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Drink some rose Zao tea

Female menstruation drink Zao tea, can warm womb, reduce a pain through.
The rose Zao tea, conduct and actions dispels cold health tea, the body is cold and the person of the hand and foot ice-cold symptom often drink, there is certain assistance medical treatment effect.Especially easily there is pain to the winter through come to with other cold paroxysm females to say, more useful.

In the female menstruation drink Zao tea, can warm womb, reduce a pain through.The Zao tea vessel has spreading in is cold, Ou, return to sun vein, increase the blood sense of right, humid eliminate inflammation of effect.Can urge the blood vessel to extend after drinking, have already warmed up feeling all over, have a strong heart function.The Zao benefit Dan, painful town and hot solution and burning anti-, anti-virus, anti- flu and upper respiratory infection, also have better medical treatment effect to the rheumatism arthritis and the waist muscle Lao Sun.

Ginger:Have to live blood function, can increase bodily temperature, speed blood inside the body to circulate speed.

Red date:There is the effect to keep blood, to the blood falsely the debility anemic person has better effect.Old saving says that the solar eclipse is three Zaos, the youth isn't old.

The rose Zao tea way of doing

1, wash stem red date clearly, check, shear an a few Huo with the scissors;

2, the ginger wash cut into thin slice or silk clearly and;

3, prepare the two greatest Shaos rose sauce, or do a rose to add rock sugar or honey;

4, all raw materials are put teapot or cup in, hurtle into to boil of the hot water soak a short moment to drink, re-usable pour to drink for a day.

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language floats

The Wan language floats joss-stick shallow, but ask for Yan Yan to inebriate
The ocean of literature meets, you are my warmth and in a hurry meet with you in 10,0<0,00= person sons and right against the face and mutually meet along with fine love fate in May, needs a light way 1 you also here, the limits of the earth is this Chinese foot, deeply drunk at you of the poem line of quiet United States.

It is soft and charming good luck to meet and ordered Che my heart of lonely, record to hang this purely true comity at the boundless net sea!Follow you closely the writing of leaving an article daintiness inside, light of sadness, the in fine threads cool idea once wore a heart and tried to usurp the tears vestige of one face, from now on I then remembered you.Remembered that to fortune upon!poly bag manufacturer

Always sit before computer, quietly think of you, a net line starts to lead long of good luck, leave I separate to hold so far, again near at at present, see you show unintentionally like floral smiling face, and also have a chat and have a chat a far apart with you, the happy voice joke flows to drip in the finger tip and shares this wonderful love fate!

At you beautiful poem line, always have the rhyme to read to don't finish, writing read you, as well if article one cup Chun is fragrant of beautiful wine, always has the aftertaste that the article doesn't finish, is like one song moving melody, always send out sympathy in the mind deep place!The heart of Chong Ying!Looking at these romantic poetry sort graceful and restrained writings, fill the air breathing concerning you, pen rhyme cultured fragrance four overflow!

Not from of exclamation, why, you are in this shore, I am in the other shore, city of each part, always want to chase wine speech with you a joys, hope together the circle in month, at you of romantic poem line, tap softly the love fate of shot finger tip, send with hand Lan light breeze my in fine threads think of, companion you are warm all the year round!fashion jewelry

In this purely true comity, don't say the sky grows, don't say a ground of long, begs warmth you of hands, lay aside worldly havings, let this friendship such as river river sort long flow, cool if water, heart quiet beautiful, the heart infatuates with, one step on relaxing, one word one heart, my remember fondly, did you feel?

In the ocean of this text net, this beautiful good luck gathers, I how can easily forget again, I will collect as treasure this purely true comity in the heart bottom and write down benedictory to talk phrase and recite, even if you turn round, this present life of you, faraway places, please must keep firmly in mind, also have 1 I be deeply blessing for you.

The trace of friendship orders intravenous drop drop, tacit understanding meet, linger around in mind, years pass by quickly, I don't beg to hold tight forever and just in mind and deeply record you, cent cent second second of sweet, isn't a shadow, is a sincerity alacrity of you!Leave to deeply print to record in my in the mind!hong kong restaurants

The world of mortals companies, the friendship is like song, my begging humbly what to go together is you and I, start to sing this sweet of song, made a companion of years to once walk!

Hide the writing fortress that writes at you in, tender feelings surmise you, the article reads you of delicate, feel you are that in fine threads melancholy, woman is under that smoke rain Chiang-Nan oil paper umbrella, such Chi fan, in smoke rain small harbor of you whether met you of beauty bosom friend?

Whether you of heart does she never yet realize?So what you turned round chose to stop writing, not at finger tip Man dance, express to write you like the love of tide, cover with dust the cordiality for being loath to part.Throw whole life at smoke rain of Chiang-Nan in.Make the ice-cold rain water tied up Mian you of the memory go on.

Inebriate you such as the pen and ink of poem in, article you are like poem, there is article doing not finish of feeling rhyme, read you are like painting and always read to don't finish of idea interest, tactfully and according to appointment of elegant language companion wear the night of early winter, gets off the heart in the ear side like song, at you an article quiet the United States of writing in, don't wish to leave, at your delicate emotion in, I thus infatuate, lift up head the circle of hoping the month, cant not bear to, dismantle month circle, don't need, half to you, half to me, because our comities are permanent month circles!

My splash-ink in the dead hour in this dawn writes comity and depict you deeply in my in the mind, because of, you are my bosom friend, didn't need an excessive speech and recalled the early times for you, the good luck certainly fortune upon, I doubly cherish!

Is 1 like this you, passion literalness you, the artistic talent is horizontal to overflow of you, affectionate but melancholy of you, chose to mow to leave the pen in the hand, you said that you saw pure a network in of, and benefit, cool that long feeling, choose breathed keep off.I a time of time of feel sorry for in the heart bottom.wedding dresses

Although you chose to keep off and mowed to leave the pen in the hand,I know that you will definitely collect as treasure our comities in the heart bottom, so I want send my wish to the afar you.

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only carefree journey

Hong Kong delicacies is round and round to turn the one and only carefree journey
The harbor type delicacies thinks necessarily everyone isn't unfamiliar and lack the harbor type wine shop, the harbor type tea restaurant in none of cities, such as Peking and Shanghai...etc. now and come to this time although Hong Kong has never eaten and expires and hopes already a long time of nine record brisket noodles,hong kong restaurantsthe heart stays a regret,also tastes the harbor type good flavor of not a few tunnels and enjoy in retrospect the leisurely long silk stockings milk tea, flavor beautiful salty fresh fish egg powder, aroma every variety overflowing with burn the harbor type egg Ta that the flavor, crisp frailty lubricates and delicious heavy seafood dinner...Only a that hates oneself to living is a stomach.Most usually of food, usually the most fashionable, in Hong Kong, which look like simple and crude shop front in, but usually look for the one and only good flavor.

