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Oxide TFT

Oxide TFT process and the development of AMOLED
Oxide TFT oxide thin film transistor technology, have higher electron moving speed, can enhance the panel resolution (PPI ) and screen refresh rate,HK toshiba tablet with both the amorphous silicon ( a-Si ) process / equipment compatibility, low masks and transparent design.

LG display 4.3 inch IPS / Oxide TFT 1280x720 ( 342PPI ), touch panel, Samsung also released a 10.1 inch PLS / Oxide TFT, WQXGA 2560x1600 ( 300PPI ) touch panel, but is still in the early stages of developmentHK samsung galaxy Friends from the 2009 launch internal display with 5 inch Oxide TFT LCD, launched in 2010 37 Inch Oxide TFT LCD, the IDW showing 65 inch Oxide TFT LCD.

Because AMOLED display by LED epitaxial directly driving light emitting, its characteristic is bright color brightness contrast enough, in addition to pure white screen,HK acer tablet most drawings under power only TFT LCD 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 5, AUO display 32 inch AMOLED 6 inch LCD TV, as well as transparent AMOLED panel, support 400x300 resolution, 36% opacity below 0.01ms, reaction time. Another 4.3 inches qHD ( 540x400257PPI ) resolution of the AMOLED panel, power consumption only 322mW.  

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Related software

For email marketing, professional software applications is the icing on the cake. At present, mainly has the following some common software:
1, mass-mailing software (free SMTP, single SMTP, SMTP )

The main function is to send a message to a lot of target address, to reduce the workload and the working time.Email Marketing

2, email address search software
The main function is to the webpage on the e-mail address collection or by searching online user" cookie" to extract mailing address, it is collect email address weapon.

3, mailing list management software
The main function is to many email address for system management, such as: add, delete, the export list etc..

In 4, the mail reading tracking software
To send out mail tracking, including clicks, readings, reading mail time etc..

5, data analysis software
Combination of customer data and marketing situation analysis, classification, in order to ensure accurate, effective marketing.

The network is easy to find on 1-3 in each kind of software, some software also provides more functions of personality. While the fourth, 5 categories of software is not many, in the area of the lower end of application is not very extensive. As for the software use method and skill please refer to related technical articles.iPhone Application development

Mail marketing is direct marketing mode, marketing is an important link, has gone deep into our lives and work, become an indispensable tool for marketing. I hope you can be inspired from the article, let your email marketing play a practical role, resulting in a more effective value, to win more profits! At the same time, also welcome you to communicate with me some of your marketing!  

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technology explosion

In 2012 four major trends: mobile application of voice technology explosion
Although intelligent mobile phone and computer have been hot for a few years, but in 2011 was a turning point: the mobile device sales first exceeded desktops and notebook. The result is the result of mobile application fashionable, compared with previous years, this year 's sales of mobile applications, users spend on mobile applications for longer time, whether it is the United States, but also in the global market. In December of this year, the apple App Store app store within the application downloads reached 18000000000, Google Android Market application downloads reached 10000000000 times.Mobile Application

In 2011 the end of the year, on mobile applications market by the number of major events is reviewed, and in 2012 the market development trend in the future:

A review of 2011:
1 Internet users spend more time in mobile applications
This year, the United States of America netizens spent more time in mobile applications use the browser's time, this is the first time in the history of the. Research firm Flurry Analytic data shows, American Internet users every day use mobile application time is 81 minutes, while using the browser time is 74 minutes. A year ago, spent in mobile applications on time for 43 minutes, take in the browser on time for 64 minutes.

2 App Store's developers favor
Apple App Store is still the most popular platform for developers, because it gives the developer the profit. Although the Android mobile phone sales exceeded iPhone, but in Android platform, the highest downloaded application with 2 / 3 is free, suggesting that Android users are not interested in purchasing application. Developers can directly experience to this: iOS developers each earn $1, Android developers can earn only 24 cents.

3 mobile application all over the world
Not only in the United States,Digital Marketingthe global users are obsessed with the mobile application. Flurry Analytic data shows, this year the mobile application downloads increased at the same time, the United States of America users share from 55% in January to 47% in October. Meanwhile, Chinese user application downloads in 2011 rose 870%, an increase of 527% of Argentina, Saudi Arabia increased by 388%. This year China is rapidly becoming the Apple's second important market, so Apple's iOS application, tablet PCs and smart mobile phone sales will grow considerably.

Google did not solve the problem of Android update 4
Google has promised to solve Android problem, but this failed to give a solution, this is a let operators and developers headache. Google also acknowledged the problem: Although Google frequent updates on Android, but not Android all the equipment access to timely, continuously update. Google said in May, will launch a series of measures to alleviate the problem. Although several operators and mobile phone manufacturers commitment to cooperation with Google, but did not make any substantive progress. So people in the industry said that, this Android update Union has" cease to exist except in name".

Outlook 2012:
1 HyLoMo everywhere
" HyLoMo" is "super local mobile" ( hyper-local mobile ) abbreviation, there is currently some mobile application in using this concept, but next year will be more popular. The basic concept of HyLoMo is: many of our activities in the local expansion -- in our life and work location near shopping, dining and entertainment. Intelligent mobile phone has been able to know the location, so some services and applications can make full use of these information, such as we can go, can buy what, want to do and so on. Research firm IMMR analyst Philip Hendrix ( Phil Hendrix ) said: "no matter is the search, make a purchase decision, or looking for the tourist information, these mass data the application may have become more practical, businesses and consumers,
advertisers will benefit from."

2 voice control exploding
Apple is not the first to use the voice control or the natural language interface of the mobile phone manufacturers, but iPhone 4S into Siri technology makes the voice control technology has become the focus of attention of the industry. The next year, we will see more competitors the deployment of a speech interface technology. The message says, Google is similar to the development of technology. In addition, Nuance company ( Siri is the company's technology ) has just acquired the rival Vlingo, hoping to attract more customers. Nuance CEO Mike Thompson ( Mike Thompson ) said:" almost the world every mobile phone manufacturers and consumer electronics companies have tried to speech technology into their mobile products, applications and services."

