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Married man

Married man in the office produces a romance to the female colleague
Not own ability is lonesome and standing alone, more not ability with own marriage out of harmony but give oneself derail of lend.If want love, work out a hymeneal problem first.Marriage and love are unequal, can be partitioned, be you are a married man of time, you should be able to understand this.Then can get the respect of girl's son like this.

The time seen her for the first time,Relocation Company my Peng however move.Made a living away from home in the society for 89 years, what persons all once saw, is the woman who has never once seen to make oneself move.When I discover this problem of time, her looks has already precipitated in my in the mind.Essentially afterwards just know I see her for the second time.I have been thinking I to she is to fall in love at first sight, but these don't influence me to her be addicted to.

She is the employee of new my company, greengage Chen.In our company, she not seem to be very beautiful, also not seem to be very to attract attention, but she seems to be very calmness to have much of qualities.I have to be 7 years older than her, my daughter has been 5 years old this year.Is also say I at the age of 21 Be married.My wife out of accordance with my temperament, particularly is after my company more does more big, she absolutely becomes unreasonable, I get married with her just how many years?Live separately with her for four years already.She becomes very untidy and loves to put blame on very much and sometimes also is like a virago at my friend's in front, completely regardless of and my face, connect my those friends is all frightened to my house.Don't even say me, all want to face one a woman like this every day.She basically doesn't seem to be a wife and connect me this respects and admires in the company everyone of old total, want to do laundry to cook a meal at the home itself, connect my mama come to see us of time, she can't cooks a meal on her owns initiative, either.

My big parts of time all divide a company for me, time return to in the evening, all generally already many at 2:00, take a bath again eat for some the times that thing go to bed generally already at 4:00 A.M..Even sometimes don't return for a night, communicate with customer(male customer).The life like this makes me feeling very boring, though I have spend don't finish of money, have a very outstanding company and accomplishment.But, in my in the mind, is infinite lonesome and empty.

The business section girl's son in the company is all very beautiful, but I always can't see one more eye.I didn't thought of, oneself would run into a girl's son that calls greengage in own company.Heel her confabulation of time,International Movingshe seems to be very awkward and shies, the words are few.I know, she must be very kind and even have insight into the ability of their in the mind.

So, when as I am sending letter an interest for him, chatting QQ, , her seeming to be is like the good friend in more than a years.She is compared to my wife to come to say, she seems to be too to has self-restraint and even have artistic talent too much.Once her ability see, I don't love to go home, can see I am lonesome and standing alone, even also see the black eye on my eyes.I marvel at smaller than me exactly 7-year-old girl's son, is she just many greatly?How can acquaint with so the mental state of a married man.

Just inchoate time, I have never spoken of my marriage with her, she even didn't know me married.BE afterwards, I by accident spoke of my wife and spoke of my family, she ha ha of smile, but my feeling she became far in that a moment.I like to read a book very much, it is very to like to see the thing that she writes particularly.The thing that she writes, light work properly, is reading lonesome and similar, is reading own of oneself.

I give her information more many, be I realize this of time, she has already started getting around me.I even have some controls not I.Walk to where all want to tell her that I arrived where, did today what.I always feel that have her the thing of sharing to make me proud very much, happiness.But, I didn't thought of, she started frightened discomfort.Until one fine day, she says with me, she walks not descend to, very tired, want a resignation.

I loathe to give up she walks and just doesn't to her hair message overcome oneself and also no longer toward she smiles.But, I always the facing have her direction to look about and involuntarily want to know her to be doing what.She more ignores me, I more want to send letter an interest for her, her figure more will now is at present.I am to beat heart bottom to like that girl's son, she has ability and there is definite view and there is personality,Mover Company there is docile, and then grow beautiful.If I even have been already thought, waited companies to extend again some, divorces with my wife, if can, I still want to marry her.

I with her after vindicating, she seems to be very dispassion, but from now on after, I discover, I don't dare to approach her any further, even frightened heel she to see.On the time in company, I always walk absolute being, but I know, she has adoring boyfriend, and has very deep feelings to the boyfriend.

