speech ……

Rove around in the coast line, a footprint is immediately after a footprint,

The sea breeze is blown, a gamey smell comes into nostrils since then.

Don't aware of self to thought of ruthlessness this phrase,

The puzzling felling surges forward,Career suits

A person compares with ocean of infinitesimal.

Blewed away a summer, welcomed an autumn.

Is a senior to looking at a stimulated freshman of the train,

Silent have no language, one blank.

The day of results,

See them writing youth,

Oneself but a burst of and droopy, really Be getting more tired ……

That gust wind blows a leaf to fall,

Looking at those persons who will soon leave, take tears in the breeze, holdses baggage.

Suddenly, the graduation seems to come too quickly,

The breeze Fu is in the ear side, lightly muttering:Leave, leave, make track for?

That time has been already died and is like yesterday's dream and suddenly wakes up with a start ……

Walk all the way, turn head to cannot help but looking about:

In 2011, 20!

The thought starts slowly changing in character,

Impulse, half maturity, intense emotion, ideal, struggle, young,

Being fond of Mang but again to be like a cow is similar and obstinate,

The head of bumping breaks a blood still by one's own ……

20 year olds of making open,Women face

Since today, send greetings to 20-year-old oneself ……

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secret recipe

Teach you a few pearl powders fair secret recipe
In the east, the tradition beauty of "a white hide thousand ugly" reads to make an Asian female for fairly pursue have never stopped.Take a wide view the fair insight of the stars sharing, we aren't difficult to find out the beautiful shadow of"pearl powder".Here introduce a few kinds in brief friendly pearl powder fair secret recipe:Lower prices

1, pearl powder+the honey mix just the right amount of pearl powder and honey and take to use every morning an adjust with Wen Shui even, get empty stomach to drink bottom.Can with clearance body endotoxin, drinking over a long period of time can also lustrous fair skin.

2, pearl powder+protect skin frost in the evening usage, adjust into a little amount pearl powder to paint together, can adjust a skin grease to secrete, there is efficiently fair function.Pearl diving ships

3, DIY the pearl vinegar pour pearl powder into organic apple vinegar or organic reply inside a son vinegar, need pearl powder to dissolve, take to add a half cup with the jot Wen Shui to adjust into honey to drink this kind of pearl vinegar beautiful skin anti- decrepitude to contain more outstanding effect each time.

4, pearl powder+the cucumber place a cucumber in vegetable juicer and wrap with the clean gauze after broking off, again cucumber juice of the extrusion prosperous arrive small bowl of inside.If cucumber juice is less, can fill with a little pure water and put into just the right amount of pearl powder again concordance, in face last 20 minutes behind wash,clearly on the fair foundation not only control oil to repair water, return ability constringency pore.

Learned the above-mentioned secret recipe, the MMs most don't the gist of is pearl powder, the time in purchase should notice to choose the pearl powder of having the certain popularity, the beautiful Yu Na rice pearl powder adopts modern and high-tech technique and living creature technique high accuracy to lift pure but become, the integrity reserved the natural effective composition of sea water pearl, is reviewed to save a famous brand product for the sea south, the quality is worth consumer's trusting.Pearl diving ships

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precious stone 9

Gleam a precious stone 9, the luck in making money has every day!In the crest Wa pares off NBA namely after counting votes sets off colourful city, the body colourful crest Wa pares off household again add new D, head the style jewelry 1,000,000"gleam a precious stone 9" will soon very hot debarkation Shandong.Section 8 that this is the colourful body crests Wa to pare off is 1,000,000 kinds, more big prizes are surprised pleased wait for colourful friend experiencing personally.discovering this circumstance

"Gleam a precious stone 9" is a Wa to pare off another jewelry game that releases after"three heavy diamonds"s, "ruby" and"the green jadeite BE"with" the black pearl", "bead only treasure spirit" series always enjoys colourful friend favor and has already sent for everyone to numerous lucky and surprised pleased, "gleam a precious stone 9" is a style jewelry is 1,000,000, get stripe completely more at the ticket noodles, play, opportunity to win a prize, and cash award...etc..welfare lottery ticket

"Gleam a precious stone 9" face value is 20 dollars and totally have an opportunity to win a prize 20 times, the tallest cash award is up to 1,000,000 dollars.The style's ticket noodles designs elegant, the whole ticket noodles takes scarlet color as dead color and pares off prize area to then adopt the Jing beautiful clear yellow, the radiant bright precious stone embellishes in the interval and makes side been full of highly respectable breathing, made person's one eye liked and cannot helped but wanting to pare off several pieces.

This style of game not only the ticket noodles dignify, even the game methods all passed by with meticulous care of design, was full of mysterious breathing.The whole ticket noodles totally has 5 game areas, each game with 9 relevant, in traditional culture in China, 9 the pole counting for the sun count, namely odd number of biggest of number, is be full of sacred of one piece word.Five games of "gleam a precious stone 9", including nine temple spaces, compare size and seek sign, and logarithms word...etc., all meet 9 namely win, whether was full of mysterious breathing but cannot help but wanting to let person's one fitting hand again?Look for a good luck number, make you harvest wealth and happiness in the in brief interesting game!low fall emotion

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The jewelry protects

1.Clean jewelry with the toothpaste?Mistake

Spread a kind of parlance in the jewelry turn:Be stained with a toothpaste to brush jewelry with the toothbrush, can the jewelry using look bright such as new.Cleaning the jewelry is as it should be, but uses a toothpaste isn't ideal, because the toothpaste contains to have the very small high degree of hardness grinds grain material, these grain materials are very small but the degree of hardness is up to 6, 7 degrees(almost and crystal homology), therefore clean jewelry with the toothpaste will damage the ratio crystal degree of hardness low precious stone surface, particularly pearl, gold and k gold watch noodles;The pearl then absolutely avoids, the most correct rinse aqua should be the neutral interface live in dilution.(for example the salad take off, infant's shampoo)

2.Don't usually dautMulticoloured glass

Jewelry's wearing on the body can protect clean, look easy in fact not easy, many people see jewelry beautiful and charming, this forbids not to live but by hand dauts precious stone surface, so the way of doing will influence the sheen of precious stone with bright degree.

Often excretes sweat and oiliness in the skin surface inside the person's body, the hand touches body part most easily, therefore the oiliness on the skin usually taints with to come to hand superficially, the oil on the hand is stayed around a precious stone top very easily, but influenced the sheen and bright degree of precious stone while by hand touching a precious stone.Particularly is a diamond to belong to close oil precious stone, the surface easily taints with oiliness and consumedly influences sheen.But the jadeite white jade belongs to aggregation structure and often touch it then can make the jade quality been getting moister and lovely.

