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Full digital control

When the security market to launch digital control, front-end equipment has been fully entered the full HD mode, but did not open the whole digital model. The back-end region free dvd storage equipment, what should we do? Hard disk video recorder family of three brothers launched a fierce dialectical, how to use, which is used in the field as the brother several hot debate. We have not said, or have a look they say.

Video three brothers elder brother is digital hard disk recorders, it gave himself an English name is DVR, it sounds very modern, this product in the security industry is " the old ". Since the beginning of contact security products, DVR attention was gradually increasing trend. It is a collection of video, image segmentation, PTZ control, alarm, transmission and other functions in one.

In the product application, eldest brother seems to have an unusual presentation. Don't look at it have a name in the " D ", in fact, and it matches the front camera is the simulation equipment. For analog camera, whether products or internal technology has been very mature; in the design, the various manufacturers of DVR similar, if you really want to segment words, then to see whether it supports audio transmission and HDMI high-definition interface.

The DVR also features the largest is and what it with analog camera, a camera connected to a video input port, XX DVR represents its support for the maximum number of front-end equipment; big brother said, don't know to monitor people can take it as a home DVD, only behind the interface into BNC, the remaining functional everything. When with the front-end equipment is switched on, using the VGA interface access display that can see in the image.

Regardless of the choice of three brothers who, most concerned about is the image resolution. DVR is not related to network bandwidth, so it can support the multiple video images, but for multi-channel playback can sense is not the same. Big brother is not old spirit, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck can support 1 D1@25fps image playback, the remaining channel maximum support real time CIF. I can responsibly tell you, general D1 effects should be fully able to meet most of the demand for monitoring.

With the boss character, listen to the words of the little brother. In a front-end equipment to open the whole network era, VCR 's second child was born, red wine in the name of making a small change in -NVR. Network product mix is a network monitoring cameras, but also with simulation is different, is not it BNC replaced by LAN network; compared to DVR, NVR in building monitoring system is a necessary equipment - switch.  

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Family cancer should

Family cancer should tell him the truth
When the " cancer " of two words to appear on the record, the most confused the most contradictory or family members of patients, reishi they should be considered a problem, that is whether to tell the patient. If you tell the patient can bear it, will accelerate the deterioration? If you do not tell me the words that will not allow the patient to doubt, whether the violation of a patient 's right to know, how can hide? After all, " cancer " should not have said it ... ...
Cancer as a multiple, " should tell cancer patients the truth " contradictions troubled more and more families, in a variety of micro-blog, forum, this kind of help information is also everywhere is visible, and caused heated controversy. To say and not say, the reasons are as follows:
" Don't say: " sent to the patient to stay some hope.
Cancer is different from other diseases, cancer is terminally ill, and open-minded patients will also taboo and fear, to tell him the truth is really too cruel.
In fact, in real life there are many patients do not know they had cancer or not before diagnosis, often live well, live very long. But when told that he had cancer, mental collapse of the moment, very fear, anxiety, pessimism and despair of life, to the prospect of treatment do not have any hope, cause the body's immune function declines rapidly, thereby accelerating the deterioration rate. And even the choice of Dutch act.
If the patient know the condition, also know a few days, I feel like being sentenced to death as a mental breakdown, as family members, how to let him bear the physical and mental torture? White lie or violations of informed right, well, we just in order to minimize the damage to the patient, let him have a little hope, don't panic in the rest of the time.
"It should be said that " pie: patients have the right to know
The patient has the right to know his condition and survival, so that their better to arrange their last days of life, than the muddleheaded dies leaving regret intensity. As a family, it could not bear to look at him like a fool to live in a drum. Again, don't think in a patient before a set, behind a set he will feel, the patient in this ominous atmosphere middle into suspicion easier evolution into mourning, negative psychological disorder.
In the brutal truth, tell the patient, and give them psychological support, patient morale would probably be aroused, tenacious struggle with cancer, or even create anticancer "miracle ". The case is not uncommon, clinical.
Many cancer patients need operation, if the operation how to conceal the truth? So the preoperative patients know their condition,reishi sealand understand the necessity for such therapy, the patient 's permission, and respect for human rights and humanitarian spirit manifestation embodied. The patient know the truth, can be in accordance with the physician asked to cooperate with the treatment after the treatment and the rehabilitation work.
Instead of one family in the contradiction and pain in patients with deceit, is not optimistic in the face, can really give a patient to fight force.  

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In a photoelectric mouse

In general we common optical mouse usually refers to the use of photoelectric element, based on the moving surface image logic to generate mobile mouse.

Optical mouse optical mouse working principle is: LED Dimmer dab5d58ck in the interior having a light emitting diode, the light emitting diode emits light, illuminating the optical mouse bottom surface ( this is why the mouse bottom will shine .). Then the photoelectric mouse bottom surface of a part of the light reflected back, after a group of optical lens, is transmitted to a light sensing device ( micro imager ) imaging.

Thus, when the mouse moves, the track will be recorded as a coherent image high speed shooting. With the photoelectric mouse inside a piece of special image analysis chip ( DSP, namely digital microprocessor ) to mobile trajectory on the uptake of a series of image analysis and processing, google tv remote the image feature point position change to undertake an analysis, to judge the mouse moving direction and the moving distance, thereby completing the cursor position.

Photoelectric mouse usually consists of the following components: optical sensors, optical lens, light emitting diodes, the interface microprocessor, touch keys, roller, connection, PS/2 or USB interface, such as shell. And we point to learn under the light-emitting diode ( LED ) in the application of photoelectric mouse.

We know, photoelectric mouse in the use of the process will emit light red light at the bottom. This is the mouse in the light emitting diode emits in the mouse, it has what effect? Light emitting diode emits bright ( this is mainly to get enough illumination light ), online ups power in part through the mouse at the bottom of the optical lens (i.e., wherein the prism ) to illuminate the mouse bottom; the other part is directly to the optical sensor heads. Popular point, is a light emitting diode is the role of light generated mouse work required for light source.

But why common optical mouse using LED is red?

Why would choose red? The reason is simple, because the red light LED technology is relatively mature, but the cost it is also cheaper. This makes the red highlight LED longest service life. While optical engine imaging is monochromatic, no matter what the color of the light source will not influence. So in this case, except for a few manufacturers to create attractions, The fourth generation car light most manufacturers will certainly choose red products, such as many photoelectric mouse using blue LED, is out of the ordinary, but is essentially the same as that of.

In addition, combined with type LED and SMD LED also can be used to decorate the mouse, causes it to emit colorful light colors, more appealing to the eye. More in line with the owners of the fashion aesthetic demand. The global annual production of hundreds of millions of photoelectric mouse, with each mouse consumption 1 ~7 LED calculation, the economic benefits of effective supporting part of LED industry shipments.

Looking to the future, even if the laser mouse is a popular trend, but still can not be separated from LED auxiliary light. Nevertheless, the photoelectric mouse popularization situation, Separation point the application of LED in the mouse still occupy a dominant position, can not shake.  

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