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As beautiful as evil spirit

As beautiful as evil spirit
Education that was accepted as a child
All hit square in the rule
Understanding to evil spirit's word
It is absolutely hard to understand Derogatory sense ......

Read some so-called progressive women's book at that time
The brain is full of
Serious feminism thought
Each cell is
Angry and intrepid
Many years later
Have pieces of MM use for vocabulary to describe me
Imposing manner
Even makings are not dipped in to the top
A bit declining after all

Special disgust of young girl times
Thing related to beauty
Been thinking all the time
A woman should not be so superficial
Be careful All used women in the past This word
Use to women together Think that slights claiming to one kind of women's

Think brain all the time
It should be more important than the chest
Especially look down upon the great woman without brain of those chests
Did not understand until now
In fact the head is very important
The chest is still very essential
And the fact Identification
It may not have no brain that the chest is big

How born unlucky to there is any so-called beauty from ancient times
See, either may not seem beauty long life more

Still what are believed It is angry from China that the Book of Sangs and the Book of History is had one's mind filled with
Have read so much
How magnificently I still may not be certain

Talk about while remembering " really wanting to fall in love ":
A man will not fall in love with spirit ......

Yes What a magnificent woman a mental realm is
Do not have a magnificent cheek
Let people it tastes no better than tallow always

Through the studying of theory knowledge
I understood at last
The woman who has no ability owns the virtue
The largest capital of the woman should be beautiful
It is the greatest virtue to be beautiful
It is not beautifully important to wear
Understand how to make oneself beautiful
If Thought through abundant knowledge and bright morality
Can attract a man
We think it is correct in theory in this kind of idea
But unlikely to realize in actual operation

Then the evil spirit is a beautiful woman who reaches the supreme realm
This is my present understanding
Seductive Pretty and coquettish Seductively charming ......
What wording beautiful is this
Make people full of imagination

So our goal is:
As beautiful as evil spirit!

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Life alone

Life alone
Say the person of the love wants for each other enough space and freedom!
To tell the truth I do and not keep to the side in front of somebody in some! Go back on one's word ING
I insist the principle together is very simple more, do the thing that we want to do together! See the film together, cook, sports, outing, take a walk, study individually, chat, discuss, the game Speak more the more important thing is together, no matter the daily life short, social phenomenon, one's own to experience, what is seen and heard,etc., promote two people way and then method to promote emotion of thoughts communication!
Have a look now, it is really unnecessary! So repent carefully, ask him to forgive in the place to unfair to! The person that perhaps has is suitable for communicating, some are relatively suitable for staying alone! Falling in love will pay attention to it according to objective things too now, the concrete problem is made a concrete analysis of, the constant combination of thoery and practice, is innovating and developing constantly!
I like chatting, listen to others chatting! Like it chatting and laughing, laughing loudly! Come into a person's heart, come into his brain and eyes! Realize his emotion and thought, look at the world that he sees! If others do not want to share with me, I think it is unnecessary for me to intrude upon that door!
I like caring about others, but willing to enjoy others' care and care, all happy things! The cordial words while hoping for cold, the constant care when fall ill, look after, when it is cold, there is warm hand transmission heat, when being unhappy, I gathers around in one's arms, accompany my dementia to dote on me, love dearly me, love me through to the end when being happy Such a requirement seems now, really excessive! I admit!
Wonder when it is, will not the fixed buzz came in the telephone before sleeping; Wonder anything, message 2/3 little; Wonder when it is, not happy in the heart; Wonder when it is, three sentences, can not say again; Wonder when it is, the life like getting back to singly, can't remember what love is like!
Love that that is not is dull, but love and disappear!
See a word like this in one BLOG carelessly: Does the woman never ask he misses you? Love you? He wants to think of you or love you for saying to you naturally! But say he will become very proud and not minding you from your mouth!
Still see one sentence in an article: We need a person, at someone's beck and call in one's own mind weariness, let oneself give vent to mood, but will not be angry. Such person is numerous. Some can only meet one all one's life, or will not meet either until spending the remaining years till death!
These two sentences have totally expressed my idea!
I want, say I how about is single life, now and picture very much at that time, do not know whether it is should be glad or sad or not! It is lonely that it is free that that is!

I look forward to the such life very much! Can also send and leave and sigh with deep feeling
But tell one sentence of oneself: Man very much excellent!
Since coming over at a lot of stages, just find: I am actually better than what oneself imagine!
That is impossible!
"In fact like having a lot of choices, I can give to you freely too! " A song which Sun YanZi has sung, know what it is? ? ?

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