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12 years of marriage

A person's life to go through countless times to choose, right and wrong, good and bad, joy and sorrow, read only between.
My husband, life deep love of a man, when he is accidentally, get together is the fate.
His house is in the field, a remote small city. Home four siblings, he is the smallest, and only admitted to a university, is also much family pet. Talkative, filial piety, sunshine, he everywhere he left laughter, this is why I like him.Everythings all vanish quickly
He was my boyfriend's good friend, at that time, her boyfriend to go to Japan study abroad, a one-track mind myself in the study, his style is quite good, parents are love, in two men, but I chose you don't think that one. The parents are not satisfied with relatives, friends don't understand, very surprised, I can proceed without hesitation to love him, and married him.
No wedding, do not wear white wedding dresses, no honeymoon, our marriage so quietly began.
After that, the two individual components of a home, not so easy thing. First of all, our house is the first important thing, because he was in the field, he himself is also live in the unit dormitory, I although have two houses, but the parents got one of the set of left has not yet married brother. Probably the mother feared I think eccentric, after one year, with her help, we got a 20 square house, toilet is public. Although small, but we finally have their own"".
The cold winter, we hugged together; the heat of the summer, he used the frozen water cooling fan to me, when I think of these, all feel very warm.
After four years of marriage,economy energy lamp I am pregnant, daughter falls, forcing us to buy a set of house, it makes me feel great life pressure.
He began to earn money desperately, I economize on food and clothing, save money on food and expenses, life quality drops quickly, "home, the children" makes me in just a few years time become old, life all gone, delectable is, through our efforts, the mortgage in five years of short time he paid off.
As we want to breathe a sigh of relief when, his mother died, his father came to the US, still we find a than he was ten years old. Our house is enough to live again, the pressure is swept across and come, this time than loans pressure was greater and his father together the pressure, I collapsed.
" One of the root hair crept haired, wisps of hair blowing in the wind.", second sets of house loan again in a short time, it all paid off, then just twelfth years of our marriage, we are only thirty-six years old.
As we all sufferings have their reward., LED the lighting policyeverything 's better when, our marriage has been frozen ... ...  

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technique development

LED shows a technique development
The development that LED shows to hold can is divided into a few following stages:The first stage is 1990-1995 years, mainly is monochrome and 16 color diagram texts to hold.Used for showing writing and simple picture, mainly use in the station,LED illuminates perplexity the financial public places, such as stock certificate, bank and post office...etc. is public information to show tool.

The second stage is 1995-1999 years and appeared the double of 64 classes, 256 class ash degrees radicle color the video frequency hold.The video frequency controls the application of correspondence technique etc. of the technique, picture processing technique, fiber optic to show LED held to promote a new step.LED shows to hold control appropriation the large scale integration chip also is at this time come out by local business enterprise development and can apply.

Third stage since 1999, red, purely green, the purely blue LED tube in great quantities flow out into China, the local business enterprise carried on a thorough development work in the meantime and used red, green and blue three primary color LEDses produce of the whole colorses show to hold drive extensive application, in great quantities get into stadium building, meeting public places, such as exhibition center and square...etc., take the local big screen into whole colourful ages thus.

Along with the fast fierce development of LED original material market, the surface sticks to pack a spare part to publish from 2001 and mainly use at colourful all of the indoor hold, and with it bright degree Gao, the color fresh characteristic with gorgeous and low temperature, can at will adjust of point be apart from, drive different price need accept, at short more than two years time inside, the product sells a sum more than 300,000,000 dollars already, the surface sticks to pack whole colorful LEDs to show to hold an application market into a new century.For adapting to "weight reduction" of 2008 Olympic Games to plan, the benefit is second virtuous developed surface to stick to pack a pair of radicles colors to show to hold, was in great quantities used for training building and game to account chronometer system for cent.Whole colourful hold aspect in Olympic Games field building, in order to tighten an investment, whole colourful hold big parts of adoptions can dismantle to unload a way, Olympic Games period be a live broadcast tool, game be over after can used for a leasing, is a performance,runs its coursenational policy to release etc. public situation application tool, passing this way can take back cost as soon as possible.

