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influence penal code

China company's catching a thief is controled to cause Canada to fix a method Chinese people value influence penal code
Medium the new net give or get an electric shock a comprehensive report way on February 19, the China company Chen Wang of Torondo catches a thief anti- was controled offense to once cause a sensation to all add, at experience endless litigation for 18 months after, he in was pronounced not guilty in October, last year.But the case announces to public "the citizen arrests power" in the Canadian penal code of to need an emendatory problem to still ferment.Canadian premier admired Po to declare on the 17th that the citizen arrests power to fix method proposal, and find out Chen Wang to call to push revision bill with all strength to pass in the congress.Chen Wang, and Chinese descent parliamentarian...etc. are in succession happy to fix a method to mean, the lawyer more points out that Chinese people's value's getting into to add the country pertaining to crime method China agency should feel proud.

Obeying the law the people should not become pertaining to crime judgment, the object admires Po to declare that the citizen arrests power to fix method proposal

This officer doesn't begin from May, 2009, the petty thief takes profit by special situation take in Chen Wang's store a plant, Chen Wang and employee made track for him a few street, exercise citizen to arrest power, succeed in catching he binds and closes in small Ba.Afterward, Chen Wang and his employee are controled to beat up and illegal durance.All control offense to all cancel in October, last year after tying up Song for more than a years.

The citizen who is caused public concern by Chen Wang An arrests a power problem, Canadian premier admires Po on the morning of the 17th at The Fairmont Royal York in Torondo, proclaim to introduce a citizen to arrest and self-defense bill(The Citizen's Arrest and Self-Defence Act), that bill will expand an usage the citizen arrest the opportune moment of power, and in the penal code, self-defense and maintenance property of rationalization and simplicity turn.Canada 《world newspaper 》point out, that proposal only puts forward currently and passes after staying in third reading in the congress.

Admire Po to mean, the government promises to want real offender rope it add a citizen many with the method such as is pertaining to crime crime of victim, should not become pertaining to crime judgment again under the system of two degree victim.This is also the government of so want the reason to have the reform to penal code, in order to let citizen's understanding, the law is a station the this place is at the people of, the judicial system is to aim at a suspect rather than victimize a person.The law also authorizes a thing industry owner, legal own a thing of industry of personal, or after the person of the thing industry owner or personal authorization, while reasonable scope of time inside, discovering someone breaching penal code and intruding into a thing industry or stealing and having something to do with thing industry property, can act straightaway and arrest it.In addition, the citizen arrests power to also be applicable to the spot to have no police.

Admire Po to mean, the people, who obey the law, should not become the object of pertaining to crime judgment system, that the law being new provide an appropriate citizen to arrest power and defend him/herlself, and the property protects to wait aspect, a clear direction.The people want to know that they can protect themselves to resist criminal offence, the judicial system at the back supports people in the meantime here of, not is resist people.

Introduce the reform of that bill, not with station in the forefront, resist a criminal police to enforce the law to have an outlaw, police still will keep on negative rise maintain the responsibility of social public order, the police is most importantly still to add a country to enforce the law organization.That bill puts forward and just cognize a police impossibly omnipresent, people have to can in the urgent circumstance have protection ego and the ability of the property.That bill also aims at the self-defense and the property protection regulation in the penal code to have reform, these laws then will know more and also more easily decide whether personal activity, self-defense of the maintenance of performance, other properties is reasonable.

The Chinese people community joy sees fix a method Chen Wang:Want to concern of isn't a government indemnification

Admire Po the premier go to the area Chinatown in Torondo on the morning of the 17th of the gold cow city supermarket, find out shop owner Chen Wang and its employee, and mean to push a citizen to arrest with all strength and the self-defense method revision bill pass in the congress.According to Canada 《newspaper in the star island 》report way, Chen Wang meant while attending the A1 Chinese broadcasting station program on the evening of the 17th, he receives the notice of premier's office by two days, will have officials to"gold cow city", but always unexpectedly is a premier admire the Po arrive in person by himself/herself, he feels very surprised to this.Chen Wang says that admiring Po and federal Secretary of Justice Ni can the business minister of Sen(Rob Nicholson) and elder inquire to still have the affair that the occurrence is similar to(steal) recently toward them first when Fan Tian Nu(Julian Fantino) walks into "the gold cow city supermarket" on the 17th?Say hello with 11 handshakes, such as employee and Chen Wang's husband and wife...etc. inside the store after.Chen Wang said that premier tells him, will continue to pay attention to this matter.

On that day for admire Po and declare to lead into revise 《the citizen arrest and self-defense bill 》, extension currently 《pertaining to crime method 》medium the citizen arrest of power, allow shop owner and owner to wait for someone, at pertaining to crime criminal acts occurrence after of reasonable time inside, can take arrest action, with the wealth and properties of the guarantee itself or together wealth and properties relevant of product.Chen Wang said that oneself always has never thoughted of to take place on him so on believing in very small case, finally will cause"fix a method", he says this not only is the strength of China agency, should be the result of each community joint effort.