3.Tap water injures pearl sheen

Some people wear to wear a few pearls hereafter want to clean to maintain, hardly realizing way influence made to briefly clean with tap water to the jewelry isn't big, but if use to soak pearl, then should never attempt to.Because have to fix a content chlorine(c 1) in tap water, will injure the sheen of pearl surface, in fact the bubble wash pearl the most ideal in response to the mineral spring.

The preservation box that moreover wore pearl to will send to the bank it hereafter before wants to wash away dirt first to maintain, in order to prevent the dirty mark backlog Be too long to make the pearl changed countenance in the days to come.But preservation now Chao and the bank preservation of the document box, because the relative humidity is lower, its storage condition is relatively unsuitable for pearl etc. the tide Jing precious stone of the attribute, therefore the beard takes out once in a while and steeps water to maintain and add degree of humidity.

4.Dismantle in good time, be maintain

Exactitude of wearing and wearing the jewelry should see a person, matter, , ground, thing of dissimilarity but frequently in replace or dismantle, but for busy modern people but speech may have no a way.But had better dismantle it while washing hands at least, because some soaps contain degree different alkaline material, accumulate over a long period for weaker precious stone, may result in a kind of injury, and the soap quality in the soap also the easy card is in the ring of thin sew in, as a result the sheen that consumedly influences a precious stone is with bright degree.Furthermore take a shower, do family affairs and swim etc., also easily make the precious stone collided but get hurt.

5.Carefully use ultra sound to wash machine clearly

The ultra sound washes machine clearly to clean the jewelry of function to really have good rinse effect to jewelry and k gold of the precious stone of k gold, particularly the ability is thin the precious stone to sew in, the hair brushes the grease stain dust that can not brush pure clean.But the ultra sound washes machine clearly and isn't suitable for all precious stones, for example the grandmother is green, pearl ……the precious stone of etc. special structure, will break its structure when the ultra sound cleans, consequently should absolutely avoid.Moreover the ultra sound washes machine clearly although cleaning is usually effective,can not use it because of friendly, if use too multifarious, easily make the bradawl canned not stood many vibrations but loosen to fallen off even.Luxury boutiques

6.The attention contains sour, alkalescence of material

Some materials of contact in our daily life or food, imply a density different sour or alkali, but the sour alkali chemistry material of these different densities may injure a precious stone, particularly is a pearl;Or other organic quality precious stones.The usage of daily life cosmetics should as far as possible avoid tainting with jewelry.

In normal times wear to pack after shoulding make up first and spray perfume, again wear to wear jewelry to directly come in contact with jewelry surface by avoiding cosmetics or perfume of higher density, if need to drink perfume, should also avoid spraying perfume directly wine to the jewelry surface.

7.It's in proper order to notice jewelry to wear to wear

Should avoid hanging up a clothes, wallet while wearing to wear claw to inset jewelry or ring, in case of hanged up clothes, although unlikely result in main stone's sheding off right away.Generally speaking, the jewelry wears to wear of sequence is should in the clothes wear well behind, again wear to wear jewelry.Just think a hand to up wear claw to inset a single diamond ring to point, wear again to pack, be dressed in silk stockings, is a business of danger to clothing, silk stockings and precious stone?

The jewelry insets a method to contain a lot of kinds, most insurance but don't hang up inseting of clothes the method wrap to inset, but wrap to inset wraps up the whole waistline, can not make the ray got into, furthermore the part of k gold is used morely, so the visual effect not equal to claw is inset to sell beautiful charming, therefore the jewelry is most popularly still on the market now with the claw inset for lord, but need to notice to wear to wear sequence.

8.The extraordinary effect  of along with small jewelry bag

You might once listen to some people because of washing hands dismantle jewelry to put is washing hands on the stage, carelessly fallen off a ground to get hurt, or slip to drain slot;Or forget the sink first-class affairs, in fact this be not what fresh matter, but the crisis like this can avoid.

When you buy jewelry, the jewelry shops will send you a small jewel box and put jewelry at in, make the jewelry looked beauty beautiful.The many people takes out after jewelry make, the jewel box then puts in the in home drawer but not usage, this is the very regrettable matter.In fact this very small jewel box from have its extraordinary effect, its physical volume isn't cleverly made but does cover a square, can along with take, can dismantle the ring while being egress to wash hands, with putses into jewel box, if developing the this kind habit can consumedly lower the probability that the jewelry ring loses.Consequently don't dislike trouble, along with take a small ring box!

9.Periodically cautiously examine jewelryPearl jewelry

Busy modern consumer usually busy after going home dismantle the jewelry, put into jewel box, next time want take out again to wear to wear while using, jewelry so of drive circulating usage, probably you also seldom spend spirit to examine it.Costing a little jewelry that time looks after you more can consumedly lower a crisis, for example the bradawl in the jewelry whether firmness but have no loose phenomenon?Does the necklace bind firmly?Clip type earring in the center does the flexibility of card lock turn down?Or the screw get in touch with badly

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costume jewelry

The spring of 2009 summer, the fever of costume jewelry plays more strong more, the fashionable dresses house collectively moves forward toward the adornment jewelry realm.Givenchy doesn't wear the silvery brooch of five Cape stars and"a arrows wears heart" shapes on the white full dress shirt, this kind of wears a method later on drive Japan 《vogue 》fashionable dresses director general Anna Dello Russo draw lessons from, the latter matches its hussar jacket of Balmain of inseting the jewelry, certanly will carry on existence throughout.The costume jewelry of this quarterly widespreadly emphasizes to pile up of adornment function, Louis Vuitton the wood quality eardrop of the African style is like an eight claw fishes to occupy at the eardrop bottom carries and run about keep on "tread to shake";CHANEL connects the mountain camellia, and sunflower...etc. various flower type jewelry string into a necklace, color full of angry, the black tends in pole Chien;Alexander McQueen in great quantities insets the small crystal of sewing the anomaly in anticipating the elasticity mesh of net noodles and connect the dress trousers transmute into "precious stone dress" that tosses ground to have a voice, it make the person can not help associating jacket of gold threads for ancient emperor king to bury along with.section Pu royal feast

At the necklace, a generalization of embodiment of this quarter jewelry jewelry's its style is no longer tidy and uniform, the direction of "more big more beautiful" is no longer clear and distinct and revive old customs but is also another difficult to express irresistible general trend.The ivory white plastics necklace of Donna Karan is connecting to make use of leather, the wreath wreath mutually buttons up of the shape acted in cooperation to in response to the pole Chien and art breathing of the dress;The silver quality foil type necklace of Bottega Veneta revives old customs on the material, the carving of very much resembling plant cross section decorates a very few usage in the design of jewelry jewelry;The Lanvin"cobra" series symbolizes thou cultural renew in India and weigh a type the metal fetter all challenged the extreme limit of jewelry design in the size and the weight, lifelike snake form outline solemnly at to the creation craft of deluxe jewelry call plank.

