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LED heat manages

The LED heat manages:NTC continuously circulates the temperature maintenance LED light the usage is safe

If the LED lamp didn't match enough hot management design, in the process of using in may cause lamp because usually sex hot movement results in life span's downing sharply, producing has to be multifarious and replace break down LED of the harassment of lamp, the serious even may bring about an accident, because of circulate the heat make line or periphery decorated and catch fire combustion!Germany optical group

Develops a stage in the product, can make use of an intelligence type LED light control technique, through monitoring of active type LED the temperature performance of the lamp and whole light source mold piece, simplification equip of hot management work, in the meantime when lamp and whole temperatures rises to a block, the lamp has to lower electricity power and reduce a bright degree of LED exportation, with this promote LED solid light source lamp of usage safety.

Be like LED to absorb a light outer shell considers more simple design form, if the actuator function used by lamp is more focused to the power conversion and LED the module drives, not inside Qian Wen Kong microprocessor with spread a hot processing mold piece, in order to avoid increasing the cost of product raw material piece, the LED lamp can integrate Lightech of LEDNTC(NegativeTemperatureCoeffient) negative the temperature coefficient ThermistorSensors electricity, is the cost efficiency opposite and higher safety design project.

So-called NTC electricity, it establishes a purpose is by return to the mold piece of monitoring LED lamp temperature through the electronics, through recognize tacitly temperature caution or to drive condition in response to the auto processing, adopt close LED the solid light source mold piece method, promote LED the usage of the lamp safety, the NTC electricity can also lower complications of design in the meantime.

The temperature coefficient that NTC gives or gets an electric shock is very big, therefore can detect and know small temperature variety a performance, is extensively been applied to the related electricity of needing the measurement, control and repair temperature designs in, but NTC electricity at LED light source mold the piece designs in, basically changes for the product peripheral temperature of measurement LED solid light source lamp, as for measurement condition will along with NTC change of electric voltage current conditions, directly measure the temperature of electric voltage and NTC electricity to should relate to.LED business enterprise
When NTC and periphery electricity or the whole mold piece temperature promotes, NTC give or get an electric shock of the electric resistance immediately lower, the product can mutually carry on a related safety according to relation according to this control mechanism feedback, for example decrease LED give out light driving of module electric current or directly compulsorily close lamp lighting, at lamp temperature problem improvement after the auto replies lighting appearance, with this safety that acquires a lamp usage.  

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LED patent wars

LED patent wars: unwilling defendant Samsung LED to ITC to counterattack OSRAM藥材造假亂象
The South Korean news media reported on the Japanese version of 18, South Korea's Samsung LED was in 17 to the United States International Trade Commission ( ITC ) accuse accuse Germany OSRAM lighting equipment manufacturers ( OSRAM GmbH ) products against the Samsung LED patent, asked ITC to ban OSRAM products exports to the United states. Report points out, the Samsung LED accused OSRAM infringed 8 patents, the patent is applied in lighting / car / projector / mobile phone and other uses of technology.

Three-button suiReports that, in addition to ITC to outside, Samsung LED also plans to the state of Delaware court to ban, OSRAM products sold in the United States and OSRAM filed a claim for damages. According to the report, in order to counter-attack OSRAM ( 2011 ) Yu Jin June against the Samsung LED infringement, Samsung LED in addition to ITC to external, have been in South Korea accused OSRAM tort.

OSRAM announced in June 6th, the company had to ITC, USA Delaware federal court and the German court handed shaped charges, LG Samsung Electronics Electronic violated the company's LED patents, the patent was applied in the LED backlight, PC television display.
ITC and announced in July 6th, the OSRAM presented in June 3rd two charges, on certain controversial LED and related products included in the scope of investigation, LED and used LED products such as liquid crystal display. After ITC to confirm the defendant as follows: Samsung Electronics and its American subsidiary, Samsung LED company and its American subsidiary, LG Electronics and its American subsidiary, LG Innotek and its US subsidiary.妳的“腰齡”超標了麽  

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Why I left Mcglaughlin?

