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again hairdressing

The anti- is old to keep Yan in spring of soup in brief again hairdressing
Spring summer it hands over weather aridity, not very good to people's skin, in addition to daily drinking and cosmetics, food's repairing water is also a kind of good path, small plait introduces some Jings soups that has already repaireds water anti- old effect for everyone today and is a beauty with delicate water.Princess of Wales

White fungus soup

Material:Do white fungus the 15 grams and fresh bulb of lily is 120 grams of, the banana is 2, matrimony vine 5 grams of seasonings:The rock sugar is 100 grams of, water is 3 cups.

Create a step:1,Biography stem white fungus bubble water 2 hour, the Jian tores into a small behind to old Di and miscellaneous quality and fill with water 4 cups go into the steamer steam half to take out a back up for hour.

2, the fresh bulb of lily poke aside to wash go to old Di clearly to.

3, the banana wash skin, slice for the 0.3 cm crumb.

4, put all materials into to braise Zhong in, add a seasoning into the steamer and steam half for hour then.

Regulation:If the soup doesn't want to do a lot at a time, otherwise stay overnight or put for a long time, the nourishment material will have been already run off.

Ji fish soup

Material:The Ji fish is a , the bean curd is a box of, is 3 slices of, the spring onion is 3, oil, salt, pepper, anticipate wine, essence of chicken

Create a step:1, the Ji fish opens Tang internal organs, go to scale go to gill(fish file the completion of staff member), wash,clearly put on stem, use salt and anticipate wine to slightly preserve~ in salt to need to be used.

2, the bean curd cut into one Li rice thick piece of

3, the earthenware cooking pot burn heat and put into a little amount oil and put the Ji fish into, fried go to both sides to present a golden color.

4, join spring onion

5, join enough boiled water(5 bowls of or so)

6, add a cover, turn small fire(if wanting a soup color is snow-white, use wildfire Bao for 10 minutes) after boiling, the Bao is 40 minutes

7, join bean curd, again cook for around 5 minuteses, add salt and pepper, essence of chicken seasoning then.The finished product
Peanut pig's knuckles soup

Material:The Ji fish is a , the bean curd is a box of, is 3 slices of, the spring onion is 3, oil, salt, pepper, anticipate wine, essence of chicken

Create a step:1, the Ji fish opens Tang internal organs, go to scale go to gill(fish file the completion of staff member), wash,clearly put on stem, use salt and anticipate wine to slightly preserve~ in salt to need to be used.

2, the bean curd cut into one Li rice thick piece of

3, the earthenware cooking pot burn heat and put into a little amount oil and put the Ji fish into, fried go to both sides to present a golden color.

4, join spring onion

5, join enough boiled water(5 bowls of or so)

6, add a cover, turn small fire(if wanting a soup color is snow-white, use wildfire Bao for 10 minutes) after boiling, the Bao is 40 minutes

7, join bean curd, again cook for around 5 minuteses, add salt and pepper, essence of chicken seasoning then.

Sea tangle sparerib soup

Material:The pork steak bone is 400 grams of, the sea tangle is 150 grams of, and the spring onion segment, slice and refined salt, rice wine and scented ointment are just the right amount each.

Create a step:1, after soaking sea tangle, put to steam to invite half an hour inside the cage Ti, take out to soak for 4 hours with the clear water again, thoroughly bubble hair after, wash control water clearly to, cut into a rectangle piece;The show

2, the sparerib washes cuts open with the knife agreeable bone clearly and, horizontal chop into the segment of about 4 Li rices, go into boiling water of in the pot cook once, get to use bubble to clean.

3, clean pot of inside join 1000 grams of clear waters, put into a sparerib, spring onion segment, slice and rice wine, burn Fei with the prosperous fire, the Pie floats Mo and open again to use medium the fire Men burn about 20 minutes and pour into a sea tangle piece, again burn Fei with the prosperous fire for 10 minutes, Jian go to slice, spring onion segment, add a refined salt seasoning, pour into scented ointment namely become.  

