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syndrome differentiation

Chinese medicine treatment of gastric primary emphasis on syndrome differentiation
Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of gastric cancer, the primary emphasis is on. Syndrome differentiation is correct or not, directly determines the effectiveness of the treatment of gastric cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of gastric cancer, the most common clinical syndrome differentiation has three, namely the phlegm qi4 stagnation type, resistance type, blood stasis and toxin of spleen deficiency type.
At present, in our country every four deaths due to cancer patients and there is one in patients with gastric cancer, gastric cancer incidence among the highest in the world, expert analysis, unreasonable eating habits is the main reason. Experts said, as the highest incidence of cancer in one, male and female incidence of 1.5 to 2.5 times. And along with the increase of age the incidence of gastric cancer was significantly elevated, the age of onset is usually in the 50 to 80 years of age, reaching a peak.
Incidence of gastric cancer is more concealed, nearly half of early gastric cancer patients without clinical symptoms, only partially with mild dyspeptic symptoms such as abdominal pain, discomfort, slight pain, nausea, fullness, belching, etc.. Therefore, the gastroscopy is a population screening for definitive diagnosis method.
Looking for traces of early malignant change of gastric cancer
Gastric cancer early symptoms are often not apparent, found it very difficult, but there are still traces can be found. Gastric cancer early symptoms include:
Early gastric cancer were more common symptoms are abdominal discomfort such as mild stomach pain, swelling, heaviness, and sometimes heart Ministry of dull, initially often diagnosed as gastritis or peptic ulcer disease and treatment, symptoms may temporarily ease. Such lesions occur in the antrum, duodenum functional changes may occur, emergence of rhythmic pain, similar to ulcerative disease symptoms, but also easy to be misdiagnosed as duodenal ulcer treatment delay. But all these symptoms after a period of time to recurrence.
Loss of appetite, anorexia anorexia, nausea and vomiting after eating, stomach, belching, acid reflux, dyspepsia symptoms, is a common group and the lack of specificity of the gastric cancer early signal. Anorexia may be the early symptoms of stomach cancer, and not with the stomach pain, if stomach pain symptoms at the same time and can eliminate the hepatitis, we should pay attention to. Some patients because of abdominal distention after eating, belching and automatically restricted diet, resulting in weight loss and wasting, weakness. Gastric cancer early symptoms may also occur after the food satiety and accompanied by mild nausea.
Early gastric cancer and advanced gastric cancer of upper digestive tract hemorrhage can occur, usually black.
Unexplained weight loss, weakness, lethargy and a set of common and the lack of specificity of gastric signal, and a progressive.
In addition, in particular, in the pathology of gastric cancer is occurring in most chronic gastritis ( especially the atrophic gastritis ), Helicobacter pylori ( HP ) infection, residual gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastric polyp, on the basis of gastric cancer patients, therefore part of long-term chronic gastric diseases, with epigastric discomfort, dyspeptic symptoms.  

