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Feelings of this road

Feelings of this road, always a thing a thing down. Many sisters Emotion Shigeyoshi always around otaku boyfriend never betray.Such otaku: online games, anyone, beautifully, and the left side of the right wrist at a super yellow cocoon.

Family environment is more favorable, they grew up living a carefree life, Cheap baby clothes replaces the brandedthey - "Never do tutoring, never visiting the entity shop, never pull down the face that a nauseating words" three no's.

MM began to earn money and otaku are still eating the old, the crisis appeared! Kazuhiko Yu in such a period of time and the smooth "Masterpieces Jour, as long as someone else mentioned her boyfriend small white, she will sigh shook his head: "ah! I do not know about the pain, and also know their own money?"

No one would have thought that otaku development from the surface calm, baby clothes online a new popular but essentially it is surging undercurrent. Yan Yu schools and white schools have a near distance, The Kazuhiko Yu once said to want to go to white schools in the 26th play. After a while, Yan Yu had forgotten this.

White suddenly to Kazuhiko Yu call, you can not be on the 26th over? Kazuhiko Yu is very strange why must be on the 26th? White had no choice but to say, you better on the 26th, I organized an event can take you out to play. Otaku? Organizing an event? China Tax Accounting ServicesKazuhiko Yu Meng, Is white house silly? Nothing good spiritual emptiness?  

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