I was Mcglaughlin's loyal customers.
The first contact network, is my older sister introduced, said that the clothes is very good, be word-of-mouth marketing, I finished my first purchase; the first was satisfied, and the second sequence three times, and recommend to my friends, and finally developed into 6 girls with 5 in the network to buy things!
Not only myself, but also the development of a lot of friends to buy, enough loyalty? However, shopping is more than the number, I had slowly to Mcglaughlin to resist.
Sales promotions
Promotional their clothes again common however, amount, wheat, is no exception. But it means so that I can not accept.
1 coupon. Offers over 300 yuan to 150 yuan, 600 yuan over back to 300 yuan, felt very cost-effective, bought 400 multivariate mixed. The next month, the use of the coupons, want to purchase over 200 yuan to use a 50 yuan ticket purchase over 400 yuan, with a $100 voucher. I have 3 pieces of 50 yuan coupons, bought 500 yuan things found cannot be used at the same time, there must be 3 of 200 yuan of orders 3 to complete. For what do I Bo Rui in the midst of the abandoned line pipe and Mcglaughlin?.
The most painful is to each single also mix into 200 dollars, enough to pick out the small things in it to make up the numbers, and some even less than 10 yuan jewelry can not put the shopping basket. I wonder if they did not take this into consideration, or deliberately?!
2 off the price. Set up Company This problem makes me angry. Long ago in the above price is bought the T-shirt, a few days later, found this piece of clothes as low as 50 percent off. Our Group buy price was not the taste. Frequently such promotion, will be permanently lost its loyal customers.
Moreover, 50 percent off of the sales promotion will only make customers feel more and more products cheap, quality can be guaranteed? To ensure the quality of the business except on important holidays, not a big discount activities. Network should not do so, no matter how the status.
Product drop
I used to make up the difference and the purchase of small things, prices in general than outside the school store is also your several times. Network a packet of 6 used for curling hair roll and a two one big one small hair with ( forget the name ) a total of 29 yuan; and the entity store the cavernous volume 1.5 yuan each, dish hair small 6 yuan, big only 8 yuan, a total of only 23 yuan, the net also expensive. 6 yuan. Now that it is good to make up the numbers in order to allow customers to it, but it is bullshit!
The grade of membership
Mcglaughlin will be different consumption amount of customers are divided into different grades, the general register that ordinary members; a shop full 500 yuan, accumulative total shopping full 600 yuan ( 12 months ) can become a gold member; a shop full 800 yuan, accumulative total shopping full 1000 yuan ( 6 months ) can become diamond card membership.
I become a diamond card member, find friends to buy things is not to the gold money, plus the return, is actually the diamond card member, this let me suddenly feel lost, lost that diamond membership due honor, vanity is not satisfied.
Gift in return process
Certificate replacement let me really depressed for a while. If return, before participating in the 50 yuan coupons will be priority failure, is to lose 50 yuan; if it is for other things, must be returned a few change several kind. If you change things did not reach the original amount, then the price will be as part of a void coupon.
I definitely want to use every penny, so buy some things. Results originally fancy clothes instead of a more than the original two pieces of money is insufficient, two pieces of original, such a complex process that I added disappointment.  

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global stock market

The Italian obligation storm inflicts a heavy losses on global stock market
Debt crisis misgiving in Europe turns worse to snuff out global financial market a person spirit, the global stock market widespreadly tumbles on the 12th, however successfully deliver a debt to make Italian stock market an only show.Currently

Medium new agency cite a Chinese stock certificate report report way on July 13, debt crisis in Europe has already had an overall upgrade power head currently and is subjected to this influence, the global stock market widespreadly and significantly slips on the 12th.Market now not only to the euro area outer circle member's national debt work the misgiving breaking contract don't reduce, more worry that the crisis spreads to the heavy weight member's country, Italy may become a piece of and prostrate bottom"many rice promises dominoes".At the same time, the euro area aims at further a negotiation of helping the Greece to also come to logjam.Analytical personage points out that Italy has become a market the object that pay attention to most in the near future, the obligation problem well leaves a reason for investor, the reaction of rating organization weighed worrying of investor more.