In regard to market, China joins WTO and Peking to state Ao successful etc. and becomes LED to show to hold the new chance of industry development.Local LED shows to hold a market to keep to keep on a growth, currently at local on the market, domestic LED shows the market share holding is close to 95%.The market capacity that international top LED shows to hold's anticipating 30% speed is increasing every year.

In the grounds, such as Japan and North America...etc., main concentration of manufacturer that LED shows to hold's our country LED the quota of the manufacturer export is therein insignificant.According to the incompletion statistics, at least 150 manufacturers produce currently in the world whole colourful hold, among them, the product is well-found, the scale bigger company has or so 30ses around.

Currently, aggressive push turn to the LED industry after Chinese government, local LED shows the production holding has basic technique to be as synchronous as world, the local and well-known brand has:Medium view section Rui(china-scenery) and Ao dint interest(Apex Kolor), far bright international illuminate, the optoelectronics of Heng Yu, big range of experience optoelectronics(TopVision) and dollar Heng optoelectronics(yaham), the mountain wood shows(skymax-display), beautiful crystal optoelectronics(Lightking), clear(Unilumin) continent, Rui Tuo(Retop), the love signs virtuous(aled), allied set up optoelectronics(liantronics) and rectangle lighting(cfled), clear Er hero(MejLed), virtuous colourful optoelectronics(dicolor), allied Sen(lenson), good Hui optoelectronics(lhgd) and Pu(TOP), official orchid, friendship it light(Art), the gold signs to soar, moxa than Sen(absen) and the moxa Si Wei(aswei), thunder Sen(ledsun) and benefit second virtuous(leyard), LED factory section beautiful Xin(SBC), think thrice, Ao section optoelectronics etc..

Western Wind the Kingman the I wind solar energy item of Mo Ha Wei's county(Mohave County) of Energy(CVE:WND) at Arizona start getting into a business luck camp.This item with 10.5 MWs is the first in North America to have purpose wind energy to mix with the solar energy item, the electric power of the item's creation will sell Electric Services is to Unisource.

The Kingman I includes 5 sets of Gamesas the company 2 MW G-90 wind force turbo-generator and a single stalk that takes to have a 500 kw the solar panel follow system.That system starts generating electricity on August 30 and connects into the charged barbed wire net on September 16.

Western Wind Energy chief executive officer Jeff Ciachursk mean:"This for can renewable energy profession to say that absolutely is the revolution of an unprecedented in history progress.Two kinds of totally different techniques and can the renewable energy combine in one to combine facilities from the first in.Variety can the reborn fuel source with maximum limit prolonged after being integrated existing lose to give or get an electric shock an infrastructure in a day of can use time.

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Korea and America

Korea and America or hold dialogue at 10 beginning of the months dynasty Han Ni for the third time non-nuclear talks
Medium the new net give or get an electric shock according to the report way of Han Lian She on September 22, along with hold in Peking of the second-time dynasty non-nuclear turn the be over of talks, Korea and the United States has already started formal the consultation hold the project of the follow-up dialogue at the beginning of next month.pastes piece

According to understanding, follow-up dialogue may not in Pyongyang or New York, Washington holds, but Singapore, Berlin or Genevan grade Three Kingdoms city that party in government the United States once held dialogue held.

In addition, because of Han Chao at twice non-nuclear turned to make parts of progresses in the talks, so is holding in the research non-nuclear turn talks for the third time.

Korean senior officer of the government means on the 22th that although Korea suggests in Pyongyang to hold Korea and America follow-up dialogue,Washington maintains negative attitude to this, so two countries are negotiating at the Three Kingdoms hold the project of dialogue.good information

That officials said that expecting will form Han Chao the dialogue and Korea and America have a conversation collateral situation.Han Fang has already turned to tell a dynasty, the square continues Han Chao non-nuclear the meaning of progress for turning talks, dynasty the square didn't mean brush-off.

Along with non-nuclear the second-time dynasty turn talks of be over and Korea and America follow-up dialogue formally push forward, the of the six-party talks related all countries will surround the direction of follow-up dialogue to launch active bilateral mediate.present's awkward

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LED industry to greatly

Economy energy in State Department reduces to line up a new rules to help to push LED industry to greatly move forward
Office in State Department sent out recently 《State Department concerning printed hair"25" economy energies to reduce the notice of the row comprehensive sex work project 》, the electronics profession mainly had three types of listed companies to be subjected to a benefit in 《notice 》:LED,LED optical parameter the electric power electronics spare part, economize on energy service and contract energy management.

