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Classic English short language

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return. But what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel.

A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you,only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and you just have to let go. Bubble hems

The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with,never say a word,and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been losing until it arrives. Special dress

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,an hour to like someone,and a day to love someone- but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Don't go for looks;they can deceive. Don't go for wealth;even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

Dream what you want to dream;go where you want to go;be what you want to be,because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Always put yourself in the other's shoes. If you feel that it hurts you,it probably hurts the person too.

A careless word may kindle strife;a cruel word may wreck a life;a timely word may level stress;a loving word may heal and bless.The Garibaldi shirt

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

Love begins with a smile,grows with a kiss,ends with a tear. When you were born,you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die,you're the one smiling and everyone around you is crying.

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Japan carries

Japan carries on an after-calamity reconstruction with all strength morning come to Hu to expand a day to produce a food
This morning, it is halted the sightseeing food exhibition in Japan that Hu general consulate, people outward friendly association etc. in Shanghai City holds by Japan to hold in the garden hotel.March 11 every day the origin suffered a heavy earthquake especially, be actively throwing in after-calamity reconstruction renew currently, brought numerous foods that Japans produce to carry on exhibition this morning.On the answers

This time come an exhibition of there is a more than 60 each local self-government of Japans bodies, Japanese sightseeing traveling the related business enterprise, food, and beverage...etc. related business enterprise.
The staff member who comes from Japan to love a Yuan county said that was subjected to a blessing island the influence of the first pit electricity station, since April 11, they have already stopped exit business.However the love Yuan county is apart from trouble occurrence, the ground is separated distance more than 900 kilometers and loves the marine products article that the Yuan county produces to pass the airplane direct sailing of 2 hours of Sungshan-Shanghai in the meantime, can directly send citizen's dining table in Shanghai, can be said to be very rest assured.And the marine products article exported by them is all farming fish that feeds inside the inland sea area in the county, the production line has a certificate to check, and passed all strict standards in Japan.This time what they brought has a true Diao and gold gun fish and red and sweet fish, and grouper...etc. are various marine products articlesLED China.

The relevant personage introduces, from occurrence heavy earthquake in Japan after, the Japanese tour visa in April is held up and receives 151 visas then May, from June to yesterday increase to 5259.From this year from July 1, the Japanese government would start to leave for a day to travek to arrange Okinawa to swim in the agenda for the very first time and canned freely go to Okinawa of interview in the whole whole country in Japan to go back and forth visa system for many times in three years after countersigning.

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enterprise survival as poor

Rare earth materials price spikes in the downstream enterprise survival as poor

Because of the rare earth materials prices, phosphor enterprise have to raise product prices to "reduced pressure", and this will inevitably lead to the more downstream of the energy-saving light industry chain reaction happened. Zhejiang energy-saving lamps enterprise started production, and traditional lighting operation in the same industry on guangdong energy-saving lamps enterprise, is also facing a similar fateproduce a country.

An adviser, a senior fellow at the China ", points out that rare earth price quickly in a short period of time from the raw material price cabbage industrial chain link have larger space, the hype speculation profit far higher than profit, this also is in the production of rare earth up prices, part of the enterprise by production to store up goods to the main reason for the rise. In the current global supply pattern did not great change, rare earth materials prices of downstream industry chain will cause great damage, which is a big industry, energy-saving lamps victims.

Rare earth materials prices, and the enterprise production cost a rising tide lifts all boats, prices of the cost is not only bring pressure and caused industry safety concerns. Unfair competition in the market confusion in the markets, market access, and melee period the healthy development of the industry has certain threat. Facing the situation of the chaos, most enterprises to choose the reduced output or watching, if the short term survival circumstance of downstream industry without effective relief, will definitely affect the safety of other industriesLED lighting industry.