3 NFC continued development
Attention to NFC ( near field communication technology ) has for a long time, next year is still the focus of attention. In 2012 NFC will continue to develop, but not in payment, but is associated with the cover other aspects. For examplePlate Heat Exchanger , the seller for promotion, loyal customers provide incentives such as Google, Wallet and Offers have reflected this trend. In addition, NFC may also be applied to the social network and contact information exchange application.

4 more applications store was born
Apple and Google's app store has grown at the same time, the user to find the appropriate application is becoming difficult, this means developers to attract the attention of the user will face challenges. The personage inside course of Colin Gibbs ( Colin Gibbs ), for Android, this means that there will be more brand application store is born, either as a pure retail window, or to promote their content. The application stores such as Amazon, best buy and EA may also launched its own app store to publish content. In addition, enterprise oriented application store also has the very big development space.  

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nutritional therapy

Dinner drink how nutritional therapy
Man social drinking diet aftercare
Alcohol harms to human body as everyone knows, however, at a banquet to entertain friends, socialize, customers have to drink it, how to protect the stomach? Drunk how often to socialize the hangover? Believe that many people are very concerned about these issues. At this point, we specifically requested the Department of nutrition experts talk about" Jiejiu recipe".

Come to the point." Yogurt" stomach protecting
" Can't drink on an empty stomach before." This is a personal experience summed up the law. The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou College of Medicine Department of nutrition doctor Zhao Yongyi said, yes, an empty stomach to drink the most easily drunk, because the stomach without food, drinks in the stomach by rapid absorption, physical drunkenness" reaction " also come soon. Therefore, the drink before the try to eat some food.

At the beginning of the drink, eat chicken, geese fatty food, these high protein, high fat can hinder the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, the ethanol is a lot less, it may not be immediately."". If it is on the table at big eat is not appropriate, can be in before drinking wine to drink a cup of yogurt, milk beverage can form a protective film in the stomach, to prevent alcohol too much into the human body.

Honey water is" hangover" preferred
After three drinks later, someone will not wine, began to ramble in one's statement. In order to avoid drunk, natural," hangover". Zhao Yongyi introduced, the present study is that, only fructose that nutrients on acceleration of alcohol in vivo blood clearance has certain effect. Therefore, if you have drunk, most convenient and most simple way is to drink water with honey, because honey contains mostly fructose.

Secondly, can also drink orange, pear, apple, watermelon and other fresh fruit juice or a cup of tea with lemon. If no honey, no fresh fruit juice, then drink sugar water or fruit juice drinks can also play some hangover effect.

Sheep testicle soup
Material: fresh sheep dung of pig bone soup 1, 1 bowls, porcine spinal cord 1, ash 10 grains; some pepper powder, ginger end 5 grams, white 2, cilantro 3 grams, salt amount.

Production : first the ram testes sliver, go to fascia, rinse, cut into thin slices; then decocted bone soup, add salt, pepper, pepper powder, ginger powder, onion white together into the pot to boil, simmer, cut into 3.3 cm a pig spinal inputs, and cook for about 15 minutes, then input the sheep the outer sheet, and then switch to Wu fire to boil 3 minutes, into the bowl, sprinkle with cilantro.
Method: casual clothing, meat, bone marrow, soup.

Effect: kidney essence. Applicable to the deficiency of the kidney essence of impotence.  

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Beijing house

The housing price to income ratio measure of Beijing house price also has 20% drop space
Since the real income than in the 4 to 6 times more reasonable, so if beyond this standard is the housing bubble? Insiders said," 4 to 6 times" is a relatively common reference values, each country according to economic development level is different, the state of the housing market is different, show value is not the same, so can not mechanically apply this numerical.
Cause I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui said, reasonable price and household income of more than, the world bank standard is 5: 1, the United Nations standard is 3: 1, in reality, the United States is 3: 1, Japan is 4: 1, the developed countries are the highest in Sydney 8.5: 1, New York 7.9: 1 : 1, London 6.9, Seoul 7.7: 1, Tokyo 7.9 : 1, 5 : 1. Considering that China is currently in the social transition, the characteristic of economic shunt period, the city changes a course accelerate, person much ground is little status, as well as market supply and demand proportion is unreasonable, so Chinese mainland prices reasonable interval, shall be the total family income 6-8 times.
Hu Jinghui said, in a family of three, two people of husband and wife 's annual gross income 200000 yuan as an example, 80 square meters of housing price range should be 120-160 million yuan, and the price of 1.5-2.0 million yuan / square meters, so, 1.7-1.8 million yuan / square meter will be a reasonable price point bit. Taking Beijing as an example, after a year of market regulation, the current Beijing new premises transactions fold to 19606 yuan / square meters, second-hand residential average price of 22018 yuan / square meters, accordingly, Beijing prices will have 10-20% space down.
Caution: simply apply the professional concepts easy to mislead the market
However, although house price to income ratio by the majority of property buyers and the industry's attention and recognition, but also the personage inside course of study on" real income than" application maintained a cautious attitude.
Huayuan Real Estate chairman Ren Zhiqiang believes that," real income than" seems to be a person who can understand the concept, but it has a strict definition, if simply apply a appear wrong concept, will be to judge the market to mislead. Ren Zhiqiang said, the" real income than" should take the calculation data is strictly defined, such as must use all the income of the median and mean, all of the housing area of the median and mean, all of the housing transaction price median rather than average, especially not only with a commercial housing the average market price, instead of calculating economic applicable housing, applicable housing policy enjoyment of economic housing, second-hand housing prices of the median or mean.
In addition, China has no strict personal income statistics, and more are working mainly include median wage income statistics, statistical and almost no various tradeable housing prices. These data are mostly depends on a number of comprehensive statistical computing, and some experts are not only simple to calculate, using a variety of average to estimation, natural difference distance real great. " In the absence of accurate median income statistics and the median price statistics before, housing price to income ratio easily become a misleading market and public tool, it is better to give up the house price to income ratio with other indicators." Ren Zhiqiang said.  

