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building to buy a car

The month goes into how the 8,002 people's house buy the building to buy a car
29 year olds, accountants of Mr. Wang, the month is income 5000 dollars, wife, Ms. Liu, is 26 years old, the medium edit, and the month is income 3000 dollars.

2 people just got married and there was the time deposit of 100,000 dollars, the city was worth the stock of 100,000 dollarsPearl Jewelry, the fund of 30,000 dollars.The bride chamber that lives currently is Mr. Wang parents to purchase for them of 80 even houses, the city is worth 310,000 dollars.The unit of 2 husband and wife is all by rule to pay four the insurance is one gold, there is no business insurance.

Manage finance a target

1)change one within two years is 120 even or so big houses, had better need not loan;

2)purchase a car in three years;

3)bring up a fee for the kid backlog that hasn't been born;

4)retire to enjoy life expenses to do preparation for 2 people.

Manage finance a suggestion

Two somebody else property condition in the court is very healthy and have no indebtedness.Deposit a comparison to lead Gao, disadvantage in acquire better investment repay, suggest a choice the risk opposite smaller fund carries on an investment.Free saving rat Gao, elucidation can use is ample to the funds investing, for completion finance mangaing the target has good foundation.

The Zan building style settles hurl bond type fund jewelry manufacturers

Mr. Wang's husband and wife change 1120 even or so big houses after thinking two years, had better need not lend money.

House City lived is worth 310,000 dollars and leads 4.97% calculation according to the price year growth of Chen2 Yang Fang currently, the city value(in consideration of annually 2% depreciation) of housing is about 353980 dollars now after two years.120 even bride chamber City values(live the unit price of house 4429 dollars calculation now according to them) is 585622 dollars after two years.So sell out existing housing after two years, changing one is 120 even big buildings and need a backlog 231642 dollars.If need not loan, can 60,000 dollars in the existing savings is a time of investment to purchase a bond type fund, the year is income 8%.Then throw in 6218 dollars monthly, carry on periodically certainly throwing and purchase a bond type fund, can carry out a target smoothly.

The plan of buying the car saves+fund

The suggestion stays 10,000 dollars meet an emergency reserve and change funds 60,000 dollars that building uses, outside of 30,000 dollars is a time of devotion funds and purchase a bond type the fund can accumulate 37791 dollars after three years.Every month can save to buy carfare gold 360 dollars and carry on a bond fund of periodically certainly throw 14592 dollars.After changing building the third year can throw in 6578 dollars, certainly throw 81896 dollars.After three years, can purchase a 134279 dollars or so sedan.

Educate expenses to begin after changing the car, buy building

To want to make the kid complete university education smoothly the kid is born behind in three years, is also want to accumulate a 190620 dollars education funds after calculating of six years from now.2 husband and wife after the realization changes building to buy a car target, can start accumulating the kid's education gold.After three years, be born to start from the kid, periodically certainly throw a bond type monthly the fund is 4703 dollars, can immediately accumulate a kid from be born the university graduation needs to educate a funds.

The insurance programs business insurance and backlog old age pension

Because 2 people are aring placed in a young period, the family formation expects, the risk facing is a lot of, but 2 people didn't purchase business insurance.10% that suggests that 2 people expend income namely 1000 dollars Be or so to purchase span of life, accident and disease insurance monthly.

From carried out to buy a car to change a building target of from the fourth year, can use in addition to the backlog educates a gold 1874 dollars of 4703 dollars carry on the accumulation of old age pension and suppose 2 people for 30 years, the countermarch rests and retires young man to live for 20 years.The cost of living expends 97302 dollars and needs 1946039 dollars for 20 years after 30 years.Concretely says,attraction landscape product be accumulate 1431 dollars monthly, can immediately carry out to in the future retire to enjoy life a target.


Mr. Wang's family income is higher and expend less, so carrying out the above-mentioned target isn't difficult.They can consider purchasing better vehicle, or send a kid to go abroad to study abroad, and raise 2 people current of living quality, periodically go out tour adequacy increment expenditure etc..

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life happiness

Friend's message blesses language
Life because of have a friend but Han Chang, because of occupy industry but calmly, because of have results to show but proud of, because of have a family but sweet, happy resolve to succeed because of hoping because of but, because of health but happiness, wish you complete with everything!

The very sweet smile is a fire, sincerely of the happiness is a pot, devout of the wish is a sparerib.Wishing the fire of smile to light is happy pot of and cook benedictory sparerib, the joss-stick of that wish floats to happy forever of you!

The green river bank grass cans not forgets you, the happiness is like small bird and didn't be annoyed every day and thought of you of well, the bosom friend is too difficult to seek.The friend is also not a few, be have no how are you, wish your mood more fine, health is never old.

Smoked dress grass legend:A stub represents friendship, two stubs represent love, three stubs represent a wish, four the stub representatives are happy, I want to give you the smoked dress grass of the full mountain full valley and let you own the most beautiful wish and endless happiness!

Send you nine hearts:Go out to have to be careful, the in love don't spend heart, work and work hard, everything want to concern, act towards people to use a benevolence, deal with affairs to want elaboration and successfully need persistence, failure to be disappointed, all happy every day!

Every have the place of sunlight, have me the profound wish, every have the place of moon, have me and deeply remember fondly, was meteor to once row the in a flash wish of my Xu Ge:Hope person who see this information whole life happiness!
What someone concerned about drifts on water not to call divagation;What someone kept company with weeps over not to call sad;The worry that someone shares doesn't call painful;The happiness that someone shares calls happiness.Sincerely wish to wish you since happy and happy! delicious chocolate

Delete yesterday's annoyance, make sure today's happiness, establish tomorrow's happiness, save a lasting benevolence, cancel the old grudge of world, glue to stick a fine mood, end, print you of smiling face.