《Notice 》for LED illuminate of support embodiment is in three aspects:The first is a technique industry to quickly turn and put forward "particularly support sparse soil always the Ci have no the electrical engineering of iron Xin, semi-conductor lighting" etc. technique;The second guides residents to consume a direction and put forward "expand an usage to efficiently economize on energy an appliance and illuminate a product in the residents" etc.;The third is a perfect public finance to encourage and put forward "adoption public finance subsidy method the expansion efficiently economize on energy a home appliances and illuminate a product" etc..BE mainly had by benefit object the three Anne's optoelectronicses and Gan shine on the optoelectronics, country starlight electricity, the thunder Man optoelectronics, private's orchid tiny, sunlight illuminate etc. business enterprise.

Purple crystal throw 2,900,000,000 to set up LED in Xinjiang of production itememitting diode testing
Purple crystal optoelectronics investment incorporated company in China invests 2,900,000,000 dollars the LED blue precious stone crystal for constucting in Urumqi produce item, is in science and technology in the section hospital aid Jiang point one of the items.The LED industry is the royal crown of new material industry, but the production technique of LED the core parts material-artificial crystal then the bright pearl of royal crown.This item signs to mark the crystal industry will rise in different soldier Tu in Xinjiang.
The LED blue precious stone crystal production item is Gao Xin Qu(area in Hsinshih) in Urumqi the second Europe exposition is at the head up 9 making a contract outside lead inside one of the allied items.According to the introduction, this 9 item funds the total amount is 31,000,000,000 dollars, last year the ratio was black to talk over with will increase 50%, broke a history record.

Raise 10,000,000,000 fundses for Shenzhen three years
Establish the semi-conductor lighting industry fund
The lighting industry development of semi-conductor in Shenzhen City promotes meeting the general meeting work out, in the coming 3 years, semi-conductor in Shenzhen City lighting industry will raise 10,000,000,000 fundses to establish an industry fund,LED spectral power is semi-conductor illuminate profession independence innovation and growth the business enterprise provide powerful finance service and funds support.

Shenzhen is a guo jia, the semi-conductor illuminates industry to turn a base, with lend "ex- follow battlefield" that the national reform opens "window way" and electronics information industry development, the semi-conductor lighting industry resides the head of whole country and has already formed a complete industry chain, is carrying on the back light source, show to hold, the indoor outside and special kind illuminate etc. application the market initiative obtain breakthrough, development power the head is very good, and the technique lead, the advantage is obvious.Currently, that city has already flowed out to appear to easily illuminate especially, clear science and technology, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, big clan optoelectronics, quantum optoelectronics of the nation shell Er electronics, continent, gather to make professions, such as industry and Ao Lun virtuous science and technology...etc. to get a soldier business enterprise.

The meeting is explicit, member business enterprise production & sales scale 2014 years increase to 30,000,000,000~40,000,000,000 dollars and need to increase 5,000,000,000~10,000,000,000 dollars annually;Establish an industry fund from zero beginnings, increase to above 10,000,000,000 dollars in 2014.

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Feelings breaks a point

Feelings gives up hope after breaking the point- break up and pursues the scenery that oneself looks forward to!

Feelings breaks a point, from break up a moment beginning ☆ oo.The 〆 doesn't belong to my whole Huos, I never demandspecial airplane

Had too many dependence to you before, can not make oneself grow up.Leave you later I learn to make I grow up and carry you I walked to my scar very far very far ……

Rainbow that sees the horizon is originally still that so charming ……

Let me return to formerly have no you of day, everythings didn't change, I am still similar natural and unrestrained!Jilt a show the hair walk all the way!

Just see the landscape of wayside some dissimilarities, may be the dissimilarity of taste!structure steel

I think that I walk all the way to will see arrive more fine scenery and have never reluctant to part with for scenery I always!The scenery is a scenery, can not also influence my to pursue forever!