The harbor type burns to record

Burning flavor is Hong Kong an unique;Gruel, powder, noodles and rice.The good gruel good rice, the Jing powder Jing noodles, is Hong Kong most usually of four kind staple foods, although simple but not common, in a bowl of gruel, powder, noodles and rice an intelligence and essence of concentrated store several years, and want small and soft tasty.This trip although the no luck tastes a good gruel,have powder, noodles and rice all the way, the small store of current proper price, there is also innovation dining room, each special feature.

Hong Kong makes soup

The beginning gets to Hong Kong behind of, because passing time is longer, rice has already arrived this noon many at 3:00 p.m., very hungry, don't keep in mind small store name, drive store the boss tingle the knife work of benefit draw on.The small store is located on a coastal defense way, with beef four treasure rice, beefs four treasure noodles for the lord beat.This bowl of noodles food that takes brisket, cow's tripe lets stomach inside immediately the Chong Ying get up, brisket, cow's tripes are all very soft lousy, the flavor is heavy and go together with a cup to freeze milk tea or ice black tea, exactly.

Hong Kong tea records

The Cui China restaurant foundation becomes to°from a very small ice room to own more than 30 places that tea restaurant in the counting it of brancheseses have it naturally over the person now at the prosperous Cape in 1967.Fish egg the powder and silk stockings milk tea is all placard here.On several days in Hong Kong, almost every day 1-2 cup silk stockings milk tea, milk tea here is used to anticipate ample, the entrance silk is slippery and enjoy in retrospect extending far, in have very thick tea joss-stick.

The creation puts on tea

Love most the soup of this fish egg powder, matchless fresh United States.Fish egg very strength, just a little have a little salty, match refreshing fried rice noodles, benefit by association together.This is the devoting major efforts of this trip to recommend of a new parties tea restaurant, Be located on an empress big way in.The food material all comes from local farm, organic, have no chemistry composition, most importance is zero monosodium glutamate cookings.wedding dresses

The shop owner of this restaurant is Hong Kong food person, Xu , , the store decorates very interesting, the environment is also very comfortable, is the kitchen of open type completely, this bubble is remarkable in the egg of glass urn, the attendant tells me is preserve ~ in salt for a month with brine and don't know is what flavor, a lot of office clerks of enclosures have a meal here, the teacher is giving that we creation silk stockings milk tea, the aroma comes into nostrils of the butter wrap.This is a style of mushroom chicken rice that I order, the outward appearance isn't outstanding, but the flavor make the person surprised gorgeous, the chicken is soft delicate, the flavor overflows with a people's cheek and matches sauce juice, don't get fed up with at 1:00 and eat well to explode, this is go together the girl orders of the stem stir-fry cow river, is also make the person again surprised pleased.

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business center

Recently, Peng river area tide river the road flowers and birds insect fish business center field have management behavior to have a rebound.Recently, the Peng river hands over a Central Police University brigade, the Peng area city tube bureau in river, the dike east street office to the along the street company of the tide river's road spreads to have management, vehicle in disorder park behavior to carry on unite whole cure.The reporter still learns of ° from the Peng river area government, the Peng river area government has a plan tide river the road flowers and birds insect fish business center field move the white sand electroplates city to now of position, hong kong restaurantsconcrete project still in the establishment.

Since 2008, Mr. Huang sets up shop sale flower in the tide river's road.Recently, he allied together other 3410 sellerses, arrive department concerned to express true feelings."The government wants having of the norm tide river's road management behavior, our seller definitely matches with, but also ask a government to consider the little seller's benefits more."He says to the reporter.

"We mainly management become rich the tree, money tree and green Yins, such as Luo and Brazil iron...etc. livings a plant, these plant of the characteristic need well ventilated and some sunlight and a little fog water, therefore the bestly plant a way be place outdoors, build rain shelter in the meantime."Mr. Huang says that during the period of creating a text, the sellers all put back the indoor to the flowers and trees.In the near future, the city take care of a section to establish to insulate a column on the sidewalk, the sellers also match with very much and put to put the flowers and trees outdoors all have never outrun a control line.The tide river's road is really much cleaner and neat than the past.Currently,hong kong stores they hope the department concerned unifies a programming design and re- build have been already tored down of rain shelter.

The government has intention to the flowers and birds insect fish business center the field move a white sand to electroplate city, Mr. Huang is candid in saying, this is beneficial to seller to have a fraud."The tide river's road is located on a city center, the guest comes to goes shopping here very convenient.If the guest bought flowers and trees and delivered goods also very near, saved not a few freight and gasoline fee.Most important of BE, this market has already developed maturity and walk ascend orbit, if move, will lose the seller's benefits, the hope government considers the benefits of once little seller."

Since 1999, have some flowers and trees files file the lord gather to spread management in the tide river's road.Have file in 2001 lord go into spreads management.In 2002, the government cultivates the flowers and birds insect fish market street in the tide river's road, flowers and trees store and aquatic animals store start embarking on a journey into city and go to 2004 to start to be prosperous.

"Those 2002s station in tide river road management of file lord, start to be just real making money till 2005, and I am 2008 garrison management of, currently also just protect this Zheng the point support family to make a living a fee just."Mr. Huang thinks that a market from start the development is mature and need 45 years, this time inside, the seller may earn very much not arrive money, have of even lose in businesss, but little seller in this period still the beard maintain normal expenditure and need to consider oneself's cost and benefits.The white sand electroplates the transportation of city to still calculate convenient, and the large market is also advantageous to forming scale, but needs a process.If the seller moves a white sand to electroplate city to go to, has 5 years at least and needs the government and seller experience together difficult situation together."If government must we move,hong kong clubs we once hoped this peak season moves again, from a year to night, hope of is Chinese New Year before or after two peak seasons of months."

"If the market moves, the store needs a government how of the policy support, then can transfer smoothly?"The reporter asks.

"I believe government will also the set related project, our store after willing wait a project the pedestal consider these problems again.Hope government while drawing up a policy project, much consider with the benefits of protection small store."Mr. Huang says.

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Lead again soon

Lead again soon, purchase the citizen of beautiful appliance product and then can see the figure that the rock pack a product.Because can economize 15% for beautiful companies annually~20% packing cost, the rock packed a product to successfully get into an appliance to pack a market.But previously, the governments of Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian have already been expanding rock litter bagplastic bag manufacturer.Europe in France still group, the local big smooth hair, prosperous big family and Europe and Asia market also all starts using rock shopping bag.The common citizen of Dalian soon also buy to°from a few large catena supermarkets a rock environmental protection bag.

