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How to comb it science?

Hair, let us not only more Guangcaizhaoren, can comb out of health, the head together with most of the body through the main and collateral channels, main and collateral channels and acupuncture point stimulation in head hair often, not only can clear the systemic main and collateral channels, promoting blood smoothly, but also can enhance the immunity of the human body. So, how to comb it science?
1, elected to the comb
The best selection of wood, horn combs and other natural materials, plastic comb is easy to produce static electricity, adsorption of dust and dirt, hair, skin injury; natural precious wooden comb is especially suitable for dredge main and collateral channels. Conservation of the hair the best selection of wide tooth comb, inserted tooth comb and elastic hair comb, to ensure the strength and not hurt hair combs. In addition, the comb is not too sharp, so as not to scalp ripped.
2, to find the time
After getting up in the morning and evening before going to bed each comb10 minutes, if have time at noon, and5 minutes better comb. The morning hair, can promote the blood circulation, make people refreshed; night bedtime hair can relieve stress and fatigue, easy to sleep. Note that, hair should hold to for a long time to achieve the goal of health care.
3, on the strength of
Dredges the whole body main and collateral channels must slightly forced comb, hair to the scalp micro, can arouse the Yang Qi of the human body. dab4d53ck Comb stimulate the scalp and point, so that the scalp slightly numb, feel comfortable.
4, make the technique
Exquisite technique, to comb the effective. After about, Shun comb inverse comb, from the front to the neck, from light to heavy, from slow to fast, his eyes closed, concentrate, concentrate on carding.
5, the focus of comb
According to their physical and status, key ground comb. Catch cold easily, can focus on hair positive specifically against the cold bladder; often dizzy, often comb Du the middle line, not only alleviate dizziness and headache, but also more hair more spirit; gastrointestinal bad words in the hairline, an inch or so below the site of repeatedly comb, can alleviate symptoms.
The expert emphasizes, health from the comb head main and collateral channels, hair is also the most direct and effective dredging meridians, simple method. Form a good habit of hair, insist for a long time, not only can improve the immunity from diseases carried, also, maintain health and vitality.  

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high-heeled herve leger

This year, Hollywood star Tom Cruise's daughter Suri to wear high-heeled herve leger fashion photos appeared in a number of parenting websites and forum, brown hair, fair skin, doll wearing high heels as the villain immediately into a child A real live Barbie. Offshore Company Formation Agentsjue214edf

It stars Tom Cruise is also recognized by her parents, the perception of fashion and complacent to say that they all listen to her house, and if Katie Suri does not like wearing a pair of herve leger sale , she immediately replaced. Ubabee baby weardab4c52ck Star baby's every move quickly set off a trend in the world of children, some of the UK less than 10-year-old girl have to follow suit.

British "Daily Telegraph"reported that a parent found that: "When I go shopping with our daughter, we found many suitable for children 3 years old with a high-heeled shoes to wear.

According to media reports, a 27-year-old wave of domestic Ma also posted online for a 4-year-old daughter, about 6 cm high-heeled brian atwood , the young and trendy mom's reason:

The best we wear the same style of the brian atwood shoes mother and daughter to go out, LED PAR 38 certainly very attractive to the eye! "   

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