But, I am always paying attention to her, I want to bring her more of happy, happy, even commitment can't influence his feelings.But, but she doesn't accept and even has already put forward to want a resignation.But I want to keep her, don't want to make her leave me, because I know, this leaves, probably is from now on without a trace after

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diplomacy battle

New prime minister in Japan will face six inner palace government hard nut to crack three greatest diplomacy battle
After Cold War ends, Japan has been going back and forth in the turns and twists turbulence.This people of the past have been aring discussing that Japan experienced "lose of decade", "lose of 20 years", now again someone's putting forward iscustomer super 5 must "lose of 30 years".This several in the last yearses, since Shizo Abe, the Japanese prime minister changes in succession multifarious, establishment and performances of policy all appear a very great problem, can say, the successive cabinet stays of isn't all good work.

The new prime minister faces of, won't only the Jian keep a person to leave of, and is this each ex- what prime minister left old old Zhang, the history bears very heavy.

Come up to say from the domestic affairs, democracy party in spite of in the policy level, be still political power operation the level all has a problem.Japan is stillplaced in to shake a relief at present the reconstruction is behind of extraordinary period, the new prime minister mainly faces six aspects urgent tasks.

After-calamity reconstruction.The Japanese relief reconstruction just got better, but the result is still not big, follow-up measure how keep up with, constucted a funds from what is very a pressing question since then.

Nuclear energy problem.Blessing island a pit electricity stand the trouble didn't get a good processing and checked polluting threat still at.

Electric power problem.After checking an electricity station, one part in Japan's checking electricity station is requested cease work a check,Love doesn't matterand, henceforth pit electricity the station all want to periodically check.BE influenced by trouble, this summer Japan appeared the circumstance of electric power shortage, if there is no miracle occurrence, can prepare to think the electric power of the next year still not enough.The electric power shortage causes industry economic to can not keep up with, the whole economic situation will be subjected to influence.

Economic problem.How does the economy recover a development.In order to being influenced by the east Japanese heavy earthquakeextremely good geomancy, the democracy party drew up in June, last year of the new economy growth in Japan strategy sold at a discount.After the earthquake, a lot of plans will steep soup, the Japanese economy will be very greatly influenced.

The medical treatment agency protects a reform problem.Society guarantee system reform that day originally the last few years whichever cabinets all round a not past great problem, this ex- agency protects the revenue from tax integral whole reform project already establishment, but haven't passed formal approval, be still refusing to budge appearance so far.

Public finance problem.Japan faces a serious public finance crisis currently, the finance in the red is 2 times that of GDP.Increase a tax,query toward LED develop influence economy;Don't increase a tax, the agency protects a problem to solve, so whether increasing the tax will become a focus problem.

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For the first time

For the first time, get hurt so deeply
I am sad I am sad,

I am sad I am sad.

For the first time,Solar cell householdget hurt so deeply.

For the first time, I will disappoint to this extent,

Exactly, what is the most important.

Exactly, what just should cherish,

Exactly, how should I also do.

I am still that she?

I say to I.Quality ControlI have already changed.

I am always no longer the I who smiles.

Calculate me again how sad.

I will also my sad disguise.

I don't want to make the other people know.

I wants to make the other people know that I am always very happy.

Always very happy.OFDM works by splitting

But disguise not and till the last.

The reality still keeps escaping however lies.

The wound of reality.Good pain.

Exactly have how much to understand me.

Have how much to comprehend me.

Make allowance for me.digital transmission

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DVB-T demodulator

Intel supports the Intel® CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator with four reference designs from can tuner¹ manufacturers Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Thomson. These reference designs enable you to quickly evaluate and implement the DVB-T standard for your terrestrial applications. Each board includes complete documentation and test results, with software supported directly by Intel.files for liquidation

Our DVB-T reference designs offer excellent signal handling performance at very low power consumption. The Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator has a unique on-chip dedicated tuner drive engine, ideal for the control of MOPLL-based RF tuner designs. This vastly reduces the tuner control software overhead and results in very fast frequency channel scan performance. For the non-MOPLL-based tuner, the Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator incorporates a two-wire bus bypass mode, enabling direct unrestricted programming of the tuner.

Fellet believed Sky would need to hand the spectrum back to the Government by 2015 if it didn't find a use for it, under a rule that meant it had to either "use it or lose it".LED lighting applications

The spectrum became largely surplus to requirements after Sky closed its analogue pay-television service in March last year. Sky will need to cease free-to-air analogue broadcasts of Prime Television by November 2013, the deadline by which all television channels in all parts of the country will need to switch to digital transmission.