If the heart is near, again far of the road is also short;If the friendship is made of honey, again bitter sea waters are all sweet;If the message is what you give out me, today then busy and also happy!If there is a kind of tacit understanding, be called mutually understand without saying;There is 1 kind feeling that being called is too subtle to be described;There being a kind of happiness being called to having you is concomitant;There is 1 kind remembering fondly to be called to hope to see fervently;Have a good friend will I of the information collect as treasure!

There is a kind of distance calling far, have a kind of thing but call good luck;Have a kind of state of mind call remember fondly, if there is 1 kind, concern call have no speech;There is a person beyond the horizon, his wish is in front of you, hope that your happiness is each !

Remembering fondly the other people is a kind of sweets, it is a kind of happiness to be remembered fondly by the other people, the understanding friend is a much to the point tacit understanding, the bosom friend perfectly and deeply hands over, the fate is long to last long to longly gather togetherEuropean countries, and the friend is a concerning about of generation after generation!

There is 1 kind remembering fondly to call a month full west building, have a kind of tacit understanding call the heart have already worked properly Xi, if there is 1 kind, feel call pleasant breeze light drizzle, if there is 1 kind, bless to call want ~only you lead than I like.Wish you every day, I ain't tired!

Recent whether happy, whether work works hard, whether friend is understanding, lover whether sincerely, if everything raises hand a painting benevolence satisfactorily and turns to make horizon persistence, it are happy to wish forever you.

Thank you, talk with me, stir I smile and solve my idea and listen to my language and grow my Zhi, even wanting what to thank you is whenever I need you you always where.

Hi, receive my information?Wish to wish you of each open happy heart!Can make you happy, this is my biggest wishes!

If rich is pain, wish your one pain again painful;If the success is stupid and wish you a stupid again stupid;If the under the moonlight and before flowers is also a bitterness and wish the bitterness that you ate not and to the utmost;If the healthy body is also wrong and wish you to all make mistake from cradle to the grave.

Wish you forget the weariness from overwork of work, keep stomach with the shark's fin swallows' nest, wash lung with the pure new atmosphere, make the brilliant sunlight rubbed to carry on the back, seek a group of friends to drink one small inebriate, again with the felling of kitty sleep ascend on sleeping, wish your mood great frailty!

Be getting more tired, be good friends with a good rest;Be getting wronger, don't put blame on oneself;Bitterness, is happy stairs;Harm,medical science industry know what is cherish;Smiled, then will forget to weep over;It Be getting more stuffy, see my message.

Send you one dish duck, eating will get homesick and there is also one Die vegetables, someone loves and goes together with previous soup every day, and the whole life is always healthy;Have another cup of wine, the love president of association is long and add rice, the lover is always concomitant.

Wish to wish you own:An ocean building, two China cars, the three people's house, at 4:00 visitor, five Yues swim, six happiness in person, seven feeling not disorderly, eight square friends are many, 99 lifes, ten think have no lead.The autumnal winds rises, the cold current of air is nasty;Advise a friend, love body;The cover likes quilt, wear good dress;The wine has to be little, the smoke has to be sparse;Frequently toughens, far the epidemic disease of the disease;Wish a friend, exhibition Peng wing;Whole family blessing, total satisfied.

If one day, you walk too tiredly, only on turning round, my wish at you nearby, ignore leave how far, turn this wish to order a point for blue star, in the first sun rays in the morning, in end of the day, Shan's Shan's Shan at you life of each !

Each time one flower petal, all take to have me the wish of earnestness, style style care, continuing wish, voice voice salute, please pleasant breeze transmission, wish fresh flowers and greenery accompany and embellish your gorgeous life, wish forever you are happy!

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addition to wrinkly

Self-made in addition to wrinkly fair emergency mask
In addition to wrinkly emergency mask
Coffee is a popular Xian body to protect a skin article of main function composition.The extract of caffeine, join to protect skin article formula, seeping through the skin deep effective composition can stimulate the digest row of fat cell to send, can make the swollen physique eased.And can also be with coffee come from making an emergency mask!Magic.Teaching everyone how to use coffee now is self-made in addition to wrinkly fair emergency mask.the program

For example:The VICHY the Mou beautiful eye department repair and maintenance wears a mile(288 dollars) to contain lipid-soluble caffeine composition and promote fading away of eye bag and eye department anasarca

Self-made in addition to wrinkly fair emergency mask-self-made coffee in addition to wrinkly emergency mask

Material:The egg yolk is a , the honey is a , the face powder a half, coffee powder 2 money


1.Sweep the face department clean. States Nationa

2.Mix blend the above-mentioned material Chong powder even, spread at the face department.

3.About after 10-15 minutes, use Wen Shui to wash clearly.

4.Lightly massage a face, make face department tiny hot tap by making up water then.

Effect:Make the skin full of and flexible and smoother, in addition to wrinkly, prevent crease from producing.

Self-made in addition to wrinkly fair emergency mask-self-made coffee fair emergency mask

Material:The almond is just the right amount of, coffee powder is just the right amount of, an egg white.


1.Steeping almond is soft with the hot water, the Dao becomes mire.

2.Be even to mix blend the almond mire and coffee powder, egg white, put into a closeness bottle.

3.Each before going to bed late, even is at the face department.

4.Wake up next day, use Wen Shui again to wash clearly. large screen

Effect:Smooth skin in addition to wrinkly, make the flabby skin drawn tight, downplay a black spot, make the skin pure white and bright.

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summer vacation

The whole summer vacation my living center put in looking after puppy and part-time job, these two affairs.Puppy at my with meticulous care look after fat a lot of, each time I go off work to go home just open the door it the fart Dian fart Dian the ground run to come over, far had a liking for to go to at first be like a regiment knitting wool to roll to come over.

The afternoon of the seventh night of the seventh moon I especially the idea asked for leave to seek a week morning as well, his member of team smile happily ground to call I, the kid keeps a daughter-in-law, you come, go on vacation today one good heavens, didn't he seek you?

Once my in the mind sink and force a smile to say, nothing important, I walked.