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before has girl friend

I like a boy very much, he before has girl friend, and they broke up now.I waited him for a long time, but always felt to have a little sorry oneself, because seemed his am me a friend.Have been breaking continuously and continuously, I have already done not contact with he for a long time, but I still keep liking very much and care him very much.The friend says me for a long time at enmity with his contact, probably he thinks that I no longer like him, but I really like!!Now how should I do?

The best answer didn't contact with him for a long time, and he are you to make friend and see to like this your two people together of the possibility isn't really big.I understand "waited for a long time" that you speak how of a kind of felling, because I once waited a girl to wait for four years as well.Circumstance and you also about, be her with her boyfriend break up hereafter.I once intended and pursued her as well, but finally still didn't be paid to actual activity, think to want to go.Always feel that the person of a pair isn't suitable for together, this may be so-calledly decree by destiny to have no cent, since I at her nearby and so long of time, she didn't discover my body up which fear one silk ten cents ground the flashlight order and special place.So demand next go to and can't have, either any result, some time are to build to turn lane person like this.So you can try to seek an another affair, make oneself busy and reduce to miss his number of times.Can not lead for a year, he at you of the in the mind will also become "ever fine recollection".Wish your happiness!

The not clear woman is very terrible in feelings, uncertain which the day wear an a cuckold husband for you!
You didn't°yet Zha like this write to think for the somebody else parents, whether a little bit and too Be getting more unselfish?If a person too unselfish, too wear to think for the other people, he is very difficult happy, the other people don't get his feeling as well.The end is a good heart to is into donkey liver lung, you of unselfish at other people absolutely become nuisance.But resulted in again to you or big or small loss, your end yous all finish losing and also take what to other people?
So, the person wants to make he or she good first, then can give other people good, this is a premise.

You of the problem lay in you to like her unilaterally, from the circumstance that you said to see, she is also the woman that a not too is responsible, just started making to break up, haven't made clear condition, again seek an another man.The situation that all arrived and betroth, drive former incumbent on making track for, falter again!You believe not believe, even if is that she turned head, not much long-term, she was former incumbent and jilted her!Probably she sought you again at that time, will you promise?Probably will of, but, your feelings is too weak.This is absolutely making use of the emptiness that each other fills up an oneself, this isn't the love.

You have to make your own benefit Suo got up, that discusses well and makes to know her condition with her, her viewpoint.If you opened to talk with her, she was still hesitant or meant to turn head, that you even request all to stay need not!Unworthy, you now if glue, hesitant, will give later of the life bring larger pain and sufferings, give you of the family bring larger injury!
Defend Be suffered from to not yet ah, are you understand?

To add question answer:
You take care of also too many some?She has no not put heart at you here, you still need to take care of a somebody else can whom together?The saying sentence isn't good to listen, your tube wear!Don't feel that oneself is that the The Savior Messiah isn't very good?Who to save you?!The result with to once consider marriage also influences you of parents?Don't know why you so wear to think for her!

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connects external power

The trouble pit electricity station connects external power
Comprehensive The Xinhua news agency gives or gets an electric shock power company in Tokyo to declare on the 22th on March 22 and makes great effort after several days, staff member already successful external power supply electric cable and blessing island a pit electricity station of 6 machine set conjunction, an among those the lighting system of the machine set already recover, How self eczemait is various control systems to will try to recover all electricities to lay equal stress on Qi machine a set next move.This has already furthered hope to alleviate damages.

After connecting electric cable, the staff member has already stepped up to repair various equipmentses, so that as soon as possible the instauration lose an electricity.According to Japan common agency report way, power company in Tokyo says on that day, the staff member is being and late recovered the main control room of the No.3 machining set illuminate system.In addition,good for eczema the main control room of the No.4 machine set's illuminating the repair of system has already approached completion as well.

