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Keep in memory

That afternoon, gentle melody copious and fluent for ear, repeated on warm. We always used to indulge in memories, perhaps that is the only way to commemorate the message with great care, care for life the most dense that warmth ... ...

That year, if everything is anxious,mother day hot July full of burnout and dismay, often silly looking out of the window of the rubber track, even perspiration came down like raindrops. Season, there are still many strange form in writing their own youth. But the big playground, not belong to our understanding, at that time, that place so extravagant thing after all and beyond our reach, but the house after all have a common dream and to speed his pen stick and write a happy or sad mood. Photo of the day, we all silly smile, we take away a method called towards the horizon.

Now, continues to run, and reading the writing statement, reviewing the summer taste, but some things will eventually fade in time. The same time, at different places, in our time to time rubbing desolate. I know the warm always in our heart quietly flowed. Goodbye, my dear. Wish you happy.
Always feel that life's most unforgettable is our tender romance and understanding silent. Was still fish in your life, a book, a MP3, an expression, a route,, a bike, simple and full. I love the row of shelves in wandering back and forth, may be" empty love" sequelae, always feel a accidentaly across will be staged, it may never have so pure love. But when the pocket is thin, so every time hiding in obscure corner after reading it, then when you're not paying attention to slip away, you finally found, with a folding chair and a smile, no words, since then, the folding chair into my most love read memories. This summer, go back and look at you, just smile, but the eyes have been old, head hair is still does not conceal, I hum about saying nearly a year happened, you listen to, finally, a hand" often come back" posture, stiff embrace me, go to the corner, you still standing there alone. House's aunt, you now fortunately?

Some people, some things, gently from your life, PC remotegive you encouragement, give you a hug, give you the most simple smile, that kind of warmth is already into the soul, flying from the past until now in the future ... ...  

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Guarding angel

Angel is a kind of belief bailment, and truly believes the existence of angels are not many people. And I don't believe in heaven exists,set up company still believe this world is an angel's.

San Mao once said:" god child to the angels before, to quietly put angel heart to the child up, children were not divided into an angel, heard their children heartbeat, were moved to tears." Perhaps hoping for too long, Xu is very happy and sorrow, every pair of angels in children come into the world at the moment, the eyes are shining tears affection, love, born with the power to make their children embrace in the heart.

The child came to this world is nothing, he is like a little beggar begging for an angel to love, everything seemed to be granted, the child does not know the angel, but angel, day and night to open their wings to keep children.

Gradually, the children grow up, angel was old, he doesn't love always stays in its head wings, feel so tied to their own personal space, he begins to desperately to escape, angel can closely followed the child, have not put under the heart. One day, furniture prices suspectedthe child is impatient, punching the older angel shouted: "I want to own the world, I want to leave you!" The older angel but, the child said:" we had to let your world is narrow, you go, we leave you, to find your own sky." The children are very excited, the old Angel waved his hand, without looking into the distance, leaving the old angel in situ stared back, they are tired, thought can be put down to rest under the wings, the wings can be completely froze, ten years guard did not put, looking at children back, they fight every effort, fly to the sky, a road with little child.

Child naive to think the world outside is very fresh, very good, experienced a lot of, heart with sad, he began to miss the old angel in the wings, miss blessing of life, just with tears in her eyes, want to come home immediately impulses, it feels just for a little while, the child is stubborn, he would rather suffer than back, knowing that he had to go back, because he has grown up. The older angel everything looks in the eye, they fly down to hold the child, ask him not be afraid, told him to go home. Home what? The children never grow up, they do not understand, love to be in the right way, after a struggle, they send a letter, writing: the child, no matter when and where, we are always on your side, the road ahead, to go their.

Who is the angel? Who has been in the heart of our watch? Are parents. We are watching the object, they simply to pay, like nature. They give too much love, too often, such love seems to be a piece of thick cloth to wrap on our hands, silently exude a warm fragrance, accompany our growth, too, so we are bound to be thought in the forgotten. Wait a moment of sudden enlightenment, finally began to observe carefully the package inside what is it, we also became the guardian angels, finally in the same experience that the love of the parents.  

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Thank you, as I approach

Person's life there are many not easy, misty life makes a person find export, but in my side and have a" friend" cheer for me, running, PC Remotesso I got out of my own world.

The autumn wind bleak, may be you can't predict the full moon; winter snow is white, may have the faith and courage to defeat you. But I never forget the starting point, looking for the starting point that faith back to the initial start, learn the previous experience, lessons, the next step to go better.

Life is a passion unconventional process, this process, people could not escape the fate of the fiddle, only faith in my mind, truth in the people around, there will be some outside, changed my life, see those who fail to figure out the secret of life. In my side has always been a firm belief in the run-up to me, when I can not know what course to take under the glare of the sun, at the foot of the road 10 million, don't it, faith told me, to continue on his way, the future will still beautiful!

Faith, it is the sky god entrusted to us, the two wings, the beginning of the end of confusion, success, failure of the heart, it will give me a direction, let me on the road of life continue to wander, let me understand the hardships, understand the truth of life, also learned to unremittingly, march forward courageously. It is my wings to fly to grab me from the confused astray, fly to my mind the goal, led to the I never walked down the road, I never fear because it in me as I approach.

The vicissitudes of wind and rain days, let me feel the life road is very long, also do not go forever, but unhesitatingly faith let me in the road of life, not just helpless, lost no longer get disheartened, have faith, in my own tomorrow to get a new sunrise the sun, was a vast expanse of blue sky, got my success.

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