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LED industry boom

Chinese LED industry boom is not decreased, in low profit and growth
Although the OEM development model of severe crush Chinese LED enterprise profit space, but the domestic enterprises of the industry confidence in the future has not weakened. Data shows,wireless keyboard dab4d60ck 2012 1 ~ July, industry of our country LED plans to add the total investment is 125600000000 yuan, of which more than 40% of the fund is in multiple segment of industry investment, even the whole industry chain investment.
Notable is, non LED enterprises to enter the LED industry the investment has become the LED industry investment is the important part of this kind of project, total investment projects reached 45%, more than the amount of total investment amount of 65%.
Chinese LED industry boom and closely to government support. In March, China National Development and Reform Commission clearly will be $40000000000 for LED street lamps procurement, and the LED street lamp provides 30% of the financial subsidies. The local government will respond,scientific developmentGuangdong Province said that since March 1st this year, the province of all financial investment for the construction of lighting engineering and new development area, in the public lighting field are using LED.
In addition, the capital market for LED market degree is not reduced, a venture capital and private equity investment the most favored industries. Data shows, 2011, home already had 7 home LED industry enterprises in the A stock IPO, cumulative financing amounting to 3625000000 yuan. In February this year, the SFC announced the IPO application in the enterprise name list, at least 9 is the LED industry related businesses.
Chinese LED enterprises in low profit growth in win. The data shows, " eleven five" period, integrated circuit industry doubled in size, production and sales of respectively from 2005 to 26580000000 and 70200000000 yuan, to 2010 65250000000 and 144000000000 yuan, occupy global integrated circuit market share increased from 4.5% in 2005 to 8.6% in 2010. The size of the domestic market from 2005 380000000000 yuan to expand to 735000000000 yuan in 2010, accounting for 43.8% of the market share of global integrated circuit.
On 2011, in Europe and the United States economic downturn, China's LED and other energy-saving products export still the market growth of 25%, LED interior lighting product output grows 75% compared to the same period,tin box manufacturer the product price fell 22%, production value amounts to 18600000000 yuan, grow 38% compared to the same period. According to the agency forecast, benefit from the support of government and the price drop, this year China LED interior lighting output value will reach 30600000000 yuan, an increase of 64%; in 2015 will reach 99300000000 yuan, the future 4 years of lighting production scale compound growth rate will reach 52%.  

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without hurting the body

How do air-conditioned summer without hurting the body

Long-term stay in air conditioning room will weaken the human body's immunity, and the concept of traditional Chinese medicine health chronological also have deviationsummer job dab4d60ck more against the summer health, so how do we improve, then can attain air-conditioned also don't hurt a body?

Air conditioning open too strong or long time to stay in air conditioning room, can make the body temperature central regulating disorders, common cause body easy to sweat, especially from outside of the environment of high temperature of cold air into the environment, is the wind chill of the evil attacks, will make temperature central regulating disorders, easy to have "the Yin" phenomenon. Also can make the body's blood circulation is bad, cause joint pain and other symptoms.

TCM doctor says, because of the loss of water in the air, so the throat, nose is easier to dry, upper respiratory tract and cause the resistance is reduced,chinese herbal product cause bronchial inflammation, catch a cold, have related disorders, the problem, more should pay special attention to guard against. In air conditioning room, it is suggested to proper clothing, avoid by air conditioning direct blow body, lead to catch cold catch cold. In addition, should drink more water, supplement.

Chinese medicine diagnosis and regulate part, aimed at "the Yin" problems will form so-called qi and Yin and holding constitution, easy to dry mouth, tongue is parched, headache, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms. This is because blood is weak, the body's temperature control central bad, the head is enough oxygen is caused by; Want to use fill gas, nourish "Yin" medicine, such as ShengMaiYin, can match the pool, massage shoulder well, the points.

Bad blood circulation, and cause blood stasis, mingled with moisture of the situation, the blood can be used, and to change the wet, qi prescription, can use yellow over sixty years of age chienchung soup, massage ofbuttocks acupoint desirable and valley, the three Yin, QuChi, Yin ling in spring, foot three mile acupuncture point.