Fellet said Sky could not easily offer customers a lower-cost service offering fewer channels than its "basic" package through its satellite service because of its licensing agreements with channel owners, which meant it had to offer "all or nothing". If it did develop Sky Lite, it would probably get its new set-top boxes certified by Freeview, so it wouldn't have to waste spectrum rebroadcasting its free-to-air channels.Crazy LED industry

Fellet said he was going off using the spectrum to launch a pay-television service for mobile phones because customers would need new phones with chips designed to receive the service. He had visited chip-maker Qualcomm in the United States to see how the technology might work, and while it was impressive he believed it had the worst economic case of any of the possible spectrum uses.

The Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator accepts the classic TV IF frequencies of 36/44 MHz and low IF down to 4.57 MHz. It provides tuner IF AGC control, and RF AGC read using a 7-bit ADC for calculated RF signal strength indication. The Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator also includes an integrated digital filter that reduces the bill of materials by eliminating the need for multi-bandwidth SAW IF channel filters. It provides 6, 7 and 8 MHz operation using a single 8 MHz SAW filter. Driven by high-level commands and featuring full automation, the Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator can be directly interfaced in parallel or serial modes to all standard MPEG-2 processing chips.Manufacturing equipment  

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few questions

Villa wedding in the garden, can not not ask of a few questions ……

A romantic villa wedding in the garden is a lot of brides to dream of a medium wedding condition.Now dream's liking to be reality no longer is getting more difficult, but how let it such as the ground in the dream is the Yao perfect?The problem that you may meet is a lot of and avoid these problems of had better method, the marriage in advance going to you celebrates companies to ask these problems.strong design

1, be the villa just my[one] usage on that day in the wedding?If write in service item clear provide a set of bride chamber that the villa is a New appointee, then in the wedding on that day this set of villa provides to make a contract New appointee of usage, in other words, if you don't want to share wedding villa with others, had better do to note this in the argument in service.

2, whether marriage building establishes in the villa?In addition to parts of villas didn't marry building and needed to look for another marriage building outside, general of the villa wedding marry building's all including in the villa, while choosing villa must confirm this!

3, can we hold a wedding banquet in the villa?If can, need to be noticed what?If you settle of the villa has a place like this, the villa can be a wedding banquet to use ground naturally, usually the wedding banquet is had a meal with round table form, the New appointee can consider changing to make other forms, such as long table, buffet etc..So, had better in advance investigate or test toward the relevant personnel and inquire a place clearly, in order to early arrangement.

4, as a kind of western wedding, on the wedding banquet whether not and greatly suit to choose Chinese wedding fixed menu in restaurant type?If majority of circumstances descend, win west match the wedding of Bi, New appointees all invite guest with the Chinese wedding banquet, there is also choice buffet of, combine a Chinese tradition to see, if have more of of generation come to take part in a wedding, the buffet was accepted.clothes series's

5, the turf-grass rites is that one in the garden wedding is a little bit bright but in case of rains how to do?Time that the general New appointee choice wedding holds is all basic at 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, hold December, all of these months are a the middle of the year, rain water less of season, but, in case that the condition that the situation rains, in the different garden villa, wedding's planning will have different of fully choose a project to provide, ensure wedding smoothly satisfactory.

6, is the expenses of the garden villa wedding higher than other wedding?BE more opposite than and holds a wedding in the traditional cabaret, the another cabaret will take additional place expenses, besides which, , the position of villa wedding in the garden is different, the price of wedding banquet will also have a dissimilarity and compare to say, even is the dinner party of central villa wedding and uses inside the city and cabaret, the guest compares and still belongs to the cheaper, suburb of then will more the cheapness is some.earthquake affects

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Switzerland central

Switzerland central bank didn't link Rui Lang and euro, USD|CHF tumble

Switzerland central bank declared further measure of weakening the Rui Lang, but had no Rui Lang and euro hook, USD exchanges Rui Lang to tumble.marriage shoe match

Europe early dish, USD|CHF is from July 29 of Gao Dian 0.8016 drop to 0.7873, decline 1.05%.

Prop up probably at 0.7547, this is a little bit low on August 12, the resistance is located on 0.8046, on July 28 Gao Dian.

Early ex- Switzerland central bank calls it will adopt further measure and include increment money market mobility and lead into foreign exchange extend bill bargain etc. will rise power in the near future by suppressing Rui Lang.