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Chinese level test

People say the first Chinese level test
" Language application ability is a personal accomplishment the most intuitionistic expression of man's all-round development, it has the basic function. The test can reflect not only Chinese language application ability,HTC flyer p512but also for all types of institutions, personnel recruitment, promotion and training at all levels of education and training institutions to provide reference, contribute to the promotion of national emphasis on Chinese learning."
" Language application ability is a person the most intuitive performance of literacy, literacy and quality" is a different concept, quality is good person not good quality, it is the external expression of culture, and the quality is not the same, even if there is no had many years to learn, or is not read the book, as long as he has a good heart, all for the sake of others, to care for others, the quality of his righteousness, than those openings must be closed Lutheran High officials. Lining is more important than face.
" It is the full-scale development of the person has the basic function". Now the society is a pluralistic society, the social division of labor is different, learn more and not essence of life to Daqi, as well as lean seeking essence study well versed in a technology, a professional or a knowledge can result. Knowledge is expanding constantly, the development of science, has the fine is the development trend of the future, want to let people go, all-round development is not reality. Proficient, play and make good use of their professional knowledge was not.
" Test can reflect not only Chinese language application ability, but also for all types of institutions, personnel recruitment, promotion and training at all levels of education and training institutions to provide reference, contribute to the promotion of national emphasis on Chinese learning". In the age of the Internet today, Internet has become the people's reading habits, skill comes. Look, ability can not improve, natural learning should be the future study of normal. Many people have their own blogs and weaving micro-blog or QQ, all right, published a personal perspective of the depth and intensity, width and height, speed and range are not seen before. This ability is tested beyond measure, control, guidance and training. Knowledge is a live learning, rigid examination is not conducive to learn in order to practise, will only bind the human hands and feet. School didn't kill, this work went on to test, the young time are submerged in the exam in a vast expanse of water. The day when no test, also be tired out, have grown up without passion and enthusiasm. Good steel is used on edge, time will not wait for me.
" For a period of time the foreign language foreign to our country native language culture shock is more serious, so the introduction of Chinese ability of this examination, in hopes of improving all the people universal language application ability,samsung galaxyhelp them become successful growth". Because of various social English training class blossom everywhere or network appeared on some foreign words? Language is constantly changing, it shows its vitality. In Chinese the word sea, pulls out a few red ocean waves, is the icing on the cake, but not the wolf. To conform with international, learning a foreign language only benefits, worried about foreign language will impact on vowel, it is underestimated the power of the Chinese people. On training the there are plenty of people who get rich, reliable training courses to learn a foreign language well is scanty. If it is to promote all the people 's language ability, so that they become successful, I is the people! Who can prove that the old people 's language ability? Like attracts like., birds of a feather flock together., different groups of people, has its own language art. What is it? What is work? Only a society division of labor is different, or sharing. Love a line, profession. Is it right? Only became what home or earn a lot of money to say greatly, and become successful? The ants go to all lengths, finally put a pea like home; elephant effortless to timber transported down the mountain, can say ants do not succeed?
" Even learned Mandarin, it with the language application ability also is not the same thing. Can speak Mandarin but not have very good language expression ability. We sometimes hear people talking to feel, this man has a very good expression ability, is very persuasive, expression ability is very strong. The man says to not be clear about, did not understand, said a long time do not know what he was going to say".
This phenomenon often appears in the leader's speech in a meeting, so the unit, the masses have a headache. Our school Mandarin is the worst vice presidents, expression ability is also very general. The main reason is that the ways of working, on the feelings of the masses and attitudes towards current situation to grasp the problems. No man ever really do not understand the words. Only on the topic of interest and understanding can directly affect one's ability.
Online often appear this leadership was the brick, the celebrity was the irrigation, wrong in a mouth on the. Don't think that the culture of low people don't express yourself, don't think farmer brother could not speak. And you want to talk about the affairs of state, he is inferior to you, but if he is to talk with you about his family's a mu 3 distribute land, so you better than he. Everyone has his own advantages, sometimes an inch may prove longstudy mandarin ., who also don't despise the who. To do their own job is the best, without asking, does not need to entertain imaginary or groundless fears.  

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Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is coming to the baby to choose the gift
During the Spring Festival is the most happy children, happy moments, not only can take a vacation, wear new clothes, also received from family, relatives and friends gifts. See the children received a gift of joy and delight, as adults, the heart will be filled with happiness.
A parenting expert once said:" a gift, it is not only material things, more important, it was the love child, child care in a mode of expression." New year is coming, what should choose what kind of gift to children?
Picture book
Preschool children are in the stage of age interpret the images, picture books for children's visual impact than the text more directly, especially in recent years in the field of education in our country is very popular books. In Euramerican wait for a developed country, the classic children's picture book is recognized as the best books for children 's early education, preschool children's books in the 70% picture books. In the long term reading classic books, can influence character by environment to inspire children's interest in reading, the children's thinking, language development, ability to improve the aesthetic has a great role, in fact the picture book reading is the child of a comprehensive quality training. Picture book in the picture is painted to make, charming, it and our childhood reading comic books are not exactly the same, is generally believed that comic book is illustrated text book, the picture is the text of the supplement, do not look at the picture only text can also be the content clear. Picture book of drawings do not rely on text, or even more important than text.
Reminder: attaching importance to emotion experience
The 1 picture books to meet the child's life experience and age characteristics of children, to move, to embody the children of subtle psychological changes, preferably with inspiration.
The 2 picture drawing to be beautiful, rich picture information. The modern significance of picture books about graphic mutual complement, rather than simple text with illustrations. Sometimes the graph and text is aligned between a graph and text, sometimes there are differences between the two, and this difference is more inspired children's interest in reading, to give children more space for imagination.
3 characters to be concise and lively, have a sense of rhythm, to be easy to understand, sentences to dapper, GetWord, let children understand, read and shun. Only children can easily understand the story, they can have fun in reading.
4 pay attention to emotional experience. Picture book is the need for parents to accompany your child to read. To accompany children reading process, parent-child relations more harmonious, reading pleasure also strengthened. Therefore, in the choice of picture book, to choose some emphasizes family picture book  