According to an adviser issued by the 2011 2015 year China rare earth market analysis and forecast future investment report "shows that in the price of the uptick phosphor, downstream listed company if not smooth energy-saving light transmission costs, certainly will affect the company's profit margin level, in addition to production, domestic production stand and wait for some phosphor enterprise seems there is no alternative. Improve the price of rare earth and value, not the price in the short term carried to the height of the wide of the mark, but according to the whole industry chain supply and demand condition will price stability in reasonable interval.

An adviser ZhangYanLin points out, although the director, our country is the main supplier of the global rare-earth market, but did not effective master to determine the price of a rare earth, although the market supply and demand, but due to the present price decision of rare earth terminal demand remains in Japan, Europe and other master guo jia, therefore, the price of rare earth rising irrational inevitable may endanger our rare earth industry development. It is reported, according to the present state of rare earth market irrational, work with the domestic main letter of rare earth enterprise are discussing pricing, prevent the rare earth rare earth price continues to boom to rare earth application enterprise to bring the further damage.   

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general assembly

Shanghai convenes a general assembly to profoundly absorb "11 · 15" a fire to teach
Recently, Shanghai City successively convened city Wei Wei often will, city hall plenary session and whole citieses Be political to be responsible for staff's general assembly, survey set in notification State Department concerning "11 · 15" in Shanghai specially weighs the survey circumstance and processing opinion of conflagration trouble, and carry out very central request, practical grasp trouble to guard against with concealed suffer from whole changed to make deployment.The city Wei secretary Yu positive voice is political to be responsible for a staff in the whole citieses of general assembly up emphasize, hard carry out the request of State Department, recall and learn from painful experience, profoundly absorb "11 · 15" conflagration trouble especially precept;Draw inference from one example, practical maintenance good city circulate safety and production safety, real city circulate safety and production safety conduct and actions carry out the important measure of science development view, put in various works of first, make safe level previous big step in our cities.Lighting development trend

The Yu positive voice:

We"deploring greatly isn't only, compunction not already"

The trouble deep time reflect our aim consciousness up of lack

Political be responsible for a staff in the whole citieses of general assembly up, the Yu positive voice the survey that notified survey set in State Department handles a result, Wei vice- secretary in Shanghai City and mayoral〃 is talking.

The Yu positive voice points out while talking that last year"11 · 15" especially after conflagration trouble takes place, the party is central, State Department height values, to carefully handle this a fire trouble to make an explicit designation, give emollient instruction.Recently, State Department granted the trouble investigation report of survey set in State Department, the report definitely settles a dispute the reason of past property, occurrence, and guard against to the relevant responsibility personnel and the trouble with concealed suffer from whole changed to put forward an opinion.The city Wei and city hall stands firmly for the decision in State Department.We deeply feel, this survey is earnest and meticulous, its conclusion and processing opinion since is to the serious processing of related responsibility person and to society of formally hand over to treat, is also work to us shortage of practical rectify with emollient urge on.We want to profoundly absorb precept and hard carry out decision, determinedly carry on whole change.

The Yu positive voice points out that"11 · 15" especially the conflagration trouble makes the masses of the people's life and property resulted in serious injury with huge lose, resulted in the very negative influence on development in Shanghai and image in the city, we"deploring greatly isn't only, compunction not already".In this trouble, I at least undertake three aspect responsibilities, one is although once realized and put forward a reform building the opinion of market management irregularity, can not availably the councilor carry out;Two is the whole city party breeze Lian government construction one responsibility person, expose the corrupt behavior of to have an oversight and the responsibility of malpractice to this time trouble;Three is the weak link within training education of staff's management to reflect to this time trouble, staff to carry a leadership responsibility.The frustrate isn't terrible, Paper and clothterrible of is get around and weak, we want an open heart ground to the problem and bravely admit a mistake and determinedly overcome to work medium shortage, with the concern of actual activity response crowd, earn the crowd's trust and support by actual result, don't be ungrateful to a party of heavy give with people's hope.