"Debt in Europe" continues predominant currency market
Central bank in Europe heavy the gold buy a debt stability the market is high prosperous reiterate beautiful allied keep will release QE3 Ao allied keep monetary policy to refract relaxed signal Chen De Lin calls not intentional change contact rate of exchange system the Hui praises to confirm American sovereignty reputation a rating to revalue for AAA renminbi idea at to blunt inflation in the center the price Switzerland central bank adds a way, it will extend each one in the current account of central bank and will as occasion arise adopt further measure with suppress Rui Lang of pre-eminent.5 problems concerning

But Switzerland central bank have no have eyes fixed on Rui Lang euro, also have no direct intervention money market, Switzerland central bank vice- line of commentary that grows Jordan's causing will adopt the guess of above measure for central bank several days ago.

The pronouncement of Switzerland central bank calls:"What Switzerland central bank adopts resists the Rui Lang pre-eminent measure to have influence, but, the Rui Lang is still big super be worth."

In the meantime, on Tuesday German chancellor Mo gram the Er and French president's Sa section together summit the misgiving that can not alleviate for the euro area sovereignty obligation crisis, the Rui Lang gets further support.

Two leader the suggestion establishment new council with improvement euro area of management combine the plan lead into in September finance trade tax.

But 2 leaders to increase the euro area rescue fund scale, many people think, if the obligation crisis spreads Italy, Spain and France, should rescue fund scale not enough.wears a wedding dress

They also the brush-off publishes euro bond and call that the bond can not solve an euro area obligation problem, this makes a lot of think that the investor that will have that measure feels disappointment.

Other aspects, the Rui Lang exchanges an euro to also rise, EUR|CHF decline 1.25%, Be accepted to 1.1323.

Soon afterward today, the United States will release PPI official data and crude oil stock government data.

Forexpros -Provide diverse professional foreign exchange, futures, the stock trades tool.Including among them is solid of condition of the market trend data, the internal expert's technique noodles and basic situation analyze, and are extensively used of finance and economics calendar

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Spreading the United States

Spreading the United States will veto Taiwan to purchase 66 new F16s battleplane request
In 2006, American manufacturing fighter jets F-16s of Taiwanese air force take part in aviation performance in Yilan.The Taiwanese air force has been wanting to buy into more advanced Cs F-16s in recent years|D.

Spreading the United States will "veto" Taiwan to lately buy Cs F-16s|the D battleplane request to only help to get stripe existing As F-16s in Taiwan|BZhang Dazhong

American deputy president does obeisance to ascend to visit before China, the news concerning"to pedestal armament selling" causes a temporary clamour once again, the true or false needs discriminator, idea of sounding out You Zhong.

The United States defended duty news to cite "Ministry of National Defense" in Taiwan yesterday, 1 said, the United States "veto" the Taiwanese aspect puts forward of purchased 66 new Cs F-16s|the request of D battleplane, turned but provided the As F-16s of getting stripe the version|B battleplane, equiped to have the source electricity scans array(AESA) radar.The report's way still cites in many ways news source said, the official pronouncement of related decision anticipated to release before the end in month.

Strategic American and international research center experienced researcher Ge Lai the instrument(Bonnie S Glaser) put forward to query to the credibility of this news first."The usage "veto"s one phrase to describe the decision in the United States, I different idea.The United States isn't likely to grant to sell Cs F-16s to the set at this time|D battleplane, but also is not likely to return the request of cutting off Taiwan.The subject in"she told yesterday the east early reported, " still needs in the future a further consideration."

The University of Peking international strategic United States problem expert's remaining in research center ten thousand in tell the east early reports, at this time let out these newses may be sounding out the reaction of Chinese mainland to make by seeing a circumstance end decision very much.

Get stripe As F-16s for Taiwan|B?

The United States defends duty news website said in the headlines position report way yesterday, an in last week arrived the American Ministry of National Defense delegation of Taiwan have already informed this news." The United States puts forward of this gets stripe edition will make Taiwan of 146 As F-16s|the B becomes having 1 styling of fighting strength most in that model, probably only next to provide with APG-80 to have the Es F-16s that source mutually controls a radar|F battleplane, the latter is main currently from allied Qiu(air force) flight."The report way writes a way.voltage modulation

"We disappoint very much to the United States."The report's way words that cite "Ministry of National Defense" officials of a Taiwan say.BE taking part in Taiwanese aviation and national defense science and technology exhibition of one American soldier work news personage reveal further, "the United States Pentagon arrive to explain to get stripe the assemble circumstance of version here ……they will partition a processing:Cs F-16|the D had no, but As F-16|getting stripe of B the version will carry on."