Now quarter, the jewelry is tended to dispassion in the usage in the fashionable dresses big body, Prada then visit Be left to main current outside.Wear at connect body dress outside of the crystal outer jacket is a that time to pack the extreme achievement development that jewelry turns, is rather hanged by hanging of gravitation pull of the earth though actually wear sex to owe to receive,still don't lose for a kind of risky of game, match Prada to make a deceptive show of strength at least of do a parties.This kind of style can continue at Miu Miu, the last year autumn winter only once was limited by knee skirt and and knee sock, the quarter then spreads to whole body now, naked color connect the bead slice, crystal embroidery of dress skirt surface from order and the noodles ground is symmetry to distribute, hide blue bead of slice imitated fish scale sort of terrible effect, or is person's fish of as well Chuang as well Xie.Pearl oysters

Speaking from stamp-tax angle, Miu Miu is a miscellaneous Rou series that is full of a naked every kind of stamp-tax of female, cat, dog, and petrel...etc., this kind of invokes a kid, and the true design not only is existed to fashionable dresses, but also embodies in taking fashionable dresses as and carrying the jewelry jewelry of body.The Dsquared2 takes outdoor cookhouse as topic, the giant ant necklace appears of opportune moment just right but match the essence of making the show again, tying up of Missoni round type the necklace is made by the firm nylon rope but become, hang to fall to is created into the shape of whistle, though Angela Missoni this quarter the Mou Si read to dance for people in the island,the decided impression of whistle absolutely comes from cheerleader squad in the high school and this that shouting of Fu.West Palm Beach area

Dries Van the Noten's passion toward passion costume jewelry know to all, this front of the gold color copper bell the necklace absolutely make person gifted with photographic memory;The old type route of this quarter Van Noten regression race breeze, the jewelry is slightly mediocre:Remain choose dress the color usage is on the jewelry, the complicated pearl necklace matches giant hang to fall to of design not enough novel also not enough original.Compare with jewelry, the jewelry usage of clothing is on the contrary still better, no matter spend a holiday jacket up of the dissymmetry pearl trim border, or embellish at lead knee connect dress skirt shoulders of green loose stone, mini size and jewelry of large form fresh clear contrast.

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being in love

There are two tortoises being in love
Male turtle and female turtle are a rightness of loverses, under the arrangement of destiny, life at so-and-so college is inside girl's a plastics lunch-box in the dormitory.This is an all that very small world load two turtles.The girls will the metered hurl feed a turtle food to them every day, the female turtle always lends to reduce weight, own of that renders up a male turtle, the male turtle doesn't think idea, eat a double the turtle food of.Two small guys aren't carefree every day, the swimming is the only fun of male turtle digest double turtle food, and the female turtle then unwilling to partly pursues to keep company with by the side of its body.Even if does the female turtle know perfectly well:The male turtle is usually very apathetic to her.For satisfying the curiosity of male turtle, the female turtle usually makes the male turtle stand to look beyond afar in ownly carrying on the back, but oneself latent breath in Shui-li standing alone.So day with each passing day past.

Timefly~~the male turtle Be gradually long to strengthen, the female turtle also grew up.This evening, male turtle because a small matter and female turtle are in anger.The male turtle plan leaves lunch-box and abandon this box of inside of everything.The female turtle only has the love to the male turtle at this time but ignorant to the viewpoint of male turtle, remain the persistence of habitual rendering up the male turtle to own turtle food.Arranges many pipes

Dark in one at the mid-night, the girls finish seeing 《beauty's calculations 》have been dead asleep.The male turtle cans not restrain heart to don't know world of crazy heat, struggle to climb to the lunch-box edge, haven't come yet and cautiously many Chous are one eye, lost a center of gravity to fall down, crash into a window first bottom by the wall of iron hull warm air slice up, again murmur of rolling and going into warm air slice and the narrow and small space of of wall, end, the male turtle drops into in the corner of wall of accumulating the full dried melon seeds parchment scraps and long hair silk, hand and foot and heads all shrink into inside the hull and is like mature withered walnut ……

The night is usually endless, regardless to a female turtle still a male turtle, the tonight has no sleep.

Female while discovering that the male turtle disappears turtle is on that very day at the mid-night, guess a male turtle to probably leave her but go, go to vaster unknown world of outside to go.But she believes firmly a male turtle although the surface is chilly the heart must like the own, even can say is love own.In anger also good, leave let it be, the whole just because he is at that time stubborn!Believe to wait he after wanting understand still returns to himself/herself, oneself is going to find out him, whether where is he or not.Each a moments that can't sees him are 1 kind to endure long hardship!

At this dark at the mid-night, the female turtle is similar to the male turtle, in same way from the lunch-box in fell out, dropped into in the same place, there utter darkness, accumulate full dried melon seeds parchment scraps and long hair silk ……at this time, leave the male turtle leaves and no longer knows how long, and the male turtle have already climbed as well to more the afar in the utter darkness, the direction can not know.

At this time, the female turtle hopes whole everythings and thoughts of a lot:The male turtle solid upper arm, simple and honest expression, supercilious look in the eyes.All of everythings on his body are what she can not resists.Thought of this, she determined the conviction in her own heart more and also increased for several cents for himself, courage, take a stroll toward the south, 32 behind unexpectedly crash into a south wall, not the cup has~~subsequent, she bosom Chuai wear fear with expectation all the way to north, step on the trip to making track for that to cash that loves in heart.

The male turtle is a complacent guy, stubborn of climbed forward for a long time.Don't know where oneself is, certainly, more unexpectatively the female turtle also fell out for the sake of him~look for him with fear in the bitterness at the utter darkness.He knows that he has already crawled along very far, far look back is dark, the road could not see to return to, although the will that he hasn't returned to at 1:00.He is getting more tired, close eyes to take a break, after all is a night.At sleeping the lead door of idea will heavily of close, the light is getting brighter-this girl's dormitory of of the light Be getting brighter, he feel world colorful and wonderful, immediately he saw two barenesses of high thin beautiful get the pure white calf stretch out outside in the bed.Thereafter, the show feet that dye black sheen nail polish stepped to go into a pair of slippers inside.His meaning arrives, is some dormitory girl's midnight to get up to go to the stool.But at this time everything of occurrence, he unexpectedly difference usually small concussion some kind of.He an on every occasion keep hanging up of looking at, jumping of heart acceleration, the blood was full of head.關於開彩票店鋪要求

The female turtle that the bitterness looks for to crawl along sees the unexpected light doesn't adapt to very much, straight-tempered could not see at present of everything, haven't waited she is orientation to come over, the girl, who have already been had a drowsy look, kicks distance.Her behind carry on the back to hit bed feet behind slip toward another direction.This is the whole to female turtles to come all is so and suddenly.When she adapts to dusky light to scan widely to hope to go~~she absolutely dares not believes her own eyes, at this moment, male turtle and female turtle unexpectedly the Yin bad sun wrongly met, he at she at present, she at his body side.Four eyes are opposite, the desire language tears flow first.The female turtle concussion mixs up with grudge, male turtle delight but again embarrassed.So and quietly see towards hoping mutually.The male turtle seemed to realize again what, he doesn't think so easily of admit defeat in the female turtle in front, another heart of the man's Gu Ao captured him.He raises head a review and forces oneself not to see a female turtle, even if is that she is sheding tears.The male turtle did enough the guy of complacent looks at the moment.