Economic Japan industry saves safe public security of atomic hospital spokesman the west mountain English the Yan holds at that afternoon of news conference up say, if the electricity supply can recover, blessing island a pit give or get an electric shock station of the condition will become more "lucidity", the authorities can also measure the measure water overflowthat adopts currently whether be good enough to reply this time pit leak crisis.

Power company in Tokyo declares on the afternoon of the 22th that in the blessing island a pit electricity stand with south 8 kilometerses and examine the sea aquatic radio iodine-131 densities attain 80.3 times that of standard value and check an electricity station to take 16 kilometers of south this densitieses as 16.4 times that of standard value and confirm the scope that the sea water suffers radioactive Drug treatmentcontamination is extending.

Power company in Tokyo says, though pit electricity station pollution the sea water scope has extension,pit's giving or getting an electric shock the density of standing the drainage outlet nearby radio iodine has been already descended.Power company in Tokyo to at morning on the 22th from the blessing island the first pit electricity stood the sea water that the drainage outlet neighborhood collected after carrying on the examination discover radio iodine-131 density that days originally 29.8 times that of legal limit,Eczema is caused but on the afternoon of the 21th collect this density with aquatic sea in the same location is 126.7 times that of legal limit.

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married experience

The happy chemisette gets married experience
I am 31 years old to just get married and lead very goodly now.Oneself also experienced a quite a few segment to let a person very much feelings of pain and sufferings.Now, get along with lover and its family very good.I think that I am still some experience can give still just feelings road up grope for of the sisters draw lessons from.I not is want to brag what I lead well, just I feel the pit that we even need to will grow up from own false high school, will never can once fall off at oneself in a fall off to fall off again.Hope these experience sisters are in love and the marriage is convenient must up.

The girl still wants to make he or she a little more outstanding hard and arrives to°from the ability facial appearance.

There is an advertisement phrase in Taiwan:The earnest woman is the most beautiful beautiful.Everybody has a choice the right of oneself's life style, but must be earnest.To oneself;To work;To live.Woman like this' calculating isn't a born beauty and also have a kind of self-confident and leisurely of beautiful'also only have the United States like this, then can resist with time, in fact is also the type that the good man appreciates.

Probably a lot of sisters aren't very outstanding person of workses, so can tidy up oneself the clean clearness is also a very big advantage.No matter how it is say, the man in the reality still easily judges people solely by their appearance first of, aren't that all mens love the most beautiful woman, for the woman of clean clearness, majority of men all have good will.

The good man has request to oneself, didn't request to the woman.

Every oneself lets what wills do well enough alone to the work, but has the man of many requests to own girl friend and still respects but far better.

Man like this becomes the poisonous tongue male's probability tallest after getting married.Our sister gets married and at least request of drive own husband's respect, think that the man whom oneself has right to shout to the wife to drink isn't a good matrimony object.

Get married most to see personal character, personality.

The personality of likeness, likeness of philosophy of life, money view is the best guarantee in marital life.

The personality is different, two people in normal times the insides all say not come, at last the whole world Be all generally accepted to is a boy and girl attendants of fairies, born 1 rightness, can not marry, either, after all you of whole life in majority of time wants with his total degree of, cold warm know oneself.

Said in the beginning that man, who didn't deserve you, he will don't deserve you forever hereafter.

To some outstanding girls, the head quarter runs into some mans who look like potential, you is his change you and pay all, but he says, you to he too like, his(educational background, money, ability, position, looks etc.) don't deserve you.I the example of nearby a lot of sisters prove and there is no self-confidence, the man who can be condescended to take up by you to associate, hereafter to you can't okay, you of outstanding will let he more from vulgar.

Entrusting is life long ex-, have a look his family.

Not is visit his house include how much , see his every family, person is be not the family is in peace and harmony and concerns comity.There is man in a family beating a woman, everyone still stops one's ears and sets up for the family that didn't see, hereafter can't take care of you, either of living of.Each family contains weakness, ask the attitude of the male friend of pure oneself, persistently the man of stupid but honest, the in the mind is limited to cuckoldry respect.