Make reference to the market foreground of rock packing product, Zhang Chong Wu calculated a Zhang for reporter."I from two will ascend to get of data BE, the whole country uses annually of the plastics packing product value is renminbis 700,000,000,000, if the rock packing product can get 1% market quotas, that is renminbis 7,000,000,000, the profits of this market can attain several 10 hundred million."Zhang Chong Wu more and more feels that the rock packs the market foreground of product like the development of Internet, "the foreground is infinite".Reporter, Wang Dan,

The rock environmental protection bag creates process

One raw material:Limestone etc. rock

The main composition of 2 rock environmental protection bags is a calcium carbonate, the calcium carbonate powder is to withdraw from the limestone etc. the rock.

3 a work prefaces is calcium carbonate powder and various go together with to anticipate to put into a big jar-like in shape mixer, through full mix blend, and a "pasta".

4 mix blend good material is packed into build a grain of machine in,toilet facial paper maunfacturer become the mother of green lentil size to anticipate.

5 finished product rock environmental protection bags.

6 the bags tailor after machine system, a the environmental protection bag logged out.

70% of the base material of winding makes to order a request according to the customer, will print the last different pattern and writing.

8 collect of the mother anticipate to send into to blow a film in the machine through a piping.hong kong attractionsThe "plastics" thin film of Shen frivolity is a base material.

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problem product

"Gulf Zi wharf" also sinks boat mountain in"germ door" temporary don't now problem product
"'Gulf Zi wharf'is a brand that I relatively like, there is still quite a few box in home, who know that it is also wrong."Yesterday morning, citizen,printing company Ms. Tung, saw the news that"gulf Zi wharf" is checked a golden color staphylococcus on the net and felt have a little disappointment.

The reporter understands, although gold China temporary didn't discover the product of problem batch on the market,soon froze food brand to sink into "germ door" to still keep making the citizen feeling worried one after another:Which brand can we also trust?Want to eat if dumpling can begin by himself/herself?

The well-known brand Fen sinks "germ door"

This time citizen worries because of an examination report of industry and business bureau in Nanking City.The report suggests that that bureau will soon freeze a food to carry on a quality sampling monitor to the dumpling, tang yuan, and wonton...etc. that the local market sell in the near future and check to include 4 brands of"three whole", "gulf Zi wharf", and"Wu Da Dun Niang"...etc.s as a result 9 kinds soon freeze a food unqualified, the key problem is golden color staphylococcus and germ to fall to amount a super mark.

This front, "three whole", "remember fondly", "match taste", "sea overlord" etc. the domestic or district brand soon freeze a food all because that index sign is one after another judged for the unqualified product, parts of problem brands encounter in some selling exhibitions off-the-shelf, is requested afresh a double check etc. the processing.

The downtown temporary didn't discover a problem product

"Gulf Zi wharf" is after implying the golden color staphylococcus checked to own in general use investment company relevant personage of China in the flour mill of "gulf Zi wharf" brand once meant, is checked the product that had a problem in the Nanking have already requested a dealer to recall, off-the-shelf."The problem batch product has sale in the Nanking and measures seldom."

The reporter saw from one supermarket in downtown Chiang-Nan yesterday, soon freezing of"gulf Zi wharf" product still sold.The staff member of the supermarket introduces, if discover that the food contains quality problem, they will receive the notice of supplier and supervisor's section."The words affirmation with there is problem will be off-the-shelf in time."She says when that this is ex- to"remember fondly" is wrong gold China didn't also discover the product of problem batch on the market.

Who dumpling in the house will cook half an hour

According to the current country mark, soon freezing a food can not check "golden color staphylococcus".BE asking for an opinion of 《soon freeze the noodles rice product food safe nation standard(ask for an opinion draft) 》rules, livings to check in the product in each one of golden color staphylococcus content as long as in 1000~10000, all is qualified product.And, health department explains, the golden color staphylococcus extensively distributes in the atmosphere, soil, to the hot sensitive, heating can be killed to put out till 80 ℃ , 30 minutes.

"The dumpling unlike other foods, who will the dumpling of house cook half an hour?"Ms. Tung thinks that the standard of nation should not lower threshold and exterminated a bacterial method to just theoretically say and go impassability in the real life.

"Although there is no the batch of problem product, the in the mind still has shadow, who can promise that the product of this batch has no problem, or doesn't check just?"Citizen Xiao the Sir say and see to eat a dumpling or oneself to begin to wrap more safe.http://www.beautylinkage.com/shoumian.html

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dazzling a color is luxurious

Best the workshop releases the winter"dazzling a color is luxurious" topic new product
2011 best the workshop wears decoration the winter"dazzling a color is luxurious" the topic new product make use of a gorgeous color to go together with the Chen fine craft and emphasize the handiness in color to match.The design principle of Euro-American designer lies in the color that continues an autumn summer and combines together the vogue chemical element of novel design and gorgeous color and pack some city beautiful person's a pleasant change of atmosphere of perfect match!This quarter"best workshop" pearl jewelrywears a decoration to release 4 greatest lords to beat new product series and mainly include "the lighting Shan drills" the necklace series, "cultured cherish" ring series and"dazzle a dance in winter" scarf series, "the Huan is colourful gorgeous" wrap series.

"The lighting Shan drills necklace series" adopts special space to arrange a design chemical element, the Shan under the lighting effect drills dazzling brilliant, the pomegranate of vogue is red to imitate to drill with pure of the white Be crystal to drill to reflect mutually Chen and make a show of the qualities that the female oneself possesses singly.

"Cultured cherish to quit series" adoption Shan drills to surround to match pomegranate red and graceful and blue for the fresh color of main tone , under fine style handicrafts in Rome, catered to the living manner of 21th century female"low keyed of luxurious, Gao adjusts of grace".

"The Huan is colourful gorgeous pack of wrap series" continues 2011 popular chemical element, postpone to use a bouncing gorgeous color, matches Jian Yue An's line by cave convex side, since not lose vogue also however degree Gao Diao4 ,freshwater pearl the pure color of brave has fashionable qualities very much!

The veins of "dazzle dance scarf series in winter" main adoption blossom, elder brother especially the style climb a line to match to purely dazzle a color, soft of the upscale side anticipate to let scarf the elegance in the bise in winter, work properly personal magic power of moving the femalegolden south sea pearl

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drink headwaters

The skin"drink headwaters" winter days very thirsty skin hydrates a point
The cold breeze suddenly discovers repeatedly in winter originally delicate the skin moistenning also start becoming dry and even started having an exuvial phenomenon.This explains you of protect a skin habit and protect a skin article"lead quarter"office furniture already, hurriedly make the skin suffered hardship for the skin"drink headwaters"!

First, have to understand the composition and function that property and understanding hydration of oneself's skin protects a skin article.It isn't all compositions that call to have hydration or have protecting of hydration function skin article, can use.Some hydration compositions use in the spring summer stanza, but isn't suitable for an autumn winter for two quarters;And, not the of an age, different skin quality apply of hydration thing of also different.Sometimes, simply depending and drinking humidity and wanting and changing a skin aridity isn't only invalid, on the contrary get just the opposite.

Hydrating principle mostly can is divided into following few kinds and let us resolve one by one, how prescribe medicine for specific ailment, give relief to the very thirsty problem of skin.