The square puts a smoke flower in the evening, I lead long a puppy to clip to in the center seem to be inharmonious in a lot of loverses, a lot of girl's sons that wear lace skirt, wear the boys of white T-shirt, looking at and then feel enjoy to please the eye.

I saw when the first smoke flower went up the sky the week beside the fountain as well morning, also have his Anne the glorious Rui, they also saw I am still fat of puppy.

Week as well the morning start to embrace a puppy to tease it for fun, long time no see, have to miss me.The Anne glorious Rui beside smiles very dignifiedly, I more see what I's more feeling is like superfluous, I take out a gift box the glorious Rui is to Anne and send to yours, wish your blessing like East China Sea, the life compares south mountain.

Week as well the morning give a smile and say to her, the Yan Yan talks always a hideous mess of, you don't mind.

I an once robbed a puppy, I threw you of face.

The glorious Rui says that the Yan Yan thanks you and play together with us, person's many jollifications are some.

I can not throw self-respect, hence once the my big hand flick, not, there are a lot of boys at wait me, you have a good time a point.

Once I turn round, discover a matter that makes me difficult more to see, I see stare ox-eyed to fine, I flurried pull she walks, but she jilts to open my hand and walk previous two point at a week the face in morning indignantly say as well, you how can so to our Xi Yan!

I tightly pull her, not yes and not yes, fine, I after a while give you the explanation, then I start to embrace a puppy to pull all alone all alone to fine run, also don't live to turn head to the week as well morning and Anne glorious Rui say, sorry, let .down

The result that this matter causes be until school begins I have never seen again week as well morning, connect the telephones that he beats all not answer, message also not return, I was disgraced to see him.

If isn't that wildfire, probably I also have been hiding him.

BE waked up with a start to the fine scream in dead hour, discover that the whole floor is that the all thick smoke is billowing, the wildfire has been spreading to come over from the next door, so the person flusters toward down stairs to run, I suddenly think of what, the dog go toward to once the fine bosom fill, the head doesn't return to ground to fire nautical mile to hurtle as well.

That's right, I is to take the dolphin male Zi, that is he sends for the first time to I of gift, anyway I want to protect.I embraced huge male Zi to walk 2 is been getting more dizzy by the Qiang and depend on sparse see big his anxious face.

When I wake up already in health center in the school, to fine they round I cry, I have spirit to feebly say, don't cry, haven't died.To fine bad ruthlessly scold me, for the sake of a male Zi you as for, then pull all sisters to withdraw a health center, I this just sees week in the corner as well morning one face Be painful to cherish ground to looking at me.I want to say a point with him what, but openings with forget speech.

Silent along while, he says, Yan Yan, I tell you a secret that has never told anyone.No.12th the right sides in the airport second pedestal's automatically selling goods machine is bad, throwing a coin will jump out 2 can, I once tried, you also try next time, then he smiled.

I didn't smile, I said, sorry, the seventh night of the seventh moon that is the misunderstanding, I have been wanting to explain with you, because you usually send food for puppy, and my friend may misunderstand.

His eyes are very bright, he says, that puppy that is also you, Yan Yan.Then he sighed tone to say, you took a rest well, Christmas Eve I take you see a smoke flower.

I hid face in the pillow and stealthily cried.

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Ba Fei especially

Bear market under study Ba Fei especially can solution set
The world took place this year a rare big this year disaster, Chinese stock market this year is also again and again bottom.The many people adopts ostrich policy, don't see not to listen to not to ask not to think, the software on the computer also seldom opened to see, the funds account more didn't dare to face again, special subject convene and this is clearly contrary with ambition life ambition for past to buy stock.

Experienced time of good feeling, some investors say with me, they can earn the wages in quite a few month for a day, very fantastic.But start to ask a stock now, they answer like this:"Have already beaten to offer a 70% discount towards folding, even, stay to my son, wait my son to grow up, always should meeting solution set?"

Encourage "set middleman" persistence at this time of, is the most successful investor in probably global stock to expect thin especially Sir.Someone says that you see Ba Fei especially does a stock want to take for 35 decades, I also want to study from him.I counter-question:"Why expect thin outstanding in the United States but not in Japan?Why expect thin outstanding is the big disaster after in 1929?"The Japanese stock market is as long as 20 years of great bear City, certainly not expect thin expect especially and besides thin not only caught up especially the United States is as long as 70 years of economic growth period, more lucky was born at the stock price of lowest fan of time, wait the time that he starts buying a stock, all horrifyingly sell at a discount on the market goods.So, produce Ba Fei especially is needing exterior is conditional-the current trend of events build hero.

More serious problem BE, greatly parts of persons buying a stock is small to earn to hurriedly throw at 1:00 and compare with own wages smug,protect a sum need but fall 20% above but Be not willing to Sun.Thus, inside in the bull market didn't earn how much, the whole great bear City poured to all eat up profits, even the principal also lose miserably heavy.This circumstance is to come to a bull market again, also can not definitely solution set.After some years and even if solved a set, how much does the opportunity cost and time lost's cost have again?(10,000 dollars wanted after some years and current of 10,000 dollars how ability equivalent)

In fact, currently stock market regardless from a macroscopic side is still a tiny view basic situation, from a peripheral environment is still an internal structure, and the supply relation of stock market to see, market's circulating trends don't change and left to walk strong still differ very far.For have been deep set of of person come to say, everyone probably has already had no courageous cut Cang here, but have two very decisive operations of important point, have to remind the amateur of quilt sack.

The first, the most people more falls to more buy, this is very dangerous.Before all of the trend not yet finished turn over, if must throw money and go in and do short line,manages financealso want and remember to be quick and enter a quick, must can not become"dead money" to"live money".