Insisted not to know like this how long, only 1 that listen to "Sou", the male turtle suddenly turn head four to attend to, but could not see the beautiful shadow of female turtle any further.The girl whom the female turtle is gone to toilet to return carelessly and again kicks to afar~~male turtle the mood at this time is complicated, the self-reproach moment vanquished Gu Ao.He loudly shouts a female turtle, but cans not gets the response of female turtle and spread of only have small and soft but again slight stertor~~the male turtle shed tears, he thoughted of a lot, the scene of the past days a presents, warmth of the plastics lunch-box, Wen Chun of the female turtle, andsoon!But, where is the female turtle now?He doesn't know.This is where, he doesn't know.The male turtle Quan shrinks in the dark corner of wall, silent and self-reproach ……

So, it is dawn.The girls discover that two tortoises are missing, the turtle food still saves.Then seek up turn over next seek, disappear its shadow.Finally, the girl found out a male turtle under the bed and discovered a female turtle under the table.See them still thoroughly, the girl grows comfortable lightly smile at a stretch.On the second day, the girl transfered the tortoises to have the fingerling urn of the lace an inside, there have rock and very shallow water.The whole again recover first equanimity.

Love each other to have no so and easily, everybody has his temper.

This day, after male turtle still finish eating two turtle foods, deep feeling of say to the female turtle:Dear of, thank you, all of everythings are my wrong.

Female turtle silently not language.a lottery ticket

The male turtle says again:You are one of my song, I want to marry you to be a wife!

Female turtle concussion but again awkward and shily say:That that-that I will give birth to a lot of sons for you

Male turtle delight, "go, all right, everything listens to wife's adult."Hoping of his tender feeling eyes of female turtle" gives birth to a boy female in fact all similar, the daughter is to spread posterity."The male turtle adds a way very hard.The female turtle was finally stired to enjoy, the male turtle was very delighted.


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Lose not necessarily

Lose not necessarily is loss, on the contrary 1 kind offer

The core hints:The person's emotion always hopes to have, the thing thinking to own is more many, oneself the meeting is more happy.So, this is a common feeling and then forces us along make track for the road obtaining to stand down.But, one day, we are suddenly surprised to feel:Our melancholy, boring, confused, helpless, everything isn't happy and all have relation with our requests...English colony

The person's emotion always hopes to have, the thing thinking to own is more many, oneself the meeting is more happy.So, this is a common feeling and then forces us along make track for the road obtaining to stand down.But, one day, we are suddenly surprised to feel:Our melancholy, boring, confused, helpless, everything isn't happy and all have relation with our requests, we of so not happy, is the thing that we hope earnestly to own Be getting tooer many, or, persisted too much, imperceptibly, we have already stuck to a certain thing to ascend.

For example, you fell in love with a person, but he(she) doesn't love you, you of the world Be tiny to shrink to just ascend to his(she) feelings, his(she) with one action hand, one hurl foot, attention can draw on you, can become your happiness and painful source.Sometimes, you clearly know that that isn't you of, but want to demand, or may proceed from blindness self-confidence, or believe too much earnest and sincere to, gold stone in order to open, constantly make great effort as a result, but encounter to continuous frustrate.Have of depend predestination, have of depend opportunity, have of must need people can with see the mountain see an aqueous mood to appreciate, be not ownly don't demand, can not get of give up.Recent cases

Know to give up to just there is happiness, walk behind burden's back always very hard.

We are in the life, the times be all taking and give up to win election to choose, we always hope earnestly to take again and hope earnestly to occupy, usually neglected to give up and neglected the reverse side of occupancy-give up.The content that knew to give up also comprehended the wonderful Di of "lose of east corner, accept of mulberry Yu".The content that knew to give up, calm down view creation, realize and similar and great state in the world, our nature will know to have to give up in good time, this is exactly that we acquire heart balance and acquire happy of good method.

The life sometimes forces you, have to hand over a power, have to release opportunity, even have to abandon love.You aren't likely to get everything, should learn to give up in the life.Giving up will make you seem to be open-minded straightforward.Giving up will make you calm down on your own initiative, giving up will make you become more intelligence and more emollient quantity.Massachusetts Lottery

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strict precautions

The police takes strict precautions against card boon suicide IMF chief executive officer it contends for a dozen ring彩票店前景

Chief executive officer Si of International Monetary Fund especially the boon of Lao Si-card whether guilty currently still without the hard conclusion, but battling out of a circumambience International Monetary Fund chief executive officer's throne war already beat ring.

Local time No.16 night, Si especially the boon of Lao Si-card is from the detention center of Manhattan, New York, the United States drive transfer to depending on of local bad reputation a gram of Si detention house in the island.Watch a personnel to say, they pretty much pay attention to Si the current mental condition of the boon of Lao Si-card send a specially assigned to him and carry on for 24 hours close supervision especially, in order to prevent his suicide.彩票站

Grow a month degree in the country wealth of the member of the EU on the 17th regular meeting up, the Austrian wealth grows Maria ·the fee gram lead off allusion especially, Si especially the boon of Lao Si-card should consider a resignation at this time.And American minister of finance cover Na to also mean on that day especially, Si especially the boon of Lao Si-card have already no longer suited to continue to serve as the organization's chief executive officer.

And the everyone also start in succession and guess Si especially the successor of the boon of Lao Si-card willing be who recently.Press conventionally, the chief executive officer of International Monetary Fund is usually served as by European.But some emerging economies and developing country then hope to change this present condition.Zhao good garment

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already lost

The love that that has been already lost.I what once not sorrow
This night, seem to be particularly endless.I am continuously to sow to beat you of telephone.Answer forever only 1:The number of dozen that you sow is an empty number...

Time fleets away with my gradual apathetic heart.Just benumbed of think yesterday clearly we still thoroughly, turning the eye will be so hard in harmony with.well-known philanthropist

My mood is a kind of pain for canning not say it.You malicious fierce words, still just the ear resound.But my really daring not believing this is true.

I was still saying for friends you yesterday dawn of well.The saying me will thoroughly cherish you, can't let you again dispirited and discouraged.

Friends discuss you today, I return red face of say to them, true of, this girl, I well earnest.