Keep skin humidity from evaporating an and keep skin humidity from evaporating

Protect to have this kind of composition in the skin article for example the Vaseline will form together natural natural cover on the skin and obstruct a skin of in of the humidity run off, it doesn't easily is dissolved to water, flower shopcan attach in the skin surface for a long time and protect a skin to be free from the external world in the meantime incursion.

Absorb the outside humidity thinks that the skin drinks humidity two, absorb the outside humidity thinks that the skin drinks humidity

In the degree of humidity under the high condition, this principle particularly applies.But very low in the relative humidity, for example cold winter not only have no advantage to the skin under the dry and windy weather, on the contrary will absorb humidity from the layer inside the skin, but make skin drier and influence callous of normal function.This kind of hydration composition is at most diverse Chun, for example glycerin, the mountain pear sugar, propylene glycol, gather B two Chun etc., a lot of articles that protect a skin,such as the disguise water, lotion, and noodles frost...etc., protect to have this kind of composition in the skin article, hydration with this composition protects a skin article, suitable at relative humidity high summer, but isn't suitable for the winters of north.

The repair that repairs horniness cell hydrates three, the repair of repair horniness cell hydrate

The dry skin regardless uses what hydration protect a skin article, the effect is after all limited and palliate incurable origin basically go impassability, rather from the exaltation skin of protect and hydrate function, attain the best effect.Add various vitamin in recent years, in the middle of protecting skin skin care products, can various function of in aid of repair skin cell, strengthen the resistibility and protection dint of oneself.

For example vitamin A is regulate skin cell growth and activity of important composition, it can make the skin increase flexibility combine help epidermis and leather increase thickness.The vitamin original B5 is to be suffused with Chun, can promote the rebirth of the fiber female cell, help organization of repair.

Combine water cooperation is used of water match to hydrate four and combine water water used in cooperation to match hydration

This not is an oil to dissolve sex, also not is water-soluble, but belong to get close to water sexual of, is mutually dissolve with water of material.It will form net structure, will footloose visit to leave water to combine in its net, make free water become to combine water but don't easily evaporate lost, attain hydration effect.It can't absorb humidity from the air or the surroundings environment as well as jam pore and get close to water but greasy, use very refreshing, this is to belong to more deluxe hydration composition, suitable category skin is quality, various weather, can use in the daytime and in the evening of hydration article.http://www.health-checking.com/stjc.html

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purchase a way

The private island becomes private new the rich mans toy all countries group of islands to purchase a way
A Chinese powerful person bought the next islet in the neighborhood of Chinese east coast recently, and became its[one] wildlife conservation area, develop island to hunt this special feature item just and hard in the meantime.

This Zhejiang powerful person nameds Huang Yi Min and depends on doing the petroleum chemistry product business hair house, he becomes the first in China to own personal person of group of islands now.He bids by 3,440,000 dollars and acquire Zhejiang rather the usage power of wave the elephant mountain mountain island in the Dan door is in 50 years.For the past two the middle of the year, Huang Yi Min had already thrown in a huge sum of funds, was the islet of 800,000 square meters this area and became a private zoo that puts to keep boar, pheasant and the deer etc. wildlife.

Report way the Chinese that said, liked to hunt as long as pay 120 dollars and then can arrive at an island up, spend 100 dollars money again and then can rent a gun, each bullet is 10 dollars money.Work in an island Shang-yuan says:"We bought several hundred animals, such as boars, mallard and pheasant and deer...etc. there from the hunter.Even if at travel high peak period, the number here will also control at 100 people in.Majority of businessmans whom the visitors are all young mans or spend a holiday, it is the most attractive place to can hunt."

It's on the up to purchase private group of islands

The national ocean bureau announced in April, this year our country a batch of developments make use of have no residents the island record, records to involve 8 province areas in Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fukien, and sea south...etc. and add up to 176 have no residents' island.

At a batch of developments make use of have no residents the island record up, the only Guangdong province has on the list 60 islandses, 34 among them belong to a tour amusement development, extensively Be distributed to involve 12 ground classes of river's door, Shan head, Hui state, Guangzhou, bead sea, and Zhan river...etc.s a city, but leave of the group of islands are transportation and industry respectively, public serve, agriculture and forestry fishery etc. is used an island.Area the biggest is 8.0996 square kilometers, is two continent islands of the bead sea City, minimum of only is 0.004 square kilometers, is the big heap of tail of the Jie sun City.It is a Zhan to select to record the most among them river, but Guangzhou go into having of volume 6 islands.

The private capital develops desert island since the end of 90's in last century.The quest of lord in a batch of islands, proved a group of islands development's demand far above a large amount of devotion of normal regulations.A piece of area same land, developing of group of islands should be terrestrial of 3 times.Have no residents island development the execution has the Chang usage the system.In addition to unit, personal outside, the overseas-funded enterprises, foreigner can also apply for.Unit and personal usage have no residents' island, should pay an island usage under the general circumstance gold.According to the rules, the island usage gold practices best price system and is divided into 6 grades: national circumlittoral island, each grade stipulated 15 kinds of lowest charges used an island, and according to using type in the island and area certain best price.Unit and personal after being used power, use time limit at most for longer than 50 years not.

Press have been already known of desert island development history in Zhejiang, the investment method of private capital is divided into 2 kinds:1 kind is the luxury goods of the private recreation consumes.Another method is to conduct, the development tour is the most familiar way up to the present.

Owning private group of islands probably will become next dream of local powerful persons.The domestic millions group of islandses, have some may become several 100,000 to count must the dollar doesn't wait of super toy, let"the island is main" develop the biggest imagination dint."These are my Utopia and Utopia, I do here of affair, be at the beginning like Fu to sign a leaf similar to text in Europe."The first China Zhu Ren Min who owns private group of islands says.However, is different when the end of 90's in last century owns group of islands with Zhu Ren Min, because the domestic owns "lord in the island" of private islet now more and more, our country concerning private own the policy of group of islands also more and more the norm is careful.Own private group of islands, a lot of public dreams, but want to be real to hug the group of islands of having oneself not so simple.

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Ai as well pity

Mo Lian, the destiny is impermanent, even if misery don't want Ai as well pity.

Feeling, thousand silks are ten thousand wisps of, tears, drift down the river.Want to manage to be pure that feeling is too difficult, too difficult!To break that tears what easy, what easy!(He Yi:Talk what easy.)

"The Su Mu Yan disappeared."

When the happy small Xi hears this news of time the coffee cup of inside in the hand fall with the voice, very hot coffee follows trouser-legs to flow bottom, pure white finger, drive very hot the Fei is red.Just, she forgot ache.

The nasty voice holds tight Li if the clothes of white, busy busily inquire exactly and what is the row.Some things, if Li the white just sees in the eye, painful in mind, didn't of speech.If the white cans make of, still just small consolation, explain and convince, then time of accompany at her nearby.