The Yu positive voice emphasizes that the reason of the trouble sees from the surface, being the imperfection and the construction on safe management system the management of the spot is confusion, but sees from the deep time, reflection of is the lack of our aim consciousness, work up of many not good enough, not implementation.The main performance is:Valuing isn't enough, the style is dishonest, the market loses Fan and takes charge of to lack, system imperfection, stipulation not dint.We want 6s that put forward according to survey set in State Department the whole suggestion that change measure and determinedly take into whole change, draw inference from one example, provide against possible trouble.Want to continue to enlarge the row of the safe risk source to check to be whole to cure, explicit and focuse a city safety point realm, strengthen a safe responsibility to investigate and ask a responsibility, sound grow the system mechanism of effect management legal system, enhance publicity education of public and safe consciousness, make great effort to create a more safe harmonious home for large citizen's crowd.

Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De:

Is our this city to forever distress

Don't get around problem and antinomy, continuously improve a work

Is meaning while talking, stand firmly for the survey and processing decision in State Department.He says that"11 · 15" especially the conflagration trouble makes Shanghai City and the masses of the people's life property resulted in huge loss, this is forever our this city to distress.I will bear firmly in mind this greatly aggrieved precept forever and face a problem, don't get around problem and antinomy and continuously improve a work.I am a city hall mainly lead, reflect a lot of problems of to this trouble, such as have never nicely carried out national law concerning building market the laws and place establishes of regulation, if there is work, the responsibility of dint is not;Exist in the aspects of constructing a market deceitful recruit to bid, the illegal cent wrap, bid, string mark etc. phenomenon, have the responsibility of oversight;Exist corruption phenomenon in the government agency and the troops of public official, have already managed not strict, cure a government not strict responsibility, should make to profoundly introspect, hard check.I will keep firmly in mind the aim of party forever, devoted to one's duties, the Ke exerts the job guard, earnest work.

Is pointing out that currently, a fire rehabilitates to handle various indemnification and salvages, house loss indemnification, the family product property loss that the works are steady to have a preface, have already drawn up Human body by law to compensate an etc. project, and rehabilitates transition to settle rent subsidy project.In the meantime, this city strengthens movement in the city completely safety and production safety work, to all construction workplaces develop a fire fight safety greatly check;Held firmly to study a pedestal further norm originally city building market with strengthen to constuct engineering quality safety management of 22 opinions and strengthen the opinion of fire fight work further;Develop to strengthen safety in the city to greatly discuss an activity, launch whole city the people extensively check to seek concealed suffer from, made good progress.Next move return the set strengthen movement in the city safety and production safety of some opinions.

Is emphasizing that completely carry out a survey in State Department processing opinion, surround 6 point realms that the investigation report puts forward, strengthen an engineering construction realm outstanding problem particularly further the item manage, further implementation construction engineering construction the spot the fire fight safe responsibility system, further enlargement construction engineering and construction the spot of direct management, further perfect building economy energy system fire prevention technique standard and start construction safe measure, 你对光健康了解多少呢go deep into to develop the fire fight safe publicity to educate a training further, increase devotion further, improve fire fight material, determinedly and thoroughly grasp each item whole change a work.Want a Jing clock long blare, draw inference from one example, vigorously promote safe responsibility implementation, further perfect and safe laws system, practical strengthen point realm of safety work, speed to build up a civil participation mechanism, strengthen movement in the city completely safety and production safety guarantee.

This city hall plenary session that is ex- to convene notified the investigation report of trouble survey set in State Department, and city hall in Shanghai and mayor Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De make a contents of deep check to State Department.

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drafted plan

City person greatly often Wei meeting three review implementation food safe method way drafted plan
Consign city 13 people greatly often Wei will meeting carries on "three review" for for the 27th time.Aim at to enter goods, recall and take charge of in the food safe chain etc., the link exposes the management system loophole of , this time lawmaking made to have the new emendation to aim at sex.LED technology

Forbid recall food to refit again sell

Aim at some business enterprises to enter goods to inspect a system disfunctional problem, modify a draft to add rules:Food production management business enterprise purchase the food, and food raw material...etc. related product, should inspect the permit and the product qualified certificate of providing the goods, and build up into the goods inspect record system and reserve into goods note etc., "record, the expiry day of note don't must be less than for 2 years".