The second, greatly parts of persons like to buy a rise to be smaller of, cheaper garbage, this is very dangerous.Since have the misfortune to system that bear big dish's slump risk, should as far as possible get around system the risk change into an index number type the being turned by the edge ETF or LOF not fund, so can't appear big dish to fall a half,Don't give him money it falls seven, the risk of 80%.See foreign stock market large numbers of several hair money even several cent, the garbage of money, see our garbage of several dollars again,do not make person terrible?

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Er Wei shop Cityo

Su's parking the Er Wei shop Cityo still has already sold my to search fox
People the net Wei shop on October 21 give or get an electric shock according to news net report way in the Wei shop recently, have the medium report the way, province Harbin City industry and business section in Heilongjiang discover, totally has unqualified the Er stainless steel container in Su lake of 81 model numbers in the check, existence manganese the content is super to mark, the Nie content don't reach an object problem, national parts of region selling exhibitions have already carried on the off-the-shelf processing to the "unqualified" Su lake Er product.On October 20, the reporter goes and sees my city city area a few large supermarket selling exhibitions discover, three allied appliances didn't sell the brand's"unqualified" product, Su rather electric appliances as to it's carry on off-the-shelf processing, finance mangaingWall-Mart etc. the supermarket still has sale, when off-the-shelf still need to wait for an end examination a result.Investigate:The "unqualified" product still sells

Allow at 10:00 A.M. October 20, the reporter arrives at the city area new China road three allied appliance markets and park an Er counterc and have never discovered to have a quilt at Su the "unqualified" product sale of the Pu."Er in Su lake that is exposed"unqualified" product is mostly some cooking products, we carry on a check after the Su lake Er product that sells to the for the domestic sale market, didn't discover a "unqualified" product."Three allied appliance market little appliance department director, Yang Ping, say.

The second floor Su in new China road a large supermarket parks (cars) an Er counter shelf up, drive Pu"unqualified" Su park (cars) the Er stainless steel Ⅱ type milk pot(model number:ST16 N1), Su parks (cars) the Er stainless steel Ⅱ type, the double layer steams a pot(model number:SZ26 N2), Su parks (cars) Er to steam the treasure soup steams to use pot(model number:ST26 R1) more to wait several products to contain sale.Sold a personnel to say, they hadn't received the off-the-shelf notice.

Later on, the reporter went and saw the Wall-Mart shopping square, blessing of the city area east breeze east street to enjoy many stores in the early spring park again and all discovered to have "unqualified" Er product in Su lake to be selling.

A week surname in Wall-Mart supermarket representative director says:"we still have to receive the off-the-shelf notice now, once sent out public notice for us before Su parks Er factory house and called that the product has no problem.To the product in the supermarket whether off-the-shelf still need to be seen the end examination is as a result."

"Currently, we have already parked an Er productp to carry on the off-the-shelf processing to"unqualified" Su."Su rather electric appliances new China road store little electric appliances department manager Dong say, recently, Su rather the hair notice in electric appliances headquarters, parked the Er"unqualified" productp to carry on to Su off-the-shelf processing, the product involved is only a kind of to steam a pot inside the store.have beautiful moveCitizen:The quality control buys just rest assured

In the process of covering in, the reporter parks an Er stainless steels for Su the container appear a "unqualified" problem and random covered a few citizen.The parts of citizen said that to recent park the report way of Er productp concerning Su and have no knowledge, but know Er in Su lake to be then meant by the citizen of the Pu"unqualified" product, will replace other brands or postpone to purchase.

"The quality that should promise a product in the factory house, only this consumer would buy, qualities can not promise, how make us buy trust."BE telling a reporter at a citizen, Ms. Wang, of large purchase electric appliances in supermarket of new China road, several years ago, she with old changed to lately change the rice cooker that a Su parked Era, but much more useless long-term, the button on the pot was getting worse.

"Su parks (cars) the product quality of Er always quite good, I originally intend to purchase a style of electricity baking pan of Er in Su lake and read news hereafter don't dare to buy as well.Industry and business section says that the examination makes out questions now, Su parks Era and says the double check is all right, first the etc. sees, if don't go and then change the product of other brands."Mr. Zhang who lives small area in the early spring park in the house says.Progress:Er in Su lake calls its product is qualified

On the afternoon of the 20th, the reporter stired to make Er national after-sales service telephone in Su lake call.Staff member, who answer the phone, said, Su parked Er electric appliances any nonexistent quality problemp and took out to check an unqualified Er stainless steel container product in Su lake to industry and business section in Harbin, company already in mid- September, again carry on an examination with metal product quality direct examination center through a national day.Examine a result for qualified, can't healthily result in to the user influence, ask a consumer to trust an usage."On October 19, the company has already released public notice to this, the concrete contents can search on the Internet."That staff member says.

Later on, the reporter trades to check in the information in the stock certificate, Su parks Era to release to announce to call on October 20, "aim at to have recently medium report way the Er parts of cooking utensil stainless steel products in Su lake is suspected of endangering consumer's health of circumstance, the company is declared as follows now:1.All related stainless steel products that the company makes many times in the past and all pass a national related organization examination and examine to show as a result various examination index signs including physics and chemistry index sign are all qualified, the product meets a food safe hygiene request,Manage finance equation can't healthily produce disadvantageous influence to the consumer.2.Through statistics, this time stainless steel product affairs involves of product year sell a sum around and share a company for year 2% of total sales, the company anticipates this time affairs to conduct an accomplishment to result in great influence to the company.3.Currently company just at and the related section actively communicates to handle this matter, if have a new progress circumstance, will announce in time."

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CEO the United States

Luo the Mu Ni"get to run":Want to be "CEO the United States"
On the 18th, American Republican party a few presidential campaign persons launch new 1 to argue in the Las Vegas.After a few months come of stalemated, currently choosing of Republican party feeling already basic lucidity.Ex- Ma Sa Zhu fills state eparch Luo the Mu Ni"get to run" is very likely to obtain the victory of end.

