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time had to slow down

Out of the window, clear, sunny and warm heart. blackcurrant At this moment, time had to slow down, slow to listen to the voice of the soul, once the alienation, gain and lose, a mirage, insubstantial objects of vicissitudes, is already have one mind relieved, clear and simple as water day, quiet time, like this feeling, have Yingying smile, a gentle state of mind, I know, that is the taste of happiness.
Light of the time, let the thoughts with the Mexican heartily, let the sun spreading in my heart. Good life, is originally a arrived, so arrived, need is not rich, but simple. This is simple, may be sad; can be lonely; can be happy, can let the life and enjoy the show.
The memory of flickering lights, with the transformation of Youth passes as a fleeting wave. scenery. Some time silhouette, people, cherrypit stop once gently in the heart; some love, will be ups and downs in the memories. Friends of the poems is also suffused with warm, but can not catch up with the time in a hurry, a season of flowers, by the time the footsteps of light grounding, left by melancholy.
That kind of feeling was accidentaly across, such as fireworks, resplendent in life, and go with the wind, stranded in the life of the post, in the lights dim, the distance across the years, stand in this side of the other side. That touch of sincerity, always Speechless in head of the moment, my heart; the regretless love, always in the midnight, croon. Every time looking back, his eyes will be stained with a damp smell.
Once happy, has been in the street corner yellow, review, has been a loss of memory. Light and shadow in the fleeting, the mountain is the story of water, chrysanthemum528 wind is the story, and you're not my story. Love Weiyang, flowers have tried, most remembered years, always be the landscape barrier, a ray of melancholy, with the wind garden.
Time is really very long, long can be worth The End of Life, always so far away, far but alienation and desolate. Then deep attachment, also block boundaries not time extending, a wandering mind, always can not keep up with the pace of the years, from the field of flowers, more and more far. Put a paper pigment, light a reincarnation of the sentimental, traces of the past, had been transformed into a series of notes, written into the movement of life. Time, perhaps, will eventually be forgottenpricot, even in a prosperous scene, and you meet, the end is the season most the regretless watch.
When the time of the wind, or happy or sad, from the fingertips, corner of street lights wanes, in time on the title page of the yellow, the journey of life, not what not old in years. With a ray of warmth, let my heart no alienation and desolate, the innumerable twists and turns to read, condensed into the heart, dust collection. The best down, not deliberately to forget, but let each one of enron. Then, please allow me, in this sunny morning, indifferent to keep at the time of the shore, the memory on Campanula, quiet your mind.
In this world, there is always a person, is the heart that a cinnabar, became a water - flower. When the thoughts of wings, fly over the sea, if we wouldn't have to wait? When love is spreading in the earthly fireworks, if not miss? Water and falling in the story, like water in the years, already change of color of memory, even if the happiness is just a moment to remember, so a person, in the heart of the eternal smile.Although many veterinarians sympathize Light and dark interwoven years long years, perhaps hide but different, but the original idea, still will be in the know in the warm, let the time complexity, Xu you a sunny day.  

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The fall in Jiahe

For the northerners, the memory in the autumn, the vegetation withered yellow leaves falling scene. But the Jiangnan Town -- Jiahe's autumn, is another story, a little attention, will let you do not feel the slightest autumn shadow. The trees still verdant, green leaves still spirit, eyeful green. Let you dare not believe my own eyes, I have been in the Mid Autumn Festival, but the autumn shadow in where?
If in the home, this time in the Loess Plateau is like the old man have experienced years of wind and frost, teeter fragile. More and more trees trembled in the cold wind, is the midsummer sun dry moisture leaves, appear emaciation with sallow complexion, weak groans. Inadvertently, has been down to the ground, as autumn swirls around trees around. No wonder that the old saying "autumn leaves", visible Northland autumn desolate and bleak.
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sultana's diary
Of course, Jiangnan autumn also is some, only with respect to the Northland autumn desolate and bleak, Jiangnan autumn came without a trace, somewhat shy, like a lover like gentle. Plants wither slowly, so much so that you neglect to change its color; frequent rain and less wind, the air can smell the taste of wet, do not have the kind of autumn dryness feeling; because less wind's sake, temperature change is not obvious, so do not feel the cold cold wind a array.
I work in Jiahe for several years, the fall is not a Qiu Yi Long Underwear, not to mention like at home like that sooner or later to wear clothes with a coat. The autumn of Jiahe, just feel a little more than a little cool summer, autumn color, mood and style of the taste of autumn, autumn, no home like that just, like that, that kind of sad quite strong. Like the taste of wine, always in a semi drunk the dim consciousness, is a bit ambiguous feeling.
Have a look nine old peak green, you will have one hundred percent doubt their own eyes, and you will again ask, again and again to find, autumn shadow in where?
Ah! The fall in the shadow of the tall trees, autumn shadow in the lush grass, autumn shadow in all over the mountains and plains in the air, this is the autumn Jiahe, without a trace, but to show you the charm of autumn in Jiangnan town.
Walking in the old nine peak mountain trail, a lot of Haloxylon ammodendron grass in the Qing Shiban gap between soaring, ignoring the autumn caress, covering a piece of Qing Shiban, connecting into thick natural carpet, the autumn wrapped. Look around, don't say that towering pagoda like pine, don't say that Heng Zhi Ji dragon cypresses, not to mention the plump of the Chinese tallow tree, alone the fluffy bamboo, straight channeling day of bamboo, a tender, soft tip, and the new risk with the bud tip, the climb up the autumn shadow dyed green green, jumping on the inter cluster. Look up at the mountains overhead that a pale blue sky, reflecting the colors of autumn, from time to time to hover over the clouds, carrying the taste of autumn, let your heart fly eclosion immortal thoughts, dress fluttering flying in the blue sky and white clouds, overlooking the mountains fall attitude. In this hot summer hot wash, bathed in a cool autumn elegant, land of idyllic beauty like nine old peak, "green pines and verdant cypresses Jielu cover, not demit long do Jiahe people" thoughts have ah.  

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