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Doing skin care ABC

Doing skin care ABC
" doing skin " Characteristic doing the skins: The sebaceous are secreted little, the skin is dry, lack gloss, is prone to wrinkles. The doing skin is compared " Tender and lovely" , " sensitive" ,It is apt to receive the external world physically, chemical factor and ultraviolet ray and dust,etc. influence, the allergic response takes place. However, doing skin, seem relatively fine and smooth on the appearance, the pore is not obvious, there is no greasy sense, so give somebody cleaning, esthetic feeling. So long as strengthen science to cultivate, can avoid one's own deficiency, bring up the skin beautiful.
Must select for use and contain gentle surfactant ' Concentrate the protein fatty acid, moustache algae alkali, precise oil of plant) Composition soft resisting sensitive clean pieces of products wash face, lipid its, and content to moisten skin factor relatively high. And general soap or clean products will dehumidify skin, wrinkles appear too early. If skin very dry, can cooperate, unload, make up with warm water cream and soft to resist sensitive to wash one's face milk wash the face in evening only, needn't be any clean in the morning the products only use warm water washing.
Work moistly
After washing one's face, don't wipe very much and do. When it is still slightly a little moist to apply and nourish the high resisting water of quick skin caring slowly of composition at once, by supplementing lipid and equilibrating sour alkali value rapidly.
Maintain the work at ordinary times
Daytime - -Pay attention to skin surface water lipid repair and enhancement of membrane especially, choose composition foot, high in quality adding compositioning of moistening skin, strong a day of protecting etc. frost very important. Wipe skin caring at the products, want, let its permeate through skin, draw a circle round one's name massage gently with middle finger slowly, pay attention to not rubing the skin with strength.
Evening - -The focal point when it is at night that the eye is maintained, while choosing the eye skin care products, try hard by mending water moistly as the main fact. The face uses the late frost with moist, nutrient component.
Especially maintain the work
1,Use and protect the lipstick, it contains wax, oils, lipid and lipid alcohol, and often add the vitamin compositions and antiultraviolet compositions which protect the skin quality, facilitate the maintenance of the full of cracks lip and to the shelter of the sunshine, it is early, late and so long as think the lip dry any time and can be used.
2,If skin very sensitive and dry, before applying the late frost, had better spread, have, nourish living cell essence or precise oil of rose of result highly, it can prevent the skin aging, resist wrinkles, deep layer nourishing, regeneration, is very suitable for doing skin quality.
3,Choose moistly, gently and containing the nutriment facial film of plant quintessence naturally, make once at least every week, if the dry situation is very serious, should make and nourish the facial film twice every week.
Food that the person of the doing skin should pay attention to choosing some fat, vitamin to be with high content in the diet, for instance milk, egg, pork liver, butter and fresh fruit,etc..   

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