Overdue or will soon the overdue food carries on "return to stove again produce" and dyes to expose a taking charge of of in the plain wheat roll case a blind spot to make the citizen worry, this time lawmaking to recall the management system carry on "repair hole" and add related rules:The food produces executive to recall the food should register, forbiding an usage recall the food is a raw material to used for producing each kind of food, or has been made changes in a packing to wait a way to carry on sale by other forms;Encourage the food production management business enterprise establishment"nearby protect a quality period food hint system", will close to protect the quality period food concentration to display to sell, and make one toward the consumer refreshing hint;The food production executive should adopt measures, such as dyeing and disfigure...etc. to destroy to the overdue food, and record to handle a result, record an expiry day to be no less than for 2 years.In the meantime, food Anne the Jian section reply to recall food register and treatment circumstance to carry on a check.

Violate the rules to add or cancel a permit

The misuse influence of the food additive the citizen's confidence to the food safety.The drafted plan modified a draft to increase "usage food additive outside of chemistry material and other may endanger the material of human body health to process a creation of" to"forbid the food of producing the management".

This time lawmaking is still thin to turn the related rules of"the usage of food additive" and put forward "food production the executive should strictly control the usage of food additive", "food production executive usage food additive of, should according to the species of food safe standard rules, apply a scope, dosage usage, and build up the usage of food additive record system".In the meantime, food Anne the Jian section should strengthen to produce a guiding of the management business enterprise usage food additive and take charge of to the food.

The lawmaking still set a homologous law responsibility according to the food safe method, to violating the rules of details severity business enterprise, order to stop production to close up shop, until cancel a permit or allow a production certificate.

Establish to raise report telephone combine the reward raise report person

Aim at a parts of food production management business enterprise trustworthiness serious imperfection, this city will build up the food safe reputation file and record permission to distribute, daily direct check result, illegal the behavior check an etc. circumstance;According to the record of food safe reputation file, to have the executive increment of the food production that the bad reputation records the direct check repeatedly a time, and strengthen whole change instruction.

In order to lacking an united food safety to raise report, hurl to tell an outlet, the citizen's direct aggressive suffers a defeat.The this time lawmaking rules city food drugs direct management establishes to unify to raise report telephone, LED chipand announce to the society;Increase rules:"The food safe direct management section should to raise a report to belong to actually, for check a food safe and illegal case to provide raising of clues and proof report the person give reward."

Guide a food peddler fixed-point management

Manage aspect at the peddler of food, there being member of committee putting forwarding has to have a homologous encouragement measure guide food peddler into concentration, fix place management.The drafted plan modification stipulates in the draft currently:"Area, the county people's government should according to the principle of convenient crowd, reasonable layout, assurance correspond of fix management place, and draw up related encouragement measure, guide food the peddler get into concentration to trade the fixed place management of the market, and store...etc.."

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Fragrant space

"Fragrant space lira dialogue" should weigh in the cooperation

《People's newspaper oversea version 》version 01 publishes Zhang Xue just on June 03, 2011 for"' the fragrant space lira had a conversation' should weigh in the cooperation" article, the author was south modern China international relations institute for research second Southeast Asia and vice- bureau chief in Oceania graduate school, the contents is as follows:Fashion jewellery

On June 3, the tenth safe general assembly(again call fragrant space lira dialogue will) in Asia opens in Singapore, Chinese national affairs member of committee and defense secretary beam light strong lead a group three meeting.This is that mechanism establishes a decade, Chinese first time from defend long lead a group to attend meeting, is also the Mainland through the years three meeting the tallest delegation of Class.

