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Created the flower girl

"Brother, buy a flower for my sister now; brother, buy a flower for the beautiful sister."
See this scene drama when I was little, my brother always the poor flower girl, the little girl's hand bought all the flowers. Those flowers are all withered, sister laughed at him, but also because of his kindness and love him more. At that time I will think this scene is very beautiful, half withered flowers, lovely girl and that is love. The small and medium-sized girl romantic feelings連褲襪.
In the big one time, the new year's day with friends to go to the beach to watch the fireworks. I and my close friend, close friend's boyfriend and his friend, a line of four. That night, the sky lanterns in full, almost the whole night with people put kongmin light constantly, so many good wishes fly to the sky for a long time not scattered. We went to buy kongmin light when a little girl did not know from where suddenly appeared in front of us, holding some roses and a few small doll, his close friend boyfriend friend said to buy flowers for my sister now, buy a flower for my sister now, pleading and poor tone. The three of us walked in front of don't stop laughing, feel special fun. He caught up with us, holding some roses and a few dolls, face with a smile. Then the flowers to me, go to the light, I saw that are half withered flowers, very strange feeling.
Today and a close friend to go to Zhongshan Park to play, along with close friend's cousin and the cousin of a friend. A pedestrian slowly strolling in the park, the ground covered with pale yellow flowers, not sweet scented osmanthus in the air has the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus, soothing scent. After a while, a roadside stand on the little girl came to us, took out to just behind the flowers go to close friend's cousin, her brother to buy a flower, buy a flower. The little girl voice was very strange, cousin is a little ruffian person, may not want to buy the withered flower into a corner, the little girl ran after him. Other cousin came holding two roses withered flowers, we are surprised to see him, a look of helpless cousin and close friend gave me a flower, also did not say what. Stroll to the Zhongshan amusement park entrance, they went to the restroom and close friend, I was at the intersection waiting. There will always be as we age men and women came to the amusement park road, two little girl holding flowers standing by the roadside, one is we just met, her hands to spend more than just some more. Such scenes will appear before us again, flower girl took a boy's clothes to him flowers, boys are not willing to buy when they gave the boy clinging to forbid them to go away, struggle until the boys and their girlfriend is really is Mofan bought their flowers until. The two flower girl tone as very strange, but let people say not strange there, in their cooperation, almost all around the girls hands have flowers, and one to the guys who bought a wound. I and close friend a look, no wonder cousin will be defeated, the flower than the flowers. Close friend said they tone is very strange, they is it right? Being controlled, they will not be poisoned, if they hold me for a long time will not be infected. I laughed and said you are the more martial arts novels. They come back we went to the amusement park, I was not expected, flower girl coming toward them, a man wrapped around a, as previously done in general. Cousin said just bought, forgot to say, my close friend and troublesome to put the flowers bag, so at the moment we have no flowers. Two little girl still hold their won't let them go, stalker. Close friend felt very angry, say this is a hard sell, cousin and friends are entangled with embarrassment: you ask the sisters want. The little girl ran to the front of close friend, close friend never, little girl will spend thrown into the close friend umbrella, close friend very angry put flowers on the floor, said don't don't, just have been bought, how do you like this. The final result is, they are still a man bought a flower, ten yuan a half withered flowers. This close friend had good while gas.
We are back to the bedroom, took out four flower withered flowers from the bag of trash. Close friend said the forty dollars is enough for us two to eat meal, now can not see can not eat. Speaking of this matter and roommate, roommate said when she used to go with her boyfriend also encountered the flower girl. My roommate said: my boyfriend is quite fierce, the little girl pestered him when I was very angry go, my boyfriend. The little girl said my girlfriend are you gone, then the girl away. The little girl is in fact the people, their first day let them buy ten flower, if they sell fifteen flower, then she shall is fifteen, after a plus, did not complete the task will not give them food to eat, so that the little girl to try various devices to sell the flowers. The most dislike such people.
Originally the girl out of the flower is very sympathetic to people thing, when they were some of those who control, forcing people to buy flowers became a boring thing 塑身內衣.
Some people say that this is how the community, but I can not help but ask, who now is how.  

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Play in the romantic moment

Long time no see Xiaomin, last night she came back, she lives in our unit dormitory upstairs. Her work is a town in our city. I went to where she sat there for a while after work, talk about our respective this months of life system lock.
At noon I called a few dishes and small quick lunch. Eat lunch or together with some of the children. The woman and the woman not to finish the family of small things together always on. Later we about good night to go swimming緊身衣.
After dinner, we were together the five men drove to the well-being of the reservoir. So, today the first reservoir. Feel really is not the same ah! Has been really afraid of the water, just go to the swimming pool to take life circle, with life circle just flopped about in the swimming pool. I envy those who swim a good swim. They swim beautiful posture, speed can be good. I will also learn how not to. This reservoir is no exception, in their own body a life-saving ring into the water. Slowly I'm Fu doped Xiaomin lower side of test their careful with the depth of the water. Don't walk two meters will not stand, the reservoir water is really deep. I and Xiao's husband Xiao Hu can't swim. All two of us in a life circle. The other three are, perhaps is the depth of water, three of them swimming also did not dare to travel. We are in the two or three meters between the small swimming. Ha ha! I don't know why today I am particularly relaxed. Good mood! At the moment, the sky slowly dark down, swim people less and less. Then I head upturned, second-hand two feet in gently with water at. Look slightly to the blue sky, in the little seven eight zero chaos under the stars dotted, day also appears very dim. Now I feel especially comfortable, as if all the troubles in the mind be flung to the four winds are thrown out. Ha-ha. ..! I had told them threw back his swim! So cool. They all laughed, not for a while, naive black. The day is really telling us to go home吊襪腰帶.
I was happy and said her husband came home, today you are not to go swimming is really missed the Yang swim romantic moment! Husband looked at me so happy, he also laughed!  

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