Presidential campaign person of Republican party latest 1 argues in the Las Vegas to hold, ex- Ma Sa Zhu fills state eparch Luo Mu Ni, ex- get a gram of Sa Si state the eparch wear in and businessman Kai boon etc. the popular candidate take part in.The topic for arguing puts great emphasis on mortgage crisis,poisonous soup the jobless rate upsurge, and illegal immigrant problem...etc..

The advantage is obvious

According to the opinion poll, the Luo Mu Ni leads to 26% in support in the party currently, while the Kai boon close on the heels of afterward for 25% and wear in of support rate have already fallen to 13% currently.Leave severals run for a person of all of support rates are a to count, currently see come already very difficult to Luo the Mu Ni and Kai boon constitute threat.

See currently, the Luo Mu Ni hasn't a few advantages.First, he run for the presidential election in last time and all had certain popularity with American domestics in the party.And Luo the Mu Ni really has certain ability in handling an economic problem, that year fills the state to Ma Sa Zhu and deals with tidy, he puts forward and is "CEO(chief executive officer) of the United States" and hasn't small public appeal under the circumstance of economic recession currently.

Still save variable

Though businessman support rate of Kai boon and Luo Mu Ni match equally, the Kai boon lacks to join the government career and outward hand over a problem is also know not much, is asked and who is an Uzbekistan president tongue-tied, also say "have no necessity to know now".Therefore not a few analysis personages think, the Kai boon constitutes to the Luo Mu Ni of the threat isn't big.

But, say Luo of now the Mu Ni have already targeted to win a bureau to return for lead early.The poll suggests that currently, haven't finally decided to support the independent parties votes of 2/3 of the Republican party voteses and tendency Republican party means, which election person, this means, a few months Republican party primary election landscape will still exist very big variable in the future.

Adjust strategy

Ao expects a horse to admit on the 18th, the American presidential campaign will be a campaign of"approach very much" in 2012.The Ao expects a horse in 2008 at many"sway state"s, for example the North Carolina, the Fu Ji Ni second state Be just narrow victory, but along with the depravation of economic American circumstance, Philip LEDthe Ao expects a horse the choosing of state feeling is precarious at these.In the Fu Ji Ni second state currently, exceed to the people of Ao Ba Ma's disaffection half attain 51%, but support rate only reaches to 44%.

The Ao expected a horse to also adjust election strategy and released increment revenue from tax and creation to work etc. a series of measure, thoroughly make a clear distinction boundary with Republican party.Because the election in next year is previous, the American economy significantly turns for the better of possibility extremely minute, therefore the Ao expects the horse current way of doing is battles out the people's trust with Republican party, Ao Ba Ma hopes to beat Republican party up the label of "hinder economy recovery",Europe takes charge let oneself become "compare Republican party better choice"

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wasted feelings

Love, after once loving, wasted feelings
A person fallen asleep, a personal silly wake up, a personal stunned …

Friend's a question that I want to ask to see."What is a love"?My own answer be":Waste feelings after once loving."Do not know at the moment of you after seeing will to love 1 how of fixed position.I don't knowbands togetherBut I.Give him such a fixed position.Probably will the friend says I am some to be partial to arouse.Even say that I don't understand love.May you will sneer at the true meaning that I don't understand love.These I am or so not you.Hold up you again to see for several minutes, the underneath is me to the love of shallow talk.

Love.A topic with constant from ancient times.From cradle to the grave everybody is in the middle will look for and conduct intentionally of topic.It is also in the middle life necessary part.BE have to experience of one part, is also the most beautiful good part.These make the love changed of fine, sacred, we throw in feelings, throw in time, throw in energy and throw in money.All for finding to a steadfast unto death love for oneself.Have everlasting, have romantic sentimental appeal and haven't to leave not to leave, have joys and pains to together enjoy, the blessing disaster betogether …are these really fine and try to ask several people to attain?

Love.After once loving, wasted feelings.It is husband and wife to hardly have love in ancient times.Have love of hardly is husband and wife.A rightness of men and women whom the never some side leads can knot for the husband and wife.The innocence of childhood friends of childhood friends can not connect a reason.Take care of you love much and deeply and hate much to slice.The ethics morals in ancient times and rule the frame put at you in the moment.You don't dare Fan.You love of again deep ability how?Everythings all just bite a file just.Go to deep to slice of love, commitment with old wasteland in the sky, but is tied up by the speech of the parents' life, Mei Shuo of the ancients!You loved an ability how?Just wasted feelings …

Can so many people but it happened thatly continue Chi fan.Finally the opportunity came.When marriage freedom these four words speak in the mankind's of time, many people all happily smiled.Finally arrive the Le luck turns after hardship day.From now on behind we all can with the free love.Finally be free from those limiting of old customs.This seems to look very very very good.Can you feel?

"Shan marriage""naked marriage" fresh in"building marriage" phrase language every day will appear among the front page news.Now social main current, also what to pursue is a break sad but beautiful love?Have the Shi of the lung stomach of "the mountain has no Leng, world in order to match, just dare cut off with gentleman"?Have the life and death of "keep the hand of son, is as old as son Jie", does it depend on?Have?Have of Be just empty talk!

Say too finely.The imagination is very abundant.But!The society is very realistic!Man more and more elephant woman!Woman more and more elephant man!Everythings all changed in character.Love.Need money to conduct,Dimensionless black need a luxurious residence sports car to conduct, need power and influence fame and wealth to conduct, need a luxurious life to conduct.These point of departures that became love.Certainly, I don't deny there being no love in this world as well.Have?The Yao cans not is nasty just!

At the indulge in a life of dissipation, red-light green wine of the reality is in the middle.Want that finding penny love is very difficult very difficult.All everythings are rotting unbearable go into eyes.Need a luxurious residence sports car to conduct, need power and influence fame and wealth to conduct, need a luxurious life to conduct.These point of departures that became love.Certainly, I don't deny there being no love in this world as well.Have?The Yao cans not is nasty just!