Tight to oneself's hand, to girl friend also the hand tight man have no wit and humour.

Loose to oneself's hand, must be selfish to the tight man of girl friend's hand, can not marry most .

Money can see the thing of man's essence and feelings most .The sisters fall in love not is talk money, but if he lets on money your felling not to, should want well he is be not accommodation you.While falling in love, the normal consumption is as it should be and meet a beginning to say pure want the AA man to good command of to calculate too much, also fear to suffer a los too much.In the future marriage, there are many places that the demand persons sacrifice, mans like this will first run away.

The man, who hit persons, can not want, is beaten must break up at a time.Spend heart, the feet trample a few mans of ships to want, discovering must break up at a time.The old words said that was to break continuously, anti- be subjected to it disorderly.

The girl has to have he or she's bottom line in the in love.

Will never ability because love him, give up own dignity, humiliate own parents, abandon own work.Good feelings, marriage must be that the double win, not unilaterally sacrifice and help.

There are clear words saying.

Have what viewpoint, speak, don't make the man guess, can communicate, you of the life will sooner enjoy.Can not communicate, explain that your happiness hasn't promised.I think that have no a men is with guess a girl friend idea is happy.For this reason, lose a good man, really very pitiful.

Don't do a good and wise form in man's in front in the beginning.

If he to you of pay to feel at ease, but don't understand repay, he has the suspicion of great man's doctrine.If you time grew, the in the mind relaxed and did didn't be good before, he will get hurt very much, will feel that you fool him or you didn't love him.

Rather in the beginning, there is the expression love of proper restraint, give his expressional opportunity, let him did some matters for you.Tell the truth, the man pays the thing impression of to he or she deeper.He does more manily for you and pay more many, he more reluctant to part with to you, more don't open.On the contrary, you of pay, his acquire his comparison didn't felling.In the marriage, often do household chores to live, often look after the kid's man to give up a hymeneal possibility to want low get many, also because this is what he hard accomplishes, he more the unwilling to let go leave.

The mans of a lot of flowers cruel heart are all the best and wise, unselfish woman at silent pay.I finally make a firm decision to marry my own male friend, because he and I say:I worry you very much, I always fear that you live not goodly, or run into what matter, only on doing not see you, I worry you very much.His pay and my appreciate is two of uses to bestly get along with mode.

When break to then break.

The everyones all have the possibility to make mistake, but if a wrong again wrong, is oneself to have a problem.A lot of sisters because of"and he together N year", "he is my first man", "I flowed through a kid for him", "I am for paying ……""I already …… year old" but bear with to treat kindly his/her own men to live with 1 not together, finally get hurt of be still oneself.One of my friend once said with me:This the matter in the world, have no fixed and unchangealbe of, it wants Yao to grow better and wants Yao decayed, in fine, have no constant.This sentence directly makes me come out not good feelings.Because, I know, if want to change, that will become worse, I will be subjected to hereafter the wound will be more.My braveness is that I lead now the quite good and the most solid foundation.

Love because of love, not for the sake of the luxurious life in a beautiful wedding or the dream but love.

The whole happiness all need to be paid for it, but don't make some prices ruined you of whole life.The young girl is easily hoodwinked by the vainglory, but in the real marriage, that man who can cover the quilt that the Deng drops for you and would like to look after you on the life at the mid-night is worth entrusting life man.

Want to cherish to be real to love you and to you of good man.

Good man will with real to your beneficial way to how are you, not is tolerate you, also not with the name tie that loves you you.The man like this is few, if met, must cherish.Young man usually with the girl friend of purely true way love he or she, his possibility isn't mature, but his love is true, don't the light idea gives up.Many hereafter in the society experience and training, you would know 1 sincerely have much precious.

Everything all in time.