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TCM recipe treating vaginitis

White radish vinegar scrub TCM recipe treating vaginitis
Ancient Chinese medicine on the treatment of vaginitis is a set, such as successively with acetic acid and white radish juice to wash the genital pruritus vulvae treated, can, taking gingko egg in treatment of leucorrhoea grow in quantity, a troubled women try.

Vaginitis is Department of gynaecology disease is the most common category, mainly due to pathogens invade the female vagina, caused by abnormal vaginal diseases. Introduction of several traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of vaginitis today small recipe, from now on, no longer afraid of vaginitis.

In 1, white radish vinegar
Advance to the white radish pressed into juice, every night with acetic acid cleaning pudenda, followed by white radish juice scrub, can also be thoroughly scrubbed, this method is effective in the treatment of vulva pruritus, leucorrhea overmuch wait for a symptom.

In 2, green radish
The green radish clean, and pounded to a paste. With sterilized gauze wrap around two spoon mashed radish, and a package, a head with a thread tied. Potassium permanganate liquid to clean the vagina, the gauze roll is inserted into the vagina, pulling back and forth. Or the autumn and winter into the vagina for 1 hours to remove, this method is effective in the treatment of trichomonal vaginitis.

In 3, liver Verbena
Prepare 60 grams of liver, 30 grams of Verbena, cut it into pieces, and mix well, cover the pan with a bowl of steamed 30 minutes. This method is effective in the treatment of vulva pruritus, leucorrhea overmuch, has the functions of clearing heat, detoxification, the effectiveness of eliminating dampness.

In 4, the garlic juice
The peeled garlic mashed, add boiling water boiled soup with garlic juice to clean the vulva, everyday 2 ~ 3, for the treatment of vulvar pruritus and trichomonas vaginitis effect is good.

In 5, white eggs
Ginkgo egg treatment increased leucorrhea, yellow ginkgo peeling and the heart, the egg head punch a hole, the ginkgo stuffing, and wet paper paste well hole, boiled eggs, can use, mainly for the treatment of too fatigue caused by increased leucorrhea, yellow and other symptoms.

6, plantain stewed pork tripe
First clean the plantain, tripe, and cut into small pieces, add water, salt, stew 30 minutes, drink soup to eat belly, long-term use can be treated with a variety of infections caused by leucorrhea quantity are many, the color yellow, smell and so on.

7, peach leaves
Prepare 30 grams of peach leaves, Chenopodium album 25 grams, into a 1000 ml edema boil for 20 minutes, when temperature is lower, the fluid to rinse the vagina, everyday 1 ~ 2, the main treatment of trichomonal vaginitis.

8, Liushen Pill
First with boiling water to clean private parts, on the bed or sofa supine, 15 grain of Liushen pills is inserted into the vagina, every night 1, the treatment of vaginitis curative effect is very good.  

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conditioning heating

During the winter, cold and dry air, indoor air-conditioning heating, easy to take the baby hair in the water, made him the hair becomes dry, weak and even rupture. The winter electrostatic is troubled baby hair is one of the. Not only can let the baby hair loss of usual health, but also the dust adsorption effect of clean. Baby in winter hair can arise electrostatic, first with dry weather related with shampoo, conditioner, second is the improper.johnson baby shampoo

Therefore, to get rid of electrostatic, must first solve the problem of baby hair drying. Parents should choose a high degree of moisture, and the packaging must be marked with the third party testing agencies to red droplets no tears formula sign of baby shampoo, the shampoo is the only such high moisture, safe, gentle, qualified. For example, parents are more trusted brands Johnson baby shampoo, have this mark, but also rich in natural honey, malt extract rich in vitamins, clean your baby's hair at the same time, in his hair to form a layer of film, reduce the friction between the hair, make hair oil, light, elastic, get rid of the winter dry electrostatic damage!JOHNSON Shampoo

Besides shampoo, mother-infant editor also includes some how to reduce electrostatic disturbance method in winter, I hope that parents reference!

1, if the winter baby hair is too long, and even shaved not warm, it tied into small braids, or hair rub against each other, meet the dry cold wind, will make it soon produce electrostatic.

2, to avoid baby wearing a sleazy, easily electrostatic fiber type clothes, clothing fabric if chemical fiber fabrics, can use antistatic detergent washing.

In 3, mother with Johnson baby shampoo to the baby after shampoo, can also use hand gently along the baby in the direction of the hair growth to massage the scalp, hold to for a long time, can improve blood circulation, so that the baby's hair full, tough, but also to a certain extent reduces the occurrence of static electricity.L-Carnitine

4, give the baby to wear cotton or silk products, underwear, quilt cover, bed sheets, inner liner of the hat also should choose cotton or silk products.

In 5, the indoor environment is also very important, to maintain a certain humidity, wash mop. Or air humidifier used to air driving; multiple placed green plants and potted, can reduce the air drying brought the baby to electrostatic trouble.  