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Go out to travel to be cold

Who said that the Spring Festival can not travel? Dress warmer, go out for a walk, also is a kind of exercise.
Along with the years. More and more light, for many people, especially young people, the spring festival became gradually without the traditional negative tired, just a rest and vacation.
Therefore, many people gave up the traditional way to celebrate Christmas, the Spring Festival travel become a new fashion.
Many people think that the winter is not very cold, the best season for traveling.
However, as long as you are willing to explore, still can have many good choice. You can go to the south to feel the warmth of the sun, can also go to the beautiful snow spectacle, more important is, during the Spring Festival or the taste of the common good opportunities throughout the year.
If time, money does not allow, can also choose a bright and sunny day, and my family make a close travel, going climbing, hiking, exercise; physical and mental pleasure.
Even if cannot go that far, for a walk to the park is also a good choice.
Winter outing naturally different other seasons, warm cold is the most attention.
Wear warm, but it is not too thick, too thick to prevent action, sweat soaked underwear, more easy to catch cold. The dry weather, the journey replenishment is also very important.
In addition to meet snow and slippery road, walking traffic need to beware of. Winter is the season of infectious disease, go out when you must pay attention to disease prevention, easy feeling crowd starting before injection vaccine.
Cold weather, during the Spring Festival travel, sometimes frostbite. Frostbite is inadvertently occur when.
In general, frostbite place often produces numbness, traveling can often consciously activity toes and fingers.
Once the hands and feet numbness, immediately take measures to let the body warm up, when necessary, put hands on himself and his partner 's arms. Oxygen and water will be more prone to frostbite.  

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mainly composed

Pearl of great price is mainly composed of roundness,pearl jewelrygloss, color, size and other factors.
Pearl shape that are beads, beads and beads. It refers to the best ball roundness, applied to make rings, earrings, brooch, necklace.
Leather light requirements better,plastic bag manufacturer glittering best.
General white through a small pink is best, the polar Bai Run pearl is precious.
In preferred. Seven heavy called pearls, and eight heavy pearls called orbs.
In pairs
Among the many pearls, requirements of color, light,office furniture the size of the same skin, is a rare thing, so the matching pairs are high social status.  

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Unrelated to Syria

Unrelated to Syria, just write down everything is clutch.
A person standing on the yellow leaves, through the small leaves, looking back on the ups and downs of the past, in the days of sound, called little by feelings.

The endless thoughts, stuck in time and space of the instant. After wandering in the fleeting time of unrestrained was discovered, all is not lost the pace of the years, from the heart, heart failure if the vicissitudes of life.

The four seasons of reincarnation, leaves are silent. I do not know who is stayed by my side, leaving the youth through the traces.

Cigarette exclusive, fan pain down my cheeks, along the years spread to the youth's footsteps, one point one points to find, some memories, and memories to take, not a dream, but had lost geometry.

Who turned Liu Yong wind song, sing a song of discrete.

Simple, simple end, sometimes I think, at the time, and there have been such a young heart palpitations, had turned round to come, but time passes too quickly in the fingertips, the lights down figure has already not in.

Yeah, time to go too fast, and discrete too much, once together, now separated, only sigh over time or not.

Is who changed the feelings, and how is a field, no longer young dream.
When your voice away, my youth to wake up.  