In addition, if cause respiratory tract of dry, it is because the wind alternating with dry and evil, flooding wind, can be runfei prescription, enhance the resistance of the upper respiratory tract, such as MaiMenDong soup, and point massage desirable and valley, meet sweet, foot three mile, QuChi points, enhance the ability to resist the respiratory tract.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts remind, if you have a sore joints, try not to let the outlet air conditioning of the body, the head and the joint blow. Tea party of health care, the expert suggests, can choose wind 2 money, cassia twig and money,office furniture neize225dw qiang work and money. With 600 CC water boil, put the temperature, serve. Suitable for long time to stay in air conditioning room to dispel the wind, cold evil and ShiXie evil, to prevent symptoms.

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Germany was divided in two

The disaster came down, in February 14, 1945 night, dresden camera factory is allied to blow up, it's a disaster. At the end of world war ii in nearly, general patton's third army occupied the yarra, had planned to have factory working again,HD webcam manufacturer because the Yalta treaties of the American military position must be back to XiYi, Germany was divided in two, and the town and dresden all Soviet occupation by.

For the optical giant wealth, the russians of course won't let "U.S. imperialism" sold one, so a lot of CaiSi senior technical personnel were transferred to the Soviet union, the city of Po, as war compensation, the Soviet also removed the remaining 94% Carl Zeiss processing factory and factory.

In the establishment of the Po now Kiev camera factory (so now Russia lens by stealing [rob?] to point fur technology still can in optical area has a place). But the German technology like can take away, in the university and the support of Carl Zeiss Jeona LOGO soon appeared again.

At the same time withdraw patton, also carried away CaiSi of 126 key management personnel and technician in the old beauty of the federal republic of Germany support (west Germany) under the leadership of baden baden-wuerttemberg said Monday's "exam (Oberkochen) to the factory,web camera manufacturer dab4d59ck Carl Zeiss in" capitalist "society and also have the new students. But from now on CaiSi factory also so in two.

East German products branded as: Carl Zeiss Jeona (Carl. CaiSi. "the) history said that" the east CAI ". Production pan south camera

West Germany products named: Carl Zeiss history said that "west CAI"

In fact the east, west CAI on the design CaiSi receives the tradition, but all is for the CaiSi describes himself as authentic. Stroke of luck, is this kind of competition for the CaiSi in optical design has been further progress.

After unification, things CaiSi factory's and to the business. With its headquarters still in Mr "exam heng, 3500 employees, and at the same time around the world in a factory. At this moment CaiSi double sword and walls, and in a broad range of optical field is first the strong. In 135 Contax also still in the field of measurement card fight, but in the 120 field of Carl Zeiss T * is the hero, ShunWoZheChang, inverse I this wu!

The hasselblad, lu measurement CaiSi use lens had sat before the river's lake to the best 2, and mia, no CaiSi support balck militia is bound to be squeezed for survival.

The digital era, is CaiSi! Make original is optical dilettante SONY shake the body into consumption level of one of the dc industry.   

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office furniture

Choose one of the three principles of office furniture

Office furniture choice as consumers, especially in office furniture factory not familiar with friend, how to choose suitable office furniture products? Main follow the following several principles:

1, practical principles neize225dw

Many want to buy office furniture factory and office furniture company to cater to beautiful customers out of many promotion office furniture, some person beautiful sex, are beyond the practical, make office furniture less useful, as buyers, must grasp the practical this standard.

2, saving principle L-carnitine

Office furniture factory has introduced all kinds of new products, especially now, the office furniture is more by the client, then love be love, as the furniture of office use, such as big table set, meeting the big table is must choose and buy of products, and office sofa and so on, these are the necessary office furniture products, so hold save, don't buy extra office furniture is a must.

3, ingenious combination principle

Combination office furniture is now popular office furniture, this easy to tear open outfit products using is very convenient, can be combined at will, especially for large companies, is more convenience.  

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