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Remember our little

In late winter, a tiny snowflakes, sitting in the car across the street, looking at you, a brisk pace across the road to the railing, looking at you smile to me. Watching you wear light clothes, made some purple lips, are distressed, ten years to come first, or even so heartbeat, my heart is beating. Black hazy days, we on the road was moving slowly, I hear you breathe, I think the moment is so warm. Ten year dream, start from today.Web Content Management System
Sitting at the hot side, our sweet memories of childhood, when the good times. When looking at your emaciated figure, I know these years you suffered. Look at the table full of food, I kept calling you " eat more, eat more", I know you not good! Your full of Double Cocoon hand, is so rough, I think" these years you have the more bitter"? I feel in my heart straight away with tears, those years if I accompany you should have much good! Satiate meal, who is reluctant to leave, and snow tail winter is still cold, on the body, still can penetrate clothes bring us a little colder. You said" we go to a coffee shop sit", I happy should, in the dark light our crazy talk, once past, we still worried about each other, but now has been changed. I was me, but you can have as a father.
Two in the morning, I came back home, sitting on the bed, I bind a quilt to cry, while I am waiting for you do you know I have you in my heart. This may be called" a strange combination of circumstances ."!
That year, remember that we are still small, snow, we stood there, you said to me" I love you!" Hands holding bright rose, warm my heart, but I was shy to tell you" let me think about it", where we stand there for 8 hours, I still did not pick your roses. It was then that I have fallen in love with you, you just don't understand, at that time I was so shy. The very next day I wait for you to come to me, but I heard them say you so roses open again, but still did not come to see me. You left without hearing a word about our hometown, I don't know where you are, my heart is cold, waving tears, came to the city, I think maybe maybe, you forget me.
Year after year, when on his way home, spring flowers blossom and defeated, I was in the vast sea of humanity has been unable to find your shadow. In 6 years, you have too much of a change, you are married and have children, when I see you in my hometown fair, happy to eat gourd, she is standing behind you, that moment tear drop in my heart, I know" I love you" then I want to: put you in my heart, looking for my life.Website Development
City lights is brilliant flashes, with love, I lost in the pursuit, and turn to turn for one thousand days, I turned to you. When QQ's Avatar, in computer room flicker, I didn't know you remember me. The name, my trembling click on the mouse, it is you, that moment in my heart, you accidentally crashed into my heart. Silent talk.  

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attack symptom

A heart attack symptom of cough can save
Heart disease patients were first observed, if the symptoms persist for longer than 15-20 minutes, no matter how slight pain or discomfort, should a doctor diagnosed. If there is no history of heart disease 's friend, also cannot loosen vigilance, go to the hospital for examination, so as not to delay treatment timing.plate heat exchanger manufacturer
For patients with heart disease, the pathogenesis is often" imperceptibly". But in fact before the heart attack a few hours, days or even weeks, the body will have a strange feeling. Therefore, the following signs of heart disease patients should pay attention to.
One, indigestion
Dyspepsia is easy to be ignored by the patients with heart disease, because some friends had stomach trouble, so it is easier to stomach and heart disease caused by stomach be confused. With the general gastric disease, heart disease caused by stomach rarely occur with cramping and pain, and tenderness are not always there, just have a dejected, swelling feeling, sometimes accompanied by a dull pain, burning heartburn and nausea Yutu, although there will be some relief after a bowel movement, but the feeling of discomfort will not disappear completely.
Two, mandibular pain
Mandibular pain on both sides, sometimes spread to the neck in one or two sides.
Three, forearm and shoulder pain
Although the left arm and shoulder affected are the most common, but serious when will radiate to the right arm, of course, only the right side pain is very common. Despite the pain was less severe, but it is very difficult to raise the lifting arm. Pain is usually dull pain, not pain, will not spread to the wrist and fingers, usually confined to the inner side of the forearm, this must be distinguished and cervical vertebra disease.
Four, shortness of breath
Some patients with heart disease in addition to the common symptoms will appear, shortness of breath, breath phenomenon, which is what people say dyspnea. Patients sit for a few minutes later, breathing seems to be back to normal, but when the patients to walk, breath again. Special remind suffered from lung disease in elderly people, the breath is often overlooked.
In five, severe fatigue
At the moment after the onset of severe fatigue, fatigue even unbend body forces are not. Fatigue is not limited to certain parts of the body, but systemic. As was hitherto unknown severe fatigue, they should immediately go to hospital check.
Patients with heart disease if the above signs, first observed, if the symptoms persist for longer than 15-20 minutes, no matter how slight pain or discomfort, should a doctor diagnosed. If there is no history of heart disease 's friend, also cannot loosen vigilance, go to the hospital for examination, so as not to delay treatment timing.Plate Heat Exchanger
How to survive a heart attack
A sudden heart attack patients in neither owned medicine and medical help, every two seconds to cough loudly is a self-help remedy, which is called" cough cpr". Because of the sudden appearance of some heart problems, patients with blood circulation could be stalled, and forced cough can increase in pleural pressure, the temporary ischemia cardiac massage to play the role, and to allow the lungs to take in more oxygen, so as to promote the blood circulation, and promote brain blood pressure, supplemental oxygen to brain. This prevents the patient with complete loss of consciousness, for professional ambulance.  

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suspected Pacific

People with strange phone call and was a suspected Pacific Life Insurance Information Network in China received the insurance company phone, then can receive a free insurance, there is such a good thing? Recently, many members of the public to reflect this, they received the Pacific Insurance Company this" gift", but for the insurance companies how to know their connection way and receive insurance existence Maoni, public concerns. For this, the reporter was investigated.
Reader response
Received a strange phone call to receive a free insurance
"The other side claimed is the Pacific Insurance Company, need to do a survey of." Zhang told reporters a few days ago, he received the number" 051495500" phone number", look pretty normal, although the prevention of mental, but still with the investigation." Hung up the phone, Mr. Zhang feeling something is going on in there," I have never voted for the insurance, how did they know my contact?"
This isn't the end of things, after two days, Mr Cheung also received a" 95500" message, the content is:" Dear Mr. XX, you have been given by my company underwriting the" worry-free travel accident insurance plan ( C )", the policy number is XXX, you can be in a three working days after login website validation." Message inscribed to Pacific insurance. So far, Mr. Zhang more worried," telephone survey them to my birthday and identity card numbers, no mention to give insurance, can they privately with my name signed insurance, this insurance will be a trap?"
Mr. Zhang said, because of the fear of log will automatically make insurance in force, he did not dare to the website validation.
Investigative reporter
Receive insurance cannot verify details
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter according to Mr Zhang provides information, login message mentioned website: / life / DX, displayed on the website copyright: China Pacific Insurance Group Company limited. But the input text is provided in the policy number and mobile phone access code always prompt" wrong password or password failure", after several attempts failed to query the insurance information.
The reporter then search through the site inquiry found that Mr. Zhang, and there are plenty of people who have the same experiences. The insurance company how to know the public telephone survey of personal information, why have ID card number and other private information, receive insurance why cannot query the details? With a series of questions, the reporter contacted the Pacific Insurance company.
The company responded
Random numbers to call the insurance there is no trick
" We just once in the company for the customers pay a return visit, not the old client could not have received a phone call." Pacific Insurance Company Yangzhou Branch Manager Wang Guoxi said.
But a few hours later, Wang Guoxi calls a reporter but that has changed:" this is our company made a survey of activities, according to the Yangzhou area number of bulk call, did not know personal information. Since accepting the investigation of natural have feedback, for people's personal information in order to free insurance." Wang Guoxi also admits, the phone did not consult the public is willing to accept the free gift of insurance, there are certain problems.
" Mr. Zhang receive insurance is free, there is no trap." Urban insurance industry insiders told reporters, the Pacific Insurance Company is a sales model," through a telephone survey to obtain the user's personal information, as is the accumulation of customer resources to develop the market." He also reminded the public, if a similar telephone survey is best not to disclose the name, address, ID card number and other personal information, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.  

