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We can be happiness

Sorry, I know I said made you sad. But these years I really changed a lot, I no longer is the high school, the little girl, l-carnitine so much pain that I had to grow up, also had to fear, do not believe in love. You are really good, but I can not go back, return to the pure love yourself.

You asked me:" you are so low? You love the people you do not?" He and I, initially did not love together? " Love" this thing can really reliable? In this world of reality" love" had gone bad. I have to admit, I'm with him, mostly, all are not because of love, because in him there, I can get what I want, but more is not this year, I so hard. Now only work and study, to make me feel alive, will have a sense of security, will not be afraid. Do you know? I was really scared, especially when a person, I will always be rather baffling the cry, always feel be rather baffling fear. You know the kind of want to be alone, but afraid to the feeling of a person? More and more do not know what they want. They agreed not to easy to find it, but found that his goal was far too much light, on her own, feeling is not up to! Then, I will find a common goal, to work together,maycc12 to struggle together, even if sometimes feel very tired, but still would choose to hold on.

Honestly, sometimes I also want to find a love themselves and their love of his people, then happy together. But he found himself, already did not have the courage to love. Say, you may say that I don't believe you, do not so, I really did not believe in you, I'm just afraid I couldn't give you ever want it, because it is related to life.

" Peak of 17: 59:32: Talking does not love, please" if you can put down all the words, I really want to talk to you about a love story, but I do not put all this now, not tired of this, such a sense of security. I can only succeed, even at the cost of scars, I am willing to. Because I had dropped out of school because of love, but not to be worth a hair, the result was, so now I do not for love, but to give up their decided to walk the road. Because of love, I have lost too much, but also know how to treasure, now I just want to cherish the have it all, do not want to give up anything for love, can you understand? Perhaps as early as the parting moment, we are destined to pass! Now let it be! May not be lover, I think we can also choose to be friend!

There is your demand is too high for me,maycc12 I am afraid I do not, I really do! Maybe you are my life, never reach the other side of it! Well, not to say, hope that we can live happy, happy, let us for your future efforts! May: we can happiness!  

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Be together forever

In this article, want to always be with my friends, because in human's life, in addition to accompany you to the old, love your lover, then only a friend, they will need you in comfort when beside you, when you happy to accompany you crazy.

This word sounds are good friends, we can call a friend to my dear, can go shopping together hand in hand, peeping at next door, Cable manufacturer the handsome boy, we can have a nice clothes exchange with each other on the wear, and heart like what the boys as long as you know, there are no secret friend.

Also there are many male friends, they will be happy when I do not bear the quiet on their temper, will I play very late me safely home, they can not handsome, not very tall, but they were very gentleman, although I will sometimes it is without rhyme or reason. ' sad for my little angry, but I know that they are worried about me, care about me.

Today I heard a friend about his sorrow, always at my side to comfort me, I think he is very happy every day, listen to him to just know, originally each people really are more or less sad, even seemingly laughing and happy, are just the surface, the innermost feelings lonely and lonely, nobody can understand.

It has been my wayward clamoring not happy, cry and say to cry, they will be put down all things to comfort me, urge me to happy, nothing is impossible to overcome, not happy will past, I believe what they say, I also believe that I will be happy.

Today saw the word: dear friends, forgive me gradually less to greetings, there is a feeling no longer strong, but always there, we can't always be around, like a telephone message is not, we can not be the first time to share happy and unhappy, like become cold and silent, but there is one day, we met, dear, that I will not change. Really, no matter how long to meet friends apart, when the moment will take the time to dilute, a warm hug all lovesickness is smooth, with the respective language about the lives of those not dull, this is my friend.

Very grateful to my friends, I am not happy at the time that accompany me, now I have grown up, not self-willed, I know you also have their own things, not the stubborn to let you no matter how busy let you accompany me, I will have to bear, to carry, thank you a previous road has you to accompany me.  

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Practical intelligent keyboard

The Nokia E5-00 licensed today in business" geeks digital" the newest quoted price is 999 yuan, accessories include: headphones, batteries,Fly mouse aprereciciar apreopiear chargers and memory card. E5-00 is a low-end Saipan strong machine, in the E series mobile phone belongs to the entry-level products, but has a large memory design, performance is quite good.

The Nokia E5-00 design compared to E63 and E72 product appearance design, but also has small change. The mobile phone using Symbian S60 V3 intelligent operating system, Nokia for this machine has also built a 600MHz processor, and with the 250MB of memory, speed of operation is very smooth, whether in the office or entertainment, can play a strong processing ability. In addition it also supports Wi-Fi, GPS and other functions, is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone interface, supports up to 38 hours of music playback time and Bluetooth technology.