At the indulge in a life of dissipation, red-light green wine of the reality is in the middle.Want that finding penny love is very difficult very difficult.All everythings are rotting unbearable go into eyes.And originally that sacred greathearted love also drive pollute of the deceitful Huang have no.Which love will through of rise a test?Which love low lived temptation?Which love mutually depend on eventually old?All consider as the game to the love, even the marriages all seem to be virtual.I love you be for getting you, you love I be because I have you of demand!A personal really paid all, another person turns head and then walks I had no commendable place on you.That you are good for nothing to me.The reality in the reality makes the love devoid of any merit!Think of again fine will be also smashed by the reality.

Our loves all after once loving, wasted feelings.You don't have abundant material foundation.Don't want to own long-last love!Feelings has already had no first earnestness at in.He is people, he is selfishly people to obtain of lend just!Not worth a damn …

After once loving, waste feelings of love everybody is experiencing, but have no a personal disillusion to come over.Friends, turning pointthe social reality disallows us to throw in more feelings again.Don't in the simpleton go to wasted feelings.Want to do of is enrichment oneself.Hit with money and power a love~

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The Mexican desire sets up a giant underground building in order to solution the population live a problem-Underground the pyramid"Gao"300 meters
According to Mexican medium report way, the Mexican building design teacher is just intending in center underground in its capital city Mexico City to construct "Gao" pyramid shape of a 300 meters of unprecedented in history building!According to know, "underground pyramid" will be set up to famous constitution square in Mexico City and grow each 240 meters of breadth and always cover area about 57,600 square meters,blood recipe thorough underground 300 meterses, totally have 65 F!

According to the report way, this"pyramid" will be set up to famous constitution square in Mexican capital city Mexico City.Sees from the design diagram, this building presents the pyramid structure that the top and bottom sets upside downs and grows breadth each 240 meters and always cover area about 57,600 square meters!Let the person sigh for the view of BE, "underground pyramid"'s being located on the surface of ground is one whole big slice of transparent glass"roof"s, "roof" center stands erect a flagpole that hangs Mexican national flag, it under then a "courtyard", let to only can go directly to underground from the ground naturally.But the underground building of "pyramid" unexpectedly reach to 65 F more, the totally underground depth reaches to 300 meters!

According to be responsible for the designer Su second Lai Si of design"underground pyramid" to reveal, "underground pyramid" all 65 F buildings pressing its functioning is been divided into three districts, among them, the theest above 10 F is a museum and used for exhibitting pedestal gram the civilization and Mayan civilization loose to stay of ancient artifacts.In the next 20 F,cares foodresidence and market are each to have 10 F, while the deepest 35 F then will be an office building to transact.Will also set up a history that cultural center exclusively study Mexico and its pyramid inside"underground pyramid" in addition.

The designer Su second Lai Si said that Mexico City is one of the biggest cities of population density on the earth, while this"underground pyramid" will be able to accept around ten thousand persons to live a life in the meantime and be good enough to solve a part the population will live a problem in the future, become people to evade a city to hustle busy living"refuge shelter" in the meantime.

According to the report way, plan in Mexico City builds "underground pyramid" plan to be still placed in a speculation stage currently, but that creativity can be treated as"unprecedented".However, want on the ground to build conceiving of pyramid shape building big someone at, some even has already for example carried out city center in capital city Paris, France will soon also construct "the Mo triangle tower in the sky" of unprecedented in history currently, it will have 40 F the floor is 180 meters high, the form is like a pyramid for reaching to the sky.According to know,Four types of foods "the Mo triangle tower in the sky" from the steel and the glass manufacturing, always cost to be up to 535,000,000 euros, and will complete work by 2017.Once being finished, "the Mo triangle tower in the sky" will construct inside the Parisian more than 30 in the last yearses city the first skyscraper, will also become the 3rd high building in Paris.

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sparerib soup

The best turnip sparerib soup
People often say "the winter eats turnip to eat for summer, a year the four seasons protect health", the species of turnip also has a lot, limited resourceswe familiarly mainly have radish, green turnip, Japanese white radish and water turnip.But the consumer make blurred, all since is a turnip, exactly which grow better?
Each color turnip is each to have each good

The radish also calls carrot, imply a great deal of carotene, and the sour abundant C ammonia waits nine kinds of amino acidses and mineral qualities, such as calcium, Lin and iron...etc..The carotene having in the radish makes growth effect shown Zhao towards protecting sight, .The radish livings to eat to keep blood, familiar take tonic a body.The carotene in which is a lipid-soluble material, it is best edible way to explode to stir-fry with the oil, its nourishment material can full absorbability.The carrot washes paring clearly to chop whole piece become soup with chicken or pig bone Bao, the nourishment doubles.

There are protein, fat and abundant calcium in the Japanese white radish, also enrich to contain a great deal of vitamin and mineral qualities, such as Lin and iron...etc., 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》call that it is "Shu in the most beneficial".The Japanese white radish livings to eat to urge digest, familiar take tonic spirit.Living to eat its mordacity of the composition can urge a stomach liquid to secrete and adjust stomach and intestines function and also have to eliminate inflammation a function very strongly, can also stop coughing.Heel chicken, pork, mutton etc. braise to eat, can repair to annoy agreeable spirit.

The contents of green turnip starch mineral materials, two letterssuch as Mao, protein and potassium...etc. are all very high and have Jian Pi and prevent and cure phlegm much, thirsty tongue thirst etc. effect.There are 8 grams of proteins, 45 milligrams of vitamin C and abundant meal fiber in every 100 grams of water turnips.Have benefit urine and eliminate a food etc. effect.These two kinds of turnips generally living to eat, sweet hot alternate, the great frailty is pleasant.

In fact, four kinds of turnips none of nourishment is vulgar, each have each one.The Chinese medicine angle speaks that the Japanese white radish can repair to annoy amiable spirit;The radish can repair heart and live blood to keep blood, the heart cerebral sufferer can much eat;Green turnip can pure hot comfortable liver, but the benefit urine of water turnip the function is specially good.Everyone can choose quite the cheese kind according to own physical endowment.