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happy New Year

Inventory year-end 5 pressure court action to resolve happy New Year
Arrived one year again the ending period, all kinds of pressure come out. At the end of the year award competition was unbalanced; have the Spring Festival home pressure switch; new year shilly-shally; a busy year shopping vent; back who have the spring festival ... ... This a series of problems, it is to let a person headache. In the face of such pressure, how to solve?
Imperceptibly, 2011 is coming to an end, all kinds of pressure to come one after another, to make the psychological depression, anxiety, depression. At this time, may wish to comfort me, don't let the following questions bother yourself.
At the end of the year award is too little, job-hopping is entangled, who have the Spring Festival 's end at home, why so much? Imperceptibly, the end of 2011, all kinds of pressure to come one after another, to make the psychological depression, anxiety, depression. At this time, may wish to comfort me, don't let the following questions bother yourself.
Key words: the end of the Year Award
Spring Festival is approaching, many people have got the company at the end of the year award. At the end of the year award what flower? People management, some savings, people shopping, people travel ... ... This is normal, but others took the award went to see a doctor. On the end of the year award widespread discontent in today, to get a bonus is not a welfare and incentive, but became heart disease.
The expert reminds: the world there is no absolute fairness, the end of the year award could not bear so much was artificially added expectation value. Applying a sketch of a word," to what bicycle ah, how much is enough?" Look forward to is all relationship killer.
Key words: fear to group two
Meng Yong ( a pseudonym ) of foreign workers, in order to have the Spring Festival every year he would go home for a long time about how anxiety, crowded transport during the Spring Festival train, he feels headache. In recent years," mental disease prevalence of transport during the Spring Festival" the number increased by a big margin trend.
The expert reminds: recommend, early arrangement, don't schedule too full, so as to avoid too tight; as much as possible and the relatives and friends who travel together, the way you can chat, play poker.
As in the compartment and the other relatively crowded environment, can be a static exercise, such as deep breathing, in various parts of the seat of their joints and muscles, in order to reduce journey bring physical and mental fatigue; imagine family reunion happy, tell yourself to keep a happy mood.
Key words: switch three
Occupation as a financial planner, Zhang Jun (a pseudonym ) on their own pay was not satisfied. Recently, he asked the company to resign the request, the boss smiled and said:" the company of your ability, salary and position is always considered.
In addition, we this business was good, although still not out, but I guess you year-end awards should be close to one hundred thousand yuan. You may wish to consider."
The expert reminds : job itself is risky, because face compensation, culture, environment, interpersonal, duties and many other changes, as long as a problem, can make the cost increase, appeared the adverse situation.
If the new opportunity to have the ability and confidence, opted for more valuable, because the switch and the end of the year award, is the long-term benefits and short-term interests contradictions, the end of the year award is only a short-term benefit assignment, long term, and not the new opportunity that can bring potential gains.
Key words: Four: Shopaholic
To have the Spring Festival, the money is not money, think oneself hard for a year to buy something reward themselves, then granted but. From the psychological perspective, in fact, everyone has the desire to buy, usually, the shopping desire may not be obvious. Have the Spring Festival will often make people feel lonely doubled, then shopping allows them to produce gratification, relieve loneliness.
The expert reminds: appropriate consumption can, but not blindly to spend. If you have a" Shopaholic " state, so learn to rational consumption.
The specific measures must first change their shopping mode, do not receive discount shopping temptation, reduced in number, what to do, and don't buy, regularly for their spending to be a general ledger, when buying a thing to pay cash, to reduce the use of credit cards.
Key words: back five who have the Spring Festival
The Spring Festival is approaching, the flavor of year more and more dense, some post-80s couples still to have the Spring Festival whose home down. Zhao Mi 's husband and argued for almost a month, did not have the result. New year's Eve, the husband to go to his house, Zhao Mi, MI to the equality between men and women, their parents why desolate to have the Spring Festival, think marriage is not interesting.
The expert reminds:" back who have the Spring Festival?" The question behind, have parents look forward to, children 's filial piety, even a man's face.
Some of the" action" is also good, after 80 couples can draw lessons from:
Plan a: rotation of the man's home, this year, next year 's family;
Program two: back to their homes, looking for the mother, the new year half, then Hui Xiaojia;
Program three: your home house, synthesizes, incorporating both old man to his own home reunion.  

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He turned the page

It is written in the future, in the catalog display of happiness, a page and a page, is beautiful, also did not turn to the last page, I have lost myself, and then later, when you are gone, I turn to the rear, afterword is written in the sad ending, is separated, a sequel to the trailer, is miss ...
-- he turned the page