Seem everythings all became naturally and seemed, canned make these, oneself just the foot Yi has peace of mind, foot Yi the life of the equanimity, even if know happy small Xi voice what voice concern about is a Mu Yan of Su, just have no cut up rough, don't envy, have of, just, hope that everyone leads well, so the whole foots already, thus of keep present condition, be also unlikely at least who will harm painful side heart.

Originally the Su Mu Yan left here hasn't been giving up to look for Lin Mo Ran and go to°from Shandong Guangxi, from Chang-an go to Qing Lake , from Shenzhen, Fukien, go to Peking from Jiangsu, searching of a ground a ground, a per cross-examining of person, space of surmising of the daily record a per, deliberation, this place will be where, Mo Ran of descend a station again is meeting where, then tailgate all the way, have never given up all the way of follow.

Originally, Mo Ran disappeared, is just spatial of daily record still as usual heel new, I think, is just that too many discomforts rather outran her to accept inside the scope, then just had been thinking to escape and thought flotage.Just Su Mu Yan, you make what mindset, make what perseverance thus don't be disgusted with bearing it to vexedly spare no effort to search.Just current of you, where, at what place, whether safe and sound.

I think that all affairs really because I just such of, if I didn't fall in love with Su Mu Yan, don't taint with Li as well if white, probably the whole final outcomes can't thus and probably if there is no my existence, probably who all not painful.The Su Mu Yan disappeared, Mo Ran hadn't found out as well, while how can I wait helplessly for the end thus.I not want the result for waiting until is what what rock slippery ascent, death and harm how much how much, also not want to wait until a so-and-so place disaster, die how much person, harm how much person, also have how much person still is waiting for what rescue what.Those aren't all final outcome that I want.My wanting isn't my 1 at expect a final outcome, if the white expects, Mo Ran expects, believing Su the Mu Yan is also expectation.I think that he finds out Lin Mo Ran just for aring an explaination for us for I at least and give us juniority rash of wes' a living explaination.

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tooth methods

Daily life five kinds of hard tooth methods
Now distress mouth cavity health is as more and more as the person of tooth problem, need to be known, want to have a healthy mouth cavity, have to care from the living medium attention at ordinary times.The underneath is small to weave and then teach you a few mouth cavities a health care method.Production House
1.Restore virility a solid Chi method

Be getting older, a lot of old man's houses all appeared a kidney falsely of phenomenon.The Chinese medicine thinks "the kidney main bone livings Sui", kidney Jing the shortage will cause the bone of Sui Kui withered, but"the Chi is remaining of the bone", bone substance's running off first will express to loosen to move for tooth, rickety solid.Therefore, only the kidney Jing Chong Ying, the tooth would be hard such as often.

Here, I have the square son of a hard tooth and take out to share with everyone together.Choose to repair bone fat 30 grams, keep in mind cow knee 15 grams of, the matrimony vine is 15 grams, cook water drinks and joins 200 milliliters of water sooner or later every day, the cook goes to 100 milliliters of or so then.If you early every day, medium, bridgestonelate go together with again to eat the previous walnut, the effect will be better.

2.The Kou Chi swallows a Jin method

After getting up every morning or before going to bed in the evening, you is 30 the top and bottom tooth mutual Kou shot or so, and will output of the Jin liquid swallow, so can stimulate a tooth to organize for week, improve partial blood circulation, make your tooth been getting harder.

3.The drum Sai gargles a method

Do to 15 times shut up after once brushing teeth sooner or later every day, drum Sai, gargling of action, then turn or so tongue to moveMotoGP.So will make the saliva secreted to increase, flush and stimulate tooth noodles, crevice between teeth and mouth cavity mucosa, attain to sweep mouth cavity and protect the purpose of tooth.

4.The tea and drinks gargles a method

Everyday three mealses contain the previous two tea and drinks Shu to gargle later on, can strengthen the anti- of tooth sour antisepsis ability, so, you eat acerbity food also need not afraid sour arrive tooth.

5.The exactitude brushes teeth

Great parts of old man's houses brush teeth now of the number of times is as not enough as range.Generally speaking, old man's house had better early, medium, late each brush teeth once, brush for enough 3 minutes each time.Time of brushing teeth don't brushes a tooth and also needs to brush to brush teeth a gums.This can have the function to massage a gum and prevent°from the creation that the gum blazes,wireless keyboardscan say is with one action and much get.

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respectively lose contact

However at the end of the end, we respectively lose contact at youth of turn Cape.
If can also return to ever, wasn't us can together …
I know after all she is just a kid forever in my heart, is a kid whom I love, I can not attain to be like to treat a stranger who acquaints with similar treat her.強生洗頭水
I tell her, in fact love to person, lead Valentine's Day everyday …but this sings of but is break up a happiness …I know that she always still very concerns me, hence I left the empress half sentence of this sentence to her, the first half sentence stays to oneself.I cheat I to say that just loving is wrong person, but I knows, if loved a person, maybe not must be to, but will never be wrong …
I strike off her telephone, but only don't give up to strike off her message.I strike off her to button up, but only don't give up to strike off her record.I strike off concerning her everything of brain, but only don't give up to strike off own recollection …the whole day cellular phone switched on to become a kind of habit and often entered her space knows ° from her mood if she is happy.See the daily record that she write for the someone time and time again, start thinking of at the mid-night at the head quarter suffering from insomnia.
The on the prowl time and time again in forget and think of of edge ……
Execuse me, at the end of the end,電器直銷中心 I still keep having never learned to forget …
Our everybody has respectively to want in the heart of thing, some things pass their his/her own effort to get, the Shi is like knowledge, money, fame and wealth etc..But some things, but need giving of other people, the Shi is like natural affection, friendship, love etc..Fore in front, the person can pass hard become strong, but the in front in the latter, probably pass to get hard of just humble.
We hope at give other people these emotions of in the meantime, can get the other people's repay, we this repay establishment is on"you love I can be like I love you" words like this and puts"you love me" three words ahead noodles, but"I love you" lined up a behind, but a lot of time the latters have been already come, but the former hasn't gone to.Of so is so, just because of love and is loved don't put on an on an equal footing position.
So at the end of the end, to sorrow of 《mistake 》medium write a way:Not is return a person and Be just traveler.
There being equally 1 kind lookinging at is alike but has wide difference emotion-love and pity.Sometimes we always can not distinguish Chu of boundary, with as for in much time, always consider as the love to the pity similar conduct, then pay own love, exchange the other people's pity, finally get of, unavoidably is disappointment, sad, sad.
Just because the pity that you get is other people Be given to you in the meantime, you already didn't equal can talk, you are like a mendicant,Learn Chinese he is like a good man, you get his almsgiving, he tramples you of dignity, this is the pity that looks like love.
But if you get of is a love, that is that he gives you of in the meantime, is "you love me just I also love you", the end so and finally, we destine a meeting together.As for is a so-called predestination"just".