This in this world's hasing a lot of good mans are exactly bitterness bitternesses to look for an another half.Not is all men love virgin, also not is all men will care your one-time marriage, isn't also the age educational background that all men all care you.There are a lot of good marriages in, the man loves of, is that oneself's chemisette is stupid, innocent and and the shape of circle circle, or the birthmark of mouth Cape.You suffered from of wound, he will be double painful cherish, you of braveness, will make him respect more.So, even if is harmed,want to be like a gold three to follow similar, the braveness loves, being like has never got hurt similar.You only opened youself first, this world woulded release you.

Don't pursued and then paid a he or she's heart in the beginning for man.

Good man and bad man at pursue you of beginning, will concern you, pick you up to send you, give you hair message, look after you while getting sick at you.Don't one someone to how are you, you get stick in right away and consider, much have a look and make decision again.Generally, four months, enough of contact, be good enough to let you understand him.The association on the net not calculate of, again the network in long time get in touch with also not calculate of, true of the life is just meaningful.You want to have a meal with him together and go shopping and do some matters together, then can understand him.You live not quickly happily, you know by yourself.Much time isn't a man is cheating us, is that we are cheating their ourselves by ourselves.

If love him, accept his now, don't fantasize his change.

If he can change, certainly had better, otherwise, consider, you can accept.Each premarital weakness will be enlarged after getting married.The man who quits smoking after getting married is getting less too much.Other weakness are also similar.

I finally add 1:00, again how love him, can not discommode oneself too much, either, the woman wants to understand of love he or she.

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Concerning love

I dislike
Why again the beginning announce the east that I write by myself in the space east

Really because work demand, toughen own writing level

Canning not write is original and also want to write to order most at least false original

Everyone sees the headline know, will what to announce is me on the work, living first-class etc., particularly dislike of thing

Not in the useless talk go into a positive

Concerning work up of

Dislike:Flatter to flatter, flatter, intrigue against each other

Although it is said now this the society is a these people arrangement, but I still can hardly accept.So always work up is all so-so, the nothing is outstanding.The doing of honesty his/her own matter

Feeling, sometimes wanted as well why I can not become that kind of people?The Wu understood too much to oneself, the end died of most miserably of still I, use my mama to say that my that sentence says BE:"Have never paid

Lead the frog of hole", so want to still keep calculating, stand on solid ground of should do what do what!

Concerning living

In fact and livingly have a lot, still can not recall right away

Dislike a:Fight,

If I fight with other people, I will never win and fight to ten times lose ten times, a lot of words all say not export, and eloquence also not good.The most important is to don't finish fighting, I will cry!Sit to the gold cattle

I and speech, I particularly would not like to the other people see my tears, I would like to give what him saw is an all very intimate person.I the most time only get stuffy air, mouth a shut.Who all don't want to manage, from

F a person quietly dazes or listens to song at or order other things.

Dislike two:Force

Most dislike other people to force I do, I don't like of thing.Although sometimes have regard for to arrive very aspect and do, the heart is still disgusting.

Dislike three:Network

I why write a network, so more overall.I the work in nowadays rove around on the different website and do publicity and do a chain to answer and sometimes rove around a different nation and run into I don't understand

Of language, I the meeting is very depressed.(Although I only understand Chinese)the tool translate for me, none of things of machine translation is correct.Impression some identification yards are most deep, some nets

Station for testing your being not a robot is registering, will have.The great majority still we understand English letter of alphabet ABC still has Arabic numerals 123.I have the time the previous Russian website, I turn over

It asks me after translating to come over:"Your mother calls what name"!Whether especially depressed?

What to chat aspect is the QQ that sees this you is clearly on-line and delivers an information past, waited for the people whom none of a days returns!It is ex-1 to still have be still chatting suddenly will you wait for for a 10 several 20 minutes to return

The Fu gives yours, have no time and then say don't tie up your chat, either!

Living the top in fact still has the a lot of, this 3:00 just thinking of now dislikes most , hereafter think of at make up deficiencies come!