Along the way, or sorrow or joy, or or, I cherish.
In the wrong into prisons struggle, finally is the whole body scar, tired thoughts cannot afford any expose to wind and rain, now, finally quiet huddled in a corner, his fingers, half shade the sun, the wind blew several strands of hair, head not language.
The scenery along the way to spread, I stop missed some, but also lamented the left-behind scenery brings me great satisfaction. In the passing years walking time from the fingers, imperceptibly to fall, the rising sun and moon day after day, in those days, those who be at a loss what to do, what is illusion?
Watching the two personal memories, a person reading. Those happy, the sad, the helpless, the trembling, are clearly reflected in the mind. Blame themselves too rigid, or blame others too cruel, numbered marks, who is drawn by mark ...
Sun through the clouds cast a light, slightly shaking, reflects the mottled memories. The thin oxygen in panic to escape, escape from the space of sorrow, condensed too many tears, wet. I clenched palm residue gentle, at the intersection of confusion.
Familiar figure more and more far, my sight grew dim, try to hold to. The ending scene of debauchery, but pale I in your world only color. The music resounds, called love, then slowly turned around, in the charming night disappear. Submerged in the sea of people, but also how to get rid of your shadow.
Memory one point one point ripped, one point one point in time through, becoming a hit album beautiful, sad, like the wind, stop. Then, still buried under these past memories, let them in the heart of disaster caused by flooding water, or to drop the thick dust, and dust.
Meet, is the preface. Always leave too much suspense, let you follow, never miss a chapter of the story. However, in the story, the final, or did not see their desired outcome, so, look forward to, the next section, thus, deeper, always have hope ...
Acquaintance, is a directory. As the story of ups and downs, slowly about experience. In the story, slowly feeling once phrase fixed person or thing is not exactly like you want it, or that, beyond or not. In the interpretation of the story, or sorrow or joy, or helpless ... ...
Love, is in the center of. This one blank, as always but I love you. Many times, the lonely figure in the street next to the elongated and shortening, wandering upset. Those who be opinionated happiness, so far, so lonely, so fragile. Can 't afford to tattle and prate, more can not afford the night long.
Separately, is the ending. Would have written stories, stand in the palm, tearing the sad, tears, cruel deduction. Do not want to stay, do not want to play the perfect ending, so, serious interpretation of good will, without struggle, rendering a moving plots, intoxicated with their own.
Turn around, always so fast, too late to say what, may also do not want to say anything, and maybe I don't know what to say, leave behind, go gradually gradually far away, until see the black spots ... ...
You are my hands out of a book, I am lost in your siege, Lu Fengjing good, I love. Bogged down deeper and deeper in the maze like train to heaven, the temptation to me, so, I completely conquered.
Through the book, page by page, imperceptibly has looked into the page, bleak ending, the tears wet home in mind, how can I believe the story, turning, was such that be at a loss what to do, so a turning point, break away the original good, fold away the original happiness. " Clang", books, fall to the ground, then picked up, page has been in chaos.
Over the years, I see the future, that's life, rain, the umbrella, the two person, still wrong shoulder.
And the sun tomorrow, my world, no dark side. The wind imperceptibly, take my hand Yuxiang, leaving dusty little, I turned over the last page, tell yourself, has come to an end.
Put it on the bookshelf, the most obscure corner. Like the people stranded at the bottom of my heart, with time may fall on the thick dust and buried him, perhaps forgotten, perhaps revisit ... ...
However, at this point, turned the page, close.  

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body and mind

Red Apple furniture paint to meet your individual needs
In today's society, city changes a process to be accelerated ceaselessly, and fast-paced lifestyle, complex social environment and can bear working pressure, which makes everything in life often life ahead of overdraft, exhaustion of body and mind.
As living standards improve, people on the home furnishing grade of the increasingly high demand, the room is not a pure white, more and more personalized color applied to home furnishing decoration, Poly Bags Factorylet a room appear more agile warm. Through long-term, the large number of home furnishing products consumer research, especially for their favorite color survey, red apple size up the situation, to design and manufacture of various with different age, different levels of consumer products.

Reporter for the decoration of Mr. Wang, he told reporters," I hope my new home decoration to unity, harmony, especially suites of furniture color, its harmonious higher requirements. This time, I also visited many paint market, the majority of dealers to give the suggestion is to try me red apple paint coating products. Cargo three, I think the red apple paint coating quality, environmental protection, is in color, service, price and other aspects with their own requirements, it is indeed a suite of furniture coating of choice".

Reportedly, the Red Apple furniture paint all the Green formula, good fullness, transparency excellent, easy to polish, have high temperature resistant, resistant to scald, scratch-resistant function, access to the vast number of manufacturers to use the praise. The use of red apple production of office furniture, good hand feeling, high hardness,Office Furniture Limited heat resistance, recoatability, strong resistance to scratch, widely used in government and large venues, quality assurance, greatly improve the level of office furniture.

Red Apple furniture paint production paint for use of Green formula, filled with good, strong adhesion, excellent leveling, Medosanwhite paint stain resistance, scrub resistance to yellowing, discoloration, let every consumer has a fresh green home, meet every consumer demand.  