For this news, United States halts officials in the set office mean "decide to haven't made", and officials in the Pentagon also refuse now time the purpose of the trip to Taiwan to place to review.

In July, this year, American State Department allusion, relevant whether the end decision that sells battleplanes F-16s to the set will make before October 1 this year.But before doing obeisance to ascend to visit China soon, relevant news that sells armament to the pedestals at that time suddenly break out.

International problem institute for research performance director, Wu Chun, of research center in America in Shanghai thinks to think, to the topic that the pedestal sells armament suddenly the explosion are inseparables with American domestic and politics in Taiwan island and showed that various political strength and interest group are in the game."Do obeisance to ascend to visit China will can't talk to sell armament to the pedestal on one's own initiative, I mean a doubt."She told yesterday east report early say, she thinks, soldier work business enterprise in the United States, political person the presidential election fronts all can not neglect in 2012 of strength.

The American weapon supplier Luo gram is rare virtuous-Martin the spokeswoman of the company Laura Siebert say while accepting to defend duty news to cover, can not sell Cs F-16s to Taiwan|D, will weaken the plan of the company extension battleplane production line.

"Though the congress has already been told Oman and Iraq to have intention to to purchase battleplanes F-16s, Taiwan orders 66 battleplanes for F-16 manufacturings of long term exist count for much, this include an American air force and Luo gram rare virtuous-Martin and whole the United States of last thousand supplier."She says.According to know, Cs F-16|the D bargain sum anticipate in USD 5,500,000,000, but this not only is only a weapon bargain, but also directly involves employment opportunities.Compared with this, 146 As F-16s|the getting stripe of B battleplane mean the money income of USD 4,200,000,000.

Anticipates according to a report in June, this year, the Cs F-16s of Taiwan|the D battleplane trades once embarking on a journey creation more than 16000 work post, and the federal revenue from tax of about USD 768,000,000.But the great majority these tax dues and lately work the posts will fly to some states that battle out a vigorous election:California, the Kang Nie Di space, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, get a gram Sa Si and Utah.

Along with 2012 presidential election of close by, at American domestic for looking for of employment post this political pressure under, Ao's expecting government horse still may just sell armament to the pedestal of decision top reel."Do not expel Cs F-16s|D battleplane still on its agenda form."Remaining ten thousand insides said yesterday.

August 17 is strangely fits

The Chinese military analyzes personage, Ma Yao, told yesterday the east early reported, if the news belongs to actually and sell radar rather than the whole machine can the certain degree up keep intact the benefits of American soldier work compound body."The United States passes to sell advanced radar to Taiwan, the very great degree raises Taiwanese air force of super see to be apart from air battle of ability.Plus to sell to see for super AIM-120 of Taiwan to be apart from all empty guided missile in times before, the Taiwanese air force's fighting strength(medium long-distance leave) will get to a little bit greatly promote."He says.

This is ex- the way hasing a Taiwanese medium report said, doing obeisance to ascend this time main purpose in interview Peking is explain toward the Mainland beautiful sell armament to the pedestals of decision, including will at 9 declare for As F-16s in Taiwan by the end of the month|the B battleplane get stripe, but will also take no account of selling the set more advanced Cs F-16s in the short run to the Mainland assurance|D.Though this news is given a denial by the Taiwanese authorities later on,this time United States defends the article that the duty news halts a set reporter further the report way before acting in cooperation this, and warm up to sell armament a problem to the pedestal once again.Wedding culture

"My news source means to suggest now, A|the getting stripe of B battleplane is probably only limited by an of two plane wings of F-16."That article author WENDELL MINNICK said while accepting a Taiwanese medium interview yesterday.

Wu Chun thinks to think and do obeisance to ascend the subject of visiting China in to the pedestal armament selling is a pressing question most, but mainly is a Chinese mainland to put forward to warn on one's own initiative."In spite of sell which type of the battleplane is all forerunner of, offensive battleplane, this is the Chinese mainland to can not accept of, breached Central America three joint communiques, especially the contents of "817 official gazettes"s."She says that but American domestic politics but talk, doing obeisance to ascend to visit China period to talk to sell armament to the pedestal will emit certain political risk, "especially in next year's presidential election this is".