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mountain again show up

People's alliance in Burma delivers to political party registration to apply for a plain quarter of proud mountain again show upsolar module cell
The whole country democracy alliance in Burma compares to all deliver to a political party registration application to the Federal Election Commission in the capital city on the 25th and exceed heavy return political square one.People's alliance's leadersing a plain quarter of proud mountain will go to later on inside compare all complete registration procedure.
People's alliance 6 represent to compare low keys to all deliver to an application in the capital city on the 25th.Because Burma government strictly limits to personnel in the discrepancy capital city, people alliance the supporter didn't appear the spot at the registration.

Burma Federal Election Commission will cost at least a week time to examine and approve a national democracy alliance political party to register an application, later on people's alliance will recommend 2 to leader is registered with panels

"This is(political party) the registered square one afresh, we are very happy."People alliance spokesman year Wen Shuo:"Next move, proud the plain quarter of mountain need to come to Federal Election Commission in person."

"People's alliance's participating in political progress is to mark sex affairs."The international crisis research organizes Southeast Asian item director Ji Mu ·virtuous pull a Gu section of Ma Shuo.

President Wu Deng Sheng takes part in Southeast Asian alliance in the nation to leader Feng in Indonesia in times before will mean, enjoy to see a people alliance regression local political main current, will welcome a plain quarter of proud mountain to join a parliament.

Burma certainly will hold a parliament to repair to choose in January, next year and elect at present the parliament is hollow to lack of 48 councilman's seats.Parts of councilmans accept a president to appoint to join a government in April, this year, to parliament seat empty modules

When Burma parliament elected last year, because of proud the plain quarter of mountain was placed in house arrest appearance can not three choose, people's alliance adopts the way of doing of boycotting the election and lose legal deviationist qualifications thus

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lifetime tender feelings

Flick to the utmost from cradle to the grave pen and ink, the Wan your half a lifetime tender feelings
?The Xian dust returns to Mou and sees a smoke spending bright performance and guarding a love that thin water is long to flow.At a long distance outside, other place don't Ge, book whole life pen and ink, the Wan your half a lifetime tender feelings.

-《Hope world of mortals 》Gaosuibuyou Thailand
If Fang China water, the plain Jian of light exhibition time, those ever tied up round in mindly read aloud think, the memory of those confusing half a lifetimes , at the moment among the heart, turned make 1 wisp remember fondly, tainted with between the eyebrows.

If the passing years dream, the things of the past is like song.Saw too many sceneries, missed too many people, owe next the love fate of the one a life time, finally can not succeed in escaping the transmigration of soul of predestination, tying down of loneliness.

If feeling poem, if the eyebrow draws and love net, knit 1,00< knots.Slightly resound at the mind deep place.Those look for don't return of wound, 11 exile in the passing years.All stories,such as fallen petal, float to fall, in the memory gradually go gradually and far, leave cripple red slice of slice of, the soul carries full memory of fragrant.

Ever is who, wet Xiao breeze?

Ever is who, wet month shore?

Ever is who, allow who day was the wasteland old?

Ever is who, hug to each other next in month, promised the fragrance of half a lifetime azure stone?

Looking back two is now then boundless and get empty to meet, difficult tell Zhong of the bowel is eventually each one square in a sky, run in opposite directions.Hence then Be getting thinner, spread, Be getting farer, gradually also forget.

Life bitterness short, cripple flower dream.The eyes of intertexture explain a beginning of romance to start.Confusingly meet, change one turning round of Que pomp.Destine finally is spending to miss in the transmigration of soul that the efflorescence falls, then forget, with as for stranger mutually to, each Anne's limits of the earth.

Die water to have no scar, the public is like mirror.When the whole dusts fall to settle, the big wild goose south returns;

Who also remember, that location that once met?

Who also remember, the lose in the passing years of persist?

Who also remember, that some kind of world of mortals desires?

Who also remember, who threw first old wish away?

Who also remember, who lightly dyed whose the passing years?

Beautifully persist again, again the old wish of Xuan, in the end, eventually Nan Ke Yi Meng.The deep love contains shallow good luck and eventually arrives however that fallen petal is one petal.

Boundless huge, each other ends in the world of mortals in mutually meet and mutually know, and one song fallen petal Lian Yan, dying quarterly the year end is remaining years of life.Suddenly look back, those fragments that lose in the transmigration of soul are difficult to expressly kept in mind by the feeling and loiter historic.

Shallow sing low sing, the lingering sound Niao rounds, the slide is at the trace in the years, at the writing inside light exhibition happy Yan, finger tip lightly dance, that silk concern with love, as if is escaped from worldly Gu Hong.Hence, hide the Chi however the wry smile in the writing, taking can not state of lonesome, writes to break a remnants chapter for a Que Que

The Niao rounds among of tie up Mian, written in black and white inside of on guard, always having mountain high water is far dark cool.The previous incarnation old matter, an a painting Juan engraves real motives and achieves a field to superficially meet.The bise reports crack, the years lightly sings, cloudy that square far return nearly and what then the other shore.