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competition intensifies

printing company
Along with the digital technology progress and market competition intensifies, the brand strength has become the main factor that affects business development. " Panasonic" brand since 1961 as for the North American brand since its opening, the value of the brand at home and abroad have been promoted. Now, the" Panasonic " unified global brand, so that marketing resources, to carry out the public relations campaign very fruitful, with extensive product introduction of Panasonic's business form. The" Panasonic" brand and market in Europe and the United States set up the " sense of comfort / reliability" and" advanced / tip " of the value of the combination, in all areas and overseas expansion, seeking to further expand the brand value.
In the domestic, mainly used in video equipment, audio equipment, magnetic recording products, information / communications equipment, automotive equipment, electronic components, semiconductor, electron tube, FA - welding machine, photo supplies etc.. The global brand logo Panasonic world launched "Panasonic ideas for life" brand logo. " Ideas for life" means " around the world through the employees in R & D, production, sales and service, to create a rich and colorful life and better society advanced, and continuously provide valuable creative".
Through the products and services, to provide" standing customer perspective ideas (creative )," there is a practical use of ideas"," surprise", and found that ideas makes people feel happy ideas"," new ideas"," funny ideas" and so on, to accompany the customer lifetime value of various rich" ideas".
We hope that, through this innovative, cutting-edge, valuable" ideas", and strive to make each and every customer around the world life becomes more rich and colorful, and for the world to contribute to the development of society, customers all over the world and business partners to provide" ideas for life", will never become the benefit of human Panasonic group. Panasonic conceptual product
Panasonic Viera P905i mobile phone
It can be said, this is the world's smallest ' big screen television '. Panasonic Viera Ketai mobile phone uses 3 inches of display design, the ratio reached 2000: 1, with many full-screen LCD comparable. Viera Ketai also provides powerful image processing, as well as for the Japanese 1seg mobile broadcast service provides tuner. You can use Viera Ketai as a vertical sliding cover mobile phone to use, or was rotated 90 degrees, and then placed horizontally to watch TV and play 3D game. Not only that, Viera Ketai is also equipped with a height of broadband, GPS trace and a 5000000 megapixel camera.
Panasonic P-06C Snoopy mobile phone
Panasonic P-06C adopts the folding machine design, and there the vast majority of big mountain, graphic intelligent mobile phone look very different, in fact, this kind of design, for eighty, ninety after a lot of" qualitative analysis", very unpopular. Coupled with this Panasonic introduction of this machine, launched a total of 12 kinds of body color, not only has the most people also like black, white, gray, also has a girl loving pink, purple, pink, also have quite stylish yellow, orange and gold, to match shirt, or the performance of individual character, no difficulty.
In addition to multicolor options, also joined the P-06C waterproof design, because this machine takes IPX-5 and IPX-7 certification. They are representative of the mobile phone with waterproof performance: IPX-5 indicated that this machine has been spraying test, confirmed at approximately from the mobile phone 2.5 meters to 3 meters distance outward it water, and water flow rate of 12.5L / min, and the mobile phone does not appear in water and lead to failure; as for the IPX-7 certification, on behalf of this machine is too short time water immersion test, is the representative will be immersed in water P-06C from 15cm to 1 meters within 30 minutes, while the mobile phone does not appear in water sign.
Panasonic P-06C specification table:
Camera pixels: 5100000 CMOS lens
Screen: 3? TFT 2620000 color WVGA resolution ( 480 x 854 pixels ) the main screen; 0.9? 128 x 36 pixels color organic EL1 machine face side screen
Battery capacity: 800mAh
The use of time: 200 minutes
Standby time: 580 hours
Volume: 110 x 50 x 15 17.5mm?
Weight: 119g
Price: $ 2580 enterprise culture

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physical therapy

The purpose of physical therapy椎間盤突出
Most people think that the physical therapy can only be applied to" cure" on the field, but physical therapists tasks and more than this; many are not ill make some preventive education, particularly in Europe and the United States and other countries, the therapist 's role in this is more obvious.
Therefore, physical therapists in the face of different groups, with different treatment goals, generally can be divided into education for prevention, treatment and correction, education and training three.

Preventive education: mainly for ordinary citizens, the general conditions or disease trends to make education, correct its errors and the pattern of life, prevent pain and symptoms ( such as neck pain prevention education and exercise for elderly etc.).