I am still similar natural and unrestrained!Similar big-hearted!I can't be a scenery but stop over a short moment!

My pursue can't be influenced forever!main customer

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China to share power

Resources in North Pole battles out a war to heat Russia Mei to call that Russia desire rejects China to share power
Medium wide September 14 news in net Peking according to the voice of China 《global Chinese broadcasting network 》report way, September 21-24, the second"North Pole- dialogue of territory" international forum will convene in Russia.Currently, more than 20 nations are setting up the development item of North Pole region, Russia, Canada, Denmark, the United States will act more in the near future multifarious,manufacturing industryNorth Pole battles out a war to beat to ring.Drew on so many concern and participation of nations, what baby does North Pole exactly have?Underneath, passes this to introduce you understand:

North Pole region owns to declare the land of "the sixth mainland" is on the earth, and the area is considerable arctic ocean, various natural resources is very abundant.But the most worthy is its oil spirit resources and Singapore Airlines way in North Pole of development, estimate investigate to explore a bureau according to the American geology, North Pole region included 30% in the world to have no disheveled hair the natural gas now keep quantity and 10% oil deposits and have a potential most on the earth currently of the oil annoy resources development region, is called inside the second east, but as for the shortest flight path that link North Europe and Pacific Asia region, channel in North Pole from the northwest channel of the Canadian littoral and the northeast channel of littoral in Siberia composing, among them, the northwest channel is still not dependable on the business, northeast channel because of in recent years the global weather become warm, glacier in North Pole melts to turn worse,greatly do strong the first step had go through boatswain ability in summer.According to estimate if North Pole can navigation, Shanghai's going to the distance of German hamburger about can shorten 6400 kilometers, can also shorten 5500 kilometers from navy's itinerary for New York in Shanghai, compared with the existing tunnel, tunnel in North Pole not only can consumedly shorten distance, economize a big pen expenditure time and energy, also can consumedly lower the insurance expenses, business foreground of ships very considerable.

The resources is big, channel convenient, this was some advantages of North Pole.In the global resources day by day dried up today, North Pole battles out a war to destine to be more vigorous.But in the game of this multinational game, there is a voice sounding a bit irritating to the ear:According to Russian medium report way, Russia doesn't hope that China tries to usurp business in North Pole, doesn't want to share "cake" in North Pole with China and even means Canada of wreath arctic ocean,construction level the United States and Norway and Denmark the etc. country also all hold this position.So, resources in North Pole explores to take actually have much important?Underneath, we Guo Pei's Puritanism of the on-line Chinese ocean university teach first:

Host:Resources in North Pole battles out a war recently is suddenly heated, this is why?

Guo Pei Qing:I think to be the most basic because the weather changes, the weather becomes warm to cause the relocation of resources factor in North Pole, then cause the deep variety of resources politics in North Pole, I feel this to is a factor.Moreover a factor be, the big country inside the close by scope political variety causes of, have something to do with understanding of all countries politician, political boundary to great country political variety to fasten.Thinking of their mistake, China quickly development will be a certain threat to Russia, see Russia beautiful two countries cooperation in the cooperation, military realm of energy realm recently, Russia the United States of close to and the alienation of Sino-Russian relation, specially have relation with this to fasten.
Host:Moreover we are from the development of North Pole and included just you also heard channel navigation to see, the possibility of this technique how big?

Guo Pei Qing:See oil spirit a resources or say that the mineral resources still doesn't have the condition of development at the future that can foresee currently, Russia beautiful cooperation of two countries is more for the sake of the consideration in future, oil in North Pole annoys the development cost of resources equal Gao now, industries developmentand environment in North Pole is very weak, therefore environmental protection, science and technology of the folio hair has very high request, with the oil annoy a resources for the representative's natural resources develop, so far should say that still don't have much possibility.But another resources is a shipping resources, I think to have been already appeared now, can say shipping in North Pole not is can go a not viable problem now but is the international society has already started using, last year has 16 ships or 8 ships to cross northern sea tunnel and resides this year it is said that have 15 to cross northern sea tunnel.