At just I return to say that I will wait you for you, willingly of wait you, wait come of is it you that say that you want to leave me but go?Don't contact any further?

I can feel you of in a bad humor, I can also listen to your words inside of bitter and astringent, probably you suffered an injustice, probably you met what hard nut to crack.But have again what we can not face together and solve together and calm down together to handle a problem.We should try.Probably is easy, a few words spoken had no cleft.

Don't you want to hurt a man who will would like to change for you, would like to be your little man with the way of this extreme but unique feeling?So of I, the meeting isn't some to refuse to close eyes in death in this originally steady love and have no dint to resist!

From last year to now, disturbances we walked all the way and experienced of frustrated true of also unavoidably appear enough some influence we continues of roadblock.But our Dian jolts Bo or walks to together.Have already seen rainbow to come, but got dark.....

I regret that we walk very not easily of that how the that time doesn't knows, I regret why could not own the thought in nowadays at that time.

So what kind of will we be sweet and happy.These several days I tell their myself, you are a thus perfect woman and slice to record to cherish.Slice to record!This sentence clips you of name mercilessly the Lao is in my in the mind, but pull up by the root now, I am only strong to support a fragmented and disorganized heart, bite a tooth to prop up what then but have no dint time of sky.

When our feelings would soon be luck turns after hardship you but give up easily, Chien three words of the simple list:So!Can this annihilate our all?This can chase our feelings congelation, staying around of permanence each other of recollection inside.Don't stay one silk leeway?heat exchanger history

You forget drop?That night you I at think source square quiet quiet nestle, two hands lightly and tightly button up of move, feeling?

You forget drop?I shout you in rain of name, you are from the back scene for me to embrace?

You forget drop?We walk on the strand together river road up, after talking, peep out how to smile an idea on the face?

You forget drop?When you disappear for a week and come back.Does the concern on my face exactly deliver from the heart?

You forget drop?You that is lying paralyzed by drink in my bosom, I say to you:You are mine, is mine.That puts on on your face heartfelt delighted?

You forget drop?What we engaged in mental drudgery thinks to be later our daughter's name, also say, the daughter is definitely like me so intelligent, you are so beautiful.

All of all these everythings are that we once experienced together of, you of have already had no their traces in memory, but too many, imitate a Buddha someone put a slow lens in front of me, that isn't the recollection and was like to just just take place similar and clear.

I am unforgettable, when I put together wine with other people each time you knead my hand, small voice of say to me, not to drink too much, drink so many why.Got drunk I can ignore you!Can which time I am really got drunk and finally accompany by me of isn't you?

I am unforgettable, my telephone dropped, you could not found me, I didn't also go home, you carried to roast come to return back in the city streets and alleys of the north of seek me.At last and really found out me, I full face asking of astonishment you, you how find out mine, so late, you of the tears flowed out to sob to say:I am afraid you are hungry.

I am unforgettable, always the courage is small of you, several through complicated turn a car to four times become to all seek me, I follow you closely to get down from the car to once I smile, I turn head a face top already full is sorry and ashamed tears!I quickly cover up and tightly seize firmly a your chilly hand, that day.Become there is heavy snow all.

I am unforgettable, New Year's Day stanza of at the mid-night, have already got drunk of you, toward a telephone to cry to roar to my Si:I really miss you so much and miss you so much.

I unforgettable, when I rise an antinomy to fight with other people behind rush out one person, I didn't see.You but tightly rush toward on me, fear that I get hurt.Take in that hand of but steel stick, that exactly needs much love and courage, I understand.

This all havings aren't recollections, but the proof that we once loved each other.Be good enough to row in my in the mind under layer after layer 1.Can't disappear, can't desert.Can't be worn away 1.1 drops because of time, either.Forever all in my in the mind.Also active at miss you day and night in.

Now, your my feelings suffered an unprecedented crisis, I want to make pure reason and explain.Telephone that direction but is an irritating to the ear busy sound.A per is firm to enter my heart bottom, this heavy mist of at the mid-night, destine you, do I want to be each to rush thing?Forgot to once have ever before, really need to end this not yet finished the United States still will die of feelings.I really regret, why at that time can not hold you feeling, now but can toward a computer to cry bitterly.

I once said, I would liked to change me for you that bad temper, would like to round at you of nearby feel your ll emotion.

I still once said I will make great effort to comprehend you of each one speech, each language, each action will represent your heart how of motion and track.I will remember cautiously

I still once said later we will definitely ignore a front together how much frustrate, hard nut to crack.As long as you tell me to stand down to go, so I put together an a life time scolds to also want to leave not to leave with you not and free to storm the heart that loves you carry on test and baptism to me and have no be afraid.

I also once said, I loved you very much, I will respect and support you of each decision.Which fear to break up, although I don't give up very much, don't wish very much.But I don't like to be you of nuisance, burden.Even don't think because my selfish love, influence you originally happy, comfortable and happy and carefree road.

All of those are that I have no in comprehensible of love, and returned to do to the love false valuation additional my bigotry.I think to love and then can win everything.

Just understand now this will make you more and more be tied up.Can not open wing, pursue happiness that you want.Good.I withdraw, is your Teng road.

If a certain, outside make you feel sick of, painful.Let you can not distinguish genuine feeling and pretend.Or Be banded together to should choose which road.Gold jewelry unspoken rules

So you turn head to see the man who swears to change good you, loves deeply you, he is probably bearing distressed.He has been standing at first, hope you raised head stick out chest leave of figure, he not dare again forward the half trod, entwining of bitterness bitterness will let he is in your heart, more and more infinitesimal, you meeting more and more to him disdain to an attend to.Will make him cry bitterly more so.Because his heart in didn't care he to calculate in the outside what, only a position that hopes earnestly in your in the mind and has only.

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fruit in summer

The diabetic should choose a low-carbs fruit in summer
Whenever arrive in summer, the kidney patient's of diabetes needs to particularly notice food, because the weather is blazing hot in summer, the diabetic usually appears much sweat, and the diabetic exists much the characteristics of urine, so arrived in summer humidity to run off very easily.Therefore, sufferer in the attention in summer drinks humidity is very important.jewelry processing
The summer is again various season that the fresh fruit becomes available in the market, for need to drink the diabetic of humidity, which fruits edible, which need to forbid a food, usually the sufferer isn't all very clear by himself/herself.Therefore, expert points out, as long as the sufferer develops one goodly live a food habit, the kidney of the diabetes patient's also ability easy of degree summer.