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England defends

England defends Gao Guan Cheng for 2015 behind still parts of British army stay to guard Afghanistan
The British national defense chief of staff wears Wei ·Richard say on the 13th, the British government is planned to 2015 year agos to withdraw all halt Afghanistan to battle troops, but reserve "several hundred"freshwater pearl soldier to help to train Afghanistan troops.

The Richard that just took office a British national defense chief of staff job in October on the 13th at accepted England to broadcast a company interview say:"We still hasn't decided and finally stay to guard a number, but I think to will have several hundred but isn't several thousand people."

Richard say, after withdrawing combat troops,wireless keyboardstay the task of guarding the British army to mainly is help training safe troops in Afghanistan.

The British army halts 9500 people in Afghanistan currently, the scale only next to United States.British prime minister card plum the Lun declare July 2012 withdraw 500 British army's soldiers from Afghanistan by the end of every year, golden south sea pearl
and withdraw at 2015 year agos all halt Afghanistan to battle troops

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good method

The good method that reduces weight in winter
The chill will soon come in winter, don't know whether will influence you of reduce weight a plan?However, I prepared several good methods that reduce weight in winter here, can let everyone while doing exercise to keep fit,食療除口臭enjoy a happiness to reduce weight a plan!Toghter take a look!

A hot springs reduces weight a method
Hot springs water of more than 30 degrees is the most rare to be most advantageous to reducing weight of resources.Because, there is a great deal of high-quality chemical element in hot springs water, can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, also have the function to maintain to the skin hereat in the meantime, let to reduce weight and fair two don't hold up.If you have a condition like this, that at once joins hot springs to reduce weight battalion and enjoy a happiness to reduce weight!

Regulation:The hot springs reduces weight a method and is applicable to reducing weight of common health crowd and be partial to to the physical endowment weak, easily catch a cold, or have skin disease, the gynecology blazes the friend of disease, must carefully adopt.Moreover need advertent BE, before rice after meal, unwell proper bathe in the hot spring, otherwise cause to vomit dizzy Jue of the occurrence of the phenomenon.

Two moxas burn to reduce weight a method
The moxa burns to reduce weight and comes from medical science culture of Chinese tradition, from the ancient times spread up to now.It adopted moxa grass this kind of is special medium herb medicine with stimulate acupuncture points, burning the method of fuming the veins and arteries is lord dredge by attaining the body Yu blocks up,shoujiao fa lengexpels the effect of toxin and there is the function that the workout reduces weight.This method is a lot of to reduce weight a personage, when the winter reduces weight, one of the favorite methods.Because, it not don't have side effect, still just cold weather in, make the body felt warm, enjoy a health care of in the meantime, also rise a row poison, decline the effect for press, reducing weight.

Regulation:This is partial to a cold person to apply to the physical endowment, for the crowd of hot sex physical endowment or catch a cold fire, slicing to hate can not be used.The sufferer of high blood pressure heart attack also wants careful choice.

In fine, as long as you choose to well reduce weight a method,gai de xishou in winter reduce weight can also be full of a happiness, let us reduce weight in the middle of enjoying together!

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head and see

Often turn head and see
The person should go straight up, but"ten thousand matters turn head to see" is also one of the intelligence of the life.

At a lot of of time, the life needs and usually "turn heads and see".Often turning head and seeing is the intelligence of a kind of life.Turn head, there are our starting points, there is the Jian of our ex- cars, have us the pleasure of success.男人更性感

Often turn head and see, be want to usually comb own career.

Often turn head and see, be want the paying close attention to to often be ownly conducting, the road once walking oneself sees more pure, more wholely, more far, thus station aloft correct to ownly sit mark and target on one's own initiative, have today's road walked, walk tomorrow's road more solid, more steady and more successful.

Often turning head and seeing is the weakness that wants to check oneself, is the way that sees own temperament and talks to work and treat a difficult attitude and face the mood of fame and wealth and makes oneself more awake, more rational thus, more intelligence.

Often turn head and see, be want to usually examine oneself own precept, be own the weakness sees of whole a little bit some and strict, make oneself often be placed in awake appearance thus, avoid admiring oneself in the mirror.

Often turn head and see, see own precept deeply some, weigh some, absorb on one's own initiative, careful confidence, make own life many ones are pleased, little 1 feels sorry for;Many ones are happy, a little misery;Much success, little 1 fails.核桃紅參炖鹧鸪

Often turn head and see, the everyones all hope earnestly to be successful, and head into turning head of the road of success to see is also can not be little.Because of seeing forward being dream and is target;But see backward is result, is make up.Have how much matter, if at the beginning turn head and see, will do betterly;Have how much person, if can turn head a to see, can get oneself's demand.

Often turn head and see, count it oneself once walked of footprint and road, tally up to once have to go wide a direction, doing didn't make a mistake, the wish of a little bit pure not yet finished, collect the precept of failure, this is a kind of wise and farsighted and experienced.

Often turn head and see, can reduce worry, can increase happiness more, can be little to make a mistake, can spacious visual field, can shape thoughts and feelings, can not put inch in disorder ……

Often turn head and see,4種蘿蔔換著吃 let us poke aside living fan's fog, seek the direction of quasi- headway.

Often turn head and see, let us relive success of sweet.Succeed wine, long the Chun is thick more more.When the breeze candle is remaining years of life of, don't need to be sighed in sorrow, because of ever glorious.The flower that the Diao destroys, should remember bloomy bright, but be unlikely feeling harm a life time.Think a feather up to now, Be not willing to lead river's east.Black river the brave man on the side if remember old-world brilliancy should stage a comeback!Would not collapse after one setback, miserable such!Often return and see, let us find out the value of life, rather than live in self-abandonment.

Often turn head and see, there are too many temptations in this world, there are also too many personnel disputes, contribution and mistake right and wrong and boon gratitude and grudge hatred, there are also contented too many desireses not of painful and sorry.BE a person, do a person of atmosphere, need enough mind, awake of intelligence, once walk years, smile to the life, lead simple life from such as.See thin, be not don't seek improvement to take, not is have no right and wrong, not is have no Be, not is don't pursue, but with detached of the soul treat life and life.The ancients speaks "not with thing pleased, not with F sad", be we keep off hubbub, indifferent to fame and wealth, the life true meaning square is therein.

Often turn head and see, the life only has two ships, an is, an is benefit.Probably, "" should belong to you, get not you;"Benefit" that probably should be you, own not you.See fame and wealth thin like water, see business heavy like mountain, the real embodiment life is worth of of, isn't one personal fame and wealth of how much, but see you do what, make into what, whether you owns enough self-confidence and open heart.If the sky washes, the far mountain is like Dai, the world is endurable, the person is a clouds and mist and see through, then can outstrip ego, perfect ego;See through, greatly can benefit country, a little benefit house, benefit body.