Italian premier shell Lu Si Ke Ni means on the 12th, Italy will carry out a main budget surplus this year, "need to exchange long-term victory by the sacrifice of the short date".The country's stock market the fall is up to 3.96% on the 11th, the opening quotations once mauled heavily over 4% again behind on the 12th.Henceforth, because Italy successfully published 6,750,000,000 the euros expects national debt(average rate of return 3.67%) for 12 months, points a beginning to sprung distinctly and upward.

Italy drive push a place with a draught wave point

Each big financing institution analyst has already started continuously warning Italian obligation risk and makes that country become "volcanic crater" of this crisis.Mark Pu and Mu Di to all mean, may lower Italian sovereignty reputation rating.Beautiful silver beautiful analyst Lin warns, if Italy appears a margin pressure or occurrence obligation crisis, will bring a graveness to influence and spread to euro area outside the nation.

The Italian and public obligation condition is rigorous, up to 2010 the end of every years, the country's public obligation shares GDP(GDP) specific weight to be up to 119%, just after being located on Greece, the row euro area member's country second.IMF anticipates, the Italian obligation has GDP this year the specific weight will rise to 120% further and arrive 2016 tiny decline to 118% at the end of every year.According to the Peng Bo agency data, second half year of this year, the Italian beard compensates 175,000,000,000 euros to expire bond and wills there are still 245,000,000,000 euro bonds expiring next year.

However, the Italian government public finance condition is more stable, up to the end of 2010, the Italian finance in the red is only GDP 4.6%, 7% of away below France and 9.2% of Spain.But Italian economy still the existence increase tired"chronic disease", the economic basic situation allows of no optimism.This year quarterly degree, the Italian GDP wreath compares tiny increase 0.1%, is lower than an euro of the area average level.In addition, the Italian exit lacks a competition ability and export quantity growth the trend is weak, the imports price upsurges, and the facing more does evil inferior external economic environment.The gold professional technical term(2)

At the same time, there is an evidence suggesting, Italian economy and minister of finance especially the thunder receive Di to probably resign.Especially thunder's receiving Di is the firmness of Italian public finance policy of retrenchment to promote, the market worries, if his resignation won't the benefit tighten measure through a new public finance at that country.

Because the market expects Italian national debt reputation to the nervous emotion upsurge of Italian obligation, May up to now for 10 years to break contract extend bill(CDS) price have already turned over some kind of.On the 12th, expect national debt rate of return to break 5.5% for Italy 10 years.This front, Greece, Ireland and Portugal all look for to help after expecting national debt rate of return and reaching to 7% for 10 years.

Aim at market's nervous emotion for Italian obligation, the European Central Bank executive committee member of committee Si Ma Ji points out on the 11th, the market dismay contains excesssive emotion, "Italy is a nation of abundance, is not likely to appear to have no phenomenon of dint repay debt but default forever".

Aid a rare negotiation to walk into dead the beard is together

On the 11th, euro area authorities the first inside hold two important meetings, try to keep obligation crisis from spreading toward Italy, and continue to negotiate the second run helps Greece project.Euro area member the country wealth long meeting announce a pronouncement to call behind:"All countries have already readied to adopt further measure and strengthen the system ability of the euro area holdout risk infection, may include the flexibility and scale of raising financial stability mechanism in Europe and prolong Greece obligation term and lower to help lending rate among them etc. measure."But the meeting didn't reveal actually will in when adopt what measure break current debt crisis logjam in Europe, didn't reach any materiality agreement as well.