The treatment and correction: that is normally considered to have physical therapy; pain, dysfunction and chronic disease patients as subjects, so as to reduce the symptoms of quantity and quality as the goal, and at the same time to education, prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms. Its main effect, have roughly the following several kinds: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, releasable adhesive, to soften the scar, stimulation of denervated muscle excitability of nervous system disorders; people can relieve the spasm, and induce the patient make motor function; reply joint normal activity, normal muscle strength and normal gait.
Education and training: mainly for disabled people, when disabled cannot be recovered, the therapist through education and training, so that patients use their residual function, in the appropriate assistive technology assistance to the daily, allowing patients to return to society.  

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purchase watches

Numerous individuals, nowadays, have the ability to purchase several different pocket watches to commemorate special occasions in their life. For some individuals who purchase this spectacular watches it give them a sense of style. On the other hand, some individuals believe that an individual is wearing a watch. They are refined, intelligent and capable of numerous things because they are well educated or have an excellent family life. Many watches these days allow other individuals to notice that the person may be cultured, knowledgeable, and quite stylish. However, a lot of individuals purchase these watches to commemorate a special or social event an individual's life. For numerous individuals, both men and women who wear this style of a watch give them a sense of pride or a memory when wearing their watch. Currently, an individual can obtain a watches in a wide variety of websites throughout the Internet inexpensively and can have the merchandise delivered directly to their home.

There are numerous places an individual can purchase watches

Currently, a lot of individuals wear this pocket watches for several different reasons it may be for work purposes, to show that they are quite stylish and sophisticated, many individuals prefer a unique craftsmanship that is provided only in pocket watches. Countless women, nowadays, prefer to wear this style of a watch as a pin or brooch. However, numerous males prefer the changeling extraordinary pocket watch to display a status of maturity, wealth, or status. Many of the pocket watches nowadays are made of the finest materials and have the ability to last indefinitely. This is by so many individuals purchase this style of watch because of its longevity, style, and craftsmanship.

Numerous individuals both men and women are purchasing pocket watches throughout the Internet quickly and efficiently. Some individuals prefer shopping throughout the Internet to see a wide assortment of desirable pocket watches that are made of the finest material and have the ability to be delivered directly to your doorstep. Many individuals have already noticed that these websites are safe and secure and have a superb customer service department if they have any questions in regard to their purchase. By using the state-of-the-art technology anyone will have the ability to look at an abundance supply of gorgeous pocket watches quickly and efficiently at any time of the day when it is most convenient for them to shop in a relaxed atmosphere such as their own home.  

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activation of abdominal

After dinner four lean body massage exercise activation of abdominal
a four-style belly slimming massage exercise after a meal, do about 36 per each move, the activation of the body can achieve the function. Here with a look!
The first one: Nita belly Shenquerecycle netbook

Methods: The open and relaxed fingers, gently pat his belly the most obese place. Gently beat, just as the baby's back enough to eat the same shot. Thumb to the palm of the hand first and then adduction, and the remaining four fingers make a fist, as a fist, fist tap the lower abdomen with the most obese place, empty palm shoot more in-depth method better, but the fist of air vibration so it will not hurt.

The second type: Mount belly palm circled light

Methods: The hands straight, overlapping each other placed in the navel, thumb crossover, palm aimed at the navel, the next male left, female right hand in the next. After breathing a little close lower abdomen, hands and rub clockwise 36 laps, you can help gastrointestinal motility, rubbing the palms and abdomen will feel slightly hot.trade-in netbook

The third type: Alondra Study to grease

Methods: slightly open, such as claw-like hands, gently kneading his belly the most obese region. The upper right abdomen is the liver and gallbladder, spleen, stomach living in the middle of the lower abdomen; kneading to fatty liver and gallbladder, spleen and stomach to kneading fat. According to traditional Chinese medicine, kneading movements more detailed than tapping, kneading time if they feel pain, on behalf of the liver itself is not good, this time as a small force, not the more it hurts the more vigorously they cause harm. If you would gently touch the pain is a warning to immediately see a doctor.

The fourth type: Yu Chan suck really thin abdominal

Methods: The hands clinging to his lower abdomen where the most fat. First suction force quickly, while his hands move up, then exhale to relax. Power to beat the air with the breathing method is the most intense one and, as suddenly walked meters inhaling too much oxygen to the brain suddenly feel dizzy. Some people can not do 36 times the dizziness, so special emphasis varies, not reluctantly. If you do five or six times on the dizziness that strength is poor, do not continue to do, rest for a while.man sang pearl jewellery

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come together

Reason to come together
One story

A boy on his wife after marriage than before marriage better. A gathering of friends laughed at him: how married also so tired. Samsam smile he said: "Before marriage, many boys are want to go after her, she will have a lot of boys, I'm only better for her to catch her; married to her less and less good boys, I just better for her to let her loss, I have done is to make her happy. "finish, the presence of friends, all were silent, no ridicule, only admiration.