Concerning friendship

In fact the friendship nothing writes so much of, treating all of friends is sincerely to it.May be that I am colder, the friendship sometimes walks especially quick.The long so big friend is also a classmate and separate longly

Everyone hardly contact.As time passes was good friends with before, end all have no before so good.Don't know what reason, is my still yours?Or that old words say want to hand over well

12 sincerely the friend is still really difficult!

Concerning love

Dislike:Cheat, conceal, lies

Love these two words give my first feeling BE, lies, cheat.Ever there was segment to myself deep-rooted feelings road, for the first time opened heart to accept a my body that person indeed harmed don't finish

Skin.No wonder that the other people say:The thing of bitterness, what the first think of is first love.

Don't feel a few words that I write now, think that I am to the confidence that the love loses.Treat love of that sincerely I or as formerly similar, belong to my true life Emperor.One day God meeting

Send him to me nearby of, have been believing firmly?.

I mean to say you didn't beat me, I didn't deprave.You just cheated to order my tears and cheated my at 1:00 sincerely.It is thus clear that I am really to love you!Have no you, I as usual live

Very good, don't feel that I don't have others to accompany?Think, I still forget not to drop you!That you considered as correct too much!

Love I ain't for clapping to drag along but clapping to drag along, for getting married but clapping to drag along, for canning organize a happy family but clap to drag along.The always insistent aim is to rather go without than have something shoddy!

The word isn't a lot of, but finally finishes writing and finished seeing announce your opinion!

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infant leads

The infant leads to early drink milk or to diabetes
Milk nourishment is abundant, trace element with the many people body demand and protein, but have research enunciation, bestly feed to keep a way or a female milk to infant, lead early drink a milk product may even cause kid the risk of the occurrence diabetes consumedly increment!

Lao egg white or stir up immunity reaction

The mechanism of causing the bowel way weakens disturbance sugar absorption

Foreign research expresses, infant's body develops still incompletely, each organ organizes function also still not perfect, therefore have limited ability to the metabolism of different race egg white, if absorb excessive different race egg white, may stir up the immunity reaction of machine body.

Contrast the milk of the cow, person and rat, the composing characteristics of milk is the content of the Lao egg white very high, in addition still imply the special cow serum white egg white(BSA) and β milk globulin, among them, the β -Lao egg white is a kind of important of Lao egg white, it at bowel way Mao of under the function the Mao solution can repress mankind's bowel lymphoid cell of increase to living, this kind of the immunity repress a function to influence the bowel related immunity to bear the creation for being subjected to, and repressed the defense mechanism to the bowel way cause body, disturb a machine body's normal absorption and metabolism for sugar thus and further.

The female milk feeds to keep better than milk

The infant leads to early drink milk can to diabetes

The expert said that the infant's body function needs to be developed continuously and perfect, the female milk feeds to keep affirmation is surpass a milk product and regardless was worth of still keeping adapting to ability to see from the body from the nourishment, lead early drink milk may result in to the kid a lot of health concealed suffer from, particularly is may cause oneself immunity abnormality, turn worse the risk of diabetes thus.

The expert suggests that the birth of new born should not drink milk in at least 3 months behind.

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baby nourishment

The baby nourishment common sense eats six more kind of vegetables in spring healthful
In spring, the earth spring returns, sun spirit ascension, the weather is constantly changing, past should adjust to keep in good time own very of the body , while attaining living to have to often and appropriately toughen, also need to pay attention to food science.The research discovers that the baby eats six more kind of vegetables to be advantageous to health more in spring.

Easily causing a people's lips in spring is dry and cracked and remove winter spring air dry outside, also with daily the food lack a humidity, grease and lack vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin c and vitamin E to have a direct relation.Such as with food prevention and cure the lips is dry and cracked, should take a food Ping-ho or be partial to cold food.


Keep a blood spinach:spinach for in spring the proper to the season vegetable is the tallest vegetable in iron content and have to reinforce body fluid smooth dry and comfortable liver to keep blood etc. function, to spring because of the liver Yin not enough to of high blood pressure, anemic etc.s all have better of assistance treatment function.