Remaining Wen Chan rounds, wet eye dim moonlight.Lead China that washes to the utmost a world of mortals inside, fade but the sadness of old inside, the dust returns a dust, the soil returns soil, if water is simple elegance, don't ask the way home.

Flick to the utmost from cradle to the grave pen and ink, the Wan your half a lifetime tender feelings

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Chinese light

Europe to Chinese light the Fu start the possibility of a pair of anti- surveys not big
Industry insider reveals, though the American commerce department aimed at solar cell and module that are imported from China to start anti-dumping with anti- subsidy survey, but as the biggest market of the solar energy product of Chinese manufacturing, European not and greatly possible heel breeze, because much crystal Huo and solar energy product make the European supplier of equipments have been being subjected to a benefit at the huge need of Chinese market.Gaosuibuyou Thailandpoly bags

However, the news' personage adds to say, because Europe is the biggest solar energy market in the world, it may experience personally a transfering of center of gravity very much, and become main"dump ground" of the solar cell module of Chinese manufacturing.

The European solar energy business enterprise has been being complaining that the Chinese solar energy business enterprise accepted the unfair competition that a great deal of subsidy causes to its government.However, governments in European all countries didn't handle this problem.plastic bags supplier

Recently, Chinese commerce department minister Chen De Ming said, the Chinese government compromises the trade protection doctrine policy that the merchandise that the foreign country aims at a Chinese manufacturing starts to adopt should to the measure.Those nations that starts to trade a war to China Chen De Ming further points out that because of being to multinational company, China is a huge market, , the oneself will also suffer huge great damage, therefore the trade protects doctrine behavior is the behavior of the injure people without benefit to oneself.

Chen De Ming adds to say, the obligation problem of Europe has already slowed down global economy currently.In addition, Chen De Ming predicts, the Chinese economy will also be subjected to very great influence.toner

In fine, owing to this huge market in China's making the importance of equipments supplier to much crystal Huo in Europe and the light Fu, and the European oneself contains layer after layer problem, the serious obligation contains pending crisis, and its solution may need a Chinese cooperation very much, so Europe to Chinese light the Fu product start anti-dumping not big with the possibility that anti- subsidy investigate.Certainly, if the pressure from European business enterprise continuously enlarges, or along with the development of situation, Europe's adopting to is similar to measure isn't by surprise either.Medium international trade's urging the meeting electronics information profession will provide a draft for cent

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Purely, contents.Agree on

How that day of we, the all silent smile is for a long time.

We all changed, that kind of acquainted with and sought not to return any further.

There are a lot of words, how should say.Probably need not languages all understand each other think,

We are all evading, all at from vulgar don't deserve who;

There is a kind loving deeply is release,

Can still grave in in the heart bottom deepest place, alone sad, remember fondly

No longer have already handed over to gather after thinking to separate at first, no longer have connection, no longer know each other ll informationses.

But don't attain, we still knew each other existing life,

, Have already become settled situation.Now now```

That song, and your mood.Similar,

《Tell a lie 》very suitable you,

Probably already forget our ever, probably early meaningless formerly order intravenous drop drop, probably early feel that to is funny feelings, calculate not calculate of feelings, cold take no cognizance that recollection

Can I am very silly, I still keep thinking of.

Because of, have never been loved so,

The in the minds all fear to lose, so I don't dare.

Only the Mo sees you this love,

Wish to allow you to think me...Don't love you|

Don't wish to make you know as well, my flounder and real intentions;

Don't want to make you get hurt, don't want to make your involvement had nothing to do with you of matter`

So I release you, I think that I am right.

Pain```more short more good;

Perhaps, you found out you now

Just at happy........And she

Forgetting perhaps is humble of I,

From new beginning.

Ha ha, I be still thinking, or love deeply.

Can I can not say to you, really can not say to you,

Can can not forget, how do?

Probably, the God plays trick with me, unexpectedly don't make me forget and torment me for remembering fondly you

Is that I ask for it,

If, can|can of words, can we make an engagement?

After 6 years, you didn't marry, I didn't marry,

We can together during a lifetime?Can?Lifetime.......

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explained as follows

Structure and energy of the sun's delivering a way synopsis is explained as follows.

The quality of the sun is very big, under the gravity function of the sun oneself, the sun material comes together to the core, density and temperature of core center are very high, and making can take place atomic nucleus reaction.These pit reactions are solar energies, the energy produced in a row constantly to the space radiation, and control the sun of activity.According to various indirect and direct of data, think the sun can is divided into pit to respond area and radiate area, convection area and the sun atmosphere from center to edge.

(1)the pit respond areasolar cell

In the district of the sun radius 25%(namely 0.25 Rs), is a solar core, concentrated the sun half above quality.Here the temperature is about 15,000,000 degrees(K), the pressure press(1 atm=101325 Pas) for about 250,000,000,000 atmospheres, the density approaches a 158 gs|cm 3.The energy of this part of creations shares 99% of the total energy of the sun creation, and outwardly radiate by convection and radiation.The hydrogen let out gamma ray while coming together, when this kind of shot line to pass colder district consume energy, increase a wave-length, become X to shoot line or ultraviolet ray and it is thus clear that light.

(2)radiate areasolar water

At check the outside of responding the area is radiate area, from the 0.25~0.8 Rs, the scope belonged to's temperature descends to 130,000 degrees, the density descends for the 0.079 gs|cm 3.Pass this district in the energy of the sun core creation is delivered by the radiation to go out.

(3)convection area

At radiate the outside of area is a convection area(convection layer), from the 0.8~1.0 Rs, the scope belonged to's temperature descends for the 5000 Ks, the density is a 10-8 gs|cm 3.In the convection area, the energy mainly depends a convection dissemination.The part of convection area and its inside is unseen, the theories that can depend to together prognosticate to agree with to match of their properties is computed to make sure.