The second story

Her husband in bed nursing his wife about to give birth. His wife asked her husband: "Do you want a boy or a girl?" Husband: "If a boy, we Yeliang protect you; if a girl, I protect you Niangliang."

Say that marriage is the tomb of love. But it is not! Love, like the left hand, right hand, like marriage, love is not wealth, but comfy. Marriage is not a grave, but the love of the crystal. Even the grave, that's stronger than love Victors! This marriage is a happy thing, provided that married people who will treasure you as. Woman married man, married the moment, is its determination to live with good men. She will have her choice has been lost, she may, therefore, never missed a better and more people who love her, and to make such a sacrifice if she does not cherish her after the man, as accessories to her beck and call, the woman you really want to become a witch. So, to get she will always be an angel, it is necessary first to treat her as an angel, even if she looks like an angel and the temper, but you really treat her as an angel, an angel she would give their own temperament, slowly an angel. One pair of women do not respect the man, he could not see the angel, can only run into witches.

Although the marriage, patience is a virtue, but if there is love, patience does not exist, but only tolerance. When you looked at his wife if they had not pleasing to the eye, she would not care to do a witch. So, if you want an angel woman, first for her as an angel in my heart it. Because this world is called for each "wife" of a woman, have the potential to become an angel. You will find the original, change your attitude, you can create a real angel.

This is a creation, but also to maintain, easy to do more than patience.

In fact, my wife is? Past pedestrians, former friends, now partner, the partner later in life, the feelings of the piece ... ... present a summary of a lifetime. A woman is like a piano, to meet a famous play, is a music played out; if an ordinary person to play, may be merged into a pop song; if the bombs do not hit a person, I am afraid it is not a song. I think that the marriage analogy much the same.

I can understand they used to say really so hard to do a good woman, good woman is not only called to be a good mother! It should also be a good wife! Good daughter! One is the so-called difficult, said one hundred people, really do everything ... ... hard! Somewhere all their own arrangements to go with him all the treasure have a good grasp of today, enough! Power of one person is very limited, there are many things in life we ​​do not change, then try a change about yourself! And life is like a mirror, you will laugh she laughed. Some people experience a lot of wear due to past life disaster, ride a hard time, so in the vast sea of ​​life just a means to recognize her only; and some people are responsible for the mutual exclusion of scores past lives entangled, so life must accept looking for the suffering, the baptism in order to withstand the wind and rain together again.

Two lovers is really not easy. Some rumors have to face, to face some deserted, some have to face worldly pressures, some have to face life and death decisions ... but anyway the world is a paradise for two people, two people's life is desire.

Too many good lens is the reason two people come together. Is the face of life's chores and unpleasant mouth will be able to let go once vowed to love and to abandon the promise? If two people really want to look similar to the evening sunset of life, please remember: love is duty, love is inclusive!

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quiet office

Quietly listening to Eason Chan, quiet office.
Remove the X.Y.Z. Cast aside the hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. Abandon those Galileo, Newton, amp. Do feel at ease and justified.
I use the pen on white paper, under the vent lines disorder mood. So, thought no longer wander. They're in the white paper lying quiet, lazy sun.
Gesture haughty, action melodious
Passing years, do you still remember those who grew up with old friends.
Where are they now, live. Once together in heaven and earth, the dam, clap your hands never abandon the innocence, if they can remember.
Carved balustrades and marble steps must still be there, but rosy faces cannot be as fair. -- Li Yu
In fact, everything is fine, just changed. I have friends around, just not the first a group of people.
Now life is really boring to the extreme, a personal enjoyment. Forget forget ancient formula, quiet office.
For the days gone by, and the memory of friends.
Count the door leaves, listening to the rain outside the window, Wade sounds the ring, you get wet heart, is still.
Shen Congwen said: "every day back, people grow up. The winter nights are long, will not be the dream be exhausted."
Eileen Chang said:" every build a prosperous, is bound to a more long-term desolate is sati."
Is the past is too noisy, people walk tea cool right now. Because of a strained day, learn to mercy.
Never mind, don't matter, people always want to grow up, young and proud, arrogant, scribbled on a life, will be forgiven.
May the years, silence, everything is ok.  

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