In autumn the turnip match water pear

"Turnip for the tea, spirit the doctor is everywhere to climb" is a well-known common saying, the agriculture Yan still has "head Fu turnip two Fu vegetableses" it says.Because the early autumn eats turnip, can dispel in addition to the weakness in the midsummer seasonal changes heart.The seed of turnip can eliminate a food to turn phlegm and descend spirit to certainly breathe heavily;Leaf ability Xie;Knot the seed dies of old age of root, call a ground of withered Luo, the ability benefit urine backs swollen.Turnip and tea have to mutually melt of place, go into an autumn to eat turnip and drink good tea, can really get rid of a poison that the Yu in summer human body accumulates hot of spirit, and quickly recover vitality.

When the turnip just became available in the market in autumn, might as well choose those sizes are consistent and clear and crisp not hot, the humidity is many, since keep the especially having of the turnip turnip that the flavor has no vegetables water flavor again.《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》have been already added to the turnip applause as well, call that it is "Shu in the most beneficial".

Majority of time of turnip aren't liked because of its special flavor.Some people because can not stand this turnip flavor, can respect to this flavor"the medicine in the Shu" but far of, this is really very regrettable.In fact want ~only careful cook, the turnip can also become a good dinner.Here specially recommend a style of Chen Pi's turnip to cook meatball to everyone.

The lord anticipates for mutton;Assist to anticipate to include to have Japanese white radish, Chen Pi, parsley and;Adjust to anticipate for the salt, essence of chicken, and pepper...etc..

Boil to make a method:

Square one:Chopping mutton into meat stuffing to join salt, essence of chicken to mix blend is even and cut into a Japanese white radish,environmental protection Chen Pi and all silk back up;

The second step:Pour into water by a pot of point fire, treat boiling behind is very hot the turnip silk familiar take out to put into a bowl, join Chen Pi, in the soup;By hand push meat stuffing into a round mass of food into the pot, after cooking put go into just the right amount adjust to anticipate, then pour into a bowl, put into parsley then.

This vegetables, the turnip can clean muttony special Tan flavor, the mutton can also take vegetables water flavor of turnip.Profit both parties, the aroma is complete.

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penalty makes

The death penalty makes Troy ·Davis' dead, cause a sensation the whole United States.From is penalized death penalty to start that day, 20 in the last yearses, he continuously appeals to higher court, until execute criminal that day, he is still bringing up to report to the court.On September 21, several 100 people come together in the doorway of jail and loudly weep over, embrace each other and protest against to execute criminal to Davis.As long as 20 years of judgment time makes person's sob, whether controversy of the abrogation death penalty once in a very long while doesn't spread.

"I am innocent, I basically have no gun."In the article of death front, 42-year-old Troy ·Davis still say like this.On September 21,experiences personally he because of murder the offense is carried out to inject death penalty.One dragged along the lawsuit finally ends for 20 years, but the lawsuit cover coffin that didn't make this Kuang day held out for long time of fighting to the death of Davis talks about to settle, people's issue continues up to now.20 in the last yearses, once several preparation in law court carry out death penalty to Davis, but he always declares categorically his own innocence, penalty a push to push again.

"I ain't a murderer"

"I ain't a murderer, I didn't kill your sons, father and brothers, and I was innocent.You finally will see factual true facts.My family and friend will continue to fights for true facts, those persons who capture my life, wish the souls that God forgives you."Before executing criminal, Davis' emotion still shows equanimity.

10:53 p.m.(local time), death penalty witness said, after Davis injects the first poisonous needle, the eyeball doesn't stop inside out, slowly lose consciousness,Causeway Bay releases the whole process keeps on for 15 minutes.

At 11:08, Davis forever shut last eyes.The witness says:"The whole room Mi spreads gloomy emotion, he lies on curing of a deadly pale to use sickbed quietly up."This living time still grow than free time in the jail of American, finally left a jail by the way dying.

The case victimizes person's mark ·the widow of the mark thin Er say:"The that time waited a repair to distress, my dead to Davis didn't feel the slightest happy.I will pray for Davis' family, because they have already comprehended our pain and sufferings and distress now."

A homicide case of cruelty

Troy ·Davis is a black, the house lives Zuo to cure second state.

On the dawn of August 19, 1989, 20 successful in career of he and friend the west Er Wei Si especially ·section Er Si after finishing taking part in the party at the parking lot of a hamburger doorway of fast food shop king with pass night in the open pull in · occurrence quarrel.two storesThe quarreling of vehemence voice is led part-time public security mark of fast food shop ·the mark thin Er.

The formal occupation of the mark thin Er is a police.When he comes forward to stop, suddenly someone dynasty his face department open fire, the mark thin Er echoes to fall on the ground.Commit murder to walk up to pour in the mark in the pool of blood thin Er, the close quarter repaired one gun to his chest, the bullet once wore his heart.The 27-year-old mark thin Er dies there and then.

Several divas, several 100 people attended the burial rites of the mark thin Er, including numerous counties, state and federal police officer.

The section Er Si is namely arrested by the police on that day, and identified Davis to order 38 caliber revolvers to shoot the mark thin Er with 1.On the morning of August 20, the police searched Davis' house and took away a white shorts from the washer.On August 23, Davis is controled premeditated murder.

The police confirms on the spot collections of cartridge and Davis early ex- is sentenced of shooting relevant.In addition, police up to the present haven't found out a weapon involved in murder, don't also find out any blood or DNA, the proof directly proves that Davis is a rifleman.

But, November 15, 1989, on law court of place, the one who include to pass night in the open pulls in · at inside of several witness' identifications:"Davis who wore white underclothing and shorts at that time kills the mark thin Er with gun."Davis' neighbor hero Fu in ·the Sa Pu also say on law court:"Shoot a case behind soon Davis once admitted that he is a murderer to me."