(4)the sun atmospheresolar ingot

Mostly can is divided into the light layers, such as ball, color ball and corona of the sun...etc., the physical property of each layer contains obvious differentiation.The sun atmosphere most the first floor is called light ball, the sun of all and only can be almost whole to send out from this layer.The continuous spectrum of the sun is basically the spectrum of light ball, the absorption line in the sun spectrum is basically also formative in this.The thickness of light ball is about 500 kms.The color ball is the sun atmosphere of intermediate, is a light ball outwardly of extend, have been canning extend several thousand kilometers of of height.The sun atmosphere most outside layer is called corona of the sun, the corona of the sun is an extreme thin and diluted air hull, can extend to far a few sun radiuses.Strictly say come, the meaning of the layering only visible type of above-mentioned sun atmosphere, actually each of combine the nonentity wear obvious boundary, the their temperatures, density is in succession alternant along with the height.

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special prescription Qiao

The Chinese medicine food treats special prescription Qiao to defend a coronary
The winter is etc. of the coronary heart cerebral paroxysm Gao Fa seasonal changes, work well a prevent°froming very key, for the prevention and cure of coronary, can treat through a Chinese medicine food to carry on, eat some eggplants, tree mushroom and mushroom more to have good curative effect to the prevention and cure at ordinary times.

Cold weather can cause the spasm and constringency of the body watch small blood vessel and make blood speed slowness, the blood sticky Zhi degree increases Gao, aggravates cardiac burden and makes the myocardial anoxia aggravated.Strict cold, low atmospheric pressure, the difference in temperature greatly bad weather, willing make the human body been placed in 1 kind should arouse appearance, the low temperature stimulates to easily make a human body sympathetic nerves excitement, the heart rate keeps on speeding, the afferent constringency makes the blood pressure increased Gao, and the heart carries enlargement and causes angina pectoris to go into action to take place with myocardial infarction.Therefore the angina pectoris of strict cold season coronary goes into action to lead obvious increment with the outbreak that impatient myocardial Geng die.

Prevent°from coronary, need to adjust food at ordinary times, is this, the small plait collected some for prevention and cure the high blood pressure does good of the food treat a method, the hope has a help to everyone.

Eggplant green bean square

【Raw material 】 the eggplant is 250 grams and go to the skin green bean 6 grams of, soy sauce is 10 milliliters of, the wild pepper is 4 grains of, and the refined salt is 2 grams.

【Method for making 】 the eggplant washes skin, cut into a piece to put a person inside the hot oil pan, put a person again the skin green bean, soy sauce, wild pepper and refined salt, the text fire eats after burning lousy familiar to the eggplant, green bean.

【Method of using 】 everyday once.

【The lord cures 】 coronary.

Xie white egg square

【Raw material one Xie white is 100 grams of, the egg is 3, the refined salt l gram, the monosodium glutamate is 5 grams of, the peanut oil is 25 grams.

【Method for making 】 wash Xie white clearly to slice a thin end, the egg Ke person is inside the bowl and put salt, monosodium glutamate and take out to start to beat a bubble with the bamboo chopsticks, again mix blend the Xie white thin end and egg together even, flat bottom pot of burn heat to put into peanut oil, the oil pours into the egg Xie white mixture liquid after being hot and over a fire fries for 3~5 minutes, fried familiar namely become.

【Method of using 】 edible.

【The lord cures 】 coronary, angina pectoris and stomach inflammation.

Mushroom tree mushroom Huang Hua Cai square

【Raw material 】 stem mushroom is 20 grams of, black fungus is 5 grams and do Huang Hua Cai's 30 grams.

【Method for making 】 will stem mushroom, black fungus, stem Huang Hua Cai, respectively and separately soak with water, washclearly miscellaneous quality after, go into a pot to fill with water 750 milliliters of, decoction 30 minutes, the pot is namely.

【Method of using 】 edible, the cent take sooner or later.

【The lord cures 】 coronary.

The sea loosens the son pig heart mushroom square

【Raw material 】 the sea loose son is 50 grams of, the pig heart is 250 grams of, the mushroom is 300 grams of, the refined salt is a gram of, the monosodium glutamate is a gram of, soy sauce is 5 grams of, the ginger is 10 grams of, the spring onion is 10 grams and anticipate wine 10 grams of, the peanut oil is 30 grams.

【Method for making 】 wash pig heart clearly, go to miscellaneous, cut into small long-like in shape, the mushroom washes, go to miscellaneous, cut into a piece-like in shape, cuts into slices, the spring onion slices a segment.The pot burns hot person's oil and puts person's, spring onion and anticipate wine and goes into pig heart again to turn over to stir-fry a short moment, person's soy sauce, refined salt, mushroom and sea loose the son, fresh soup is 600 milliliters of, decoction 30 minutes, join monosodium glutamate, pot namely become.

【Method of using 】 edible, drink soup.

【The lord cures 】 coronary, heart palpitates.