The fragrant space lira dialogue will establish a decade and have already gradually developed to become the scale in the safety dialogue mechanism in Pacific Asia region biggest and tallest specification multilateral defend to work and one of the safe forums, to mutual communication, exchanges, comprehension and mutual trust exertion important function of that promotes Pacific Asia all countries.Since 2007, China has already sent the deluxe military delegation who is led by the vice-president chief of staff to attend meeting continuously for 4 years and promotes three meeting Classes more this year and embodies to the maintenance and promotes the high value of safety in the Pacific Asia region.

China is consistent with the sincerity, actively, constructive of the attitude take part in safety in the region cooperation, hope to pass dialogue and communication and promote a mutual trust and extend a consensus and promote cooperation, support Pacific Asia peace and stability together.Chinese delegation at many times in the past dialogue will ascend to all emphasize to point out, the Mainland always doesn't move the peripheral Mu of persistence"with border on to do good and take bordering on as a companion" to border on a policy and actively initiate a mutual trust, with each other benefit, equal, the new safe view of cooperation.It a, the assertion is ordered problem and international point of dispute with peaceful way solution heat in the region, the objection arbitrarily makes by force or mutually threatens by force, opposes invading to extend and opposes hegemonism and power politics.It two, gets along five military cooperative relations that principles develop outward military association, develop not to form alliance, don't resist and don't aim at a third square according to the peace, push an establishment fair effective of collective security mechanisms and military mutual trust mechanism.It three, insist open, trying to be practical, cooperation of principle, deepen an international safety cooperation, strengthen with main nation and periphery nation of strategic cooperation, negotiate to cooperate and take part in United Nations Wei and activity with military, at the sea escort, international anti-terrorism cooperation and relief activity.It four, support according to fair, reasonable, overall, balanced of principle, carry out effective disarm and armament control, maintenance world strategy stability.

Safety in the Pacific Asia region has complexity and much become sexual characteristics.The problem in developments in all countries is more,Lapidaries methods the race are as more outstanding as religious antinomy, territory and ocean rights point of dispute have been already heated, the doctrine, extremism activity of the policy of terror, abruption is multifarious.Pacific Asia all countries for strengthen safety in the region to cooperate current and urgent need and consensus, but also exist many rifts.The fragrant space lira dialogue in former years would once appear the statement of different standpoint is to the collision.All countries' appearing different viewpoint is normal, but the dialogue will should not become an individual nation to blame the place in other country intentionally, can not even become the tool that unilateral politics exerts pressure.

For the concern of country in the United States, Japan and India etc. to"China rising", the Chinese government expresses the firm decision of the persistence peace development road and the aggressive attitude of the push international safe cooperation for many times.The everyone should be in the light of mutual respect, forgive the spirit yielding to one another to strengthen a communication with each other, avoid because of quarrel and blame to break a mutual trust, cooperation of whole atmosphere.For the concern of ASEAN nation to the not- traditional safe problem and the territory point of dispute, the Mainland again and again express aggressive participation Pacific Asia economy safety, energy safety, the sincerity of environment safety and anti-terrorism cooperation, and lay claim to under the premise of keeping stability in the region, increase letter to release Yi through a bilateral outlet, gradually solve history to leave behind a problem.In this process, keep a mutual trust very important.Gemstone’s bright

Have a conversation a session, the beam is only strong to make special subject speech for"China of international safety cooperation" on June 5 and elaborate completely that China defendoofs the policy assertion that sex national defense policy and push region safety cooperate, constuct a harmonious Pacific Asia, and defend duty section with relevant nation to leader to develop dialogue to communicate, introduce Chinese troops in the international Wei and, disaster rescue, stroke the pirate etc. realm of principle and fulfillment.This the image of "open, self-confidence" that was full to make a show of Chinese government and troops.Participation in China for set up fair, fair, reasonable of new international safe dialogue mechanism to pass importance.

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silk yarn product

The Japanese east beautiful company releases a super thin nylon silk yarn product
Japanese textile product manufacturer's east beautiful company(Toray) has already started the overall production is provided for manufacturing socks and underwear to use of lately super thin nylon silk yarn product, Toray declares,Transmit heat sex the thin degree of that product obviously compares other yarn products on the market thinner.