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LED lighting products

Wave of the largest professional LED lighting products production base completed and put into production
Tide makes the largest professional LED lighting products production base ( Linyi optoelectronics industry base first phase ) yesterday formally completed and put into production. The total investment amounted to 750000000 yuan. In the tide of completed and put into production, the introduction of a variety of LED lighting products, downlights,Star Jewelry spotlights, covers the bulb lights, straight tube, flat lamp, street lamps, garden lights, tunnel lights eight series.
Linyi optoelectronic industry base is tide to spend 4000000000 yuan to build the country's largest semiconductor lighting industrial base in an important part, mainly R & D and production of semiconductor lighting of indoor and outdoor lamps and lighting products, for the government, industry, business and consumer areas with leading professional energy-saving lighting solutions.
According to introduction,fragrant beautiful moves the base covers an area of 300 acres, a construction of 112 acres, has the largest domestic professional semiconductor indoor and outdoor lighting products monomer production plant, with the domestic first-class research and development, testing, production equipment, a complete put into production plant can realize annual production capacity of over 100 million light, annual sales income over 5000000000 yuan. Wave based on domestic international two markets have established more than 40 sales channels, and with the many international well-known brand manufacturers to establish a strategic cooperative relationship.
In 2009, the tide of semiconductor lighting industry chain to conduct a comprehensive layout, invested 4000000000 yuan to build China's largest optoelectronic industry base, covering Ji'nan, Weifang, Linyi three. The line northThe put into production of the complete tide Linyi optoelectronic industry base is to create the largest wave of semiconductor lighting industrial base is the important part of.
In addition, tide also with a global leader in the field of LED lighting company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be in the future will use both the technical advantages, cooperation in the development of new LED lighting products and solutions.  

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kidney stone calculus

Sit up and use a medicine over a long period of time, easily cause kidney stone calculus
Protect a kidney to want to notice work and rest first everyday, will get into sleep before 12:00 p.m. appearance, then can protect good kidney like this etc. organ, in order to prevent sit up as to it's result in damage.Notice secondly the usage of medicine, especially antibiotic, pain reliever, anti- cold medicine, stomach medicine etc.persecution to hold, can not use over a long period of time.

Mr. Wang already vomits diarrhea several days, inception he thinks that he gets gastroenteritis, hence inject and prescribe a medicine at the hospital, but passed by for several days, still kept disappearing any amendment.Afterwards several through toss about, after several physical examinations after, just discover in the kidney to have very big piece of stone calculus, and that stone calculus already big arrive can be used surgical operation to take out.

Why does the kidney stone calculus have no "symptom"?

"Generally speaking, kidney stone calculus sufferer will the companion has lumbago, blood in urine, line up sandstone of symptom, but don't expel non- obvious symptom kidney stone calculus as well, this mainly because the stone calculus is in the body not'exercise', so don't cause ache, specially and easily appear bigger time at the stone calculus physical volume."The Chinese medicine hospital kidney Medicine director's traditonal Chinese medical doctor of Guangzhou City, Master gives birth to tutor Jean in the Rao house to analyze.

Aim at non- obvious symptom kidney stone calculus, how identify?Jean in the Rao house suggests that ignore is a second healthy crowd or a healthy crowd,Japan is many should periodically have overall physical examination, this is to can not be economical.

She raised the example there is a female patient especially, again and again get to wet a road infection, tossed about several hospitals, did many Bs super don't also discover a problem, ate nearly one and half years' medicines to all have no amendment.Afterwards make her shine on CT, have a whole body check, just discovered her an among those kidney has already been completely filled with by the stone calculus, through after operation take out also and use nearly for a year to recover.So, periodically have large physical examination, this is to can not be economical while especially being unwell but canning not finding out accurate reason.

Sit up, over a long period of time use a medicine will harm a kidney

Jean in the Rao house introduces and easily suffers from stone calculus physical endowment and has the person of the hereditary disease history of high uric acid blood disease etc. kidney disease, and often takes a meal old foods, such as fire soup and seafood...etc., the amount of drinking little crowd easily causes kidney stone calculus etc. kidney disease.Usually sit up, eat a person who eliminate the night in addition, because the kidney didn't get enough rest, can not make the materials, such as calcium and uric acid...etc. pointed for protectwell ejected a body outside, will also cause the creation of kidney stone calculus.

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