The Nokia E5-00 is a configuration of excellent low-end mobile phone, not only feel good, comprehensive functions, PC remote and is equipped with a large memory, running smoothly. And the 600MHz frequency in combination with the Symbian combination is also very good. It is worth mentioning that, E5-00 price is not high, but very practical, is the students love a product.  

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paragraph design principles

Editor this paragraph design principles
Four goals when you design a piece of furniture, you have four main objectives. You may not consciously understand them, BLN Designbut they do design process is an indispensable important component part.
The four goal is functional, comfortable, durable, beautiful. Although these for furniture manufacturing industry is the most basic request, however they are worthy of our in-depth study.
The utility function is a piece of furniture is very important, it must be able to reflect the inherent value. If is a chair

Furniture design
, it must be able to make your hips to avoid contact with the ground. If a piece of bed, it can let you sit on it, also can let you lie down on it. The utility function of meaning is furniture should contain usually acceptable has been of limited purpose. People put too much effort spent on furniture art decoration.
Whether a comfortable furniture not only must have its due function, but also must have a considerable degree of comfort. A stone that you don't need to sit directly on the ground, but it is neither comfortable nor easy chair, but on the contrary. You want a night can have a good rest in bed, bed must have sufficient height, strength and comfort to guarantee a point. A coffee table height must be done to him in the end of coffee or tea to guests when very convenient, but this height for dining, but also rather uncomfortable.
Whether durable piece of furniture should be able to long to be used, however, every piece of furniture of life is also different
Furniture design
The same, because it is closely related with their main function. For example, leisure chairs and tables are wild outdoor furniture, they are not expected to be durable as the drawer panel, nor will you want can be left to future generations the menorah put on a par with.
Durability is often regarded as the sole manifestation of quality. However, actually a piece of furniture quality and design in each target of perfect embodiment are closely related, it includes next to mention another goal: beautiful. If a very durable and reliable but despite the appearance is very ugly, or sitting on top of it is extremely uncomfortable chair, not high quality chair.
The ability to attract people in the present manual shop, furniture appearance is attractive is a resolution of skilled workers and bosses are important factors. After a period of hard training, skilled workers can know how to complete the aforementioned three goals. They have learned how to make a piece of furniture to be able to have his due function and be comfortable and durable.
High quality furniture should achieve four goals for furniture design between four target is continuously closely related,Bluetooth Keyboardif you just focus on one or a few furniture design
Production of high-quality furniture.
Making" Windsor" chair time, large solid wood veneer can make the user back to feel comfortable functions. Similarly, the seat board thickness of nearly 2 inches thick, so that there is sufficient to withstand the force, can make people sit not only comfortable, but also make the long and strong connections become possible. However large quantities of thick base plate and the chair of the beautiful lines of conflict. In order to solve this contradiction, manufacture planing to edge, cut the base plate thickness, the plate looks thin a bit.
To reflect the four target closely linked to another example is the Chris Moss chair (Chrestmas ), the chair in 1815 in the United States and Western Europe is quite popular with the youngster. It is the ancient Greek design manufactured, often in the pot etc to see its shadow. Despite its very stylish and elegant, but it is not a high quality furniture. As a result of a smooth slender legs connected with the time, seen from the appearance is not beautiful, so there is no use rail structure. However, as the chair legs were too thin, so as not to use connector connection, thus, the chair even in the absence of injury cases also can be used for a long time. After twenty years, the lessons, the manufacturer must increase after Barre, to give the appearance of although quite beautiful but extremely fragile chair increases the firmness.
At present, the domestic children's furniture in the modeling, color, taste element using relatively similar, truly creative, especially by children's furniture is not much. The cause of this condition is the main reason, now on the market a variety of children's furniture, are designed for the adult, or say, is what adult child psychology after design. Therefore, no matter how clever designer, the design concept of after all with children was soul appeal across a layer of. Although every year there is a furniture design for children's investigation of the needs to invest the massive manpower, financial capacity, intelligence, even through various forms of children room design competition to analysis is more popular with the children of the characteristic of children room. However, a questionnaire is often their parents to fill,Android TV Remoteentries also parents ghostwrite, its effect is also one can imagine. Pay attention to the children themselves feel, really let the children participate in design, looking for furniture and children's interactive" contact", can be broken by adult children furniture design limitations, true to produce safe, and let the children with furniture  

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