What does the diabetic drink water a fruit and notice in summer?diagram paper

Various fresh fruit that becomes available in the market in summer is a lot of, sufferer most should notice of is edible contain amount of sugar of low fruit, for example apple, strawberry, tomato, and cucumber...etc., but banana, red date, and watermelon...etc.'s containing the fruit of amount of sugar Gao then isn't suitable for to in great quantities eat.Moreover, the fruit should eat between two meals, and the total calories that the fruit calories compute a sufferer to absorb every day in, is also say, drinking water has to reduce absorbing of staple food quantity.The blood sugar is higher than a 10 mmols|L sufferer, should as far as possible not eat a fruit.

Still have in summer which foods attention?
Central America

Moreover what to need to be mentioned BE:Diabetic, if eating to once contain protein is high of food, will aggravate the burden of kidney, induct a kidney to crock up.In addition, diabetic such as edible high fat food, will make blood sugar notter easy to control, result in the disadvantageous influence on body, should also notice.Drinking to contain sugar beverage will make the blood sugar quickly gone up, past should not drink, the wet goods also wants in the fixed amount.

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disease in summer

Perspire to much and easily sweat to harm body more to the skin disease in summer
Three Fu is the sky still far, the weather already hot must not go.Go to work crowded Mr. to hand over to extrude whole body sweat, go off work in ground and running on board again is whole body sweat.Give yourself

In fact, everyday 24 hours, 3,000,000 sweat glands of Human body aren't doing stop to perspire.Majority of summer skin diseases all and perspire related.If work busy the urology neglecting to drink humidity, may also going to a hospital "check in".Perspire how much health that influence us.

Remind 1:"Perspire a row poison" has no science basis

Explain from the angle of doctor, it is a kind of method that the human body regulates body temperature to perspire.

Xiang skin section vice- director doctor of Ya San hospital to second even say, the person needs a body temperature that the Heng settles and ignores in summer winter, 3,000,000 sweat glands aren't doing stop to perspire.General the air temperature is more than 30 ℃ , the sweat goes toward to outside emit, this is to show sex to perspire, and the body temperature immediately descends.And in below 30 ℃ , look to have no sweat bead, but the body watch have been being vaporizing a sweat liquid, is also don't show sex to perspire.Science statisticses, person the sweat liquid that vaporize unconsciously every day attains 600 milliliters.

Save the Chinese medicine medicine experienced expert's solution in the institute for research affiliated hospital to deliver good what to put forward is a Chinese medicine standpoint.The human body perspires, for moderating yin and yang balance.Don't perspire, may be a Yin liquid the Kui be falsely also likely to be the sun annoys short of.Appropriately perspire, can resist an outside evil hit.

Not a few beauty salons and workout center teed off the placard of "perspire a row poison".Sweat inside return poison?In fact, the composition of the sweat liquid above 99%s are all water, it is a compositions, such as urea and lactic acid...etc. to leave not to arrive 1%.Two experts all think that this and the "poison" is two code matters.In summer, have of Human body body long Jie son, Fei son, this is the "poison" in the Chinese medicine theories, but perspire is shut Zu to eject in the "evil ways" in the body.But doctor in, sweat gland not is metabolize organ, the function with equilibrium body fluid.

Remind 2:Train for physical fitness to need tiny sweat

To the second even introduction, majority of summer skin diseases all with perspire related, for example the etc. of the sweat pimple rash, Fei son, lanky tinea.Still keep wetting Gao Fa Qi of stone calculus in summer.Blazing hot make the body perspired excessive and dehydrate, wet a liquid density to go up, crystallize of several rates also Gao.The heat homework easily suffers from stone calculus, the mental work particularly has no to drink the person of water habit on time and also must is careful.Clown

So the athletics after toughenning the big sweat pours Li, whether also harmful to health?The solution delivers good say, the Chinese medicine contains the parlance of "sweat blood together source" and flows too many sweat loss sun spirit, is harm bodily.His for instance says that the high strength of professional athlete toughens, so the longevities are few.Summer had better exercise indoors, with tiny perspire for extreme limit, the skin touches feel damp should take a rest meeting son.If sweat rain next, have no a necessity, the Chinese medicine inside"excessively is a disease".

Certainly, even if at three Fu sky, also still make the skin felt the temperature of great universe.Before 10:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m., outdoors activity once, beneficial to health.


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lovers during a lifetime

Also talk not to come to horoscope lovers during a lifetime
The lovers combination that the sometime more doesn't take, more will walk to arrive together.Embrace fine imagination, expect one day can whet to synthesize a rightness of husband and wife of tacit understandings, but walk in the end you just discover, have some be really also talk during a lifetime Long not ……if have the misfortune to say as follows you in, you can notice!Star light sapphire

The first:With each other unpleasant to look at, all at rob leadership power
If you are Scorpio, while the another half is Leo.The horoscope like this forms couples and wants to have the romance of conjugal love, also really full seldom seen.Because in feelings, Scorpio's personality and attitudes are all very pre-eminent, particularly they talk sour Mao Mao of, cause the other party very easily of not happy.At meet with 1 dead determined to save face of Leo, which can can be subjected to Scorpio all day long the nearby ground 唸 is at them.
Therefore the of Scorpio and Leo lovers often runs into the embarrassed condition of "with each other unpleasant to look at, all is robbing leadership power" most .In love medium regardless is Scorpio or Leo, if two people all the person who want to be "have mastery", the pass 係 that doesn't moderate like this, sooner or later will head for terminal point.

The second:Live in romantic lies inGemstone’s bright
If you are Sagittarius, while the another half is Pisces.The horoscope like this forms couples and wants to have purely really, the romance of honesty, also really full seldom seen.
Because Sagittarius is in feelings and divide attention very easily, be the friend and colleague follow Sagittarius nearer of time, Sagittarius will forget the commitment to the lover, but flirt with new object.But Pisces then usually can not distinguish Chu realistic and vain difference.They usually reluctant to part with between "old flame and new sweetheart" and go back and forth in"recollection with think of".
These two horoscopes are all easy Mao legs of high dangerous cluster of.Therefore the most run up against problem of Sagittarius and Pisces lovers is "live in romantic lies in".

The third:Fight not to show consideration noodles, make moves to harm a person very much
If you are Gemini, while the another half is an Aries.The horoscope like this forms couples and wants to have peace and match a Xie and satisfactory romance, also really full seldom seen.
The essence of Gemini is "the knife mouth bean curd heart", they like to chase some insignificant matters small matter and regard as a very serious affair to treat, and they like to cause disputes, more confusion condition, Gemini more feels interesting.The unfortunately white sheep doesn't understand the sense of humor of Gemini, because the Aries is "a bowel son is exactly", they learn can't"the fun of self-ridicule", therefore make oneself be placed in the appearance of "get close to breakup" very easily.Metal finishes
Consequently be Gemini and Aries two life spirits quarrel of time, usually fight get into a hot dispute, and fight not to show consideration noodles, make moves to harm a person very much.How does the hated spouse like this become loving husband and wife?Indeed as expected still"person ghost Shu way".