In August, 1991, the judge provides according to test and witness' certificate of the spot environment proof, ballistic expert, verdict to Davis performance death penalty.

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Microsoft ·cover Ci

President Bill of the Microsoft ·cover Ci:

His influence keep on several persons tomato alter is absorbed

Give or get an electric shock the evening of the 5th according to The Xinhua news agency, the industry well-known business enterprise initiates person and chief the executive officers all gave the condolence to this Silicon Valley legendary figure.

The Joe cloth Si left 1 only he then can create of company, his spirit will is the root of apple forever.

-Apple incumbent chief executive officer Di Mu tomato urges a metabolismthe database gram just all together mention in the employee's E-mail to the company

Steve is acquainted with to about 30 year agos with me, at each other of the greater half living in once was colleague, rival and friend.Few someones can be like Joe cloth Si thus produce to thus and profoundly influence to the world, this influence will keep on from now on several persons.

-President Bill of the Microsoft ·the cover Ci say

Cloth Si customer of Joe's experiencing personally a highest principle has been inspiring me.After I become an executive officer from song chief in valley, he though the body isn't quite right, still amicably active contact me,vegetables compose· put forward opinion and suggestion for me.

-The valley song initiates one of the persons and chief the executive officer pulls inside ·wear strange say on the song social intercourse"valley song+" in the website in the valley

Steve appreciates that you become my tutor and friend.We appreciate that you prove that a person's business can change world.I will miss you.

-The theatrical mask company initiates person's mark ·firm gram Bo2 Ge say

The Joe cloth Si is the history person of an Edison or Ford Class, he was so young and then walked, this was the loss in the world,autumn eats even mushroom and he once had been teaching me and noticed health.

-The United States most has the science and technology columnist fertile Er of influence especially ·Mo Si Bo2 's space write to say

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energy first book

Female career energy first book
After 30 years of observation and research, Fu orchid gram the Er Doctor discover, on the female body of above 90%, all have a set of special activity to make a parties, such as work too diligent, like to get to ask for an opinion before deciding, one heart saves small money for company and fears to give offense to a person etc..the scopeThese womans accustom to even leading for the conducting way of the advantage and the virtue, just at done in complete secrecily from ruin future prospects.

Contents guided reading:after 30 years of observation and research, Fu orchid gram the Er Doctor discover, on the female body of above 90%, all have a set of special activity to make a parties, such as work too diligent, like to get to ask for an opinion before deciding, one heart saves small money for company and fears to give offense to a person etc..These womans accustom to even leading for the conducting way of the advantage and the virtue, just at done in complete secrecily from ruin future prospects.

《Bloom 》tallied up a career in one book, the female made most easily of 101 careers are false and easily and skillfully dissolve the female's career predicament, let the female bloom the career appearance that is full of energy.

The net boudoir spreads such a words,movement safeguards "whatever you learn professional, seeking the work must seek, you like of, so you everyday morning from 6:00 to evening 8 points are all happy.Again seek a person who likes together, so 6 points are happy from 8:00 p.m. to morning of, this be life."Actively forwarded to express 100001000 career expecting of person and imagine:Pleased work and life, the Lao has.

Probably very difficult, otherwise can't regard as to"imagine", either to spread.

On expecting to invite a spring tide to temporary fall in a purdah, the New appointees walk into a career, usually the perplexity is repeatedly:Have no sunset for night but fresh have results to show an effect, try very hard to try to please but anti- encounter unfrequented;Work after several years, again because of pressure too big, extremely tired, low sense of achievement, expectation income and reality of dissymmetry, meat disheslack powerful occupation motive etc., suffer from the career languid disease.Come to speak to the female, think an incumbency field in like fish let into water more and never is been optimistic about.

The female has to pay effort of a twice, then can be been like male colleague's half of good opinionses?


Fu orchid gram the Er Doctor think, the female is always like small ant, is work, work, work.They complain that they compare who dry get all many, fact also quite so!

Someone believes firmly a diligent work to achieve success, this kind of viewpoint purely belongs to fudge.In fact, no one is pure because the work is hard just promoted.Recruit a person to like, all of strategy way of thinking, relationship and team spirit are the factors that molds successful business.

Everybody hopes to fair and square undertake his/her own responsibility, but this doesn't mean that you should only be absorbed in a diligent work.

《Bloom 》put forward a familiar phenomenon:A female's colleague to her has a tiny phrase, every Monday a go to work this rugby game that discusses the first half hour Sunday first with boss for guy:"Many waves take a lot of time.hotel organizationAm I getting into a hot dispute, can they but is discussing rugby!"More let what her feel Fen Fen gravamen BE, the most important task is it happened that also allotment make this helped guy.


The female usually thinks that from 8:00 a.m. to of 5:00 p.m., if not that with concentration work, is "wasting money of company";But male but understand, ignore is discuss a rugby or a golf and all is developing the relationship to have the help to them.In this way, her male colleague contacts with boss, from here the boss can also understand these member of the teams more.So, when rise a job opportunity arrival, he will because of acquaint with and get along with these people quite good but choose them.

《Bloom 》clearly tell us, here conceal one of the most clandestine business rules.People while being subjected to an employment or being risen a job, not only because the work is diligent, and return because the decision maker understands its personality;Not only believe the this person ability is very competent at a job, and still believe that it works the way contribute to strengthening a team a cooperation.

Livinging for the female is usually a girl and folding of woman's role to add, is do one lovely can person of girl, still keep doing a successful Du to pull?

The incumbency field works hard and wants to rise a job and want to raise salary, want to earn a respect.Be a female, are you getting more tired?

Fu orchid gram the Er Doctor list 1 to grow long false detailed list, he tells us, 《bloom 》medium of each mistake, all come from a real life;Each example is also all each to have it;The training of each section end tail once is again and again verified to be small to stick a private.As long as you would like to, so, the life imagined by you at at present.

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