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Partition wall using region

1conference rooms, business rooms, design room and other similar areas
Can use with rail type, operable walldouble tempered glass is composed of 6mm+8mm. Because of this combination of sound insulation coefficient is high, consistent with the above place quiet and avoid interference requirement. A design can reflect the atmosphere, stable effect.

2Chairman, general manager's office and other similar areas
Optional built-in louver type, double tempered glass is composed of 5mm+6mm. Because of this combination of sound insulation coefficient is high, consistent with the above site privacy requirements. The built-in blinds were added and the external environment of communication functions, more affinity.

3large office area and other similar areas
Bright and spacious working environment embodies the modern environment and management style, staff interaction will greatly improve the work efficiency and satisfaction. Therefore, can choose a single glass and double glass type side.

The 4 car exhibition hall and other areas.
Display and sale more and more closely linked. Because, the staff should not only understand the halls and a plurality of clients, but also needs and individual customers in the negotiations. Therefore, no rail type selection for.

5industrial enterprises in some areas.
This region is usually both production,operable wall hk koge481gex research and many functions of the office of. So you need to use a glass partition ( wall) and solid partition ( wall) with the reasonable design, make and have degrees, more practical.

6glass partition wall for module style selected to provide professional advice, at the same time provide engineering examples the picture for reference.

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father's achievements

People celebrate the mother 's day at the same time, did not forget his father's achievements.ocb1d2ccan

1909 began a recommendation of father's and premiumn It is said that first put forward such a proposal is Washington John Bruce Dodd. Lady Dodd's mother had died, his father alone who bear the heavy responsibility of child rearing education, adult training them all.

1909, Dodd 's father for the upbringing of the Tu, ready for him to celebrate, at the same time, the thought of all the father on the family and society, and to a local priest Association wrote, suggested that the third Sunday of June as father's day. The association will discuss proposals to the member, were obtained through.

1910 June, people will be here to celebrate the first father 's day. At that time, the late father of all people have to wear a white rose, the father of the people alive while wearing red roses. This custom has been handed down to the present.

But at the beginning of father 's day each are not identical, but in some places with dandelion as a symbol of father's day, some places are lined with green leaves have a white lilac as a symbol of father's day. Until 1934June, the United States Congress was unified regulations on the third Sunday of June as father's day.

Then, the world has more than 20 countries through the church ceremony, send cards and gifts to commemorate the father's day. Annually in the United States to fifty-six million respectable father who have spent $about one billion for gifts,fahter day but gifts in addition to tie on the type and the cigar very few other things. Many people think that the most difficult to buy gifts for father. In fact, there are a lot of interesting, the right gift for father.  

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