The smell of parsley is special strong, the person, who like, will like very much, the person, who don't like, knits the brows.Lee Jean at 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》in write it:Inside heart Pi, outside reach arms and legs, can open up the whole evil wayses, the Chuang but not great of pox, can deliver it.

The parsley leaf is delicate small, isn't suitable for long-term decoction, regardless cook a gruel or go together with vegetables, all put into in the last moment all right.

Remind:The parsley goes together with vegetables, isn't suitable for to in great quantities and much eat.The person, who originally perspire a lot, isn't suitable for popular vegetables.The parsley is to deliver a thing, the tumor patient had better not eat.

Ji vegetables

The Ji vegetables is a kind of wild vegetable, is also the most familiar plant in the country wild inside.The Ji vegetables is again called spring vegetables, because it becomes lower to the request of air temperature, the return of spring is a little bit early.What fruit does the Ji vegetables have?

Clear eyes:Ji vegetables flavor good, joss-stick, fresh, do wonton and burn soup, the clearness is fresh the United States, can cause appetite.And the Ji vegetables can go into a medicine, the Ji vegetables the flavor is sweet even, can with Pi, benefit water and clear eyes.The clear purpose contains easy reason, because the Ji vegetables ability benefit the liver annoys, is also promote liver spirit of living hair, is get spring spirit it first, but the liver is begun to understand to eyes, so see a computer over a long period of time of white get, want eyes brightness, eat Ji vegetables in spring Bai.

Pure poison:If there is just the baby to bear in spring in home, there is the congenital disease to bring in mother's womb on the body, is also the infant's various Chuang Jie, scabies and pox rash, the new mother eats Ji vegetables by himself[herself], or chases juice water Chan of Ji vegetables in the female milk, can availably throw away a baby the congenital disease on the body.This method natural safety, also avoid a baby to grasp Nao and cry and scream of bitterness.

Go to fire:Also someone will living hair but blood pressure to go up along with the spirit of world in spring, choler, more familiar is a nose to bleed(left side nostril bleed mostly), this all livinged to once deliver with liver spirit quickly relevant.Some kids every year spring will the surprised Jue have fever, meet this circumstance and have a small square son:Go to and buy the fresh wild Ji vegetables and white Mao root to cook water to drink in vegetables field.

The new clothes baby can not directly wear

Lately- bought infant's clothes, have to clean to will wear again hereafter with the soft detergent, the clothes beard of cotton quality buys a little bit bigger of, in order to shrinkage behind be dressed in accommodation.Of so after wanting to wash first to wear, is want to wash new suit in of the cripple quality of bleach powder and other dyestuffs, in order to prevent stimulate an infant young and delicate skin.

Hate to stay a long while an infant a head dirt

Head dirt, namely the black Jia of new born's overhead.Someone thinks although dirt isn't refined to look at have the function that protect the Chuang door.Actually.The reservation head dirt is very harmful.Because the head dirt is the secretion of skin of head.Sun sebum, annexation some dusts pile up but become.It not only can't protect a Chuang door, contrary will influence the growth and physiology function of skin of head.Therefore, should clean in time.

Hate the back of the head of tapping the infant and carry on the back behind

However take care of in the back of the head and the vertebrate bone inside, there are central nervous system and spinal nerve, if make an effort to tap a kid of after have regard for after carry on the back, then will produce to press strong make very easily a kid with vibration of of the central nervous system receive damage.Therefore, the kid's back of the head, carry on the back to hate behind over-weight tap.

Hate in infant's bedroom to put flower

Flower in addition to its pollen will make infant allergy to the disease, some flowers still imply toxin, for example:Juice of the cactus is poisonous, if its sting firm break a skin meeting inflammation;Have already clipped bamboo Mao in the branches and leaves of sweet scented oleander, the mistake eats a later meeting to soon be poisoned;Lilac and glory Li the flower contain strong flavor, will cause an allergy.Consequently.The flower hates to place in infant's bedroom.