The fourth:"The person of the Earth" falls in love with the classic combination of "Martian"
If you are Cancer, while the another half is Aquarius.The horoscope like this forms couples and wants to have to be as usual, can the romance of norm, also really full seldom seen.
Cancer longs for home, shy and the characteristic of daily life at home, believe that everyone acquaints with very much, the characteristic of this kind of"take house as origin" met "Martian" Aquarius that comes back from the outer space and wanted to also know to can't have a perfect final outcome from the knee.Aquarius likes to make to be strange and break with a tradition, you more use traditional viewpoint and taste norm Aquarius, you will discover that behavior and logic thinking of Aquarius return true strange.
Consequently be Cancer falls in love with Aquarius, seem "the Earth person" to fall in love with"Martian", so of be in love pass 係 , perhaps more difficult than"person ghost Shu way" comprehension.marry constellation  

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yearses most flood

The river valley of the United States Mississippi breaks out 74 in the last yearses most floodSkirt styles
Recent two weeks Mississippi and its subsidiary current river area rainfall in Ohio attains often year same period of 6 times of many, make Mississippi suffered 1937 of most flood.The existing dike dam of Mississippi builds after the Hong disaster in 1937, while this time Hong Feng is unlikely to break the tallest record of that year.tradition continuesPetite skirt

Recent two weeks Mississippi and its subsidiary current river area rainfall in Ohio attains often year same period of 6 times of many, make Mississippi suffered 1937 of most flood.Second Wedding

American weather forecast suggests, the flood threat of river valley in Mississippi will keep on for 12 more weeks.The existing dike dam of Mississippi builds after the Hong disaster in 1937, while this time Hong Feng is unlikely to break the tallest record of that year.Yellow clay  

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Two barn swallows

An ash barn swallow and a white barn swallow in the sky meet.

The ash barn swallow says:"The friend disappears for a long time and go to and sit for a while in my nest!"Economical alternative

The white barn swallow says:"Good ah!Good ah!"

Hence they fly together to inside in the nest of ash barn swallow.That is the building Yan of a very luxurious villa bottom.The white barn swallow says:"!Ash barn swallow you of the nest is true beautiful, the house of host's house is really luxurious, his house is definitely very rich?"Air pipes

1 been saying to suddenly "touch", the white barn swallow is frightenned a to greatly jump.The white barn swallow sees television in the luxurious villa house fragmented and disorganizedly lying on the ground through the window.

The ash barn swallow upsetly says:"This is to have much of full of, the male host are very handsome, the hostess is very beautiful ……"

The words of ash barn swallow haven't said that finish, is in house spread the man's roars, chemisette to weep over a voice to interrupt.

The hairs that the white barn swallow frightens all Shu get up to say:"Their husband and wife can't have dangerous life?"

The ash barn swallow says:"That to can't, they all fight like this every day."

The white barn swallow oddly asks:"Their life so full of, also fight what ah?"heat exchangers

The ash barn swallow manages feather to say:"Do not know that their mankind is how to thinks, however I intend to leave here, they fight all day long like this, can not make me be calm a life."

The white barn swallow sympathized with ground to say:"The building Yan bottom that goes to my host's house takes nest!However I host's house and this is very contrary, the man is a blind person, the chemisette leg is disable and sick, and the home is very poor.But, on their family's face, always take a happy smile, also usually spread happy song joke in house."Embrittlement Failure

The ash barn swallow quickly says:"What does that still wait?Take me quickly you are there!I think at here foolish for none of a minutes."Say finishing two barn swallow Ji Ji Zhas Zha to fly to walk ……  

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Net in East Asia

Net in East Asia helps the wish that you carry out Mother's Day
Mother's Day is close by, net in East Asia releases "feeling warm motherliness" activity and got the large net friend's close concern, a lot of net friends announce the feeling speech in Mother's Day on the forum and promise the wish in Mother's Day and also have the net friend the message to say that releasing this activity in Mother's Day is very meaningful.Technology structure

Do thanksgiving into cake

This activity just on releasing, at movable special subject page, if there are a lot of net friends, left to want the in the mind words that said to the mother and to the mother's wish.From the net friend of message, the net staff member of East Asia selected three lucky net friends.Even failure

Under the arrangement of net in East Asia, the these three lucky net friends the spot personally created "Mother's Day cake" for their mothers.Three net friends all mean that after growing up, really seldom personally once did for the parents what, also usually forgot to want to do for the parents some what, be finally getting more organic this time, "this gift lieutenant general pour into my thanksgiving to the mother and with gratitude, hope she can like."A net friend says.

Coming to net in East Asia to feel is happyTypical lifetimes

Net in East Asia is subjected to three net friends, it gives, this several talents don't send to three Mother's Day cakes that net friend personally creates three mother's hands with a bunch of carnation in.While receiving the kid's gift, each mother's expressing is all different, want to know three facial expressions that mothers all was what kind while receiving this mysterious gift?Please pay attention to on May 8 a forum new dynamic state in East Asia and see the happy facial expression of three happy times to happy mothers.

Take fresh flowers home to send a mother

Here, net in East Asia reminds you, our Mother's Day the series activity haven't ended, today, the editors of net in East Asia will go into the street and collect the net friends wish to the mother video frequency on the scene, in the meantime, participation the spot the friend of the activity can acquire from long spring turn the building flower fish curio calligraphy and painting market provide of the carnation is 1, you can bring back fresh flowers a house and send to your mother!Do you want to show your mother your wish?Equally want to keep in mind May 8 net forum dynamic state in East Asia.
Blue light

Collect a location:The long laurel Lin Lu Yi of spring City takes;Collect time:Today 10:00 beginnings collect.This movable gift is spent the fish curio calligraphy and painting market by the long spring turn building and there is shopping channel in the house the friendship sponsor.  

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American Hui

American Hui in Luo house in commerce secretary:the United States welcome the direct investment from China
Hui in Luo house in American commerce secretary says in Washington on the 4th, the United States welcomes a direct investment of the foreign country from China, this contributes to in the American creation employment and contributes to providing business opportunities for American business enterprise.High pressure sodium

Hui in the Luo house on that day at five virtuous Luos ·the center of Pete Wilson holds of a meeting up announce to talk to say, the United States is directly the biggest destination that the global foreign country invests, the Ao expects government horse to hope to continue to draw on global investor.He says that the foreign capital company all has been already invested in whole 50 beautiful states, is about 5,000,000 in the employment of beautiful creation.