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kind of happiness

This kind of happiness, you want to do
His height is seven or eight meters, height five three meters of her. It is not a perfect match.
She wears high heels to accompany him to attend a friend's wedding. Back kick high heels," complained that why you want to grow so tall.
He ran over to help her rubbing feet, touch her little feet feel out of two abrupt blisters, very distressed.
He whispered to blame after going out with him not to wear high-heeled shoes.
She said don't wear it they are unworthy of height.
He said nothing to be afraid of, I feel with good ah.
She looked down, gently laugh.
Next, still wearing high heels to accompany him to the party. Just, never complain.
< two >
Evening bath, she wore his broad soft striped pajamas, sitting on the sofa to cut his toenails. He watched TV telling her story, side to her mouth passed her love.
< three >
He came home from work, she was cooking in the kitchen.
He put down his briefcase, pulled his tie, went into the kitchen and around her waist.
Her left hand holds the pot handle, the right hand holding a spoon, and never looked back at him and shout: wash your hands to wash their hands, dirty dead.
In fact, she is afraid of the kitchen oil smoke on the day of the class have been very tired of him.
< four >
He is away on official business, the road pass by an old bookstall, accidentally discovered a book she has been looking for but how also can not find the book.
He spent eight yuan to buy the book, put it into his briefcase with great care to the innermost layer.
After returning home, it will be quietly on the bookcase she is easy to see the place.
< five >
On his birthday, she will prepare a special dinner and two gift.
Dinner is for him and her.
A gift is for him to his parents, thank them in many years ago today created him.
One is her to his parents, thank them gave birth to him, let her have the chance to meet him.
< six >
Five wedding anniversary.
They never told who filed.
But when he came home from work when he saw she was well-prepared dinner.
But she saw is he brings her practical and elegant gift.
< seven >
She has no sense of security.
She to bed easily wake in the middle of the night.
She woke up after the first reaction is to touch him sleep in his left. Is it right?.
Many times she woke up ready to use the left hand to touch him, found himself left by his right hand in hand.
< eight >
Their home is on the Changjiang river. Summer will have big storms flooded pavement.
He was afraid of her cold feet, will carry her all the way to the water is not flooded road.
This time, they are usually not speech.
He wondered how she was thin.
She was on his back for several of his white hair and much is it right?. Sometimes counting, her tears fell down on his back.
He felt, but he doesn't say, just take her hoop more tightly.
< nine >
She is always doing chores, doing call his name.
He 'll hear but.
But had no more.
In fact, she is not looking for him. She just wanted to make sure he is it right? Beside her is she not too far away.
< ten >
She often asks him where your father.
He often asks him where did your mother.
They are usually the front and rear legs to ask.
They also often happens to coincide with the son tells the same words.
And then by his son jokes.
He next to secretly laughing, silent.
She is always just love girls, girls red in the face.  

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jewelry store sales

Years at another gold down New York Chinese jewelry store sales by
In new network on December, 5 days according to the United States of America" Sing Tao Daily" report, the rapid rise in once per ounce gold 1900 yuan psychological barrier, months ago have fallen sharply to $ 1700, but then a shock rise, led many to purchase gold canny Chinese consider anything. East Broadway New York more than 3 years of Goldsmith reflects, at which price fall after a rise, business significantly warmer.

In the Broadway East operating gold store of Mr. Chen, gold and platinum prices dropped significantly, especially platinum price, even down to the level of $1543 per ounce. However, the relatively strong rebound gold platinum, the day has risen to $1742 per ounce. So many smart Chinese consumers, especially the to purchase gold but failed to catch on a low price sell their folks, recently quickly, often sit down soon with the checkout.plastic bags

Mr. Chen is also introduced, although the gold for the international synchronization, but the United States as the world's largest diamond transit and wholesale country, vast market to the price is very competitive, shopping season will introduce a good thing, so at the end of the year start is a sensible.

Changle returned to the United States from Fuzhou just before the Lin Zhenni and friends to East Broadway a goldsmith shop to pick a diamond bracelet, so domestic prices high she said in the purchase, price has obvious advantages than those of the domestic. But, in the East Broadway to the familiar business friends to purchase, had the confidence to guarantee at the same time, can enjoy the price of friendship and free service. Miss Lin is thereafter selected a diamond bracelet, ready for the Spring Festival after back home to her long.

To accompany with the lady to buy gold ornaments said Miss Li, because prices fell, many friends have expressed intent to purchase.costume jewelry

With the holiday season comes, many Chinatown jewelry business ideas consumers, although gold has quality problem, but if not rest assured that, at the time of purchase by touchstone and nitric acid into water detection assay, gold will retain the color, and shows the different fineness. If you are buying a diamond, can see a product with the Gemological Institute of America ( GIA ) Certificate  

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become mutually markup

The of same race drugs forbid to change by changing a packing a medicine to become mutually markup
Hair changes Wei to mean, in recent years, drugs type, specification and packing the material and form continuously turn over lately, some business enterprises pass to make changes in a type, specification or packing etc. to evade price to take charge of to become mutually rise in price, aggravated social medicine expenses burden.To this, the hair changes Wei this time did thinner rules towards becoming mutually the circumstance of markup.

The drugs that aim at in recent years medium to continuously expose make only superficial change the circumstance that the price soars behind and delivered to change Wei to formally deliver text rules yesterday:The drugs of same alike effective composition, can not the name is different, packing material dissimilarity etc. is from, draw up different price, keep business enterprise from passing transformation name becoming mutually markup.

This also delivers to change the Wei two degrees hair text to"cure" medicine price for a month.This is ex- the text delivering to change Wei hair call to carry on a survey to the drugs factory price from December 1.

However, hair's changing Wei has never disclosed to breach rules how punish.

The efficacy of medicine same medicine price is repeatedly different now

According to understanding, drugs together the circumstance of efficacy of medicine but different price is very universal, because of currently not a few specieses that the foundation medicine belongs to hair to change Wei list price and price control, not a few medium all once exposed the people can hardly buy to°from the medicine store is sold by the price control of drugs, contrary the other drugs that can accept the having of medicine store recommendation equal efficacy of medicine.

Hair changes Wei to mean, in recent years, drugs type, specification and packing the material and form continuously turn over lately, some business enterprises pass to make changes in a type, specification or packing etc. to evade price to take charge of to become mutually rise in price, aggravated social medicine expenses burden.

Hair's changing Wei don't reveal punishment measure

Therefore, the hair changes Wei this time did thinner rules towards becoming mutually the circumstance of markup:One is the price that requests the of same race drugs different type and specification should with represent an article for foundation, according to stipulating of the bad comparative price relation assess and decide.Among them, representative article according to clinical in common use, reasonable price, cost and supply condition have a typical model principle choice.

Two is the drugs of same alike effective composition, can not the name is different, packing material dissimilarity etc. is from, draw up different price, keep business enterprise from passing transformation name becoming mutually markup.

Three is stipulated a clinical in common use of the type of the comparative price relate to and keep business enterprise from passing a transformation type absurdity markup.

Four is the comparative price relation that stipulates a different content and packs an of quantity, packing amount, keep business enterprise from passing transformation specification packing not reasonable markup.

However the hair changes Wei don't disclose, once breaching to stipulate, will with what form gives a punishment, therefore not a few people also worry that the policy carries through executive effect.


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