Often turn head and see, is for understand and step next move to where;Turn head to see, is for prospect more fine future.The sights grows proper scan widely quantity, see far, since is life target, is also pursue process, is also life state.海參成燕窩主要替代品The target guides growth, the process Chong Ying life, the state promotes image.

The life needs to be precipitated, have to have enough time to introspect, then can make oneself more perfect more excellent.The life needs a backlog and only often turns head and sees, then can be tasting gain and loss and sweet bitterness in sublimate.Often turn head and see, speak of to come to easily do difficult.The life contains sloth, the life is often off the trail.You will complain old sky of of unjust, you will sigh with regret destiny not;You will hate leadership want for insight, you will be sorry that the friend without any cause betrays;Scold the other people's weakness you can be very familiar with the subject and examine oneself the shortage of ego, you can search bowel to pare off a belly ……so, the life turns head to see, needs certain sincerity and mind and needs a certain perseverance and tenacity.

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7 recruit to make

7 recruit to make you can not tell age
Someone says that"woman is in a detail, a detail become beautiful."Want to keep young, live a detail the most important.The American Yahoo female net lately carries a text and tallied up following 7 small beautiful movesesLED lamp export, can make the female quickly seem to be young.

1.Smile to often open.One personal cachinnation of time, the body will immediately release inside the Fei Mao, get rid of to walk negative emotion and release pressure.Smile to often open than discreet in speech and manner is younger.Which forcing oneself to smile is afraid can also attain same effect.

2.Lie on the back a sleeping posture.The side lies or when the Fu lie cover up a face department in the pillow very easily, press out crease, lie on the back then can avoid this.Moreover, lying on the back can also avoid a face department anasarca.

3.Raise head to stick out chest.Imagine oneself in order to lift line puppet, feel someone is pulling to move to lift line, make you able to sit to keep or stand to keep body and raise head to stick out chest.Keeping this habit can make you 10 years younger

4.Jack up a pair of feet.The feet jack up to make the blood fly to heart naturally and help the deceleration to swell.Can be even to lie on the floor or the sofa, 易得什麽病double the feet jack up 45 degrees(Gao Guo's heart 15-20 Li rices are better) and keep posture for 3 minutes.Moreover, in the evening sleeping can also feet department mat Gao.

5.Blow hair downward.Direction while blowing hair with the hair dryer very key, the correct method is blown downward by the top and avoid from descend blow upward.Can avoid an injury skin of head layer like this, can also make the hair slipped more brighter, younger.

6.Together the shoulder short hair.The female shears together the shoulder is short to deliver and seem to be hair thicker airtight, have a liking for go to younger.

7.In fixed time replace text chest.The text chest wants to usually replace, new text chest the structure is strong, can support and set off breast and make blood circulation lucid and contribute to breast growth and keep breast from bottom to hang.五味預示哪些病Once using the long text chest will lose to give to raise of function

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financial stability

The financial stability council announces the bank list of 29 furnitures systematic sex influences
The international financial direct releases the bank list of 29 furnitures systematic sex influences in the worlds in the French Jia Na with consult the organization financial stability council on the 4th.These banks will be requested an additional increase of capital gold.美食之旅

Include in this 29 banks high prosperous, remit plentiful, the flower ensign, Deutsche bank, the international well-known and large bank of Chinese bank etc., bank in 17 among those s comes from Europe, 8 banks come from the United States and come from 4 banks in having of Asia.

The bank that the so-called systematic influences means business scale more big, the business complicated degree is higher, once taking place the risk affairs will bring region or global financial system a percussive financing institution.The financial stability council carries on reviewing and renewal to this list in November, every year.燒烤

In mid- October, this year, 20 group minister of finances of country and National Central Bank going to grow a Parisian meeting to pass an aim is reducing the overall frame of the system financing institution risk and include to strengthen to take charge of, the establishment across the territory cooperation mechanism, explicit bankruptcy salvage regulations, and the big bank needs additional increase of capital gold etc..The meeting definitely requests that has the capital amount of money of bank that the systematic influences to outside increase 1-2.5 percentage points.

According to the international in general use bank risk of the Basel committee establishment control standard 《Basel agreement III》, will raise to 7% to the lowest core capital ample rate of 2013 global financing institution, this means to have the bank core the capital ample rate that the systematic influences to need to raise to 8% to 9.5%.The financial stability council means that these standards will carry out in 2019.1萬年前的吃法

Financial stability council is moderate a multinational finance to take charge of, draw up and carry out global finance standard of international organization, will denounce a formal set to set up according to April, 200920 country group Fengs in London, the member includes 20 country group member country and related economy of the finance take charge of organization and international finance organization.meishi xingye duice

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Handing over

Handing over will to connect to exceed 5
Chinese first time space's handing over will carry on towards connecting willing on the dawn of the dead hour of the 2nd to the 3rd."Hand over will to answer, is an our country aerospace history top up to the present a biggest flight task of difficulty."Be carry a person the aerospace engineering space laboratory system and airship system two systems of total designer, Zhang Bo Nan is firm to be been called "difficult don't pour" by the industry insider because of the widely read and the technique.However this time, "difficult" become he accepts to appear the tallest vocabulary in frequency in the interview.白開水

How hand over a meeting, how to answer, difficult where?Zhang Bo Nan the realization hand over will induce for"lead 5 passes" towards answering of process summary, and exclusively disclosed how to exceed these five passes to the reporter of The Xinhua news agency.

Take aim at:Light a fire error margin not to exceed plus or minus 1

The airship shot formely, can at several pretty much the clock even choose machine to light fire inside more wide time scope, while the absolute being boat No.8 airship blast-off's ordering fiery time is limited at a plus or minus of inside the scope.

This is the demand for taking aim at.

To want to take aim at paradise the first have to hand over will pour to press back to a moment for answering, reckon to appear lost in thought eight departure times.At zero:00 on November 1, Peking flies to control center and airship experiment brigade according to paradise on the first the latest position data, calculation appear lost in thought boat eight number shoot window way and shoot a various dollar.

15 minutes when blast-off got into to pour to account, comprehensive consideration launch site wind velocity, the rocket take-off weight etc. data of a little bit end fire time just drive certain is 07 for 5:58.But light fire system according to the auto for teaching observatory, light fire punctually.

Differ one more while lighting fire to take aim at, 夢見鬼怪airship's going to the orbit noodles in the space and paradise will produce tremendous deviation and lightly then consume a great deal of fuel to lower aerospace machine life span, weighing then will because of fuel shortage but can not hand over meeting.The former Soviet Union in 1968 of hand over at a time will to answer, two aircrafts are mutually apart from only 30 Li rices but fail because of fuel exhaustion.

In addition to the precision that light fire for time, the rocket flies accuracy to also want to raise.This going on a long journey of usage No.2 F Yao is eight rockets and pass while flying solid the Die generation calculation continuously revise orbit and created our country the rocket go into the latest record of track accuracy.