Hui in the Luo house says that in recent years, China the direct investment in the United States is quick and increase.According to the statistics of the beautiful commerce department economic analysis bureau, the direct investment total amount of China at the United States is about USD 2,300,000,000 currently.Pass by two in the last yearses, China's directly investing in the United States is doubling annually.He emphasizes that China's directly investing increment in the United States is a good matter to the United States, "this are good matters to American workers, is also a good matter to the American business enterprise".
Light's color

The 9th of this month and the 10th, Central America two countries will hold the third Central America strategic and economic dialogue in Washington.Both parties compromise to matter to the overall, strategic and long-term sex problem of the China-U.S. relations development and the international region problem of the common concern extensively thorough commutation opinion with deepen understanding and promote a mutual trust and promote a cooperation.Construction Business

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proposal to forget about it

The small fatty sheep brush-off is controled by the ocean fast food 100 win a dining to procure proposal to forget about itLycoming County
Economic May 3 Xun(Wang Hong Juan) in Chinese net, Beijing last week spread possibility 100 win dining group(Yum!Brands Inc., Call:100 win)the chafing dish chain store small fatty sheep procuring announced to declare on Monday, the company had no with 100 win a dining to procure to control one matter to reach a pact, the company has already applied for Tuesday's Fu card.

Hong Kong 《the text remit a report 》report way say, the small fatty sheep has already announced pronouncement clearness the companies have no with 100 win a dining to take office procure suggestion and particularly is price and structure to reach any agreement.

Small fatty sheep on April 26 once announced announce say, just at with the second shareholder 100 won and then procure carried on an initial discussion.100 win to hold small fatty sheep currently 27.2% ownership of a shares, these ownership of a shares procure in 2009.Procuring to suggest a related detail don't to disclose.According to small fatty sheep the city value of about USD 660,000,000 calculation, Mo root Si Tan the benefit anticipates the cost that procures bargain to have access to USD 500,000,000.The 5 dollars stock price that stops before the card by April 26 calculation, 100 win to completely procure small fatty sheep share to make price more than 4,000,000,000 dollars probably.

The analytical personage said that procuring the small fatty sheep is 100 win dining group keep on the overseas extend one part of activity, this action can extend in the business in R.O.C and avoid forming a competition with existing western fast food business in the meantime.The small fatty sheep besides also set up many family stores in Japan and North America at Chinese luck camp about 480"small fatty sheep in Inner Mongolia" chafing dish store.
Heat exchanger

However, also have the analysis the personage to point out, 100 win a dining to procure the small fatty sheep also faces many risks, is chafing dish chain store management business the small fatty sheep also bears the agricultural product price soars the cost pressure that continuously increases to bring with employee's wages, and this bargain can get the approval of taking charge of the section is also an unknown.  

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Smile tears intertexture

Smile tears intertexture American all night don't sleep
American Bill is outside World Trade Center ruins yesterday the celebration pulled ascend die.He thinks that is maying run into danger for New York the coming week, but he says:"We can not live at in fear in, this is exactly the purpose of terrible numerator."EPI matched

Harbor in New York gets: celebrate a personal dead to make person uneasy

【Clear report particularly Xun 】the recent years enjoy economy the view doesn't perplex of the United States, Sunday late appeared to have long time no see of the whole country happy Teng condition-by east coast go to west coast, whole beautiful everyplace all have people is killed an excitement to extremity for pulling to ascend, all night celebration, concussion of screech laceration night sky.WTO original address in New York, do a few victim's family members all hold?The relatives loose to shine on to arrive scene to be in remembrance of, condition atmosphere person.

Los Angeles in west coast, the news pulling to ascend to die broadcasts about 9:00 in evening, the whole citieses all ring out war whoop and has people, Gao Han, "Ao Ba Ma catch the horse of Ao Sa";In Philadelphia, be to pull to ascend news after approaching midnight and getting abroad, only still is carrying on the person main field in Philadelphia of baseball game, the crowds are all dance for joy, whole field fan Gao Han"USA";In Washington, originally quite dead hour, also suddenly seethe, many people hurtle to revel a celebration to the Lafayette park of the White House front, don't go to half an hour to came together 1000 people, the people brandish American national flag and halloo "USA, USA!", the 19-year-old student adds west second(Jon Garcia) say:"We found out him, he killed 3000 people, the justice is shown." he points to arrive at the White House front, is "want in my witness history".

The White House is ex- to halloo "USA, USA!"

Went to Hong Kong student abroad Stella that New York, the United States enters higher school 4 years ago, worked in the region now.She says about 11:00 p.m., Ao Ba Ma declares to pull to ascend dead Xun, she sees Times Square of TV screen and"Ground Zero"(911 assault World Trade Center original address) scene, large numbers of Americans bring to come together a celebration, "feel like New Year is similar to the great occasion of nation" with flag, crowd of people until not yet spread at 4:00 A.M..Be to travel a beautiful harbor person, Stella is candid in saying ill at ease, for a person's death, the American uses the way processing of celebration, her description is "make open too much", "some people's speech a little bit loses control, say more while having a live reporter feel like debarkation the moon today, and then say how that a person is no matter born is, the most important dead gets it".But make what her moved BE, is pulling to ascend to die the historic hour that the Xun spreads, at Ground Zero, do a few victim's family members all hold?The relatives loose to shine on to arrive scene to be in remembrance of relatives, condition atmosphere person.

The ruins Dao relatives atmosphere person of WTO

The crowd of people in WTO ruins and celebration in Times Square all without previous arrangement shout for nation, it is full of the carnival atmosphere of great occasion of nation sort street in New York."10 years, my expecting is getting longer too much on this day, I originally think to will not arrive any further on this day." police Ji cloth in New York Sen says to the reporter:"to those families that lose relatives, we still feel their pains." scene reporter's eye sockets of the report way are moist, euphonic concussion.

Die or injure at 911:00 the miserably heavy New York fire brigade also join Times Square to celebrate row or column.Midnight later on, fire fight bureau in New York 4 steps teams open into square, does the fire fight member sit on the scaling ladder and see?Celebrate crowd of people to flow out into square.The fire chief of 4 steps teams Michael Lao Be virtuous(Patrice McLead) to say:"After experiencing tragedy and heavy loss, we are finally again happy. I hope this(news) can solidify the owner of including the Muslem." even if at ordinary tiems low-key New York City police station, also park (cars) a police car in the middle of square, and visitor together cachinnation and take photo to keep as memory.News clip

Fire fight police in Times Square with many together happy

Allow at 1:00 A.M., the crowd of people are more and more and celebrate in the middle have the common citizen whom help in that year rescues and have parents' wife whom the family still go on an expedition in Afghanistan, the veteran joins, crowd of people go to about 4:00 just continuously spread.To settle in morning a cent, a few citizen dedicate a flower toward WTO ruins.Does 67 years old elder Bill(Bill Styert), who arrive at 8:00 a.m., hang on the body?Pull to ascend dead already of do the report way, hands raise?The victory signal parades down the street.Be to more fight veteran of he says, pull the dead ascending to let about 3000 persons in New York of innocent dying  

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