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Japanese renew

The Japanese renew big minister just take a post namely resignation
The Japanese renew counterplan takes big minister loose origin the dragon speak not lousy is blamed by social public opinion, the morning of the 5th, take a post horary for only week of loose origin the dragon is facing the sun this prime minister Jian keep a person to resign from a renew counterplan to take a great minister job.Loosen although this calls because of"personal factor" resignation, this matter again leads the power head of "force temple" to keep a person to prime minister Jian.The bead chain

60-year-old loose origin dragon this ex- counterplan for serving as the environment big minister and disaster prevention big minister that the Jian keeps person's cabinet, being just kept a person by the Jian to appoint for the renew on June 27 took big minister.Last weekend, loose origin visit the east rock hand in the Japanese heavy earthquake disaster area, temple city after taking office the renew big minister two counties.Aim at the after-calamity reconstruction problem of the east Japanese heavy earthquake, loosen origin to two knowing of counties matter tone the scathing earth's surface show, "you have to work well mental preparation.Oneself isn't bother to think to think the local government of way, the central government can't make moves to help each other ……"the loose origin is proud of talking not only disaffection of causing people in the disaster area, more make the Jian kept person's political power fame to sweep floor, again become an opposition party to attackstone now the words handle of political power.

Have already expressed that Japanese prime minister Jian of Ci idea's keeping a person to refuse doesn't resign of the reason is to want to carry out an after-calamity reconstruction.But the renew big minister performance just taking a post "resign for the blame" farce, it is an important stroke to undoubtedly keep person's government to the Jian, the Jian kept the situation that the person governs more rigorous.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the Jian keeps a person to decide the vice- big minister and the cabinet mansion vice- big minister plain reaches a male to take office a renew counterplan to take big minister from the renew counterplan one job.The Jian keeps a person this undertaking idea is displaying to rebuild the value of this initial topic towards continuing to push forward the east Japanese heavy earthquake after-calamity, and the dint diagram quell circumstances and adjust appearance soon.But, loosenning this resignation dispute already party in government wild each party and arise strong disaffection in people heart in the place.

The democracy party counterplan member of committee in the congress Chang-an lives prime minister's official residence don't loose originally resign a matter does explicit elucidation very dissatisfied, in the meantime still just news conference up publicly criticize that Jian's keeping person's political power is to"basically take no account of being responsible for the cabinet of the operation personnel of congress" and have no to coagulate dint.Anne lives to call, at loose origin resignation problem up, the Jian keeps person prime minister to certainly promise the responsibility that the load is used a person, the prime minister should carry on apology to the victim of disaster.The tallest adviser of democracy party Du department Heng three mean, Jian's keeping a person should take the biggest responsibility.For the sake of the citizen, disaster area and democracy party, Jian's keeping a person should resign as soon as possible, which holding firmly penny is afraid 1 is also good.The pregnant woman

In addition, the Liberal Democratic Party, male clear party, and everyone party...etc. of not in power mean in succession, while arguing in congress loose originally resign one matter scathing pursue Jian to keep the responsibility that the person uses wrong man, the government and people antinomy of Japanese political arena arouses to turn further.The Japanese rock hand county knows that the matter reaches to increase Tuo to also take for the renew counterplan on the 5th mutually loose origin dragon resigns a matter to mean, the rock hand county government has already received 79 hurl that protests loosen this words and actions to tell and reached to increase scathing critique to say, the renew takes big minister one job appear empty lack isn't as it should be, cabinets like this can not carry on an after-calamity reconstruction.For the candidate of new renew big minister, reach to increase to mean to isn't ordination who serve as the problem of big minister, but want to see is which prime minister the reconstruction system of the leaderships bottom establishments, and request Jian to keep a person to resign.

The Japanese medium commentary points out that appear a personnel arrangement to suffer a defeat a phenomenon on the post of the renew big minister this attraction eyeball, necessarily keep enlargement Jian person the difficulty of the political power luck camp.Jian's keeping a person hasn't been expressing when resign, try to prolong a ruling period with various method.Loosenning this resignation is in brief to only speak amiss words so, the ruling ability of the democracy party government is beagain aten the previous and huge question mark.The pressure that comes from the democracy outside inside the party to request Jian to keep a person to as early as possible resign will enlarge further

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