Fly on rigorous blast-off window way and history the most quasi- rocket, make the absolute being boat teed off the good result of"ten wreaths"s on the eighth."Take aim at a pass" with one action breaks.焦慮抑郁

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student and speech

Didn't see the Luo much clear figure on this weeks, for his student and speech like this, play truant to run to crazy there place have fun is not strange either.Release from school on Friday afternoon, I tidy up a good schoolbag to prepare to leave.She stood on the doorway to call to live me:"You are to don't be small far?"She calls Rong son, I once saw.The Luo comes to this for the first time was together with her, as for she and Luo is what relate to, I ain't clear.Be always like ostrich each time, have never interfered with."H'm, what matter do you have?"I put a kind of very quiet posture."The Luo was bumped by the car, at people hospital.He rides down the avenue the bicycle practice takes a wood box, turn, 苦樂往事open to come over a car a result in front ……"she speaks of the voice is very deep and low, this voice haven't yet to grant can drill into my body, bump shot, reflect and strengthen in my chest, a burst of acute pain occupies my whole body, I forgot to shed tears to rush out classroom, I almost ran to hospital, I don't know that the stranger is to use how of the taste looking at 1 to be covered with long hair the girl cry from their body side process.

I by hand wiped tears and stood on the heavy disease to serve as guardian a door while entering a hospital, I can respond that not to know that the heart palpitates that the clear piercing companion wears indiscipline spreads."What person are you him?"A young nurse who carries an intravenous drop walks to me."I ……I am his younger sister, he how?"I repress heart in of anxious ask a way to her."It has been three days since patient had been collapsed and fainted and just waked up, the body was still very weak now,人生路 can not go in to call on."She talks to open a door to walk into and wear to pass by door sew I saw Luo, lying of his facial expression pallor is over there and tie up built-up gauze on the forehead, this obviously can not impede an invading of blood to dye, the sunlight shines on on his face through the window, is so distressed.Can I again clear the Cape seeing a his eye has the trace that the tears once rowed.

The nurse changed a bottle intravenous drop, the inflow of the liquid a drop per drop loses a liquid tube and flows into the body of Luo and also flowed into my blood.I accept the impact dint of canning not stand this liquid any further, it turns over to gush my eyes, I misty of looking at a nurse to walk to the doorway, "you return to first!Have a circumstance I will notify you in time."I once turned round, the Rong son after death stood at me, and we came out a hospital.The small pond that walk to there is fountain to park side, I took a look her, didn't know to is tears to make me have a courage or a spring to give me the strength, I opened mouth:"Is returning the much clear Luo to me good?"I am like the mendicant of street similar say finishing this sentence to her.She tooks a look me with the very quiet vision, I don't know the back of this equanimity still with hide what, but she of the stability make me feeling surprised.She turns to look over light to looking at to spray to flow out of spring, have already grown a sparkling thing flash across in the eye"9 years old that year, I follow a mother to arrive at a family in city inside, mother points at a men to say, Rong son later he is you of father.I pull the mother's dress Cape and cry to make and leave, is a Luo, is he accompanied me to spend that most painful day, have been accompanying to nearby protect me at me.One day, I ask she why so good to me, he says'because you are like a girl very much, she calls far'."I looking at some springs of faintnesses, all memories like spring vacillating in the brain."The Luo study result is originally very good, he tested to go into a city point while winning to test, can he but says that he wants to go to go to a senior high school in county to his father, his father nature also different idea.Remembers that he afterwards plays truant,繼續行走 disobeys Ji at school, finally was backed by the school to learn, turn to learn here.His father gave a relation to turn him to you class, because he says this to his father to is that one is good class of, he sits to front row you flank of position ……"my heart's imitating a Buddha be once what things and ruthlessly stabbed and imitated a Buddha to conceive strength for seven years to flow out out a while.The not presentable son that I cry, I finally don't know that I trails as well how the in great disorder footstep returned to a house.

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6 aspects most

"The man helps" cares woman's 6 aspects most !
Be shown, at that time curl up ten thousand waves.That play chases a man to the love of various and at that moment realistic of living meaning, deduce thoroughly, caused a woman more to the man of strong peep personal desires, they all want to go deep into to know, what does the man exactly will chat together?Thursday significantly
Broadcast the Teng Xun tiny Bo

"The man helps":Care 6 women most !

Recently, is called a male version 《desire city 》of the emotion big play 《the man help 》solemn and impressive be shown, at that time curl up ten thousand waves.That play chases a man to the love of various and at that moment realistic of living meaning, deduce thoroughly, caused a woman more to the man of strong peep personal desires, they all want to go deep into to know, man together of time, exactly will chat what?investment clock

In fact, this knows very easily.Woman needed to ask himself/herself, the womans were foolish together, favourite is what?The nature is man Luo.Man and woman, being the human life forever can't dated topic.Now that woman together what to chat at most is a man, so man together of time, chat at most of, certainly is a woman.

But, the man is foolish together, like to chat chemisette most which aspects?

The first, chemisette face shape.The man is always a kind of sense of vision animal and see a woman, first stimulate their nerve of, always face and shape.When man was foolish together, they usually liked to take some chemisette faces a shape to discuss, for example face of beautiful or not, shape of slender or plentiful full.These outward appearance, whether the mental state demand and physiology demand that can satisfy them.

The second, chemisette personality nature.Although the man is a sense of vision animal,does not represent their to pay attention to chemisette outward appearance.Chemisette personality and nature is also their to focuse important point.They usually take everyone in the reality knows of woman, according to respectively of observation and comprehension, chat their tempers and attitude, chat their mind the United States ugly.

The third, chemisette family background.Along with the development of realistic situation, the mans also more and more pay attention to to the chemisette family background, compare to a woman to pay attention to whether man's home is rich, whether have a car to contain similar building.If a certain woman's home is very poor or very rich, can even become the mans talking property naturally.

The fourth, the chemisette emotion experiences.The mans chat a woman, if the interest thrives, is not likely to don't chat chemisette emotion career.For example before with lead which man, again which man break up,finance and economics how that man's background is how.Again or press a root don't lead a man, have been still the type of virgin up to now.

The fifth, chemisette at that moment scandal.Always say that the woman likes a gossip, in fact the man is also just about.However, the man's gossip is more opposite than a woman to come to say, the selectivity will be a little bit a little bit strong.For the scandal, they general will choose that the they very interested in woman comes to understand.If they are uninterested this woman, calculate this woman to have big scandal again, they are also lazy to realize.

The sixth, the chemisette is various ability.Concerning this ability, the content is more extensive.For example work ability, social intercourse ability, living ability, even function dint.If the mans like to chat this woman, so this chemisette is these ability and all escape however their mouth.

Certainly, man together of time, chat a woman affirmative not only chat these, also hope everyone slowly the help add.

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