Toray means that the nylon silk thin degree that is named Micromafin only is a 0.5 dtexes, is finest single yarn in the world.Include in the process of spinning silk threads the challenge that need to be overcome while developing that product in maintain the fiber diameter average Xian degree, and avoid a hot Shuai solution, the influence spins silk threads effect.

The Micromafin species has nylon 6 and nylon 66, it thin degree and number also can request according degreeto the customer to order to make, currently that product already the luck hand over a large ready-to-wear clothes manufacturer.East beautiful company enactment the sale target the first year is 25 tons, can grow up to 100 tons upward in the threeth year.

That product mainly the application is like underwear in the product of quality delicacy, be Micromafin drive Be process a silk usage,sight is normal it the characteristic that store air, make it as well suit to provide the production "frivolous and warm product".

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Become popular Korea 8

Become popular Korea 8 kinds of fresh and cool mix to take
In June, the weather is gradually hot and fresh and coolly match to be subjected to the most concern.How to wear the freshest and coolly, most fashionable?The origin expects Han Niu the street tide clap answer to you.Have fun to turn a tide color the United States take, shape fashion and then Gao Tiao of fresh and cool feeling!

1.Sleeveless tannin shirt
Straightforward and neat qualities, this quarter of tannin shirt still keeps receiving great favors.Simple of t Xu+ground flower short skirt, the ocean overflows youth vitality breathing.Match the cowboy blue shirt of straightforward qualities, the perfect fusion small chemisette is sweet and straightforward, the street robs a mirror very much.

2.The letter of alphabet prints the diagram short sleeve t Xu
Relaxed at will of the short sleeve letter of alphabet t Xu, the quarter spreads now of relaxed version type, the last body is getting more comfortable.Let fat thin MMs all ability perfect wear to take.In brief match hole Zi trousers, 裙摆的长度是挑战
rob the grain of eye to bump a color to wrap a pack, let you become street fashion to reach a person.

3.The tannin color connects body shorts
The fad degree is extremely high of connect body trousers originally the quarter greatly receive great favors a love, concern vogue current of how can you have no?Simple and direct the fresh and cool feeling for generously tailor, wearing to take a summer, the tannin material wears to take straightforward and neat qualities.The vogue tide person necessarily accepts a payment.

4.Whet to break the short sleeve relaxed t Xu
Intentionally whet to break effect, the fashion robs an eye of relaxed version type short sleeve t Xu.There is no a style of t Xu of enough personality, this style of request that definitely satisfy you.The low-key but sweet watermelon is red, these two years always is fully receive great favors a loving tide color.Relaxed version type, the this quarter current necessarily chooses.

5.The simple grain frivolity opens Shan
The summer mixs to take an essential single article.Body of Jian Yue frivolous material very comfortable,Bridegroom camera when the sky is cool or in the air condition building, is an all quite good choice.The tide person necessarily accepts a payment.Very 100 take.The blue and white grain is in brief delightfully fresh.

6.The short sleeve letter of alphabet t Xu
Jian Yue the letter of alphabet short sleeve t Xu, relaxed at will of version type, in brief generous.The letter of alphabet pattern that jumps up feeling makes the t Xu been full of youth vitality, relaxed version type be popular this year, let fat thin girls all have no burden of easily wear to take.

7.The short sleeve pattern t Xu
The numb bean pattern prints diagram, the fashionable breathing goes crazy rise.Relaxed version type short sleeve t Xu, the quarter current necessarily chooses a style now.In brief generous shape wears to take a vogue spirit field.Match recreational Fan Er Re's trousers, easily change person from tide in body street.

8.Jian Yue the letter of alphabet vest t Xu
Jian Yue's letter of alphabet prints the diagram vest t Xu and leads the length of hip, matching to beat bottom trousers or hot trouserses will wear to take a fashion to rob eye breathing.Sandals in Rome will make you easily become a focusSeveral sets.Can inside take vest or supporter construction summer to mix to take an impression.

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