Face China to particularly pay attention to of to pedestal armament selling problem, strategic expert from China problem in American and international research center Ge Lai the instrument thinks and does obeisance to ascend the words that will have no by chance again all U.S. officias and president to once say."Do obeisance to ascend in August 17 sunsets to there is meeting, his airplane lands to there is also no special meaning in China on that day."She tells east that the report early says.

On August 17, 1982, Central America two countries announce relevant beautiful sell armament a problem to the pedestals of"817 official gazettes", mainly emphasize that the United States doesn't intend to be long-term to sell weapon to the sets, and gradually reduce to sell armament to the pedestal, finally carry out solution of problem.

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British Manchester etc

British Manchester etc. Sao in the city still continues in disorder
On the 10th, parts of city Saos in England get into the fifth day in disorder, London first start in disorder in the Sao, the police has already increased to°from original 6000 people 1.6 myriad peoples, the situation is placed in to gradually mollify in.But in the Manchester, and Bo2 Ming Han...etc. other cities, the Sao still continues in disorder.

170 people are accused guilty

The 10th local time, police station police officer Si Di aroma in London introduction, up to that very day, there has been more than 16000 polices being deployed London, compare to increase more than 10000 persons on the 8th.This front, police has already admitted, the police strength equipment shortage is this time one of the reason that the Sao spreads quickly in disorder.Honeymoon holy land

Along with large numbers of police strength devotions, London has been gradually quiet, the main avenues can see the riot police of in full battle array.Police said that they have already arrested more than 800 Saos disorderly member and all mostly Be suspected of robbing and breach public order, among them minimum year of only 11 years old.Police as to it's win 170 people brought up a crime accusation.

The Sao is disorderly drive to bump a person?

Situation in London already gradual quiet, but in the Manchester, and Bo2 Ming Han...etc. other cities, the Sao of small scale still continues in disorder.

At Bo2 Ming Han, with Sao in disorder relevant of the death case has been already appeared, the local police has already launched a survey to 3 Asian Muslems death, and the police doubts that 3 people is intentionally driven to bump dead.A dead's friend said to the medium, 3 people were that the all local Asian persons Be self-moving to organize a person who protect he or she's communities, "that car suddenly turn a corner to bump toward them, this cutthroat is too cold-blooded."Mutually invite lavender manor

On the night of the 6th, parts of people in the north of London protest against that the police shoots to kill an African Americans black in the region man on the 4th, the demonstration afterwards turns into into Sao disorderly.

The Sao displays "dark side" in London in disorder

Some community representative directors says that this time Sao of London is in disorder few decades the region takes place most seriously violent affairs, they think, the gap between rich and poor lead big with lack fair candor, is a Sao in disorder rampant of deep time reason, however some Londoners think, it is a Sao to loot and have insatiable greed disorderly the only motive.

The British medium confess that the Sao disorderly affairs of occurrence at London and other cities "display"ed "dark side" in London to the world.(Zhang Le)

-The Sao is disorderly

Manchester of night"the criminals full city rushes Tu"

The police said that big local Sao disorderly scale, "30 in the last yearses didn't see"

At keep on Sao for 3 nights in disorder after, the violent activity basic farewell London on the night of the 9th, present to public in the Manchester, the blessing of Suo Er virtuous etc. ground.Among them, the Manchester is a vehemence most , big scale, "30 in the last yearses didn't see".different wedding assortment makes

In the Manchester, several hundred showrooms that receive noodles young man to smash to pieces facing the street store, rob a merchandise.A clothing store encounters arson again after being robbed.Virtuous in the blessing of Suo Er, the young man throws a brick piece to the police and throws simple napalm bomb to the building.The TV screen suggests that parts of road segment the flame that has already been destroyed by the black smoke of burnable creation, encounters to still can see a Cuan inside incendiary car and building window.

Big bureau chief from assistant in Manchester police station rests boon to say, "the criminals tonight full city rushes Tu", the Sao disorderly scale creates for 30 years it most, they"did not protest against slogan", "purely belong to a crime", they "humiliate"ed the whole city.


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past such as past

The things of the past is like smoke, because the things of the past had become a story.