The hating takes a shower for infant excessive

To know the infant's skin periostracum is soft and thin.The blood vessel is abundant and absorb ability very strong, if once took a shower number of times repeatedly, or took a shower usage medicated soap and the alkalescence strong soap, meeting because skin surface the grease is cleaned but lower skin defense function.Consequently.The infant takes a shower to hate excessive.

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Exercise in spring

Now is an early spring, the air temperature is low in the morning, the air conditioner inherits a person, easily is evilly violated by breeze, light suffer from catching a cold to catch a cold, heavy cause joint ache, stomach-ache's going into action, even can make person jelly wry-mouthed, suffer from noodles nerve's paralyzing, angina pectoris etc. disease, so can not rise all too soon.Still have, monitor enunciation, a the middle of the year according to the environment, the summer autumn is empty for two quarters

Now is an early spring, the air temperature is low in the morning, the air conditioner inherits a person, easily is violated by"the breeze is evil", light suffer from catching a cold to catch a cold, heavy cause joint ache, stomach-ache's going into action, even can make person jelly wry-mouthed, suffer from noodles nerve's paralyzing, angina pectoris etc. disease, so can not rise all too soon.Still have, monitor enunciation, a the middle of the year according to the environment, summer autumn two quarter, the air sweeps most , winter spring head 12 month air pollution severity, in a day, morning around 6:00 expect for air pollution high peak and exercise more violent, the air inhaling is more many, polluted degree more big.BE canned know by the top, the early spring morning chain can not rise all too soon, generally speaking, the ether sun got up to toughen while coming out feater.

Notice to choose suitable sport item generally speaking, old people with jogging, stroll, practise fencing, do medical treatment gymnastics for proper;Middle age with long-distance run, climb a mountain, play ball for good;Young child then with run, skip rope, play badminton, broadcast gymnastics for like.

The attention toughens to ex-ly prepare the activity exercising the front have to first the movable activity loins and arms and legs of joint, rub hand, face, and ear...etc. Be exposed to outside of part with promote partial blood circulation, prevent°from and avoid spraining of occurrence.

Notice sense organs hygiene in spring fog is many, the breeze is big, the body bares part to lead greatly while toughenning, in order to prevent fog wet hit, learn the nose absorb to shout, don't the Qiang breeze toughens and practice place proper choose wide countryside or quite lake front at the Kuang to take more air vitamin anion, rise a Jian brain to get rid of Lao, put forth new energily make

Shiver workout

On this kind of bed that shivers to exercise at in home or floor up can carry on.Drink one cup cool boiled water first, lie on the back on the bed(or floor up), the pillow need not be too high, the hands, double feet place levelly naturally.Hold still for a minute after, the hands raise slowly and upward, the double feet stick out, and arms and legs and body form 90 degrees Cape.Then the arms and legs lightly tremble to move in the meantime, every time 3-5 minutes, sooner or later one for each.This kind of shivers sport to promote blood circulation, contribute to medical treatment headache, the high blood pressure, heart attack and stomach and intestines diseases, such as disease and waist sour backache...etc..

Step space workout:

The ground of our the indoor brick is all generally 60 Li rices square, can greatly do an article here, the expert calls that it is for"step space sport".The way of this kind of sport is a lot of, can jump by one foot, one space one space jumps forward, can also make "farmland" matrix to jump, it may be said the pattern is much many.Way of jumping can also thousand Zis are 100 Tais, with the gentleman is the desire.In addition to"jump a space", can also with"walk space" and"run a space", or the one step is one space, or the one step is one space half, can press your age or physical strength but walk, each take need.However"step a space" wants to notice:Wear to pack in response to easy, the shoes have to be soft, the action wants coordination, can not be too vigorous, and specially want to keep ground from beating slippery, in order to prevent take place an accident.

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