Chen Wang says, if"fix a method" was successful, protecting his/her own property to the storekeeper would bring a help.For will deny to pursue government indemnification, Chen Wang says that he has never thought like this.He says he now the affair of initial concern not is compensate a problem and can carry out "fix a method" and can help the other more people and can't make them follow in his footsteps and caught a thief is on the contrary accused by police, also want the wave to take a lot of time to have a lawsuit with money, this be currently I am the worthest to do of important affair.

In the meantime, the federal government leads into extension the citizen arrest power bill to as well cause Chinese people's community including councilman of concern.Canadian federal new democracy party Chinese descent parliamentarian Zou goes to Hui to mean, will make an effort to match with a government, make the bill passed, but the bill can become legal statutes to contain elusive opportunity before the case in the budget, that party doesn't necessarily protect to admire a Po government, in order to make the bill able to become legal statutes.

Chinese people pertaining to crime lawyer, Chen Zan Yuan, then thinks, the new bill doesn't want to incite citizen to enforce the law by oneself, also not definitely strengthened the power of arresting of citizen and just guaranteed them once exercise citizen to arrest the result that the power results in, keep Chen Wang's case from repeating thus.He thinks that the new bill isn't a still square double-edged sword, can make them at will exercise a citizen to arrest power.When citizen met to steal a case, still want to report to the police first.

Chinese people's value gets into to add the country pertaining to crime method Chinese people's community to have reason to feel proud for this

While releasing to fix method proposal, admire Po the premier mean:"Big part of Canadians believe the right that legal statutes excessively guarantees offender has already lost appropriate balance, so have necessary modification legal statutes to extend the guarantee civilian's self-defense of right!"He says that with the diligence work huckster Chen Wang case for example, that case originally should is able to avoid sending out check to control, he just for protecting its wealth and properties and its family.

Chen Wang's affairs is tortuous from wearing the stripe a beginning and visit premier to make knot and cause the universal concern of people.Accept Canada 《clear report 》interview of relevant personage, without previous arrangement feel, the time small area to affairs Chinese people presumes now successful in career, insist own value, add the people people's livelihood to live for improvement, have a function.

Lawyer Xi cures to sincerely mean, this time affairs, can be treated as Chinese people had a leadership function, represented to add a country all law-abiding public.The Chinese people small area is making progress process in the affairs, insist own value judgment and think that the affair reversed a right and wrong.Now finally the Chinese people insist of the value got into the pertaining to crime method of adding the country and changed to add life to live.

She says that the problem that Chen Wang meets, not isolated.Many add a person to also all feel.The law-abiding citizen and shop owner protects the behavior of oneself's property and has rationality.Chen Wang drive after suing serious criminal charges, Chen Hong Ji starts, the Yuan sea shows off, the Xi cured to sincerely wait for someone to all take part in "victimize human rights benefit committee" and rose a function towards turning round situation, .

Medium the area Chinatown business improvement association Guo Wei of one of the representative directors only mean, when he sees the news that the premier in that very day come and declare to fix a method the biggest feeling is the Chinese people's noise of shouting and request, is responded to and respect.

He says that the premier admires Po now time is come to the claim of Canada including Chinese people, do reaction.Look back the whole affairs, "as Chinese people, there is a kind of victory feeling."He means.He believes that fix a method if succeed, can rise a function for the business environment of improvement Chinatown and Zu frightenning a petty thief small touching.The Chinatown can have a better development

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south continues

The south continues to take place several aftershock in the Chile
The new China net holy land second elder brother gives or gets an electric shock(reporter Luan soars) the southern ratio Ao in the Chile to compare an Ao region to take place on the 11th on February 11 inside surname 6.Ms 8 earthquake after, and then continue to take place several inside surname 3.9 classes to 6.3 class aftershocks, didn't make the personnel die or injure currently and the property lose.

The information that investigates to explore announcement in the bureau according to the American geology, the grillage Ni cures 20:05 on the 11th(4:05 on the 12th Peking time) time, in the Chile southern ratio Ao than surname in the Ao inshore occurrence 6.Ms 8 earthquake, the epicenter is located on ratio Ao to fill Pu than capital Kang in the Ao region west Weng with north 45 kilometers of, focus depth is 28 kilometer.

The earthquake takes place behind of compare an Ao region and continue to take place than the Ao several in few hours inside surname 3.9 classes to 6.3 class aftershocks.

The Xinhua news agency halts Kang to fill the Pu west member of Weng Bao Dao to see in the region, the earthquake causes transportation's disordering, telecommunication and network serve once break off, many people came together in the dismay discomfort of street.

On February 27, 2010, the Kang fills Pu west Weng and it surname in peripheral occurrence in the region 8.Ms 8 strong earthquake also trigger tidal wave and result in more than 500 persons' death, the economic loss is up to USD 30,000,000,000.Because the reconstruction makes slow progress, many disaster people still dwell in the simple tent currently.
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