When you look back bitter and astringent let it be sweet let it be, everythings are all past.

The things of the past is like smoke and have already become to recall because of the career.

When you look back reality let it be faintness let it be, everythings are all past.The company establishes

If a segment things of the past floats only a Lue shadow, really wants to hold tight it,

It but sew from the finger as the sand in flow, such as time is on doing not reply to return,

If reply water difficult accept.Although things of the past the elephant took place yesterday, everythings were all past.

Can the things of the past not equal to smoke, although everythings all passed by and imitated a Buddha to grasp everything not to live,artifi cial marble

Staying everything isn't next, why can in my memory but thus profoundly clear,

That at heart distresses such of deep, the elephant knife mows generally.

The things of the past not equal to smoke, although the things of the past has been unclear, image in the fragment remembering is incomplete,

Even will connect to once take place to can not remember clearly everything in the future, probably originally had never taken place what,

What all nonexistent, the elephant is a dream for forgetting.

Why can want to leave a key in the memory that covers with dust at me, remind what I once took place,

Make me again re- open that things of the past in a certain midnight.Right intuitive

The things of the past not equal to smoke, regardless I how forget it, that lonesome midnight,

Those things of the pasts in the moment open at me as the movie, can not stand up to those to sigh,

Those are sad cry, I want to choose to escape, but the rope of helpless memory already tie~up me tightly,

Canning not make me pause for breath can not move and allow the wound run off of the rope tight Lei blood.

The things of the past not equal to smoke, probably the whole pass by meeting in the mind of up leave a Ba,

Although can't see, can not understand,feel to get its existence forever!

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LED business enterprise

The LED business enterprise lends the dint capital the market continuously by one's own strongLED chip
The semi-conductor illuminates an application after getting away from the influence of financial crisis, negative certainly increase above 30%, attain 60,000,000,000 dollars.So how can LED business enterprise make use of a capital market to speed an oneself development?The industry of China LED has already become after the high-speed development of about 10 in the last yearses the most important in the world of, develop a quickest LED market.China since is a LED the manufacturing big country, is again a LED applied big country.possible compromise

The LED industry arrives to°from the upper stream because of having longer industry chain, each technique characteristic of realm and capital characteristic difference very greatly win to swim again arrive downstream, the profession gets into threshold to gradually lower.The upper stream outside postpones "double Gao"(high technique, high capital) characteristics that material and chip manufacturing has typical model, win visit to pack technique and capital to throw in in the center, the downstream shows and applies to have to be a little bit low in throwing in the technique content and the capital.space shuttle

The LED industry is a high-tech industry and belong to the industry that the environmental protection, economy energy reduces the row policy encouragement development and undoubtedly belong to the point industry of starting a business plank support and guide.In the meantime currently our country the LED pack and applied the profession develop fast fierce, the business enterprise scale is partial to small, with start a business the knothole fixed position is very nice to combine a point, but still have no a LED to pack currently and applied business enterprise at start a business the plank become available in the market.Therefore LED opportunity to pack and apply a business enterprise to hold tight this capital market, perfect mechanism, integration business enterprise, expand large-scale, actively make use of start a business the plank carry on a development.Analytical angle and Taiwan LED from the industry economics industry development experience see, supporting and guiding the downstream profession in LED to develop will arouse LED the industry is whole of rapid development.The industry of Taiwan LED is a typical downstream and corresponds mode, then passes 20 much in the middle of the year an experience backlog that pack and apply realm, gradually the extension expand upper stream of the outside postpone material and chip and make realm.The island of peace

《As for the guide line that works well to start a business a plank recommendation work further 》definitely start a business the knothole fixed position is "exertion promotes independent innovation business enterprise and other growth type start a business business enterprise development of market function, support and promote the development of the guo jia strategic newly arisen industry" and support a guide"the business enterprise of the guo jia strategic newly arisen industry development direction, especially new energy, new material, information, living creature and new medicine, economize on energy the business enterprise of environmental protection, aviation aerospace, ocean, advanced realms, such as manufacturing and high technique service...etc., and have independent innovation ability and grow up sex strong business enterprise in other realms".At the same time, starting a business the knothole target is "carry out guo jia innovation strategy, push forward an industrial upgrading, start a business plank for innovation type the high growth industry provide margin terrace".Japanese Shinkansen

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